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What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot Reading is an ancient system of gaining insight and predicting the past and future. Free tarot card reading sessions can help individuals understand their lives and make them better.

One Card Reading

in depth love reading image
In-Depth Love reading

For singles, an in-depth love tarot reading can be an excellent way to determine everything about their love life.

erotic love reading image
Erotic Love Reading

An erotic love reading is a great way to determine feelings of attraction, sexual desire, love, and compatibility.

made for each other or not reading image
Made For Each Other Reading

A made for each other tarot reading is a branch of love tarot reading or relationship tarot reading, individuals can determine.

daily tarot reading image
Daily Tarot Reading

Seize the Day! Get a peek into your daily events and occurrences and plan your risks accordingly.

career daily reading image
Career Daily Reading

Career Daily Reading is a branch of tarot reading that looks into your career, its opportunities.

egyptian tarot reading image
Egyptian Tarot Card Reading

The Egyptian tarot composition is intricate in a manner where the Egyptian culture is symbolism.

ex flame tarot reading image
Ex-flame Tarot Reading

The Ex-flame relationship tarot card reading session is mainly for your past relationship, fling, and partner relatable.

divine angle reading image
Divine Angel Reading

This angel tarot card's meaning will focus on your problem. In this particular type of angel reading, tarot cards showcase.

past live connection reading image
Past Lives Connection Reading

The past life relationship spread will tell you about your past life relationship, its meaning, signs of past life lovers.

power life reading image
Power Life Reading

In Power Life Tarot Card Reading, a deck of tarot cards is laid out, and the chosen power tarot card tells you how to regain power.

know your friend reading image
Know Your Friend Reading

A 'Know Your Friend' tarot card reading is a unique branch of tarot reading where your friendship is tarot cards.

erotic love reading image
Flirt Love Tarot Reading

Flirt Love Tarot Reading is a specially curated love reading that will unveil various hidden aspects of your life.

dream come true reading image
Dream Come True Reading

The meaning or aim behind Dream Come True Tarot Reading is to highlight the answers you seek.

fortune cookie image
Fortune Cookie Reading

A fortune cookie online reading will give you unique messages per your energy, frequency, and vibe.

dream come true reading image
Which Aniaml Are You Reading

a Spirit Animal Tarot Reading will tell you which animal represents you and how you can discover your animal.

Two Cards Reading

heartbreak reading image
Heartbreak Reading

A heartbreak tarot reading is an essential category of love tarot reading which spiritually studies.

wisdom reading image
Wisdom Reading

Wisdom reading is a part of tarot reading, where two cards come together to give you in-depth guidance.

divine magic reading image
Divine Magic Reading

the Divine Magic Reading will help you get your life back on track. This particular area of reading.

Most of us have wondered what tarot card reading is, how tarot predictions affect our lives, and what each tarot card represents. In astrology, tarot cards play a vital role in helping build tarot horoscopes that provide direction and guidance. Mainly, Tarot readings are based on your energy and the energy of the Universe, which is the key to the tarot reading. Moreover, these readings and predictions are signs from your spiritual guides. If you are someone who believes in angels, spiritual guides, and spiritual energies, then tarot card readings are meant for you.

Tarot card reading is a detailed study that allows individuals to reveal the secrets of the Universe, understand the things happening around them, expect what’s about to come toward them and stay prepared for it. Tarot cards meaning, aid in tarot card divination practices, and are essential for not just the reader but also the seeker.

In a free tarot card reading, the reader is the tarot reader who will engage in tarot card interpretation or tarot card explanation, and the seeker is the individual who will ask for solutions and guidance from the Universe through tarot cards and their meaning.

Get in touch with an Astrologer through Call or Chat, and get Tarot accurate predictions.

Three Cards Reading

love triangle reading image
Love Triangle reading

The love triangle technique in a tarot reading is choosing three cards and help you choose between two potential love interests.

past present future reading image
Past-Present-Future Reading

A past, present future tarot session can help you determine how to overcome overwhelming, stressful situations.

coffee cup image
Coffee Cup Reading

coffee cup reading is also known as Cafeomancy, and the messages will help you understand what you should do.

three card tarot image
Love Compatibility Tarot Reading

Love compatibility in a tarot reading is nothing but a test of the dynamic shared between you and your partner.

Free Tarot Reading

major arcana image
Major Arcana

These are the classic cards that represent life lessons and karmic influences in your life readings.

minor arcana image
Minor Arcana

It represents moving energy; that means it answers to the daily affairs and practical aspects of life.

taro card fg image
One Card tarot Reading

One card reading, also known as one-card pull, is a way of tarot reading in which a single card predictions.

three card tarot image
Three Card tarot Reading

The Three Card Tarot Reading investigates and illuminates factors that improve your luck of your future.

What is One Card Reading?

In tarot reading, there are various spreads and special techniques. One such technique is the One card reading or one card pull. The Single Pull reading is a unique way of making predictions and horoscopes wherein you ask a specific question. Usually, it is a yes or no question, following which a single card is drawn to give you the answers you seek.

This type of free tarot card reading by date of birth is done to predict how a particular day will be, focus on simple questions related to the future, or develop the intuitive skills of the individual. Since the single card reading is so simple, you can do it yourself if you know a little about tarot cards and their readings. Pulling one card from the tarot deck strengthens your knowledge and understanding of the card, the similarities between your life and the unique card, and general guidance regarding what you should do concerning a situation.

Like all tarot reading sessions, the One Card Tarot Reading session also has some set rules. Since tarot readings are based on energies and auras, the first thing you should do is calm yourself, check your energy, get in tune with the power of the Universe, cleanse your aura, and call upon the blessings of your spiritual guides. To answer “What is Tarot Reading?”, it is essential to understand, respect, and follow the rules set for this branch of spirituality. It is essential for seekers to remember that they mustn’t approach tarot card divination practices and tarot card and their meaning with any negative or harmful intention.

Following this, you should set your intention for the reading and the question you have in mind. In tarot reading, the purpose behind your need to be in a reading session plays a pivotal role. After this, it is advisable to choose your question, and you should do this before touching the deck. Moreover, it would be best to keep repeating the question in your mind and then choose a card intuitively.

While you can ask any type of question such as "Will I get a good job?", "Will I study in a good institution?" "Will I be rich?" or "Does my partner love me?" are some questions you must avoid at all costs. These questions are related to death, supernatural elements, and people who have passed away. According to the tarot card and meaning, sensitive topics such as the dark sciences, death, and supernatural elements surrounding death should be avoided. Per tarot cards meaning, since tarot cards are primary tools for connecting with the Universe, the formerly mentioned areas of questioning may welcome negative forces or harm the reader and seeker.

Now, after choosing your question, you should choose your card based on your inclination. If you feel a certain pull of energy toward a particular card, then that is the card that the Universe gives you as your answer. Also, it is significant not to rethink your emotions or choice as you may spoil the reading. Lastly, reflect on the chosen card, solve its meaning, and know what it's saying to you.

What are the Benefits of One Card Tarot Reading?

  • When focusing on one card tarot, we get to know the underlying meaning of the particular card. Then, by embedding its significance in our subconscious mind, we can better understand the card and develop the intuition to read the tarot and the sign it's giving.
  • Single angel card readings are analysed in a way that helps the individual develop a certain sense of the card and what it is saying. For example, the 'pick a card reading' branch of tarot astrology focuses on the imagery, mood, story, visual, and traditional meaning of the card.
  • Pulling 1 card from the tarot can focus more intensely on every card and its symbolism. This focus helps deepen the knowledge of the card and can highlight similar patterns in your life.
  • 1 card tarot readings are meant for simple, quick, and general readings. If you wish to acquire answers to simple questions regarding your day, relationship, career, or academics, then you should choose the single card tarot reading.

How to do a one card tarot reading?

To do a single card tarot reading, some steps are crucial while making predictions regarding the questions you have in your mind.

Here are some of the essential steps that you should follow before beginning the actual reading:

  • Set your intention: Before engaging in the reading, you should tune your body and energy. Call upon your spiritual guides, invoke their blessings, cleanse your deck, and set the intention behind your need for a reading. It is important to note that the intention and energy during any tarot reading play a crucial role, and your intentions are a pivotal factor in your questions.
  • Choose your question: The first thing you should do before touching your card is to decide on your question. Keep repeating your desired question in your mind, and then choose your card to get the answer your soul craves.
  • You can ask various questions relating to the multiple aspects of your life. For example, here are some of the most common questions that are asked during a one card tarot reading session:

Questions to ask during your free tarot card reading sessions:

  • Will I get my dream job?
  • Will I be able to get admitted into my desired college?
  • How will my day be?
  • Does my partner love me?
  • Will I be rich?
  • How do the people in my life feel about me?
  • Will I successfully pass my exams?
  • How can I be happy?
  • Will I get married to my partner?
  • Is my partner loyal?
  • Will my marriage be successful?
  • What do I need to know about my situation?
  • How can I change my life?

Choose your card: Choose your card after deciding on your question and adjusting your energy accordingly. Choosing a card is a highly significant aspect of this reading. It is advisable to select a card based on the pull of your energy, intuition, and emotions. Moreover, it would be best not to rethink your choice as that might derail your spiritual frequencies and change the outcome of the reading.

Reflect: Select your card as per your intuition and reflect on its meaning. Your thoughts need to align with the energy of the card and reflect on the importance of the card as per your question. Every card has a distinct meaning and tells of different influences.

Two-card Tarot Reading

Most of us wish to know why problems are rising and what we should do to improve our lives. The two essential aspects of any issue are the reasons behind it and the ways to receive solutions. In a two-card tarot reading, two cards are chosen intuitively and are then analysed in terms of the problem at hand. A two-card tarot's meaning lies in both the cards, where the first card is the card of "why", and the second card is the card of "how". The first card looks into the reason, cause, and effect behind any problem. The first card will tell you why a particular issue or specific problem is rising in your life and its impact on your existence.

Similarly, on the other hand, the second card focuses on how to improve your life. Furthermore, the second card is also responsible for providing solutions and remedies. Therefore, through the guidance of the second card, you will be able to determine what you should do to achieve a better life. In this special kind of tarot card reading, the two cards allow individuals not just to address their problems but also receive proper guidance and solutions for it.

While we all know that a single card can give enough details in short and simple questions, the two card tarot spread online will provide you with more insight and information. The first card of cause and effect and the second card of solutions and remedies are connected in several ways. It is up to the subject to build, review, and understand this relationship. For example, to engage in the two tarot cards and meaning, individuals will have to put things in perspective and then make a judgement. Moreover, where the first card will make you realise why your present situation is the way it is, the second card will make you learn how to change your life for your benefit.

Why engage in a free two card tarot reading session?

This free two card tarot reading affair will tell you about some necessary details of your life and why you have been experiencing certain situations. In addition, the two card tarot spread free guide will also tell you about your situation and the challenges you may face. In terms of particular questions and queries, the cards will give different messages.

For example, if you have been facing several issues at your workplace and wish to know why you're suffering, then the 2 tarot card meanings will highlight the whys and hows of your situation. Similarly, if you want to know more about your love life or if you've found your soulmate, the first card will help you discover your answer, and the second card will talk about some of the challenges you may face.

While a single card is informative enough, a second card is a bonus. Through your free two card tarot reading affair, you can know how some aspects play a significant role in your life. While the first card is important enough, the second card adds more purpose and insight in relation to the first card. Tarot readers widely believe that the second card often expands, confirms, and elaborates on the idea of the first card.

Furthermore, people say a solution is found within the question or problem. Similarly, the first card may focus on the issue, but the second card will provide answers and remedies concerning the elements of the first card.

What is the Significance of a Two-Card Reading?

Through a free two card tarot session, one can know why certain things are happening, their impact, and how to alleviate these adverse situations. The main aim behind two-card tarot reading is to give people insight and enable them to understand what is happening in their lives. Therefore, this spread is essential, engaging, and valuable. Expert tarot readers believe that the two card tarot spread aids people in discovering several aspects of their lives.

Here are some of the outcomes you may expect from a two-card tarot reading session:

Situation and Challenges: The first card in the two-card tarot spread free edition will tell you your current situation. Then, the second card will highlight the challenges and barriers you may face in your journey of ideal living. Finally, the two cards will provide you with enough guidance to understand what to do. Moreover, each tarot card meaning will correspond with your question and situation.

Why and How: As we've already discussed, the first card answers the "why" behind every problem. Likewise, the second card focuses on the "how" of the solution. The first card will elaborate on your situation, why specific conditions are happening, and their effect on your life. The second card will talk about the remedies to these negative situations and what you should do in terms of your circumstances. These tarot cards and their meaning will allow individuals to gain perspective and clarity.

Aim and Obstacles: The first card will tell you your purpose, what you desire, and what you've been hoping for. The second card will focus on the blockages rising in your life and the obstacles in your path. You can know what you should do further through the answers to the two cards.

Blockage and Remedy: Under this particular aspect, the first card focuses on the blockages of your life, and the second card zeroes down on the remedies. The first and the second card are connected, and the second card acts as the solution or answer to the first card. Furthermore, the first tarot card explanation and the second tarot card meaning are always understood together.

Situation and Extra information: This special aspect is considered to be quite essential as the first card will highlight several factors, including your current life, your desires, and your situation in relation to your wishes. Furthermore, the second card will give you extra information or guidance. At the same time, you may think the two cards are independent in this aspect, but they're not. While the first card analyses your situation and talks about you in the present moment, the second card talks about factors such as remedies, solutions, or even predictions for the future.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, a person can also know if a person is holding them back from achieving what they desire. Besides this, the first card may also show you your ideal life and the life you've been dreaming of. On the other hand, the second card will highlight your current situation or the life you may be settling for. It is widely believed that besides the one-card tarot reading, the two-card tarot reading is also ideal for beginners.

This spread opens doors and presents opportunities for varied interpretations and analyses. People who are just starting with tarot reading and wish to expand their horizons should begin with this spread, as it will help them build their knowledge of tarot cards.

Furthermore, new tarot readers can also practise their tarot card interpretation and understanding skills. Therefore, this spread is perfect for times when you need some extra guidance, support, clarity, or push. While some may say this spread needs to be more elaborate, that's not the case. Even without being unnecessarily descriptive, the two-card tarot spread provides clarity and guidance.

In any two-card tarot reading, it is essential for the subject to stay open, have a clear perspective, and not lose faith in themselves, their spirit guides, and the Universe. Tarot cards and meaning are unique, delicate, and beautiful in their own ways, and allow individuals to open themselves up to the secrets and guidance of their spirit guides, guardian angels, auras of the Universe, and themselves. Tarot card readings have the ability to open doors for individuals, which will connect people to their inner selves, help them understand the things happening beside them, and give them an opportunity to become better and wiser.

What is Three Cards Reading?

The three tarot spread is preferable to most tarot readers. However, this magical spread is not super detailed. To get detailed guidance and readings, every tarot reader advises going for a spread that consists of more cards. But, just because the Three Cards reading spread isn't as detailed as some of the other spreads, we should not be discarding it to be unimportant.

This unique spread gives you a general overview of whatever you wish to know. In addition, it acts as a horoscope, providing you with general advice, solutions or remedies, and simple answers. The process of drawing three cards during a specific session is pretty simple! What's more, you can even do this reading yourself if you have enough basic knowledge of tarot cards, their symbolism, meanings, and messages. An already known fact about tarot cards is that they're primarily based on energies; be it the energy of the Universe, the reader, or the person seeking answers, everything in a tarot reading is balanced on energies and frequencies.

If you're planning to conduct your tarot reading session yourself, you should prepare beforehand by practising staying calm, intuitive, and in tune with the energies around you. To draw three cards, you have to ground yourself, take deep breaths, keep repeating your question in your mind, and then intuitively draw out three cards. You will be automatically drawn to these cards, and choosing them will not be a conscious decision as your subconscious and the spiritual realm will merge.

In a Three Cards spread, each card holds a different significance. In this spread, the first card signifies the situation or problem, the second card represents the cause of the issue or reason behind your specific situation, and the third card stands for what you must do or your course of action.

Furthermore, whichever card is drawn will have a substantial significance regarding when it's drawn. For example, if the 'The Magician' card appears in your Wellness Tarot Reading, you should know that you will find the solutions to your weakened health.

What does each card signify?

Consider how each card's readings relate to the query you put out or your present circumstance as you read them.

The first card (The Past): This card depicts your situation and the reasons why you are where you are right now. It frequently represents a person or connection in your life that is the basis of your question.

The second card (The Present): This card depicts the issue that is currently occurring, frequently as a direct result of the circumstance. A person should carefully examine this card since it might be attempting to draw your attention to something you had previously missed.

The Third Card (The Future): In this three-card Tarot spread, the last card offers advice on confronting and resolving your problem. It might present choices you hadn't thought about and resources and individuals you'd passed over.

After pulling your cards, check your initial question to ensure it has been answered. Next, you can analyse the pictures on the Tarot cards with an InstaAstro Tarot guide. Finally, far beyond apparent solutions, consider the meaning of the Tarot cards that have been reversed; it may help you find new solutions.

Why choose a 3 Card Tarot Spreads layout?

It's simple enough to draw 3 cards in a row, and all the arrangements allow you to do so. However, an imaginative thinker likes to use the card arrangement as a guide when processing the information in a tarot reading—geometric placements in nature aid our understanding of relationships.

The reading's organisational structure contributes to the reading's increased meaning. For example, the symmetrical sequence in relationship readings reflects the persons involved. The spreads' visual character is typically what makes them so valuable. The cards' strength is in their placement, which can aid in your ability to sense the significance contained in and between them intuitively.

3 Card Tarot Readings for Love

Maybe you've just begun dating someone, or you're thinking about it and want to know how things will go down the road. If so, this three-card spread to predict your relationship's fate is the right choice for you.

The First Card- What You Desire From The Relationship

This could specify the connection you want with a specific person, how long it should last, and whether your sentiments are platonic or romantic.

The Second Card- What Your Lover Wants From The Relationship

When you have these 2 cards, you may compare them to determine whether your objectives align or if your current relationship has the potential to last.

The Third Card — The yet-to-come relationship

This card can indicate how long the connection will last, what kind of relationship it will be, or what particular relationship aspect might develop.

3 Card Tarot Readings for Career

This reading is about recognising problems and barriers in the career path, as the layout would suggest. The card that crosses over represents an obstacle that needs to be removed in order for you to achieve your ultimate aim, while the third card serves as a kind of counsel card by taking a more comprehensive picture of the problem.

  • Circumstances, Hurdle, Guidance
  • Goal, Hurdle, Strategy
  • Possibilities, Challenges, and Results

This spread is excellent for someone who has already resolved to do unexpected things in their career. Additionally, this spread will be helpful for anyone attempting to advance in their current position or move out enough to try something new.

Don't forget to consider the big picture when adopting this spread. For example, in what positions do the Pentacles, Wands, and Swords appear, and where are they absent? How do the Cups cards relate to the other cards, and how do they appear? One must pay close attention to these aspects to establish a more profound meaning.

3 Card Tarot predictions

The tarot serves as a doorway to your unconscious. Even if you do not fully understand the narrative of the tarot reading from a rational or logical standpoint, trust your instincts and believe that you correctly interpreted the cards if it ‘feels' correct. Perhaps you need more time and distance to observe how everything turns out.

Recording your tarot readings in a journal or diary is a great idea. With a little perspective and hindsight, you can frequently spot the patterns you missed earlier when revisiting them weeks or months afterwards. When you combine the three cards, an event that occurred, a connection you have, or an attitude that unites everything might all be the link.

What are the types of tarot cards?

The origin of tarot cards goes back to Italy in the 1430s. The standard modern tarot card decks are based on the Venetian or the Piedmontese tarot, and it comprises seventy-eight cards. All tarot cards are divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. While the Major Arcana has twenty-two cards, the Minor Arcana has fifty-six cards.

  • The Major Arcana cards: The cards in the Major Arcana deck have unique meanings, impacts, and influences. Each card is known to have a distinct purpose and characteristic linked to it. For example, it is widely believed that the first card of 'The Fool' is the central character of the story portrayed through this deck, and the remaining cards represent the Fool's experiences, lessons, achievements, and obstacles. These representations are symbolic of the trials and tribulations that an individual has to face in their lives.
  • The Minor Arcana cards: The fifty-six Minor Arcana cards are reflective of our daily struggles and are believed to hold significant significance in our lives. These cards are vital in understanding how a situation may be affecting us, what its factors are, and how to overcome or deal with it. These cards usually have a temporary influence or represent energy flowing through your life at the present moment, which you can change on the basis of the choices you make.

What are the tarot symbols?

The tarot birth cards of the Major Arcana have pictures or symbols representing the various forces, virtues, vices, and characters that have some symbolic meanings. The twenty-two cards are numbered I through XXI, with the fool being unnumbered.
Here are the tarots of the Major Arcana:

  • The Fool

The 'The Fool' card is the first card in the deck, and it shows the carefree attitude of the main character and how if they don't pay attention to their surroundings, they may fall prey to many challenges.

  • I The Magician

The 'The Magician' card reminds people of their uniqueness and how they have the ability to build the life of their dreams. When this card comes up in a reading, it is symbolic of the spiritual guidance needed to start a new venture.

  • II The High Priestess

The most intuitive and connective card, the 'The High Priestess' card, deals with the subconscious and the understanding of one's situation. The coming of this card suggests that the person should stay in tune with their intuition and not second guess their gut feelings.

  • III The Empress

The 'The Empress' card is the most feminine, and it encourages you to cultivate compassion, kindness, love, and affection. This card reminds people to feel one with nature, be kind to the people around them, and spread love.

  • IV The Emperor

The card of power, leadership, and authority, the 'The Emperor' card, represents structure. In a tarot card reading, the rise of this card indicates the need for discipline and solidity in your life.

  • V The Hierophant

A messenger from the skies, the 'The Hierophant' is a spiritual card that is representative of spiritual guidance, cosmic energies, and spirituality. This card encourages you to have a spiritual outlook on every situation.

  • VI The Lovers

The 'The Lovers' card is dedicated to romantic relationships, the bond between two individuals, and the feelings they grow amongst themselves. This card focuses on your efforts in your relationship, the decisions you make, and the consequences of your choices.

  • VII The Chariot

Symbolic of determination, effort, and drive, the 'The Chariot' card urges people to protect their energy, not lose hope, and keep working toward building a better tomorrow. One can only receive ultimate success if one uses both their heart and mind.

  • VIII The Justice

The 'The Justice' card reminds you of Karma and how your actions will speak for you. Whatever you may have been receiving, good or bad, is the result of your actions. The message of this card is to act reasonably and be honest.

  • IX The Hermit

In the 'The Hermit' card, the Hermit yearns to be by himself to solve the things around him. The message of this card is that sometimes you can find the answers to your problems within yourself, and all you have to do is pay attention.

  • X The Wheel of Fortune

Since in the 'The Wheel of Fortune' card, the wheel of fortune is shown as a revolving wheel, it is safe to say that this card highlights the constant changes in life and how things keep moving. This card reminds you that nothing is permanent, and you should only focus on the present.

  • XI The Strength

The 'The Strength' card is all about your emotional strength, courage, mental power, and how you handle things. This card is a reminder of your inner energies, your ability to overcome obstacles, and your capabilities in terms of your emotional stability.

  • XII The Hanged Man

If you have been stuck in a situation and don't know how to get out of it, the 'The Hanged Man' card might come up in your tarot reading. This card stands for confusion and staying stuck in situations. It is advised by this card to make changes and adopt new ways of making things work in your favour.

  • XIII The Death

The 'The Death' card is all about endings but also beginnings. Since some things have to end for better things to come, this card reminds people to let go of situations and relationships that don't serve their purpose anymore and allow better things to come their way.

  • XIV The Temperance

The card of moderation, fluidity, and flexibility, the 'The Temperance' card, urges you to cultivate peace, patience, and malleability. Here, malleability means to go with the flow and not force things into a box.

  • XV The Devil

The 'The Devil' card comes up in a tarot reading to highlight its representation of helplessness, powerlessness, and restraint. The aim of this card is to remind you of your power over your reality and how you're the only one who can relieve themselves of their obstacles.

  • XVI The Tower

One of the more fearful cards, the 'The Tower' card, is representative of destruction, chaos, and downfall. The message of this card is to witness the destruction taking place in your life and allow things to fall before getting built into something better.

  • XVII The Star

The 'The Star' is symbolic of hope, opportunities, beginnings, and healing. The 'The Star' card hints toward optimism, change, and positive growth. If this card comes up in your tarot card reading, you should know that better times are coming for you.

  • XVIII The Moon

The 'The Moon' card is tied to your subconscious and is representative of all your emotions, fears and worries, thoughts, and doubts. In a tarot reading, this card focuses on your anxiety and urges you to think things through and be cautious about what you invest in.

  • XIX The Sun

A powerful, uplifting, and positive card, the 'The Sun' card, brings positivity and tells you you're on the right path toward happiness, luck, and fortune. Also, this card urges you to appreciate the people and situations around you.

  • XX The Judgement

The 'The Judgement' card brings your past and future together and asks you to work on your efforts based on these factors. This card reminds you that you can always make the necessary changes for a successful life.

  • XXI The World

The last card of the Major Arcana deck, the 'The World' card, is symbolic of completion, success, and prosperity. This card shows people what their true purpose is.

The fifty-six cards of the Minor Arcana are divided into four suits of fourteen cards each.

The suits are:

  • Wands

The Suit of Wands symbolises energy, determination, motivation, passion, and inclination. The appearance of these cards is linked with your spirituality and new ideas.

  • Cups

The Suit of Cups represents your inner feelings, intuition, and creative ideas. In addition, these cards are connected to your relationships and emotional bonds.

  • Swords

The Suit of Swords focuses on your actions, phrases, words, and thoughts. These cards govern your communication skills, decision-making capabilities, and assertive ideas.

  • Pentacles

The Suit of Pentacles stands for your finances, profession, and worldly possessions. In terms of wealth and career, this card plays an essential role in tarot reading.

Each suit has four court cards of the king, queen, knight, and jack and ten numbered cards.

What is the history of tarot cards?

While tarot spreads can be traced back to mediaeval Europe and Italy, the true origin is unknown. However, it is seen that people started referring to ‘Tarocchi’, the Italian version of the French word tarot, sometime around 1530.

In 1781 in England and France, the occult's followers discovered the tarot cards. Tarot readings of the past, present, and future have been famous for ages, and many people use tarot cards to make predictions.

It is still widely believed from the 19th century that tarot card readings were a part of Paganism and were introduced by gipsies. Although it may be quite challenging to determine the actual creators of tarot cards, one can determine that they have been around for ages. If you’re wondering, “How are astrology and tarot cards connected?”, then here is your answer- Astrology and tarot cards are closely related; if we can understand the tarot cards' meanings, reversed or upright, and their astrological associations, we can add deeper meaning to the tarot readings. Tarot readings, numerology tarot readings, and tarot horoscopes are based on astrological signs.

What are the tarot cards as per zodiac signs?

Each zodiac sign has its tarot card and its specific meaning. Each tarot card and their meaning are linked to the traits of each zodiac sign.
Here are the tarot cards for the zodiac signs:

Aries: The Emperor

This card denotes impatience, action, leadership qualities, and impulse.

Taurus: The Hierophant

This card represents spirituality, wisdom, and morality.

Gemini: The Lovers

This card is all about partnership, duality, and decision-making.

Cancer: The Chariot

This card is all about protection, setting boundaries, and having healthy boundaries.

Leo: Strength

This card is all about independence, control, and balance of power.

Virgo: The Hermit

The process of contemplation, analysis, and making plans is symbolised by this card.

Libra: Justice

This card symbolises balance, choices, and harmony.

Scorpio: Death

This card refers to inner transformation and new changes.

Sagittarius: Temperance

This card represents moderation, mediation, and spiritual enlightenment.

Capricorn: The Devil

This particular card relates to the material world, consumption, and cost.

Aquarius: The Star

This card is all about rebirth, hope, faith, and rejuvenation.

Pisces: The Moon

This card symbolises inner feelings, the unconscious mind, and the inner soul.

What questions to avoid in a tarot reading?

Since tarot readings are based on energies and the aura of your spiritual guides, it is essential not to spoil the vibe by asking conflicting questions. Therefore, some questions are off-limits during a tarot reading, be it one card tarot reading or any other spread of tarot reading. So, it is advisable to avoid the following questions while you’re tarot reading, as these questions might welcome negative energies that may have a harmful impact on your life.

Here are the questions you must avoid at all costs:

  • Will I win the lottery?
  • Am I pregnant?
  • Will I die soon?
  • How will I die?
  • What is the name of my soulmate?
  • Should I take the job?
  • Will I win or lose my court case?
  • Am I possessed?
  • Does my house have ghosts?

Furthermore, you should avoid asking any direct medical questions, questions about dead people, black magic and dark practices, and supernatural powers.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a tarot deck, seventy-eight cards are further divided into two categories: the Major and Minor Arcana.
Although tarot readings are a detailed study, one can easily do it after knowing the cards' meanings. However, it can prove difficult, so it is advisable to refer to professional tarot readers.
One card tarot reading or yes/no tarot reading is a method by which you can answer simple questions.
Two-card tarot readings are accurate and can elaborate on several aspects of your life.
If you wish to do a two-card tarot reading, you must start by clarifying your intention, speaking to the Universe, and regulating your energy by focusing on yourself. Then, shuffle your deck, choose two cards based on intuition and analyse them in your current situation.
The meanings of each card and its position may be displayed together with the cards in an upright or an inverted posture. This 'choose a card' spread can be applied to any person or circumstance.
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