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Wedding Astrology: The Astrology Of Your Wedding Day

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What is wedding astrology? It’s the wedding season. We all are busy attending our cousin’s or best friends’ marriages. However, marriage in India has a different definition. It is not just the union of two people but the union of two families instead. 

Astrology and wedding preparations go hand in hand. We must have seen this situation in our families too. Therefore, matching horoscopes or kundali of bride and groom are as important as other wedding ceremonies. But it begs the question: What is wedding astrology, and what is its significance? 

Deep dive with us as we unravel the significance of astrology in weddings. We will also discuss the important things to consider before looking at the wedding astrology chart. Wedding astrology refers to the study of astrological factors, such as the positions of celestial bodies, on the day of a wedding. Some believe these factors can influence the future of a marriage, affecting the couple’s compatibility and overall life together.

Significance of Wedding Astrology 

In India, astrology plays a significant role in weddings as it is believed to be a way to ensure a successful and harmonious married life. Therefore, the astrological compatibility between the bride and the groom is considerably important before the wedding. First, their zodiacs and horoscopes matching takes place to determine whether they are suitable for each other. Then, after matching their horoscopes, the priest calculates the most suitable time and date for their wedding. 

In India, most families consider the couple’s compatibility based on their horoscopes. Once they know how compatible the couple is, then only they go for the next step, which is officiating their relationship with a roka ceremony or sagaai. But matching horoscopes is not a compulsion; you can also marry without taking the help of astrology. The only reason it is done is to predict how their marriage will be or how compatible they will be. 

Astrology also predicts the bride and groom’s future and guides them in their important life decisions. Therefore, it would be fair to say that astrology is a crucial aspect of Indian weddings and is integral in many aspects of wedding planning and ceremony. 

Here are some things to consider when looking at wedding astrology:

1. Positions of Sun and Moon 

Whoever in this world is in your destiny, will meet you for sure. You can give whole credit to fate for your love life, but when it comes to the wedding day astrology, don’t forget to talk about the part sun, and moon sign plays. The positions of the sun, moon, and planets on the wedding day can reveal information about the couple’s individual personalities, as well as their dynamic as a couple.

Positions of Sun and Moon

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2. Zodiacs of Bride and Groom 

The next important factor to consider before looking at wedding astrology is zodiacs of the couple, i.e bride and the groom. The zodiac signs of the bride and groom, as well as the placement of the sun in their individual birth charts, can provide insight into their strengths and challenges as a couple. Therefore, matching the horoscope of the bride and the groom is an important ritual in some Indian weddings, such as the Jain wedding or the Marwari wedding.

The process of matching the horoscope, looking for the bride’s and groom’s compatibility, is known as Ashta Koota Milan. Also, in Vedic astrology, a couple is considered a perfect match for each other if their 36 gunas are matched. But what are gunas? Gunas are certain factors on which a bride’s and kundali’s are matched.

While matching kundali or guna milan, a priest will only give a green signal to a couple for marriage if their 18 out of 36 matches. These 36 gunas are further put into eight different categories, or koot. Bhakoot, Vasya, Maitri, Varna, Gana, Nadi, Tara and Yoni are the eight kootas . This is why people call the matching kootas or gunas as the Ashta koota ceremony.


3. Astrological Aspects 

Next in the list of marriage life horoscope is astrological aspects that can also affect a person’s marriage. 

The astrological aspects, or angles, between celestial bodies, can also be deciding factors to evaluate the potential for compatibility and challenges in a relationship. Let us make you understand with suitable examples. If an individual’s navamsa chart has the presence of Saturn and that too in the seventh house, they should postpone their marriage plans. 

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Why? Saturn in your kundali does not come alone; it comes with delay and slow progress instead. As a result, it causes a delay in the native’s marriage. 

It’s important to keep in mind that astrology is just one factor to consider when planning a wedding and evaluating a relationship and should not be the sole determining factor. Relationships are complex and involve many different factors, including communication, mutual respect, and individual growth and development.

Astrological Aspects

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs) 

1. What are the most successful zodiac marriages?

The most successful pairings for marriage are Libra and Gemini, Leo and Aries, and Gemini and Sagittarius. It is in saying that these pairs have happy and harmonious marriages.

2. What is the best month to get married astrology 2023?

According to the astronomical predictions, September, June and October are the best to marry in 2023. Moreover, Chinese astrology predicts May, July, August and November would be the best for marriage since they come under Year of the Rabbit, 2023.

3. Which chart should be checked for marriage?

Astrologers use a navamsa chart to check the marriage. This chart calculates an individual’s married life and destiny based on the planets placed in his kundali.

4. How to choose marriage date astrology?

If you want to choose your marriage astrology by zodiac sign, you are in for a treat. Choosing a marriage date, as per astrology, is simple and easy. You can use a free calculator to add some minute details and find a perfect date to marry.

5. Which house shows marriage in wedding astrology?

Out of all the twelve houses in astrology, the seventh house represents marriage. Therefore, the seventh house is also the house of marriage. So, it signifies your partnership and how your married life will be.

6. How to predict wedding astrology by date of birth?

Predicting the perfect date and time to marry is just a piece of cake. You can use our marriage prediction by date of birth calculator by adding your date of birth, place and time.

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