8th House In Astrology - The House of Reproductions and Regeneration

Well, do you know that planets can affect the longevity of a person? The answer is Yes! Today's astrology is all about that. One might wonder what is 8th House in astrology? The 8th House represents one of the most vital aspects of our life. This House is called 'Ayu Bhava', which means the House of your life expectancy. Death? Sounds scary, right? Who is scared of death? Well, the 8th House represents an individual's life span on this earth.

According to Vedic astrology, the first House represents the birth or incarnation of an individual. Likewise, the eighth House represents the death or disincarnation of an individual according to the kundli. So, let's dig deep into what the 8th House indicates in a natal chart. The 8th House is mainly referred to as the House of Death, and of course, it scares people to death, but there's so much richness to this House because it is also a moksha house where an individual is free from the materialistic world and follows the path of spirituality.

Moreover, the 8th House is also referred to as the Dusthana House because they are the House that causes suffering and sorrow. Along with the 8th House, the 6th and 12th Houses are also known as the Dusthana House. Additionally, the 8th House is ruled by the planet Mars, and the Scorpio zodiac sign highlighting its attributes is focused on their ambition, desire to achieve something in life, jealousy, and hidden dark secrets. Also, the lord of 8th House is planet Mars.

Furthermore, it is the weak House for the Moon, Mars, and Mercury and the best House for Jupiter and the Sun. If you want to know more about different types of houses in astrology, then follow our InstaAstro web and app.

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Significance of the 8th House

Every House has its own significance and importance. However, it depends upon the placement of planets in each House and how favourable it is for you. We aren't saying that the 8th House is negative. However, if we look into the positive side of this House, it grants wealth and longevity if placed positively. Also, look at the importance of this House and its impact on individuals' lives.

The lifespan of an individual: This House represents the life expectancy and how a person will have to endure suffering and sorrows before they die. It also reveals whether the death of the native will be due to accidents or sudden deaths. However, if the House is favourable for a native, they will have a long life, and even if they die, they will have a peaceful death.

The 8th House indicates hurdles and obstacles: If the 8th House is afflicted in your natal chart, you will have to go through tough situations in life where you might feel helpless and hopeless. Moreover, if it worsens, you won't get any support from your family and friends. Thus, you'll feel helpless to the extent that you will have suicidal thoughts leading you to become more depressed. Also, the natives will go to the extent that they start to harm themselves.

8th House transforms the natives: The 8th House enables an individual to transform into better people. As human beings, we go through several emotions at once, so the 8th House helps us release all the negative emotions and lead the way toward spirituality. Additionally, this is why the 8th House is referred to as Moksha, as it helps individuals release all their negative emotions and be in a calm state of mind. While you do these, remember your past deeds and try to improve them so that you do not have to suffer due to them.

Risk factors: A person might go through sudden death. Moreover, the malefic effects of the 8th House can affect you in a way that you will have to go through financial losses. Also, a person might feel scared without reason which might be due to extreme stress and an unstable mind.

Sexuality: The 8th House has connotations with sexuality because this is the House that can deal with the deep dark stuff. In addition, it is also a house that deals specifically with powers that control us emotionally. People that have powerful planets in this House are extremely magnetic and powerful. Thus, they attract powerful energy and light up the room wherever they go.

Planets in the 8th House

Here, we'll mention how different planets have an impact on your life when placed in the 5th House and what does the 8th house rule. Moreover, we will briefly discuss all the positive and negative aspects of the influence of planets in the 8th House.

Sun in 8th House:

First of all, if we look into the positive aspect of the placement of the Sun in the 8th House, the individual will be able to have a positive mindset and look to the bigger of life. Moreover, they'll have the ability to deal with all the hurdles in life without being dependent on anyone. Also, they will have a shorter life span if we talk about the negative impact.

Additionally, from a relationship and marriage perspective, if the Sun is placed in the 8th House of your partner as well, you'll not be able to understand each other. Moreover, you'll face difficulties in expressing yourself as well as your feelings. That's where you'll lack communication with your partner.

Moon in 8th House:

Natives whose planet is placed in the 8th House will be susceptible and emotional. They will not be able to see anyone in pain, and it hurts them more if anyone is suffering because of them. Moreover, they have volatile minds, which leads them to change their decisions occasionally.

Also, they are prone to accidents, so they must be cautious when travelling. If we talk about personality traits, they are very focused on their goals in life, and thus they will not leave any stone unturned to achieve what they want from life. Also, they are very mature and don't rely on anyone to make important decisions.

Jupiter in 8th House:

The planet Jupiter in the 8th House is very cooperative and optimistic. They have a very welcoming personality and pleasing nature. Moreover, when placed in the 8th House, they will have a great time-solving complicated problem and be more interested in research work. Moreover, they are financially stable. Furthermore, if we take into account the relationship and marriage, they will be a very loving and caring partner. Also, they will get a loyal partner who will take care of all their needs. If the planets are negatively placed, the native will be very introverted and avoid going out with friends and families. They will be socially inactive and also avoid going to family gatherings.

Venus in 8th House:

Natives with the planet Venus will have a very luxurious lifestyle, and they don't have to compromise for anything. Also, they will get a partner who is independent and financially strong. Also, these natives are very secretive as they do not open up easily even though they know everything about the other person. When it comes to professionals and work life, they want their work to be done perfectly without any chaos. Moreover, they are the ones who would never want to relax unless their works are not up to date. Also, they are very self-obsessed and overconfident, which leads them to downfall after some point in time.

Mars in 8th House:

The natives whose planets are placed in the 8th House are dipped with passion within them, but obviously, it'll take them a lot of time to bring out their dedication and passion for whatever role they take up. Moreover, they are fond of taking up roles requiring deep research and investigation. Thus, they can go to any extent to present the best work or projects assigned to them. Furthermore, they have a strong instinct, so nothing can be hidden from them. They can look into people's eyes and come to know what the other person might be thinking, so you can't think of fooling them. Also, if the natives are dating someone, they become very over-possessive and obstruct their partners from being independent, which can lead to a huge problem in their relationship.

Mercury in 8th House:

These natives are very practical about their life and avoid having materialistic dreams. They believe that whatever they do, a purpose must be behind it. These people are manipulative in a way that they can turn any situation under their control. They are very curious in nature. They want to know every bit of information. Moreover, they don't usually reveal a lot of information about themselves. Also, when it comes to relationships, their partners are always in a dilemma because they avoid having a healthy conversation with their partner, which makes their relationship weak. So as a recommendation, these people must be more open-minded and communicative to make their relationships and lives more comfortable and fulfilling.

Saturn in 8th House:

The natives of Saturn in the 8th House find it very difficult to come out of their comfort zones as they find it difficult to cope with a new environment. Moreover, they are always stuck with the past and find it problematic to come out of it. The influence of Saturn makes it difficult for them to take up new roles in life, but because of their patient nature, they calm themselves and try to focus on their goals.

Moreover, they tend to give up on little happiness and fun to reach their needs and wants. Also, they avoid making a huge social circle to avoid missing out on the essential things in life. Furthermore, to experience great things in life, they must adapt to changes and meet people so that they can see a greater picture of life.

Rahu in 8th House:

Rahu in the 8th House can be very destructive and problematic, bringing malefic effects in their life. People are prone to financial problems and controversies. This malefic planet can drag you to the extent that you feel depressed and stressed out all the time. Due to the effects of Planet Rahu, you might involve yourself in tough situations, which can greatly hinder your career.

Also, you might lose your expenses because there is a tendency for you to involve yourself in gambling and playing the lottery. Talking about married life, you might get a wealthy rich husband, but there won't be mutual understanding, and your partner might turn out to be very stubborn. Also, to get rid of such issues, you must wear rudraksha and keep silver coins wherever you go.

Ketu in 8th House:

When there is a positive placement of Ketu in the 8th House, they will experience gains. They are very brave and strong; therefore, no one can take a chance to mess up with them. These characteristics and traits make them take up sports as a career and something that needs physical strength.

Also, they might experience uncertain fear, which might be difficult for them to confront. They might also come across death at a very young age. Furthermore, they might also go through health issues which might include surgery and paralysis. Moreover, to avoid such incidents in life, they must follow spiritual and religious paths to eliminate such uncertain illnesses and health issues.

Zodiac Signs in the 8th House

All twelve zodiacs have varied effects when placed in a certain house. But in this section, we'll talk about all the zodiac signs and how they are impacted when they reside in the eighth House.

Aries in the 8th House: Aries in the 8th House symbolise willpower and motivation. Thus, the native will engage themselves in taking risks and being fearless.

Taurus in the 8th House: These natives in the 8th will have to go through an emotional and mental breakdown and will have to deal with heartbreaks and rejections making them unable to regulate their emotions.

Gemini in the 8th House: These natives are more inclined towards knowing more facts about supernatural things and would love to explore them in more depth. However, they are very much curious and fascinated with subjects that are related to deep research.

Cancer in the 8th House: These folks are very much attached towards their loved ones and would appreciate relationships that are genuine and close to their heart. However, with time they will experience a deep emotional state of mind.

Leo in the 8th House: Leos in the 8th House wants to grab the attention of the crowd and would always want to be the centre of attraction. They are very concerned about their reputation. However, they are aware when they speak to someone in the crowd.

Virgo in the 8th House: Virgos in the 8th House are very organised and can be called a perfectionist. Also, these natives are very fond of shopping and thus can never be able to save money at any cost.

Libra in the 8th House: These folks are very good at decision-making and will always hesitate to invest in things that seem unwanted to them. However, these natives keep their life personal and don't appreciate it if anyone tries to get involved in it.

Scorpio in the 8th House: These natives are very secretive about their life. They do not reveal a lot about themselves. However, they will always want to be among a small group of people.

Sagittarius in the 8th House: Sagittarians are always optimistic about their goals and objectives. These natives are more inclined towards religion and spirituality.

Capricorn in the 8th House: These natives are highly practical in their ideas and do not dread death. Nevertheless, They like to leave a good impression wherever they go.

Aquarius in the 8th House: These natives are not scared of investing in things that include a huge amount. However, they can make good money out of it but be aware while you take a massive risk because you might lose as well after one point of time.

Pisces in the 8th House: Pisceans have minor amounts of fear, which can make them more cautious while taking small risks. These may impact their mental health, and they must therefore practise daily yoga and meditation to relax their minds.

Remedies to improve the effects of the 8th House

Some of the helpful remedies that may be of assistance to you are listed below. Also, it can benefit you in every sphere of life. Follow these recommendations daily to see changes in your life.

  • Lord Hanuman, who can give you the courage to overcome all of life's challenges, must be prayed to and worshipped.
  • Usually, you have to observe a fast on Tuesday.
  • Due to the weak Saturn in the 8th House and the potential for a short lifespan, you should pray to Lord Shani every Saturday.
  • Attempt to get involved in the spiritual realm so that it can contribute to your quest for a happy and long life.
  • You must serve water and sweets to Lord Surya every morning if you are coping with unwelcome challenges.
  • Another helpful practice is to recite the Gayatri Mantra at least 31 times.
  • One of the effective mantras for overcoming unexpected anxieties about death is the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.


Coming to a conclusion, we hope we were able to make you understand the impacts, significance and remedies of the 8th House in astrology. However, read each and everything without skipping any paragraphs to get a better understanding. Also, if you want to get detailed information about the 8th House and how it influences your birth chart and horoscope, you can visit our InstaAstro website to book your call with our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 8th house astrology rules the Scorpio Zodiac sign carrying various characteristics and traits. Moreover, they are very ambitious and passionate about their work life. Also, they can go to any extent to make their task presentable. Furthermore, if you want to read what 8th House Vedic astrology is? You can visit our InstaAstro website.
The natives whose planets are placed in the 8th House are very much interested in research and have a sharp mind. They are very attentive, so the professions that suit them the best are doctors, surgeons and any professions that need deep research. Moreover, they can also get into business because, as mentioned, they are intelligent and quick-witted.
According to Vedic astrology, eighth house astrology can be auspicious for marriage. It's said that the influence of the 8th House can lead to a long-term relationship because your partner will be committed and loyal towards you. Moreover, if we talk about the relationship in 8th House, they are very passionate towards their partners and are obsessed with each other.
The 8th House has great significance in individuals' lives. It has a considerable influence on the death and longevity of a person. Moreover, it's the House that has an impact on transforming a person from their past deeds and makes a person lead a highly spiritual life which eventually changes their mindset as an individual.
Chhidra Grahas is one of the astrological techniques that can remove the negative placements of eighth house astrology. Moreover, Saturn is believed to be the auspicious planet for the 8th House as it's said to be the Karaka of the eighth House, which deals with all the impacts on individuals' life. However, if the placement of planet Saturn is favourable in the 8th House, it can drastically change people's lives.
The Placements of planets can be strong by trying to cleanse all your past deeds and have a positive mindset towards divinity. Moreover, you can consult InstaAstro astrologers, as they are the ones who can give you the exact remedies to wash away all your Karma and make your planets in 8th House strong and favourable.
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