Astrology is the ancient art of prediction. The prediction about the course of your life and the situations that might affect your actions as well as your behaviour is determined through astrology. Astrology has its most profound connections with the Vedic age as the sages and philosophers during that time observed some patterns in the sky that repeated themselves after a specific duration. This led them to do more research about it and hence it led to the birth of astrology.

Astrology is an ancient art or science of observing cosmic objects and their motion to predict their influence on a person’s life. It is the study of astral entities and how they affect a person’s life. Astrology has various parameters on which the planetary motion is calculated, and multiple things such as horoscope, Kaal Sarp Yog, auspicious timings, wedding dates etc., are determined by this.

Birth of Vedic Astrology:

Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology is an ancient method to link your life with cosmic objects and determine your course of life depending upon the positions of the sun, the moon, stars and some of the planets. Everything in the universe has some energy, be it positive or negative. When that energy flows in your life, you experience some changes, such as acquiring more wealth, becoming confident and fearless or negative changes like being unable to focus or getting panic attacks.

All these changes are linked with planetary movements and hence are predicted in your Kundli at the time of your birth. All this data is collected with the help of the mathematical calculations and practices done in the ancient era when Vedic Astrology was being developed by the sages and explorers of that time.

Essential Parameters of Vedic Astrology:

With time, various methods to predict the planetary movements and draw astrological charts of a person’s life are developed. Getting along with all the parameters can be confusing, and hence on InstaAstro, you can get your complete astrology report on our website for free. All that you have to do is, enter your date of birth, time of delivery and full name in the portal, and we will provide you with your complete astrology report at that very moment.

  1. Kaal Sarp Yog: this prediction is based on your karma of the past and present life, and based upon that, this yoga affects your life incorrectly. If you have harmed an animal or a snake in your present or past life, Kaal Sarp Yog will enter your Kundli and influence your life.
  2. Rashifal: One of the essential astrological points of view is the calculation of the rashifal. Your zodiac sign tells many characteristics about you, and to know the direction of your day, you can read your rashifal and take decisions accordingly.
  3. Shubh Muhurat: auspicious timings per the astrologers are essential to follow in terms of sacred events, for marriage activities or while initiating a new task. In astrology, you can get the correct timings for your specific circumstance and can obtain positive results in that task.
  4. Kundli: one of the central and essential aspects of astrology is Kundli's prediction. The Kundli chart is prepared based on your date and time of birth and tells you about the course of your life so that you can work according to it. Your marriage prediction, work life, health, everything can be calculated and mentioned in your Kundli. You can get your Kundli chart from the Kundli calculator by InstaAstro.

Importance of Astrology:

  1. Astrology is beneficial to know the position of elements that govern your life with which you can decide your actions and plan your day according to certain essential aspects.
  2. Astrology helps you to predict auspicious dates and times of the events such as marriage, job interviews, housewarming etc.
  3. You can get access to your Kundli that predicts all the doshas, the good times and the bad times in your life with the help of Astrology.
  4. Astrology is a vast subject, and all the pujas, hawan and activities like marriage and griha Pravesh are incomplete without the Vedic mantra that is chanted by priests and astrologers
  5. Astrology connects you with your zodiac signs as well. All the twelve zodiacs determine your characteristics, and hence you can know about all of them through your horoscope. You can know your zodiac sign by using the Zodiac sign calculator from InstAstro.

Astrology has always played an essential role in governing our lives. Everything we do, whether doing the Diwali Puja in our house or having “Dahi Chini” before initiating a new task, is related to astrology. Learn more about astrology from the InstaAstro website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The power and influence of the forces of planets are accurate, and that is why astrology is used to determine them. Astrology gives you accurate life predictions and helps you make better decisions.
To talk to astrologers and learn more about your life, you can connect with them from the InstaAstro App or website. You will find the best astrologers here, ready to provide you with the solutions to all your problems.
As per your date of birth, you are born with a particular sign. Apart from that, your date of birth also tells your rising sign or ascendant that determines the success factor in your life. Your date of birth is the gate to all the aspects and parameters of astrology, and hence is essential to decide on the course of your life.
Depending upon the situation and positions of certain houses in your Kundli, Astrology can help you predict your married life, relationships and marriage date.