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Karishma Tanna Believes In InstaAstro!

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Have you ever felt like you are doing just fine but still wish to reach the next end of the ocean? That’s exactly how popular Indian actress Karishma Tanna felt for quite a brief time. Despite appearing on reality shows and landing a few roles in films, Karishma desired to get meaty, career-defining parts that would showcase her talents completely. She turned to her mom, who suggested consulting with InstaAstro, India’s top Vedic astrology service. 

Thanks to InstaAstro, celebrity Karishma Tanna finally found her path to stardom! Let us know how our astrological guidance held her hand in a journey to a life-changing career path.

Karishma Tanna shares a few thoughts on her experience with InstaAstro. Watch the Testimonial Below!

Karishma Tanna Background

Celebrity Karishma Tanna belongs to a typical Gujarat family in South Bombay. She graduated from Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Once, a photography student took her photos for his project. Soon, she circulated it for ads and production houses. That’s how she bagged a supporting role for Balaji’s top show, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Since then, she never had to look back. She continued doing big reality shows, won Khatron Ke Khiladi and became a popular TV face. She also did theatre. But still, she thought that something was missing. 

InstaAstro’s Prediction of Karishma’s Turning Point 

After participating in big reality shows and winning one of them, she became a household name. Now, she wanted to take her career to the next level, but breaking into Bollywood as an outsider was proving difficult. She did land a few good roles in movies such as Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju, Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and many others. She thought that she had arrived and would get even better roles. But the scripts that came after that weren’t something that aligned with the kind of roles she aspired to do. 

Her mom could see how much it was impacting her and suggested consulting with InstaAstro, an online astrology platform known for providing guidance on career, relationships, health and more. 

Following her mother’s advice, Karishma Tanna reached out to an astrologer at InstaAstro for clarity and career guidance. After examining Karishma’s Kundli (birth chart), he predicted major career growth and opportunities after 2022. 

Sure enough, in early 2022, Karishma landed great roles in two Amazon series, Hush Hush and Guilty Minds and finally, in 2023, a Netflix series called Scoop. Her performances were praised, and she gained recognition as a critically acclaimed actress. Karishma credits InstaAstro for restoring her confidence during that difficult time. 

Understanding Karishma Tanna Career: Astrolger’s Point Of View

For Karishma, our astrologer saw Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, moving into a favourable position in 2022, indicating new beginnings and prosperity in her career. He advised her to pursue opportunities in the entertainment industry actively and to remain optimistic.

Karishma followed his guidance, and the predictions came true. Her success story shows how consulting an astrologer at the right time can provide the guidance and encouragement needed to overcome obstacles and achieve one’s goals.

Who says the planets don’t impact our lives? Karishma Tanna’s experience proves otherwise.

Karishma’s Role In “Scoop”: Astrologer Predicts A Strong Career Point

When Karishma Tanna landed the lead role in Netflix’s new series ‘Scoop’, it proved that all astrologer’s predictions about her were spot on. She finally found a script that truly inspired her in a lead role.

In 2023, when the role of a daring journalist in ‘Scoop’ came along, Karishma knew this was her chance. During her audition, she poured her heart into the performance, displaying a range of emotions and comedic timing. Karishma had proven she had the acting chops and star quality for a Netflix original series.

When ‘Scoop’ premiered, critics praised Karishma’s “charismatic and compelling” performance. Viewers fell in love with her charm and relatability. Almost overnight, Karishma became one of India’s most sought-after actresses. Doors began opening left and right to praise her for the role in Scoop. Karishma realised InstaAstro’s astrologer was right – her big break did come after 2022, and in an even bigger way than she imagined.

Karishma says consulting InstaAstro gave her the hope and confidence to keep pushing forward in her career during moments of self-doubt and frustration. Their guidance helped her see that the Universe had a bigger plan for her, unfolding in perfect time. While success ultimately came down to Karishma’s dedication and talent, InstaAstro’s astrological insights provided the extra bit of faith and patience she needed. 


With correct guidance from InstaAstro’s astrologers, perseverance, and a never-say-die attitude, Karishma Tanna was able to find the role of her dreams after years. If you’re in a similar position, feeling like you’ve hit a wall and your dreams seem out of reach, don’t lose hope. Reach out to the astrologers of InstaAstro today and get your first consultation only at 1/-.

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