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Understanding AstrologyArrow image

Astrology is the key to knowing a person's past, present and future by observing the cosmic alignment of various celestial bodies at the time of birth. Even though it has a predictive approach, these predictions are firmly based on complex and logical patterns of the Solar system. These heavenly bodies include the planets, Sun, Moon and different constellations.

Other than that, astrology also has the concept of houses. All these aspects are combined and in relation with each other to gather the best possible holistic information about an individual and make exact future predictions about them.

Unlike what many believe, this is not a random jumble of things. The actual prediction process requires extensive mathematical calculations to make accurate astrology predictions. The time, date and place of birth are significant in astrology, as it is necessary to know the interplanetary and constellation positions which will influence the person's life. That's why astrologers make astrology predictions by date of birth.

According to Indian astrology, there are 12 houses, each focusing on a particular aspect of a person's life. The position of planets in these houses is equally essential to determine that person's luck and life path.

Indian astrology has a long history, dating back to centuries ago. Vedic astrology has a different system of classification for the planets, where there are the Navagrahas, as opposed to the eight-planet classification of the science. Surprisingly, under the Vedic system, Earth isn't considered a planet that influences a person's life.

These Navgrahas are: Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (Moon's north node) and Ketu (Moon's south node). Different planets and their combinations are studied to know the other aspects of an individual's life.

Not just the individual planets, even their position in different houses and their relative alignment is of utmost importance from an astrological point of view. When present within a house, the planets associated with positive effects indicate a good time in that aspect of life. The planets associated with positive effects include Venus and Jupiter.

On the other hand, the planets typically related to the adverse effects are Rahu, Ketu, Shani etc. That being said, the presence of the planets doesn't need to inherently bring a positive or negative impact, as they are a part of a more extensive system.

Apart from the Navagrahas, there are Nakshatras; the different constellations are also important aspects of Indian astrology. There are 27 Nakshatras, each of which is subdivided into 4 Padas. They are used for more in-depth study of the person's subconscious behaviour. For example, the Nakshatras can tell about a person's Guna (the balance of three elemental types of energies- Rajas, Tamas and Sattva), Gana (temperament), prospects in career, marriage, health and so on.

The concept of zodiac signs is based on the arrangement of constellations, across which all the planets travel periodically. It is a well-known aspect of astrology and is present in Indian astrology. The Vedic term for zodiac signs is Rashis. There are 12 Rashi, each characterising a combination of personality traits.

Knowing a person's Rashi can help anyone predict many things about that person. Along with zodiac signs, also known as the Sun signs, the Moon signs are also integral to astrological prediction. This is because the moon sign can tell a lot about a person's emotions and internal thoughts.

All this information is combined and noted in what is known as Janam Patrika, or Janam Kundli. This astrological natal chart is an extensive document that astrologers consult while making horoscope predictions. It is used to understand a person's interests, strengths and weaknesses, their good and bad times, and possibly likely events that may occur in their life. The Kundli diagrammatically represents the position of various planets and the Sun as it was during an individual's birth.

Therefore, the Kundali can tell the most auspicious time, also known as Shubh Muhurat, to take significant decisions in life. It also gives an idea about what works in favour and what might cause a problem for that person. These problems are sometimes known as Doshas and can affect a specific planet. At that, the astrologers suggest remedies to overcome them without substantial loss and maintain a balance in their lives.

The best astrologer studies all these aspects together and interrelates them. That gives us a complete picture of what may happen in our life. We need to remember that our actions have definite powers, and we can change the course of our life. But to know what changes we need to make, we must first understand what may happen.

Some of us may already have searched for answers to questions like 'Jyotish near me', or 'Where can I find the best astrologist' or ‘good astrologer near me with fees’ or ‘online astrologer near me’. But what if we can talk to an astrologer online from the comfort of our homes?

And we can get free astrology advice online, which is highly accurate and reliable. Then the InstaAstro app is the ideal answer. One can quickly get free astrology consultations over Live sessions; and extensive predictions at a minimal price.

InstaAstro also has a variety of services at absolutely no cost!! So, if one wants to discover their life through astrology online, one should download this app and get started.


If you’re looking to find the answer to “Where can I find a good astrologer near me or best Jyotish near me?” then InstaAstro will solve this query for you. Making it easier for you to connect to an astrologer online, now you won’t have to look out to find an astrologer for yourself physically. InstaAstros’ services are worthwhile and hassle-free. In addition, all our sessions are similar to physical sessions, and you won’t find a difference between the qualities of the two.


Astrology consultations are, in general, beneficial for oneself and others. If one knows what to ask, one can learn all the essential and relevant details about their life, which one will need to plan a stress-free future and life. Some of the reasons why one should go for astrology consultancy are:

  • To identify their unique traits, which sets them apart from others. One can use this trait to develop themselves into their best individual self.
  • To understand the state of emotions within their mind. The moon's signs deeply influence this and can be easily predicted in astrology. Identifying all the feelings can help one to deal with them more healthily.
  • The planets may sometimes not be in favour of a person during the time of their birth. This is known as a Dosha and can only be identified after one talks to an astrologer. This Dosha, if not treated seriously, may lead to many negative consequences in a person's life. An astrology consultation becomes necessary to understand how to negate the effect of the Dosha.
  • Astrology can predict the probability of the occurrence of an event with reasonably high precision in a given time frame. This helps the person to plan their future accordingly to get the best out of the situation.
  • Astrology can also tell the best possible option for a person in terms of career, love life, marriage etc. An experienced astrologer can accurately predict which factors can lead a person to achieve great success, satisfaction and happiness in various aspects of life.

If you are looking for best astrologers online, InastAstro is the answer.Online astrologers deeply understand the ancient science of Vedic astrology. They have studied how different combinations of planets and their placement in other houses can profoundly change a person's life for better or for worse. At InstaAstro, the strict multi-criteria-based selection is followed to partner with the best astrologers online, who understand the intricacies of the interaction of the celestial bodies. These astrologers are selected based on the following:

  • Relevant skills and experience in their practising field
  • Previous clients and their satisfaction with the astrology consultation
  • Duration in years for which they are practising
  • Interaction and attitude with the clients, which can be checked from the ratings

Also, the diverse client base isn't a problem for InstaAstro, as they onboard astrologers across India. Hence, you can easily find someone whom you feel will understand your nuanced queries and doubts.

The first and foremost aim of InstaAstro is to provide online astrologer consultation, which can be in the form of an online astrologer chat or on a call with them. These discussions with astrologers can be done at any time during the day. InstaAstro understands that your time is valuable and hence offers the option for starting instant appointments to adjust your schedule, not the other way around.

This feature means you can check which astrologers are online and, if they are busy, how much time you need to wait. This feature is added to give you the freedom to choose based on your urgency and preferred communication mode. As a result, the waiting time is minimum as the astrologer reverts to you in less than 2 minutes.

You can initially get your birth chart for free and other general queries answered by looking up online at any random website using your date of birth. But to understand the more profound implications of these calculations, you will have to seek the guidance of an astrologer. And to get such detailed advice, you don't need to look up the question' online astrologer near me. Instead, head to InstaAstro's astrologers' section, where you will encounter astrologers who have specialised in astrology, numerology etc.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate target for InstaAstro. Online astrologers work around the clock to ensure you achieve the best results when you check astrology online. This enables them to provide you with real-time solutions to your problems in the most straightforward manner possible.

InstaAstro only facilitates astrologers who have given accurate results repeatedly so that you don't have to worry about your future. These learned people also take their time to educate people about various other aspects of astrology by writing blogs and features.


Having carved its niche in the online astrology consultancy space, InstaAstro is now one of the leading services in the various aspects of astrology and Jyotish shastra. We give best astrology online consultation. InstaAstro believes in a holistic approach to knowing about one's life. Hence, apart from astrology, it also hosts many other services like Numerology, Tarot Card reading, Reiki, Vastu Shastra, Palmistry, Jyotish Shastra, Astro advice, Astro talks and many more. Even in the astrology services, they are well versed in different types like Nadi Astrology, Marriage and Career-specific predictions, Western astrology etc.

The astrology services are specific to the astrologer and astrology expert being consulted, as each is the master of their area of specialisation and gives you the most accurate and beneficial astro advice and Astro talks. The online astrology consultation is done in the most accessible language possible to understand what is going on in your life entirely. At InstaAstro you can easily get online astrology consultation for career, marriage, relationship, finance, health , etc.

To decide who is the best astrologer in India and astrology expert to consult, you can get unlimited access to their detailed profiles once you sign up. To get the best astrologers' online consultancy, you just need to follow a few steps to become the part of InstaAstro member and avail of their unparalleled services:

  • The process to sign up at InstaAstro is through your mobile number. Enter your number, get an OTP or One Time Password, enter the OTP and login.
  • As soon as you complete the setup process, you can access the extensive profiles of various astrologers who are experts in their area of study. These details include their self-introduction, years of experience, areas of specialisation, number of minutes spent in consultation and most importantly, what other customers have reviewed about them.
  • You will have an individual online e-wallet from which you have to pay the nominal charges for the consultation. The minimum charges for online astrologer consultation are Rs10 only. You can transfer money in it via debit card, UPI or even through online banking. Rest assured, it is safe to do so, as InstaAstro takes special care to ensure you have a secure payment environment. To recharge your wallet, download the InstaAstro app from the playstore, and head into the process of activating your account without any issues. Moreover, our app is iOS and android device friendly. While you can also recharge your account through our website, the InstaAstro app makes the process easier and smoother.
  • Also, we have a special offer for first time users, where a recharge of Rs 1 gets them Rs100 in their wallets. There are many such offers if you want to talk or chat with astrologer.

A special offer is available for first-time users, where they can get their first recharge for ₹100 talk time at just ₹1! Other than that, this first recharge offer extends to different amounts too.

  • You can also get your Kundali made instantly while talking to your astrologer. This feature was introduced as many people don't release the importance of having their Kundali made until later in life and don't have one. The astrologers make it while speaking to you. You can easily store it for future reference in your InstaAstro app.
  • After looking through all your options, you can select an astrologer who you think can best understand and guide you. You can then set up a chat or call astrology an appointment with the astrologer. They will immediately get back to you if they are free. And if not, your work gets queued as the next one in line.

All and all, it takes significantly less time to connect to them. Each astrologer has a different fee for each minute of the session. Recharge for sufficient talk time to ensure you can have a long and uninterrupted session with them. But even if you didn't, then don't worry.

You can also recharge during the session, so you don't have to leave the critical discussion with the astrologer incomplete.

  • After completing the session, you just need to take two minutes and fill in a review column. This is done to ensure that the presence of the best astrologers well maintains the quality of the platform. And if you face any problems or queries while using this app, the InstaAstro support team has your back.
  • InstaAstro prides itself on its quick response time whenever faced with a client dissatisfaction issue. The 24/7 available support staff is there to enhance your online astrology browsing by manifolds and make it a fun process.


Vedic astrology talks about how different arrangements of the planets and the constellations can have other effects on the said person. These effects are not limited to the person's internal conscience. It also affects external factors like career, finance etc. Hence, online astrology consultation for a job is a must for everyone, especially for students starting as new professionals.

Similarly, online consultation for marriage is still extensively done in many parts of India. It is considered a good omen when most Gunas between the bride and groom match. That indicates that they are very compatible with each other. Online Astrology consultancy for other relationships is also done, as the interaction between two people's Rashi means how well they can be compatible with each..

Online Puja services include Pujas to remove Doshas and to strengthen other aspects of life. All these can be availed at a low price and are cost-efficient for everyone. You can check out all the listed services under the shop section in the InstaAstro app.

The other complimentary services that one can use without signing up include a free Wealth calculator, Love Compatibility calculator, Hate calculator, Death Calculator, free online Kundli, Flames calculator, Girlfriend Calculator, Husband Calculator etc. These calculators are based on complex algorithms that relate the various aspects of celestial bodies and calculate their combined effect on a person.

The Wealth calculator focuses primarily on the houses and planets, linked to various financial aspects such as gains and losses, earnings to business and jobs, acquiring ancestral properties, etc. The presence of planets in each of these houses indicates how the financial aspect of that House is affected.

For example, if malefic houses are present, there is an overall outflow of wealth. Similarly, the presence of a benefic planet is considered positive for the income of wealth. InstaAstro's wealth calculator can give you an estimate of the total net worth that you may achieve in your lifetime.

It gives you this estimate based on all the plants and their position in favour of financial and property gain. It is opposed by the planetary configuration that results in the negative outflow of money and, sometimes, even debt. All these factors over your life span are considered before giving out the final approximate value.

To know more detailed nuances of hows and from where's, one needs to sit down with an experienced astrologer.InstaAstro has astrologers who specialise in wealth astrology and can guide them on how to maximise their positive avenues and negate the effect of negative combinations. We, at InstaAstro, give accurate astrology predictions.


Suppose you wish to know the level of romance, compatibility, and bond between you and your partner, then the love compatibility calculator which is a comparative tool that compares how well-tuned your and your partner's personalities are to each other. Now, we know that celestial bodies affect even the behaviour and temperament of a person. This, in turn, affects the relationships that they have with others. The presence of malefic or benefic planets in houses associated with relationships also plays an unimportant role in the sustenance of love between two people.

InstaAstro's Love calculator is an online tool that is the perfect way to find out if your relationship is going to last the tides of time or not. This calculator presents the result in percentages so you can decide whether your relationship is worth it.

And suppose you want to know the future and timeline of events that might occur in your relationship. In that case, the best way is to consult an astrologer. At InstaAstro, relationship astrologers and readers can not only tell you if your partner will commit to you or not. It can even give you a tentative date.


  • Free Online Kundali: Kundali, also known as Janma Patrika, is the document that contains all the cosmic information required to predict a person's personality, future and life accurately. The natal astrology chart is drawn and divided into twelve houses, each corresponding to a Rashi. A notable difference between the two is that a House is associated with one or specific aspects of a person's life.

Hence, if accurate predictions need to be made about marriage or career, some houses have more weightage than others. In comparison, Rashi is an overall characteristic of a person. More than life events, Rashis are used to predict the said person's behaviour and other personality traits. Rashis, also known as sun signs, reflect how a person is in front of the world.

Janam Kundli is a must-have in Vedic astrology. It is used to know how the planets are aligned in different houses and with each other. It also considers under which a Nakshatra person is born. All these are essential things in astrology, as the planets strongly influence a person's life.

Hence, to know if the individual is blessed with good luck and success or has some obstacles caused by unfavourable planets at unfavourable positions, these natal charts are referred to.

Even though the essential elements of the Janam Kundli are the same: the 12 Houses, 12 Rashis, nine planets and 27 Nakshatras, there are different types of Kundli based on how these elements are emphasised and arranged concerning each other. They are:

  • North Indian type: Here, the Houses assume a stationary position and the Rashis are allotted based on which one corresponds to the ascending House (Lagna) during birth. It can be inferred that the first House is always the ascending House.
  • South Indian type: In this type, the Rashis are fixed, and the houses keep changing. Hence, the ascending House can be at any part of Kundali. Also, the ascending House is dissected by two diagonal elements, making it easier to locate in the Kundali.
  • East Indian type: It is a mixture of the other two types. But, in appearance, it differs from the two kinds of Janam Kundalis.

Now, you may think so many things need to be known to prepare a Janam Kundli, and you might not even know all the details. Then how can you get your Janam Kundali prepared with accuracy? This has a straightforward answer. One only needs to know their date, time and place of birth to prepare their Janam Kundali.

The date and time will give the correct position of the planets and the Nakshatras, as they have a defined trajectory. And the place component is essential to know which factors, directly and indirectly, influenced the person.

InstaAstro takes this a step forward and introduces a free Kundali creator, which helps you to create an online copy of your Janam Patrika. You just need to accurately fill in some simple details like your name, gender, location, time, and date of birth, and that's it. Then, the Kundali generator prepares your Kundali in a mere few seconds.

There are also separate Sun and Moon sign-based Kundali and Navamsa charts too! And last but not least, one can even get a generalised report which contains a fundamental interpretation of their Kundali.

  • Match Making: Marriage is said to join not just two individuals but also two families too. Hence, one has to be sure with whom they will spend their life. There are various kinds of compatibility, all of which needs to be considered when an alliance is being discussed. One such compatibility test is the Kundali matchmaking.

The Kundalis essentially contain the entire biodata of a person. They can predict internal and external factors that affect the relationship between the to-be-wedded individuals.

The first and foremost thing done is the Guna Milan during Kundli matching. There are 36 Gunas, out of which at least 18 Must be matched for the couple to have a happy marriage. The more Gunas match, the more compatible the couple is.

Next, the Kundlais are checked to see whether any doshas are related to married life. One such common Dosha is Manglik Dosha. Its severity is variable, and only in the most severe cases, it needs extensive remedial actions.

InstaAstro also has a Matchmaking of Horoscope matching tool, which compares the Guna score to determine whether the couple is compatible. It also gives an extensive report on which aspects match and which factors would hinder them in the future.

  • Hindu Calendar and Panchang: This calendar is specifically for Hindu festivals and the Shub Muhurats, which are the auspicious dates to perform any critical work or have a new beginning. The Panchang, which considers five aspects of the calendar and solar and lunar arrangement, is consulted to find the exact date and time of a specific Shubh Muhurat, depending on the Kundali of an individual. This feature introduced by InstaAstro includes the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset time, Shubh and Ashubh Muhurat during the day and its duration. Panchang consists of Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Sun, Moon, and so on. It is a daily changing parameter but cyclic over a longer time.
  • Zodiac signs daily horoscope: The horoscopes are majorly dependent on astrology's solar and lunar aspects. Daily astrology is more of a result of the change in the moon's position and its influence on the rest of the planets. Many people look forward to their free daily horoscope to get an idea about what their day ahead will look like. Some even religiously believe it so much that they plan their day accordingly.To know your zodiac signs' daily horoscope for today, you might usually check the newspaper or some news site. But they typically possess the bare minimum information about your zodiac sign daily horoscope. The more accurate astrology-based daily horoscope is better to be checked from a trusted astrology site.

The learned astrologers extensively study before writing anything about an accurate daily horoscope. So when you wonder what is in store for your zodiac sign today, there is no need to keep second-guessing. InstaAstro's daily horoscope prediction section is divided into segments, highlighting each vital aspect of your everyday life. It saves you time if you are looking for something specific.

And not just that, InstaAstro also has a tomorrow horoscope prediction section. It gives a big head start on how your next day is going to be, and you can schedule your day accordingly. Apart from these, there are weekly horoscope predictions, which depend on the waxing and waning phases of the moon.

At the same time, the monthly horoscope prediction is more extensive as it also includes a shift in Sun from one zodiac sign to another. The most dramatic changes tackle place during the yearly horoscope predictions, showing the culmination of all the more minor changes into a larger picture. There is a lot of shift in the position of planets, defining the course of astrology for the upcoming year.


Tarot cards are a more intuitive art as compared to that astrology, which has more scientific backing. One has to have an innate talent to understand the language of these cards and how they can tell you about a person's whole life. Tarot cards are specially used to know the future and if any significant changes are about to happen or not. Currently, tarot cards are a set of 78 cards divided into two main groups: Major and Minor Arcana.

The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards and somewhat resembles a standard card deck, complete with kings and queens. Though more common, they tell about the more trivial things about your daily life. The Major Arcana, as the name suggests, are known to be associated with significant changes that occur in one's life. These 22 cards depict more dramatic events in life and have a permanent effect on other people.

A few cherish the art of tarot reading, and even fewer people have the knack for it. And at InstaAstro, only those who have a genuine skill of understanding the cards are allowed to read cards for the client. This ensures that the predictions' authenticity is maintained and that it is not random guesswork by anyone. That makes InstaAstro's tarot card services a speciality and hence, an on-demand service.

In addition, an ever-growing group of tarot card readers at InstaAstro are available if you wish to know your life from a different perspective. To know if the cards speak in your favour or not, you can book a session with any tarot card reader of your choice with utmost ease. You have the option to either chat or be on a call astrology with them. With just a few basic questions, they can tell you if what you are wishing and praying to come true will happen or not.


Suppose you want a free trial of Instaastro's predictive services before you consult that astrologer. In that case, this feature is for you. Instastro's live chat sessions are specially organised so that people can interact and get to know more about their favourite live astrologers. During these sessions, astrologers, psychics and readers associated with InstaAstro, do free-of-cost readings for participants' interaction through chat boxes.However, if you call an astrologer, the cost will be at 50% of the total.

It is an excellent feature to explore if you can't decide which astrologer in India would best suit your needs. Then, all you need to do is join the live chat when it starts and post your questions in the chat box. This live chat feature is designed and included so that people can get fast solutions for their queries about different aspects of life through kundli prediction. Another thing to mention, InstaAstro is one of the first online astrology platforms to have a live chat feature. So, to get your best out of it, join a session with an astrologer now!


Are you looking forward to decorating your home with Vastu-friendly items? Or do you need any astrologer-suggested gemstones? Then don't risk getting duped by anyone. At the InstaAstro store, all the items have been checked and verified to be potent for astrology.

In addition, these stones are certified by both gem testers and astrologers alike. They will help you with whatever problems you are facing. Other religious items are also available at a very reasonable price compared to the market. To access these amazing things at an affordable price, download and sign up for the InstaAstro app and get shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Best a subjective word, especially when you ask different people about their opinion. There will be a difference in opinion, ultimately creating confusion for you. But at InstaAstro, you will face no such dilemma. All the astrologers here are certified and have ratings visible along with their profiles.

Their experience in years is also mentioned. They are amongst the best in this field and have ample experience to clarify all your doubts regarding your life and future.

All these are quantitative figures and will help you to make the best decisions with minimal effort. As for them being near to you, what is more accessible than being on your mobile screen? Along with being a top astrologer near me, InstaAstro astrologers are also very flexible with their timings. That means you can consult them at any time convenient for you.

You can quickly get to know about the Nadi astrology near me by asking around your neighbours and friends. But there is no guarantee that they will be authentic or even good. And as for fees, some astrologers are known to charge highly inflated amounts as fees even for things that can be easily calculated.

So it is tough to find genuine astrologer and also famous astrologer near me and you without burning a hole in your pocket. That's when InstaAstro comes to your rescue.

Made affordable at very minimal prices, it aims to bridge the gap between you to reach a certified, experienced and also genuine astrologer. Other than the primary consultation services, Insta Astro provides an array of benefits at zero cost. You can even use them without signing up. With various astrology and prediction-based services, InstaAstro is a must-visit site for every astrology believer.

Absolutely! Even though it has a predictive aspect, Astrology is firmly based on calculating the position and motion of the planets and constellations in the sky. These are well charted with time and are known to follow a fixed path.

These things make the observations of the celestial bodies at any given point reliable. Many people observed similarities between their predictions and behaviour, and others were influenced by astrology.

But one must understand that astrology doesn't predict the actual event in the future per se. It is more of a prediction of how the end will affect an individual, like if it will be challenging or bright for the person. It also gives a tentative idea of the timeline for when this will happen. This usually helps a person better handle the events more maturely.

A well-versed astrologer can answer any question related to a person that can be determined by astrology. But one should remember not to ask untasteful and vague questions. Also, astrology can't predict an exact event, date, and time. Instead, it gives an idea of whether the event will happen or not.

Depending on the context, it can provide a tentative time frame for the occurrence. Astrology predictions are based more on probabilities. Hence, it can quickly answer questions regarding your career, love life, financial status, marriage, education, etc. And how is it going to affect you?

Many online and offline platforms arrange daily horoscopes of people based on their zodiac signs. Horoscopes based on zodiac signs are all-encompassing as the Sun signs share similar traits over time. But you also need to consider your moon sign, as it profoundly affects your internal happenings.

Suppose you are just planning to check casually how your day will be. In that case, you can refer to the Daily Horoscope section of the InstaAstro website to know the how-about of your day. And suppose it is a special day for you, and you want to be fully prepared for it to go the best it can. In that case, you can use astrology and other prediction types of the InstaAstro app.

Getting an online astro consultation is as easy as getting any other online service. A well-designed online astrology app or website can connect you directly to an astrologer in the most hassle-free manner. Seeking online Jyotish consultation or online pandit consultation should be a smooth process for anyone. And InstaAstro works with the same goal.

To get a consultation with an InstaAstro astrologer, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Signup with an account on the InstaAstro app or website.
  • Recharge your e-wallet with any plan which is comfortable for you. Different payment methods are available, like Debit cards, Online Banking and UPI payment, to make this process even more accommodating.
  • This will lead to access to the complete profile of all the astrologers associated with this platform. You can look up their qualifications, experience, specialised services, ratings, recommendations, and more details. Moreover, they are the best astrologer online.
  • Once you have finalised an astrologer suitable for you, you can set up an instant chat or call an appointment with them. This is the primary purpose of InstaAstro, to reduce the waiting time for such necessary consultations.

InstaAstro has a very safe and secure environment to conduct the discussion of such intimate details of an individual's life. Anyone can be assured that their privacy and personal information are in good hands at InstaAstro.

With a phenomenal 5-star rating at Playstore and rated by thousands and thousands of people, InstaAstro has come a long way in being an online astrology application serving the masses by making it easy to talk to astrologer. It is designed to provide all the possible services on one platform so that no one has to look around for authentic prediction-based services. The astrologers onboarded on this site are carefully handpicked and among the best astrologer online.

And the most essential thing that defines InstaAstro is their commitment to providing the best possible services at the most affordable price possible. While at the same time, they strive to make this consultation process as short, quick and time-saving as possible. InstaAstro is one of the best online astrology services, such as online Jyotish consultation or online pandit consultation, for their time and cost-efficient services while maintaining an experienced variety of astrologers to consult.

Tarot cards are more of an art than a science. For this to work, one needs to be in touch with their inner self. Only then the valid results will reflect through the cards. The actual process is quite simple.

First, you ask a specific question, whose answer you want to know. Then the cards are laid out within a particular pattern. Next, you draw one, three or five cards. These cards may, individually as well as together, give you a sneak peek into your future.

The minor arcana cards provide an idea for about a minute but not many relevant events. But the major Arcana is what you should be looking out for, as it tells about the significant events that might happen to you or around you. These are often life-altering events.

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