Houses In Astrology - Its Significance and Importance

The universe or the cosmos has a unique connection to how we function as human beings on Earth. The connection is determined through various astrological aspects. One such aspect is Houses or Bhavas. The house is determined by the time of birth only and not by the date of birth. The houses touch different factors of our horoscopes or kundli and let us know our stand or strength in each one of them. These factors are marriage, profession, family, money and so on.

We already know that there exist 12 rashis or zodiac signs. Likewise, in order to explore our behaviour and conduct in various fields of life, we have 12 lagna chart or 12 houses in Vedic astrology. The next time you see your complete birth chart, watch out for its division into 12 parts or sections, that is the twelve lagna chart houses in astrology. These sections or houses provide us with information about how natives of each of the 12 zodiac signs behave in each of the houses. Thus, it represents the entire circle of human life.

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How To Read Kundli Houses?

To know about the attitude and character you display in twelve different kundali houses, you need to refer to your natal chart or complete birth diagram. Only then you can get your true kundli meaning. Kundali meaning is made understood by dividing it into 12 sections in a crisscross fashion.

The twelve sections are dedicated to twelve different aspects of our life and are called Houses, as already mentioned. If you don’t have your Janam kundli or birth chart made yet, you may refer to the InstaAstro website and app. You can easily get your kundli with the help of your date and exact time of birth.

To know different houses in astrology with the help of your birth chart, an astrologer looks over the twelve boxes. Right in the middle, i.e. the upper middle box, is your ascendant or rising sign, i.e. your first house, and it will never change when designed in the North Indian style chart. Next time someone asks you where your ascendant is placed and under what sign, you must refer to this box; your first house. Then the astrologer moves counterclockwise from that house, meaning you go towards the left. That’s your second house.

So, your first house is the middle house, i.e. the ascendant. And the second house is right next to it. Wherever you see written “2”, it’s your second house, number “3” is your third house, and it goes all the way to the 12th house, i.e. the final house. The kundli house numbers represent all houses in astrology chart of Vedic science. What is needed to be remembered is that these houses or represented boxes never change. Houses in kundli are always read in this order only.

For example, if I were to ask you where your seventh house is. The box with the count 7 is your seventh house, i.e. the house of your spouse or life partner. It will reveal how your marriage is likely to be. An astrologer helps you get insights into the house number you are concerned about. This box of 7 is directly placed opposite the first house if we look at its structure on the birth chart.

Now, how do zodiac signs and positions of planets come into the picture? Every two and a half hours in an astrological chart, the zodiac signs change or switch their positions while the houses stay fixed. Moreover, each zodiac sign is 30 degrees long. And this length or area is covered within those hours. So, for instance, you could be born at 0 degrees Aries or at 30 degrees Aries ascendant or 29.5 degrees Aries. But you are in that first house’s box only.

Basically, keep in mind that numbers are not written in the same fashion and are written differently in different kundlis based on the position of planets during birth. Therefore, the number written on each box is the sequence number of the zodiac sign in a particular box or house and not the house number. Sometimes two or more zodiac signs crowd a single house indicating its impact on that particular house.

What does each House depict?

Now that we know how to read Kundali and the connections of different rashi or zodiac signs with the bhavas or houses, it’s time to know what each house represents and each kundali house meaning. So let us look at them one by one.

  1. First House: The House of Self

The first house is all about your portrayal in the outer world. Vedic texts mention the first house as 'Lagna' or 'Ascendant'. It represents your looks, physical appearance and your way of talking. It determines how you as an individual come across to people. Anything from the way you dress to how you interact with others is covered under this house.

It is also associated with the term “ rising sign” as it is believed to be the East horizon which is the direction where the chart begins. When ruled by Mars, the first house impacts mostly Aries in a positive way, i.e. making their native courageous, hard-working, frank and motivated for work.

  1. Second House: The House of Possessions

The Second House represents what individual values and gives importance to. It reveals inclinations towards material wealth and all sorts of worldly pleasures. It symbolises money, income and things that you hold. Here, the person can get obsessed with making money and buying all the possible luxuries.

In this house, a person either has control over his spending pattern or spends excessively. He/she can also be observed valuing family over money but still working with all their might to spend the hard-earned money on their family members. When ruled by Venus, the Taurus natives have a settled career and are satisfied that their bank balance is enough to look after their family.

  1. Third House: The House of Communication

The Third house deals with your communication skills. It reveals how strong your speaking skills are and what benefits you gain from it. It also puts light on the consequences you face in the lack of this skill. It talks about your intelligence, sharp-mindedness and convincing powers.

The third house also indicates career possibilities that include the use of voice and good communication abilities like media, television, politics and public speaking. Under the house, natives also have a strong memory if impacted positively. Under the rule of Mercury, Gemini natives are highly benefited and enjoy great bonding with friends and colleagues. They also see good career growth when involved in speaking professions.

  1. Fourth House: The House of Home and Family

The Fourth House pays attention to family bonding. It reveals how peaceful or unpeaceful your life with the family will be. Based on the zodiac sign, it provides insights into how good you are with parents, friends, colleagues and kids. For example, if a woman is newly pregnant, she may know what kind of a parent she will probably be.

It is about how well you nurture your relationship with family members and how long it is going to sustain. It also involves property discussions and your ability to handle a situation peacefully when it is likely to turn into a fight. When ruled by Moon, the Cancer borns spend good quality time with their family. With a good environment at home, kids and students under the fourth house also excel in education.

  1. Fifth House: The House of Pleasure

The Fifth House deals with all things that offer pleasure. It indicates activities that you enjoy doing. It highlights mental and physical satisfaction. In this house, when the presence of benefic planets is strongly felt, the natives find intense pleasure and joy in the things they do. They find happiness at the workplace and in their personal life. They tend to get creative with all the things they experience.

Be it romance, project implementation, playing games, winning the lottery or just throwing a party at home. Artists, singers, and players of different sports have a good time in the Putra Bhava or the fifth house. When ruled by Jupiter, it benefits the Leo natives.

  1. Sixth House: The House of Health

The Sixth House highlights aspects related to Health. Physical and mental well-being are put into focus here. When exposed to different climatic conditions, the choices that you make will decide how your body is likely to react. This house is also known as “Shatru or Ari” Bhava, which means an enemy house.

With regard to health, if you have a good body routine and you have made healthy life choices so far, you tend to stay fit for a long time. This means that you have gotten rid of enemies that bring health issues. In terms of enemies in human form, due to a successful career graph, natives may attract rivals and unwanted attention. But with smart moves and added security, risks are put under control. When ruled by Mercury, Virgo borns stay in the best of their health.

Furthermore, some vedic texts mention that pets are responsible for the emotional well-being of the natives in this house.

  1. Seventh House: The House of Partnerships

The Seventh House focuses on cultivating good relationships with life partners, other family members and partners at work. It informs about how a native of a particular rashi, under the influence of specific planets, tends to share their personal bonds. It is a house of romance, love and reforming family connections. While networking with different people, the seventh house also tends to shed light on awareness and assurance of the self as it is positioned inverted to the first house.

Also, under the good influence of planets or planets, a person is aware of his/her actions. And they tend to move ahead carefully as they interact with a lot of people on a daily basis. Forming trust and partnership at work is also a part of the seventh house. When ruled by Venus, Libra people enjoy good quality time with their families.

  1. Eighth House: The House of Transformation

The Eight House indicates transformation to a new self through experiences and meeting people. Changes such as sudden increase in wealth, sudden fall in losses, talks on new life and life after death are all discussed in the “Randhra bhava” or eighth house. The house also talks about innovations in romantic activities, use of occult and obsession.

It says that it’s okay to listen to your strange desires and try fulfilling them. And if it does not turn out well for you, you must be ready to let go of the past memories and start afresh with a new chapter in life. It also looks over your deeds or karma and indicates what life you are likely to have in your next birth based on it.

People in this house are passionate towards their personal and professional goals and often adapt to working in secret towards them. When ruled by Mars, Scorpio people have a good hold on this house.

  1. Ninth House: The House of Purpose

The ninth house is all about gaining knowledge and attaining education as per capacities. People in this house are inclined towards studios and academic excellence. Even spiritual people tend to go into deep studies in order to find questions that are usually left unanswered.

Under the positive influence of a planet or specific planets, the ninth house observes people go for higher studies abroad and mark their identity with their intellectual brains. Here, people have a will to learn. When ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius borns travel, explore and gain perspective.

  1. Tenth House: The House of Social Status

The Tenth House is a house of stardom, popularity and recognition. The house is also known as “Karma Bhava”. In this house, people work hard, earn well, do great jobs and have a lot of money and are also in the eyes of the people. Here, people live a journey filled with high ambitions and achieving them.

This house governs your knee portion and if the planets under this house are unfavourable for you, you may face knee-related health issues. People here believe in maintaining their social status. When ruled by Saturn, people born as Capricorns enjoy great name and fame. Others tend to have a normal job which is fairly recognised during this period.

  1. Eleventh House: The House of Friendships

The Eleventh House or The Labha Bhava is a house or bhava that deals with the support of your friends. It is all about who we call when we achieve success. It is also about finding happiness in charitable acts and saving a portion of your wealth for the underprivileged. This house remembers all the support pillars in human forms while we continue our struggle to reach a goal.

They are the people who keep motivating us and clapping their hands of encouragement every time you fall and rise back. When ruled by Sun, Aquarius people have the strongest support teams for them.

  1. Twelfth House: The House of Subconscious

The Twelfth House concentrates on the part of our brain which does not live in the present but bothers about things which don't have a physical form. For example, the dreams that wake you up at night suddenly, the sudden burst of cry or anger without intentions etc. happens in the Twelfth House. Here, you tend to focus on things which are not practical yet influence you. It has also been observed that people encounter karmic relationships in this house where the relationship is not meant to last but gives you a lot of heart aches for the karmic debt you didn’t know you have to pay.

That is why this house is also called the “house of the unconscious''. This house also includes deaths, separation and detachment. When ruled by Jupiter, Pisces governed this house.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most powerful house in Vedic astrology is the Tenth house or the Karma Bhava. It talks about the deeds that you do in your life and attracts money, luxury and reputation in society. It looks after the decisions and attitude of a person with respect to the people surrounding them.
Dharma (duty), Artha (resources), Kama (desires) and Moksha (liberation) are the factors that are applied to form the twelve houses in Indian Astrology. Each house is called a Bhava and indicates the stand or hold of a zodiac sign in each of the houses while the planets are in transit.
The second, fifth, ninth and tenth house include the concept of money. The second house talks about the money that you own, the fifth house highlights pleasures out of money, the ninth house talks on the hard-earned money while the tenth house represents the social status that you get for being rich.
The tenth house emphasises on name, fame and reputation. It is about the people who have a status in society due to the successful career they possess. People experience huge popularity in this house.
The tenth house highlights career, job and the positions you work at. It defines your status in the society. If you have successful jobs, people recognise you and if you have a small job, you remain known in your inner circle. Such is the recognition that society gives you in the tenth house.
The planet Saturn is good for job opportunities. When you are under the good influence of Saturn, your struggles to find success is over and you are finally earning money and living your dream. The “Sade Saati” of 7.5 years has taken a back seat, you are all left to enjoy the smell of success.
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