11th House in Astrology - The House of Wealth

The 11th House in astrology is considered the most fortunate among all the houses, according to vedic astrology. It is represented as the Labha house, which means the House of Gains and Prosperity. It signifies the sudden wealth and gains in a house. According to Vedic Astrology, the 11th House brings an abundance of income into an individual's life. However, if the placement of your zodiac is positive in the 11th House, you will always receive profits in your business and have a very wealthy life.

Moreover, the 11th house astrology is also called the 'Kama House' because it also signifies human desires. It reveals what an individual wants from their life and how passionate they can be to achieve things in life.

The 11th house vedic astrology also speaks about ambitions, dreams, aspirations, careers, achievements, etc. In addition, Aquarius is the sign that is correlated with the 11th House, and thus, the Sun signifies the 11th House. However, according to Vedic astrology, the presence of the planet Moon is believed to be weak in the 11th House. For further information, the 11th House not only represents income, gains and desires but there is a word that signifies fulfilment in Vedic astrology known as Siddhi.

However, the 11th House also indicates the success and commitments you have promised yourself to make. If the 11th House is in your favour, you will accomplish a lot, such that your desires and dreams will be fulfilled. Now that you've got the hang of what the 11th House signifies and what are the positive aspects of the 11th House. We'll be talking about the influence of all nine planets on the 11th House. So keep reading to know more in detail; follow our InstaAsatro website and app for more.

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Significance of 11th House

This 11th House represents great significance as it is auspicious for your planet because it represents success and achievements. Your work will be appreciated and rewarded because many people will recognise it. Moreover, you'll also be regarded as a champion because of your huge achievement and victory. Also, it gives you the ability to do charity work as you'll be blessed with good money and income, because of which you'll be inclined towards making more donations to the needy and organisations. Moreover, many people in the 11th House are believed to have a selfish nature, so they donate just for the sake of media attention and selfish motive to reach their goals.

On the positive side, the 11th House designates favours as this House is known to take and give favours as they are known to be wealthy; hence they don't hesitate to give favours to the ones they trust. Moreover, if the placement of planets is positive, they will also receive favour from the higher authorities. People in the 11th House are more into business, politics and many more, so they might require favours from higher authorities. Therefore, they can only receive favours or help if the placement is positive in their natal chart.

Furthermore, the 11th House also signifies your social circle and the influence of planets in the 11th House indicates the kind of friends circle you'll come across. Moreover, the impact of planets will determine whether you'll have a trustworthy friendship or will be surrounded by a negative or toxic friend group and if the planets are placed positively, you'll have a genuine and long-term friendship that will be there for you throughout your life. These are some of the significant meanings of the first House, and if your planet is positively positioned in the eleventh House, you will have favourable results, as mentioned above.

Planets in 11th House

Sun in 11th house:

The natives of the Sun in the 11th House are very kind towards others. They have a very sympathetic nature and can feel the pain and situations of the individuals. Moreover, they try to win over the hearts of people by doing good deeds and not by their wealth and money. Furthermore, their minds are always full of dreams of doing something big and different from other people. Also, they tend to be very humanitarian, so they try to help and make others happy.

Moon in 11th house:

The influence of the Moon in the 11th House will have a positive attitude towards life and be more inclined towards their ambitions. Also, they will have great desires and dreams for which they will be working day and night to accomplish them. Moreover, they try to involve themselves in charity work and religious gatherings or try to involve themselves in gatherings where they can be of help to anyone in the crowd. Therefore, doing such activities gives them emotional and mental satisfaction.

Jupiter in 11th house:

According to Vedic astrology, the placement of Jupiter in the 11th House is very favourable as they will be very expressive about their feelings. However, they are very open-minded and bold in expressing themselves and their opinions. Moreover, this will positively influence your social circle as it brings strong bonds among your groups. Also, you will have friends who will support you throughout your life and be there for you in tough situations. Also, you will always feel safe and secure in your group. Married life would be smooth and happy. You will get a husband or wife who will be very understanding and supportive.

Venus in 11th house:

Having a positive Venus in the 11th House will give you an attractive personality, making you more confident to express yourself. You will always have a positive mindset, which can lead you towards the path of growth and success. Moreover, if the planet is afflicted in the 11th House, you will always crave wealth and gains in life. You will never be satisfied with what you have. Also, you will always feel anxious and insecure in your friends group due to such situations. Additionally, you will start being more toxic and avoid being a part of the gatherings. You will also end up having a very negative and toxic relationship with your partner.

Mars in 11th house:

Natives in the 11th House are very serious and focused on their goals and dreams. They avoid sitting idealistically and waste time on unwanted things. Rather, they would indulge themselves in putting their time and energy into something that is related to their career and ambitions. Moreover, they are great at speaking publicly and can positively influence their group. Also, they are not the ones who can settle for less. In fact, they will put in all the effort to reach the ladder of success, which is why their goals are always big. Additionally, they are great at competing with people because they don't like things to come easy, but they will fight and compete to get what they want. On the other hand, if the planet is inflicted in the 11th House, it will be a great hindrance towards their path of success.

Mercury in 11th house:

The influence of Mercury in the 11th House brings curiosity, which gives them a greater perspective and opinions about many things in life. They have a strong ability to solve tough situations and problems, so they are called excellent problem solvers. Moreover, they are the ones who can be the most reliable people, and anyone in the group can depend on them for any suggestion or completion of tasks. Also, they are very down to earth and always tend to be a support system for others. They are known to be wise and generous because of their kind behaviour and mindset. Also, they are very affectionate and are not greedy for their wealth and money.

Saturn in 11th House:

The 11th House is already known for wealth and gains, but the positive influence of Planet Saturn in the 11th House enables the natives to achieve more profits and wealth. However, the flow of income might be lesser, but with time, the influence of Saturn makes you achieve more wealth and success in life. You will have family members who, at least the majority, will be earning a good income, because of which you don't have to compromise anything in life. Furthermore, if the placement of Saturn in the 11th House is negative, you will feel a sense of loneliness, because of which you'll prefer to stay alone most of the time.

Rahu in 11th house:

The influence of Rahu in the eleventh House will be very auspicious and beneficial as the native will have the utmost confidence and courage to face the toughest situations. They will be the centre of attraction when they start talking in public. Also, they can grab the attention of the audience around them. Moreover, if the planet is not afflicted in the 11th House, the natives will have the opportunity to obtain government jobs. However, on the other hand, if the planet is afflicted in the 11th House, the natives become toxic, selfish and witty. Also, they become very manipulative and get inclined towards a hostile environment.

Ketu in 11th house:

The influence of Ketu in the 11th House has a positive and a negative impact on your life, but first, let's talk about the positive effects. The positive impact of Planet Ketu can help you gain respect, and people might appreciate you for your work. Some of the activities like the lottery, gambling and investing in stocks can also be favourable for you. It can help you gain more profits. Moreover, you will have loving in-laws who treat you like a daughter or son, and thus, you will have a happy and positive environment after marriage. Furthermore, if we look into the negative effects of planet Ketu, you will not be satisfied with your married life and will have a hard time dealing with it. Also, your partner might be abusive, which might lead to emotional breakdown and stress.

Zodiac in the 11th House

Now, we'll mention below the effects and benefits of all the twelve zodiac signs in the 11th House.

Aries in 11th House: Natives of Aries in the 11th House are the ones who desire to stand out of the crowd and be a leader among the group. These natives usually initiate group discussions and be a part of social activities to raise their voices.

Taurus in 11th House: Your social circle will be quite large, and your goals will be very realistic if your zodiac is in the 11th House. You will have a sensor focus on your objectives, yet you will patiently accomplish them all.

Gemini in 11th House: Gemini natives in the 11th House will always be surrounded by loyal friends. You will probably involve yourself more in teamwork, and thus your communication skills will be excellent.

Cancer in 11th House: These folks would always prefer a small group of friends, whether it's online or offline. However, they are more responsible towards their family and love to spend more time with them.

Leo in 11th House: If your zodiac is placed in the 11th House, you will be more confident, and a huge group of people will always surround you. These natives have the desire to build more professional relationships.

Virgo in 11th House: If virgo is placed in the 11th House in your natal chart, you will be more interested in helping people around and being a part of social work more often. However, they won't forget to show a positive attitude towards their career.

Libra in 11th House: Owing to their endearing and charming personality, Libras in the 11th House are quite soft-spoken and would interact with people well. They also have the capacity to keep going and organise their life.

Scorpio in 11th House: These natives are water signs, and as a result, their minds are very unstable. They are outgoing and have extremely lovely personalities. They prefer to stay at home alone most of the time, nevertheless. Also, it can be difficult to read their moods and understand them.

Sagittarius in 11th House: These natives are very optimistic towards their surroundings and goals in life. They prefer people with people who are intelligent and sharp-minded. They keep learning and growing new things.

Capricorn in 11th House: Capricorns when revolving around the 11th House. They tend to be more ambitious and love to spend time with a small group of people. Moreover, they will have the ability to take up roles and responsibilities.

Aquarius in 11th House: You will have a very positive attitude towards life. Even though things are going wrong, you will always envision hope and success. However, you tend to avoid people who try to mess with your character and personal space.

Pisces in 11th House: Pisces in the 11th House will always have a clear picture in their mind about their life but will always be juggled with lots of thoughts and emotions. However, most of the time, you will deal with people emotionally.

Remedies for the 11th House

Mentioned below are some of the remedies so that you can improve those ill effects. We'll mention the remedies to all the negative impacts of the 11th House.

  • Financial Issues
  1. Donate clothes to poor people, which can enhance the flow of money.
  2. You can also place a Kuber Yantra at your homes
  3. You must keep a Tulsi plant at your home
  4. Place your locker in the South or Southwest direction
  • Improve Life goals and career
  1. Chant Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra every day
  2. Always worship Lord Ganesha by chanting 'Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha.'
  3. You must offer water to Lord Surya (Sun God) as soon as the Sun rises.
  • Improve Friendships
  1. Planet Mercury rules friendships; therefore, you must strengthen this planet by wearing green clothes and keeping a fast on Wednesday.
  2. You must keep a papaya seed-wrapped black cloth to improve the bonding.
  3. Feed food to animals every day.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Planet Saturn rules the 11 house in vedic astrology, so it deals with wealth and gains. If the planet Saturn is favourable in the 11th House, you will gain profits in everything you do. Moreover, even if you indulge yourself in the lottery, gambling, and share market, you will gain profit only if planet Saturn is placed positively in the 11th House.
The 11th House is referred to as the Labha house, which means gains and profits in Vedic astrology. However, people who positively influence planets in the 11th House will be blessed with prosperity and abundance. Moreover, it also signifies achievements and desire.
Many people might assume that the empty House or no planets in astrology can have a negative impact on your life, but it's not true. You might also be induced with positivity sometimes. However, an empty 11th in astrology indicates that you will not have to put in a lot of effort to achieve anything in life. Things might come easy if your natal chart is favourable.
As we know, the planet Venus represents love, romance and attachment. However, the placement of Planet Venus in the 11th House can be very favourable for a love marriage. Moreover, you'll get a loyal and caring partner who can be with you for life long. Thus, astrology says that you might have to deal with lots of suffering in your love life, but after marriage, things will come on track, and you'll have a successful and happy married life.
Vedic astrology has a lot of ways to strengthen your 11th House, where you can chant some powerful Mantras and conduct puja to make your House stronger and more positive. Moreover, you can consult astrologers for more information and remedies who can help you eliminate all the doshas and negativity in life.
The planet Saturn is considered to be the lord of 11th House according to Vedic astrology. Moreover, the positive effects of Planet Saturn in the 11th House can benefit you in many ways, such as career, marriage, personal life etc. Furthermore, you'll be blessed with good wealth, health and luck, which can take you ahead without hurdles and conflicts.
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