About Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression 

Past-life regression is a powerful tool for overcoming addictions, old habits, broken relationships, health issues, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s the philosophy that the soul inhabits many bodies in its progress towards perfection. 

Past Life Regression is based on the idea that this is not only our one lifetime, but we have an energetic body and souls that experience many lifetimes throughout the centuries. Therefore, during the therapy, you remember your past lifetimes, which are stored in your subconscious mind, and in this therapy, when a practitioner does hypnosis on the healer.

For example: If somebody experiences a phobia of snakes in this lifetime, then the actual event of the snake biting might not have happened in this lifetime but in a previous lifetime, and the memory might have been stored in the subconscious mind. So therefore, anytime you see a snake, you’ll be terrified, but the idea of you being scared of a snake is maybe not based on any real effect in this lifetime because you may have never seen a snake. So with this hypnosis therapy, what you can do is you can go back to a life where you got bitten by a snake and remove that memory by maybe overcoming that fear or even rewinding the events and avoiding you from getting bit by that snake again and also this is just an example. Many people go through this therapy because of a lot of reasons which they have not been able to overcome. 

How to know your past life?

Past life regression therapy basically starts with history taking because the practitioner needs to know how the person is emotionally, physically mentally. This is because everything that we are is coming from all the life that we have lived, right from the journey of the soul started in a physical body from there to today. So these are all the experiences you have faced in your previous life. So the first half an hour is about knowing the person, the history, childhood etc.

This technique is usually after the fourth or the fifth chakra balancing, where the healer's energy field is already calm and balanced. However, there are still some deeply rooted problems to which we need help finding a solution in this lifetime. In this case, the practitioners recommend doing past regression therapy to remove those deeper roots in past lifetimes. 

It is a wonderful and relaxing treatment because you lie down to an energy healing treatment hypnosis which takes about 30 minutes to 45 minutes, where you are put into a trance state and then asked questions to find out which life you want to go back to and travel to. It’s almost like a journey you are travelling, so you don’t need to be scared of anything. It’s almost like a dream state being created, and you must honestly tell everything about the experiences you see without keeping any secrets and hesitating. It's actually a really calm process after you have answered all the questions in this state. The practitioner can pinpoint the area where the trauma happened, and then the trauma can be removed by rewinding the events and rewriting them. 

However, the first session is always recommended for 90 minutes because it’s a complete treatment. Try not to schedule anything after that because it takes your body a little bit of time to adjust back to this lifetime. Also, usually, after the past life regression, it’s recommended to follow a strict diet for the aftercare of chakra balancing. This will help you make sure your body feels healthy and clear physically as well. It can help you achieve higher in life because discovering that you were somebody different in your previous life allows you to remember that knowledge and take your career to a higher level. So all this can be beneficial to one’s life. If you are looking for a past life regression near me, then InstaAstro is just one call away to help you get through these negative emotions, as we have experts in the fields of energy healing.

What are the benefits of Past Life Regression?

Our past behaviour arrangements and emotional cases get revealed in our current life, and it is significant to let go of that and clear those obstructions which have frequently been disturbing you. 

So here are some of the benefits of taking this therapy:

When we die, we are reborn into a different existence. This simple method uses hypnosis to recover memories of our past lives. It is a peaceful method of psychotherapy that transports a subject to past incarnations or lifetimes.

1. It polishes our past karma to make it lightweight by eliminating unwanted weight from a sailboat to enhance floating.

It helps break down past life patterns and overcome emotional and physical obstacles towards spiritual awakening. As a result, it becomes lighter and reaches awakening. It also helps us analyse our past life regression experiences.

2. It helps to change your behaviour positively. It allows you to understand what happened in your past life and realise the areas where you failed to work on. In addition, it gives you a chance to work on them now and live a better life. When you carry out past life regression, you can change all your negative behaviour into positive ones and know the areas you need to reform, thus helping you go about your spiritual awakening process more effortlessly. 

3. You might experience being disturbed, troubled or tortured, so in that case, you can take a past life regression therapy and come to know the root karma causing you pain and suffering. 

4. The difficulties in your life are seen as opportunities for spiritual development since they provide you with insights to master and act as milestones on your path to evolution. You realise that you are a spiritual, everlasting being.

5. Gaining a fresh understanding of your skills and unique qualities can give you positive perceptions, increasing your sense of worth and self-worth.

6. You’ll discover how to control your body mindfully: Regression therapy can boost psychological well-being! You can regulate your breathing, tense muscles, breathing rates, and hypertension while in a significant state of relaxation. By taking the therapy, one can prevent anxiety, discomfort, and sometimes even night terrors. 

7. Analyse relationships and develop healthier habits through interacting with individuals from past lifetimes in this life. This will help you have a fuller insight into your present relationship and, therefore, will empower you to avoid making negative thought patterns.

So this was all about Past Life Regression therapy or hypnosis. Book online past life regression therapy and consult InstaAstro’s experts to eliminate all your karmic issues and find your past life. Sometimes people fail to understand the cause of their sufferings. 

Well, if you have been looking for a past life regression therapist near me, then the therapist and experts of InstaAstro can help you through the healing journey and help you recall all your past life and eliminate energy blocks. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the common and effective benefits of Past Life Regression are: 1. First, it relieves you from all the mental and physical stress. 2. You will understand the reason for your pain, suffering and anxiety 3. You will be able to live a more harmonious life.
You will always start feeling tired because you emotionally feel heavy at that phase, have insomnia, frequent headaches, and seem to lose interest in everything. Of course, you might need therapy for many other reasons, but these are some common symptoms.
Each of us wants the best for ourselves and our family, so if you’ve been hunting around for the best past life regression therapist, then InstaAstro has experts in the field of energy healing. You can consult our therapist to get all your solutions.
Well, past life regression cost varies on the experts, the duration and many other factors. So to give you a precise cost, InstaAstro starts its cost of each session from 11,000/- depending upon your problems and the duration needed to solve your issues.
There isn’t much difference between having a face-to-face session and having it online. You just need to be honest about the questions being asked and take the instructions seriously. You can consult with our therapist online, and they’ll help you deal with all the issues you’ve been facing due to your karmic issues.
You can visit the InstaAstro shop website or directly book the session through the app. Our team will guide you and help you get in touch with the therapist. If you face any issues while booking the session, you can contact us at +91- 6366-937-227.
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