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Tarot PriyankaG

Exp. 4 years

Hindi , English

Numerology Tarot

₹ 75/min

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Astro Rajesh

Exp. 35 years

Hindi , Punjabi

Vedic KP

₹ 153/min

₹ 180/min

Not Available

Astro Kartik

Exp. 21 years


Vedic Prashna Chart

₹ 60/min

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Astro Dinkar

Exp. 22 years

Hindi , Sanskrit

Vedic Vastu

₹ 90/min

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Astro Jai

Exp. 5 years



₹ 48/min

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Tarot Pamini

Exp. 4 years

Hindi , English

Numerology Tarot

₹ 54/min

Not Available

Astro Pratibha

Exp. 9 years


Vedic Love Astrology

₹ 90/min

Not Available

Astro RajendraK

Exp. 15 years

Hindi , English

Vedic Vastu

₹ 105/min

₹ 120/min

Not Available

Tarot Vinit

Exp. 4 years

Hindi , English

Tarot Healing CodeS

₹ 66/min

Not Available

Tarot Divesh

Exp. 6 years

Hindi , English

Vedic Numerology

₹ 120/min

Not Available

Tarot Ritika

Exp. 5 years

Hindi , English

Tarot Angel Card Reading

₹ 75/min

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Tarot Achal

Exp. 5 years

Hindi , English

Tarot Relationships

₹ 105/min




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Top Astrologers. 24x7 customer support. Happy to help.

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Money Back Guarantee

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Verified Expert Astrologers

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100% Secure Payment

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Get Consultation From India’s Best Astrologers At Affordable Price!

Our astrologers speak with years of experience and advanced astrological knowledge. They are the best astrologers across India who provide predictions and remedies on love, relationships, marriage, career growth, money advice, business predictions, education guidance, and other personal and professional issues.

Connect to our top Vedic astrologers, Numerologists, Vastu experts, Tarot readers, etc. anytime and anywhere. You can consult them in any way that suits your needs - by call or online chat and connect Live also. To top that, get insights and answers in English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, and many other regional languages.

Be a part of our extended family and relive the joy that our happy customers have cherished. Get accurate astrology predictions, kundli readings, horoscope reports, birth chart analysis and more.

Why Talk To Our Astrologers?

  • 1500+ expert astrologers
  • Get a better understanding & guidance
  • Instant solutions on the phone
  • Private and confidential
  • Live astrology consultation anytime, anywhere
  • Instant solutions in difficult time

Most Trusted Astrology Platform

InstaAstro, as an online astrology platform, has set a benchmark in the industry. Your search for the best astrologer near me ends here. Love, marriage, job and professional uncertainty can hit you anytime. Reach out to InstaAstro's astrology experts, who care about you and provide you assistance with full privacy. They are available 24x7 to provide accurate astrological solutions to all your concerns and problems. And that, too, in the comfort of your home or any place of your convenience. Get astrology predictions and other services for -

  • Love and Marriage concerns
  • Kundli and Matchmaking
  • Business and Career growth
  • Health And Wellness
  • Guidance on Family and Relationships
  • Financial Advice and Solutions

To ensure that you have immediate solutions to your problems at the touch of your screen, InstaAstro works hard to provide you with expertise, privacy, local astrologers and their numbers, customer satisfaction, all-day availability, along with multiple sessions. Take the leap of faith and enjoy the best astrology services with top-class features.

Connect With Astrologers

Talk and take guidance from our experienced astrologers from India or other parts of the world at the need of the hour with just your phone. Get your problems solved with accurate horoscope predictions in English, Hindi or any other regional Indian languages. Just follow these simple steps-


Connect and chat live with famous astrologers who will solve your problems, answer your queries, and offer astrology tips for all individual problems and issues.


Recharge and add money to your wallet. Choose any amount that suits you. (For New users, you can connect with any astrologer @1/- INR)


Choose the astrologer of your choice. InstaAstro provides you with a complete profile along with skills, experience, ratings and reviews of the astrologers.


That’s it! Get in touch with the astrologer on your phone. We ensure that your chat and call is 100% secure and confidential. Your privacy is important and it matters. So just don’t worry and dive in.

Connect with an astrologer of your choice to get fruitful astrology predictions and quick remedies for all your problems. Get complete privacy and confidentiality.

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Why Astrology?

Astrology, also called Jyotish Shastra, studies how the movements of planets and stars affect our lives. It predicts things about our past, present, and future. If astrology had not existed, we would have never known that heavenly bodies present in the universe can impact the life of humans on Earth.

Thankfully, the wisdom of this ancient science continues to guide people in the modern day and age, despite people shifting opinions into what they believe and what they don’t. We can call astrology a predictive science whose in-depth analysis of planets has forever inspired and helped people battling life’s confusions and situations.

However, the heavenly bodies (planets and stars) are studied differently in astrology. In basic science, we know that there are eight planets in the solar system. However, if I ask a good astrologer near me, they will tell me that the concept changes in the astrological study. The major role in astrology predictions is that of 9 planets and 27 constellations.

The nine planets in astrology predictions are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. These planets may either have a negative or positive impact on people's lives. Each planet is further linked with a specific constellation or Nakshatra (group of stars).

Now, what could possibly connect us to these planets and stars? The 12 zodiac signs and the 12 houses in Kundli or birth chart. We all are assigned a zodiac sign based on our birth. During this time, the placement of planets in a particular house signifying love, career, finances or relationship are noted. And when the position of planets in the kundli houses changes, the astrologers note these positions again to indicate the situations one can face in the future.

That’s not it. Astrology also looks at elements, moon signs, palmistry, tarot cards, numerology, and so much more. It is a vast concept and has been guiding people for centuries. So, to be fully aware of your future through the power of astrology, talk or chat with the best astrologer online at InstaAstro!

Online Astrology Consultation and Services

We live in a digital era where people’s online presence has grown on a great scale. InstaAstro, the best astrologer platform, works hard to extend its astrology services to every corner of the world. That way, online astrology services are a good option, as your astrological needs are met just at the click of a button.

Over the years, InstaAstro has formed a community of astrologers built on trust and expertise. Our astrologers hold the finest knowledge in all astrology subjects like Vedic Astrology, tarot card reading, Vastu consultation, numerology, Reiki healing, Palmistry and more. A lot of credit goes to our astrology experts for the smooth astrology services, as you receive quick responses and personalised guidance in the most effective way.

In a world where everybody is busy multitasking, the main purpose behind providing astrology services online is to reduce the pain and struggle it takes to find the right astrologers. Online astrology services, hence, save a lot of time and money. It serves as a fresh breath of air during tough times, confusion and stress.

Besides, to ensure the best performance of the services, InstaAstro puts in day and night to add value to customer service. In an attempt to give customers top-class services, InstaAstro also conducts events like free live sessions, online Poojas, Aartis, etc. It’s our way to connect with people and give them a better understanding of our online astrology services.

Why Are Our Online Astrologers Top-Quality?

InstaAstro and its experts could be your guide, friend and partner when it comes to offering solutions through astrology. If I have to find the top astrologer near me, InstaAstro is the answer. A strict multi-criteria-based selection (5 interview rounds) process is followed to partner with the best astrologers online who hold deep knowledge of the interaction of planets and stars.

Our online astrology platform is founded on the principle of Quality over Quantity, i.e. we select a few but the best astrologers online. Whether you want a horoscope or numerology prediction, tarot reading, vastu guidance or the need to consult an astrologer in India or abroad, our experts can solve all your queries.

As InstaAstro onboards astrologers across India, they can easily assist people speaking different Indian languages. Hence, you can easily find someone whom you feel will best understand your specific queries and doubts. For example, if I were to find the best nadi astrology near me (South Indian astrologers), InstaAstro offers that too.

InstaAstro connects you with the best astrologer in world. Just search for the phrase - “best jyotish near me” or “the nadi jyotish near me” on the internet, and you will find Indian astrologers serving across the globe. However, if you go by the trust of 50 lakh plus subscribers, InstaAstro can be your ultimate destination for the top-quality astrology expert.

Online Astrology Consultation At Instant Clicks

Finding a suitable astrologer as per your needs and concerns may seem a tiring process. InstaAstro makes it easy for you through its easy-to-use mobile app as well as its website application. Go through the following steps to understand.

  1. First of all, sign up for the InstaAstro online platform with your mobile number. You will receive an OTP. Enter it and get started.
  2. Use our E-wallet service and recharge it as per the prices stated in each astrologer’s profile. Get first consultation at 1/-.
  3. Now, select an astrologer who you think can best understand and guide you based on the customer ratings.
  4. You can then set up an instant chat or call with the chosen astrologer.

A Promise To Offer Complete Privacy

InstaAstro has a very safe and secure environment for clients when they share their details and problems with an astrologer. InstaAstro values your privacy and keeps all your personal information 100% confidential. We understand that your concerns and situations are personal and need to be protected.

Hence, InstaAstro aims to create a place where you can explore astrology and spirituality freely and openly. Our expert astrologers are trained to handle sensitive information with care and compassion. During a consultation, feel free to discuss whatever is on your mind - your astrologer will keep it between the two of you. Your data is in safe hands with us!

InstaAstro Free Astrology Services

InstaAstro platform provides many features on their app and website that are completely free. You can generate these astrology reports and take their benefits anytime.

  • Kundli - Get In-depth Astrology Insights With Free Kundli Online

Using this feature, you can make your own kundli or birth chart online, and that, too completely free. If you don’t already have your Kundli, astrologers use this report to give insights into a person's personality, future and life accurately. It is based on the position of planets during the time of your birth.

  • Matchmaking - Find Your Perfect Match

This astrology report is the ultimate view of the possibility of two people getting married. This is a tool that checks various astrological factors to decide whether two people are compatible for marriage or not. The Kundli matching report can further be consulted for astro advice from our astrology expert.

  • Horoscope - Stay Updated With Daily Horoscope Predictions

InstaAstro comes with an easy-to-read horoscope report daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This includes future details of an individual, i.e. the situations they are likely going to face in the upcoming time. Based on the date and month of your birth, you can go to your associated zodiac sign and read the Rashifal or Horoscope meant for you.

  • Panchang - Your Hindu Calendar For Auspicious Timings

If you are a follower of Hindu dates and rituals, then this feature of InstaAstro will be of great help. The Panchang or Hindu Calendar allows you to generate a Panchang for your city where you find the right time (muhurat) to start a new activity or task. Refer to the Panchang to plan weddings, vehicle purchases, moving into a new home, or other important life events.

  • Calendar - Note Important Dates For All Faiths and Cultures

InstaAstro provides calendars beyond just the traditional Hindu Panchang. You have access to calendars from various faiths and cultures, including Christian, Sikh, Islamic and Jain. Explore the key dates, festivals, and events for each calendar and note them for your reference. InstaAstro aims to be an inclusive platform for people of all backgrounds.

  • Blog - Learn Astrology With Us

To expand your knowledge of astrology, Vedic philosophy and overall living, explore the InstaAstro blog. It features regular articles on topics like numerology, palmistry, meditation, and spiritual wellness. You'll also find articles on how to interpret your birth chart and horoscope, as well as recommendations for pujas, mantras, and remedies for doshas or obstacles.

Special Services On InstaAstro

Let’s look at the special services available on the InstaAstro app and website. These services are unique and the best across platforms.

Free Live Sessions: Our Speciality

InstaAstro is one of the first online astrology platforms to have a Live Chat feature. Suppose you want a free trial of Instaastro astrology services before an online astro consultation. In that case, this feature is for you. The free live sessions are specially organised so that people can interact and get to know more about InstaAstro astrologers.

During these sessions, astrologers, psychics, numerologists, vastu experts, and Tarot card readers do free-of-cost readings for participants through the chat box. Explore this feature to decide the best astrologer in India who would suit your needs. Just join the live chat and post your questions in the chat box. Try it today!

Tarot Card Reading

Meet one of the most popular services on the platform - Tarot card readings. This service provides deep insight into one's past, present, and future circumstances, helping clients gain clarity and make better decisions. The tarot readers at InstaAstro are experienced and knowledgeable and, hence, conduct readings with utmost care and focus.

We make sure that we hire only those who have the genuine skill of understanding the cards. This ensures that the predictions are accurate and the client goes back home satisfied. That makes InstaAstro's tarot card services a speciality and, hence, an on-demand service.

Insta Store: One-Stop Shop For All Spiritual Needs

InstaAstro offers a range of holistic wellness services in addition to astrology consultation, kundli making and horoscope analysis. You can book online pujas and prayers, learn reiki and chakra healing, buy gemstones or rudraksha malas, and even discover past lives through past life regression therapy.

Whatever your spiritual need is, InstaAstro aims to provide all in one place. To access these amazing things at a suitable price, download and sign up for the InstaAstro app and get shopping! Plus, take advantage of deals and discounts when you subscribe to our services by signing up for InstaAstro.

Customer Feedback Is Important

InstaAstro values your opinion. That's why they have an in-app feedback feature where you can rate the astrologers and services you use. The feedback goes directly to InstaAstro and the astrologers themselves. It helps the astrologers better understand your needs so they can provide the best online pandit consultation. It also allows InstaAstro to monitor service quality and address any issues.

Your satisfaction is InstaAstro’s top priority. If at any time you have problems, concerns or suggestions about the InstaAstro app or services, the support team is there to help. You can reach them 24/7 through the in-app chat or email. Have the best astro talks and chats today, only at InstaAstro!

Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology predictions can warn about challenges and obstacles in advance, allowing you to prepare for the future. These predictions are a form of guidance regarding important life decisions about your career, business choices, relationships and marriage selections.

InstaAstro astrologers offer you top-quality guidance on personal life, marriage, career, finances and more. With phenomenal ratings and reviews by thousands of people, InstaAstro offers a variety of online astrology services like Vastu advice, Horoscope predictions, Kundli reading, tarot reading, numerology, astro consultation and more.

Yes, Astrology predictions can be trusted. These are predictions about our lives based on the movements of planets and stars. So, instead of exactly knowing what the future has in store for you, it guides you to follow certain paths and avoid particular mistakes for situations in the coming time.

Astrology has an answer for all situations of life. In an online Jyotish consultation, you may ask anything related to health issues, current love situations, career possibilities, financial conditions, luck and much more. If I wish to consult a good astrologer near me who has handled the most difficult questions about life, the answer is InstaAstro.

The best astrologer online will help you find clarity on situations of the future by looking at your birth chart or Kundli. They will observe the position of planets in a house where your zodiac sign is placed and predict insights to help you plan a better day personally or professionally. InstaAstro offers two options to do this - call and chat.

Yes. To get an accurate astrological consultation, some personal details like your name, date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth are required. At InstaAstro, we keep all your details 100% confidential and secure. If I need to contact the top astrologer near me who also makes sure of security, reach out to InstaAstro.

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