6th House In Astrology - The House of Service And Health

All astrology houses have something interesting to teach you. It is important to have a healthy body with a healthy mind. The 6th House in Astrology deals with matters related to health. That is why it is also called “The House of Health”. It highlights mental and physical well-being and precautionary measures that the natives adopt to make their lifestyle healthy and safe. It discusses natives’ lifestyle choices that make or break them.

This House focuses on the challenges related to your overall health and how your decision-making enforces either safety or risks. If your choices are good, the House is in your favour; if it isn’t, you face its consequences. It, however, also depends on the planetary movements in and around the House’s box.

Above is a general overview of the sixth house astrology. Let us read ahead to know its significance, the impact of planets in the 6th house astrology as well as its influence on the rashis or 12 zodiac signs. Also, to learn about other houses in astrology and some things about your personal life, explore the InstaAstro app and web.

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Significance Of Sixth House

The 6th House represents health, illness and disputes. It’s your daily work routine. The office life and the everyday struggle are observed in the sixth House. Here, the natives are fulfilling their life’s Karma of struggle. Due to the “enemy” factor included in the House, the sixth House is also known as “Shatru Bhava”, where “Shatru” means enemy.

Moreover, the 6th House is also a part of Artha Trikon. That means one needs to know about the sixth House when we talk about finance. In fact, some even believe that it was initially a house of work. Planets in the sixth House decide the kind of work or career we pursue. Hence, when one decides to follow a particular professional path, he/she needs to watch out for the planets sitting in their sixth House as well. Along with this, retrogrades and transits also need to be checked, but all in all, the Sixth House is very important with respect to work.

The 6th House in lagna chart also represents the people in the service industry. People who serve food and look after your health come under this House. Not only that, but whatever debts you incur are seen through this House.

Another fascinating fact is that people in this House are practising 'Prarabdha karma' - the constant Karma or something that you do daily and something which is not in your control. It has connections to your past life that modulates situations of your current life. Your karmic associations to the past and your current set of Karma may help you avoid health issues or encounter health risks depending on the kind of Karma or deeds you do. The sixth house astrology also highlights certain gains and losses, luck and misfortunes.

Planets in 6th House

Your daily Karma or deeds in a specific house depends upon the position of the planet or particular planets in the House you currently fall in your kundali. Likewise, different planets behave differently in the 6th House, and accordingly, the people face its implications when planets in 6th House influence them.

Sun in 6th House:

The Sun signifies ego or self-esteem. So your ego falls under the sixth house energy in the presence of the Sun. It is displayed in how you take care of your health and how you work at your workplace. Here, you make sure that you accomplish tasks with perfection without any room for mistakes. You religiously follow a fitness routine and take care of your diet.

Under the strong shadow of the Sun, the natives become the flag bearers of perfect health. Moreover, with the Sun in the 6th House, your day-to-day activities, your work ethic and your sense of service to people and their responses in return are greatly influenced.

Moon in 6th House:

When Moon is in the sixth House, your emotional stability comes from the work ethic and the way you carry yourself on an everyday basis. Here, the natives are mostly interested in jobs that cater for services to the needy and to people in general. It includes the act of taking care of people and nurturing them. Even at the workplace, you wish to have family dynamics with your co-workers.

You are the type who actually wants to go out and spend quality time with them. With the Moon in the sixth House, there is a correlation between your emotions and the body. So, depending upon the state of your mind, good or bad, the causes will be reflected in your body.

Mercury in 6th House:

Mercury is a home in the sixth House. It is the place where Mercury feels strongly and has strong governance. Mercury is the fastest moving planet in its zodiac signs and thus brings rapid changes in the lives of the natives. It also relates to non-stop talking externally and bombarding your mind with thoughts-overflow (overthinking) internally.

Having Mercury in the sixth House, you like to keep moving or stimulated in the work environment. You get restless if you don’t have any work today on a particular day at the office. You like to keep track of your work and health.

Venus in 6th House:

Having Venus in the 6th House, the natives have a practical approach towards love. Hence, they are practical lovers. Here, the natives do not want to be showy or boastful. Rather, they wish to help their partners or may be divided work at home. On a day at home, they may wash dishes for you or do laundry without your notice. They basically want to make you feel special by sharing the workload.

People here want to have partners who are ambitious and have an aim in life instead of living in fantasy. It has the earth element that signifies doing things in reality and being rational. However, avoid traps of debts when Venus is placed in the sixth House as it may not be able to overcome it.

Mars in 6th House:

Mars is called the planet of action and war. In the presence of Mars, people under this House are workaholics to the max. Your action energy is in your 6th House, i.e., in your work and wellness. They work hard and always challenge their capacities. They may even work straight till the whole weekend without taking many breaks. And they successfully do the tasks in the most productive manner.

Often, you tend to pick up fights and arguments when the co-workers around you are acting lazy and not working up to their potential. They need to be careful not to overwork themselves as it may affect their health.

Saturn in 6th House:

Every single place that Saturn goes, it brings lessons. Hence, with Saturn in the 6th House, people tend to be more disciplined and structured. They have long-term goals and also have a schedule to go about a day.

Saturn enforces teachings in our lives in the sense that it slows our process of getting to the top in spite of putting maximum inputs. It disturbs your brain and tests you if you are ready to give up on your tasks. It challenges you with numerous situations where you can decide to take a step back. But that is when you come back and put up a fight to reach the top.

Jupiter in 6th House:

Everywhere Jupiter goes, it expands knowledge. In this House, your work life could be really abundant and expansive. People here can find it really easy to find a job and to form a good network with co-workers. They love working and offer their services to people. They take a lot of pride in what they do and gain a lot of luck and blessings.

When you can harness your abundant energy for yourself or in health instead of giving it all away at work, you receive immense positivity in life. In the good placement of Jupiter, you will be able to take out some me time if you really think it through.

Rahu in 6th House:

The Sixth House is one of the best places for Rahu. The sixth House is known for growing positively with time, and so when Rahu stays in the sixth House, it does very well. Rahu loves to go around people, deceive them, and achieve what it wishes to mean.

The natives are easily able to defeat their enemies and achieve success. That is why Rahu brings some of the best litigation lawyers in the 6th House, whether it is for defending the culprit or the victim. Rahu always wishes to be one of the privileged and hence motivates its natives to dream of working in top-level positions.

Ketu in 6th House:

In the presence of Ketu, people become social workers in the sixth House. They love serving humanity and helping people without wanting to have any gains. They do not care what people think; they just do it. Because Rahu is in the sixth House of the everyday life of enemies, this can also signify a criminal.

The people in this house act without thinking. So, this can go both ways. It can make doctors, social workers and politicians on the one hand and can also give shelter to criminal minds on the other. However, Ketu feels stuck here dealing with obstacles when all he wants is isolation for the natives.

Zodiac Signs in the 6th House

With the constant movement of the planets every two and a half hours, zodiac signs also change their places from one House to another. So let us see how zodiac signs or rashis behave when encountered with the 6th House in lagna chart.

Aries in the 6th House: Aries in the Sixth House are goal setters and goal achievers. Mars is their lord. They have a strong aim in life to fulfil, and they work towards it rigorously. They have set a benchmark for their own selves and work hard to maintain that. However, they often tend to work more than required, which affects their health.

Taurus in the 6th House: Taurus in the sixth House is associated with romance and natural beauty. Venus is their ruling lord. They get happy when they get an opportunity to go for a walk near the valley or mountainside. Spending time admiring aesthetics gives joy to them. However, they do not have a regular schedule to follow, so they tend to have an unhealthy lifestyle when they stay in the sixth House.

Gemini in the 6th House: In the sixth House, Gemini people have fast-moving brains which don’t know when to stop in the presence of their ruling lord Mercury. They tend to get multiple thoughts and ideas at the same time. That is why they also talk a lot. They get restless and stressed when they can’t find anyone to talk to or share their thoughts with. In the 6th House, they have intense energy and are advised to start writing journals to come themselves down.

Cancer in the 6th House: Cancer borns in the 6th House worship their profession. They devote their lives to the career category they pursue. With Moon as the ruling lord, they get delighted when their objectives are fulfilled. They are workaholics and may never stop working so much that they end up exhausting themselves.

Leo in the 6th House: In the 6th House, Leo people are meant to be extremely focused on fulfilling their work targets. Under the illumination of the ruling lord Sun, they have high concentrating power when it comes to doing their work with clarity. They may adopt different methodologies and display a dynamic attitude when they want to complete their work, even before time.

Virgo in the 6th House: Virgo borns in the sixth House are very humble. They love to help and serve people. They are particular and highly professional when it comes to working. They want all the targets to be achieved on time, but they also care a lot about their co-workers. Hence, they may suit professions like philanthropists, social workers, doctors and nurses. With Mercury as their ruling lord, they are careful of fitness and diet.

Libra in the 6th House: Libra-borns are caring and nurturing in the 6th House. They prioritise the health of their teammates first and then the work. They believe in bringing all on the same level before moving on to the next task. They are the flag bearers of peace and try to convince everyone to discuss things calmly. Their lord is Venus.

Scorpio in the 6th House: Scorpio in the sixth House are very creative. Their ruling lord is Mars. Hence, they have the aggression to complete their tasks positively. However, they like to work in privacy. They can’t handle working in a team. Often they have to, but they are most productive when asked for solo work.

Sagittarius in the 6th House: Sagittarius borns are people’s pleasers in the sixth House. They know how to network and form associations. People also like the company of Sagittarius borns. They throw some of the best parties in town and attract people’s attention in social groups. With Jupiter as their ruling lord, they are enthusiastic and hence physically active. Due to this, they hardly have any health issues.

Capricorn in the 6th House: Capricorns love their job. In the sixth House, they maintain their work ethics and keep upgrading their efficiencies day by day. Senior officials are also happy with them for bringing good outcomes and growth to the company. With the ruling lord as Saturn, they are well-read, and health issues are usually not observed except for the bones.

Aquarius in the 6th House: With Jupiter as their ruling lord, Aquarius people are high on energy and have an open outlook towards life. They believe that every opinion and way of doing things must be tried. They are open to any opportunity that strikes a sense of excitement in them. They are good listeners and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pisces in the 6th House: Pisces borns follow their gut feeling to pursue their choice of work. In the 6th House, they seek perfection in things. If something is not in the right order, it bothers them. Also, they get exhausted easily, so they tend to be involved in professions that are fun to them.

Remedies for 6th House’s Bad Effects

When a planet or planets are not well placed in the Sixth House, the natives encounter various risk factors related to health, work, money and personal life. During the bad placement of all the nine planets, there are certain astrological remedies that can reduce the ill effects in the Sixth House. Let us see them one by one.

  • Remedy for Sun: Serve jaggery or wheat seeds to the monkeys. Heaters or boilers or fire furnaces must need to be constructed underground. Keep containers of Gangajal or Ganges holy water at different corners of the home.
  • Remedy for Moon: It is a must to get married by 27. Also, do not involve yourself in property dealing affairs before turning 30. Add silver utensils when serving food.
  • Remedy for Mercury: Wear a silver ring on the left hand, preferably, women of the House. Ganga Jal bottles must be buried in farming lands.
  • Remedy for Venus: Light kapur or camphor at home every evening. Include white colour in your clothing. Offer sweet items on Friday mornings.
  • Remedy for Mars: Donate lentils to the poor. Avoid wearing gold ornaments. Chant associated Mantra every morning.
  • Remedy for Jupiter: Keep a dog at home. Water peepal tree. Serve Brahmans. Look after your father.
  • Remedy for Saturn: Wear a Blue Sapphire gemstone as a locket or ring. Recite Shani Beej Mantra.
  • Remedy for Rahu: Keep black-coloured wall nails. Wear black goggles and keep good terms with siblings.
  • Remedy for Ketu: Wear gold-plated ornaments and touch milk to a heated rod before drinking.


The Sixth House in Astrology represents the “House of Health”. It talks about all the mental, social and physical experiences that one goes through when their zodiac is seated next to a planet or planets in the 6th House. These experiences impact health either in a positive way or a negative way. Therefore, we always need to be careful about our Karma and health. It is also a house of Prarabdh Karma and a house of enemies. So, beware of your acts and the energies you attract.Moreover, if you are curious about your Sixth House or other aspects of life, you must reach out to our experts in astrology at InstaAstro.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to find the 6th House in your kundali, you need to move counterclockwise from the top-right middle box, which is your ascendant. Count until you reach six. That’s the sixth House - the House of Health.
The sixth House represents a lot of things. It describes health, illnesses, diseased, deaths, enemies, disputes, luck, debts, gains, obsession and litigation. It mostly revolves around health and rivalry.
Mercury is the ruling lord of Gemini borns. Under the influence of Mercury, Gemini-borns are highly intelligent and have great analytical skills. The qualities they possess make them highly efficient.
Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are malefic planets but behave well in the sixth House. They bring good qualities and career growth to the natives. Under the shadow of these planets, they excel in the jobs they are in.
The 6th House represents the trunk of your body, i.e. stomach and intestines. When planets are unfavourable, they tend to cause health issues in these body parts. The issues are usually gastric problems.
The 6th House in Vedic astrology is the Earth. That is why the sixth House focuses on order, structure, mental-physical well-being and body routine.
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