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Dwarka: Third Dham and Residence of King Krishna

Dwarka is the legendary city considered as the residence of Vishnu’s eighth avatar, Shri Krishna. The magnanimous temple located on the banks of river Gomti in Gujarat, has a history of more

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Rameshwaram: Dham Created by Lord Ram

It is said that Rameshwaram represents to South what Kashi denotes to the North. The name means ‘Lord of Ram’, denoting Shiva who is the deity presiding in the temple of Rameshwaram. It is a

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Basant Panchmi: The Many Beautiful Stories of this Colorful Day

Basant Panchami is the day of celebration of music and arts. In Hindu culture, it holds much significance in the hearts of most students and teachers alike as it is dedicated to the Goddess

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Badrinath: The First Dham Leading to Moksha

Badrinath has a famous saying, ‘Jo Jaaye Badri, Wo Na Aaye Odri’. It means, the one who visits Badrinath temple, never comes back to odri (womb), in extension never takes birth on earth and

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Origin of the Divine Feminine Temples, The Shakti Peeth

Shaktipeeth are the Divine Feminine temples spread across the Asian Continent, dedicated to Goddess Sati. Whenever someone wishes to invoke creativity, fertility and abundance in their lives

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Shukracharya and Kacha: The Unlikely Guru and Disciple

Shukracharya is known to be the guru (teacher) or asuras (demons) and his teaching would always help them win against the devas. In the ever-persistent war of good and evil, the devas would

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Why Does Shani Dev Bless Hanuman Bhakts

Whenever someone has the dasha of Shani Dev on them, they are asked to pray to Lord Hanuman to appease the ill effects. Shani or Saturn, is a planet which is respected in Vedic and Western a

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Makar Sankranti: When Sun Visits Saturns Zodiac Sign

Makar Sankranti, also known as Uttarayan, is celebrated in Northern India with aplomb as a tribute to the Sun God. This festival marks the movement of Sun into the zodiac sign on Capricorn,

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Lohri and The Legend of Dulla Bhatti

Lohri is synonymous with bonfire, til, jaggery and the famous song of Punjab. The lyrics of this song are ‘Sundar mundariye, Tera kaun vichara, Dulla Bhatti wala…’ While most of us know the

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Saturn: Astrological Planet Of Karmic Justice

Saturn or Shani or Shanaichara is the Sanskrit name for this slow-moving planet of astrology. Many astrologers consider it a temperamental but benefitting planet. The reason behind this is t

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Jupiter: The Astrological Planet Of Knowledge

Jupiter, or Guru in Hindi and Sanskrit, is the astrological planet that governs knowledge. It is considered a strong and positive planet which brings interesting traits and abundance to an a

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Venus: Astrological Planet of Love and Luxury

Venus or Shukra in Hindi, is the astrological planet ruling all finer things in one’s life. Whether it be the lifestyle one chooses, the kind of high-paying job one wants or the loving partn

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