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Sun: The Father in the Astrological Charts

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Astrology has two crucial components which combine together to tell us about the future of an individual. These components include the 9 planets, also known as Navgraha, and Houses in an individual’s kunldi. The placement of these planets in one’s kundli houses tends tot ell a lot about an individual. Out of these 9 planets, the 1st planet is known to be planet Sun, which is also known to be the leader or father of all the other planets in astrology.

A strong Sun in one’s kundli can make an individual have an alluring personality and can also make them born-leaders. However, on the other hand, a weak Sun can affect the lives of the individuals for the worse. If you wan tot know more about planet Sun then continue reading the blog for the same. 

About Planet Sun in Astrology

According to Astrology, the Sun is known as the Father of All planets. While it is already known that the Sun is the planet of leadership, we bet there are a few interesting facts you didn’t know about this bright Star of the Astrological Charts. A positive Sun in an individual’s kundli is known to be beneficial outcomes in an individual’s life. However, on the other hand, a weak and malefic Sun can make one’s dream come crashing down. However, not to worry, these malefic effects can be reduced by performing simple remedies. 

Interesting Facts About Astrology Of Sun 

  • Sun is Masculine in nature.
  • It never goes into Retrograde. 
  • It is associated with the Solar Plexus or Manipura chakra, which is the third energy chakra of the spiritual body. 
  • The ‘Pitra Dosh’ aspect is calculated through Sun placement. 
  • Inner Child healing can improve your relationship with the Sun. 

Mental Effects

As it is the one because of which all life thrives on the Earth, it has the same effects on a person’s Astrological chart as well. Sun is known to channel self-confidence. It is because of the Sun that a person can have high spirits and energy. It also depicts the education status of a person as it indicates whether they will pursue higher studies. Consequently, if a person has Sun in the wrong placements, they will be lethargic or too energetic.

They will always try to dominate others and never take constructive criticism while displaying arrogance. A strong Sun placement will ensure good heart health, bone health and blood flow. In case of an opposite placement, the person may suffer from health issues of the heart, a weak immune system, constant infections, and loss of eyesight and hair. 

Career And Personal Life

Good placement of the Sun makes a person ambitious and hard-working towards achieving their dreams. If the Sun is in a low position, then it indicates the loss of luxuries and respect among peers and colleagues. This is also the signatory factor of the Father and one’s relationship with them.

Alternatively, it shows the lack of harmony with one’s father. It is also indicative of all the ‘Pitra Dosh’ issues, which will first arise with that of the immediate father and then worsen as the effect takes place with more strength with the passing of time. It also is the secondary indicator for the prospective husband in a female’s chart.

This will determine the masculine aspects of a person (male or female), which include leadership, consistency and a go-getter attitude. Mostly, people in high positions, leadership positions, politicians, Kings as well and Presidents have a strong Surya in their charts. 

Easy Methods to Appease Sun

  • Wearing gold on your body. The yellow precious element is loved by the Sun and can be used to improve its position in the Astrological charts. 
  • Wearing Ruby or Garnet (as both are red coloured) can also help with the position of the Sun.
  • Wear Red or Saffron colour for routine to help curate better leadership skills.
  • Respect your father/father figure and people of authority
  • Do Surya Namaskar every morning or any yogasana that opens up the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Worshipping Surya Dev every morning.
  • Reciting Aditya Hridya Strota.
  • An individual can also fast on Sundays to appease planet Sun in their kundli and reduce its negative effects.
  • Watching Sunrise with naked eyes is also considered auspicious. 

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There you have it, folks! This was all about the planet Sun in astrology. Planet Sun is known to be the leader of all planets in astrology. Moreover, it is also considered to be the 1st planet in astrology. Having a strong Sun makes an individual take powerful and leadership roles in their life. However, a weak Sun can make an individual suffer from a downfall in their life. These negative effects of a weak Sun can be reduced by performing the above mentioned remedies.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

1. Who is the ruling Lord of the planet Sun?

The ruling deity of the planet Sun is Lord Surya, also known as Surya Dev in astrology.

2. In which house is Sun powerful?

Planet Sun is considered to be powerful when it is placed in the 1st, 10th and 11th houses of an individual’s Kundli.

3. Which house is considered to be inauspicious for planet Sun?

The houses of an individual’s kundli that are considered not good for the placement of Planet Sun include the 12th house of an individual’s kundli.

4. In which sign is Sun strong?

The planet Sun is known to be the most beneficial in the Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

5. How long is sun Mahadasha for?

The time period of Sun mahadasha is 06 years in an individual’s life.

6. What jobs are related to Sun?

The jobs related to the planet Sun in astrology include the following: Politics, Government, Management Positions, Entrepreneurship, Acting, and Leadership Roles

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