What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Card Reading is a study of special imagery cards to predict the future and the past of an individual’s life. For centuries, it has been a guiding tool for people facing confusion in decision-making and is deeply connected to astrology. To understand Tarot card reading meaning in a better way, let us read ahead.

One Card Reading

in depth love reading image
In-Depth Love reading

For singles, an in-depth love tarot reading can be an excellent way to determine everything about their love life.

erotic love reading image
Erotic Love Reading

An erotic love reading is a great way to determine feelings of attraction, sexual desire, love, and compatibility.

made for each other or not reading image
Made For Each Other Reading

A made for each other tarot reading is a branch of love tarot reading or relationship tarot reading, individuals can determine.

daily tarot reading image
Daily Tarot Reading

Seize the Day! Get a peek into your daily events and occurrences and plan your risks accordingly.

career daily reading image
Career Daily Reading

Career Daily Reading is a branch of tarot reading that looks into your career, its opportunities.

egyptian tarot reading image
Egyptian Tarot Card Reading

The Egyptian tarot composition is intricate in a manner where the Egyptian culture is symbolism.

ex flame tarot reading image
Ex-flame Tarot Reading

The Ex-flame relationship tarot card reading session is mainly for your past relationship, fling, and partner relatable.

divine angle reading image
Divine Angel Reading

This angel tarot card's meaning will focus on your problem. In this particular type of angel reading, tarot cards showcase.

past live connection reading image
Past Lives Connection Reading

The past life relationship spread will tell you about your past life relationship, its meaning, signs of past life lovers.

power life reading image
Power Life Reading

In Power Life Tarot Card Reading, a deck of tarot cards is laid out, and the chosen power tarot card tells you how to regain power.

know your friend reading image
Know Your Friend Reading

A 'Know Your Friend' tarot card reading is a unique branch of tarot reading where your friendship is tarot cards.

erotic love reading image
Flirt Love Tarot Reading

Flirt Love Tarot Reading is a specially curated love reading that will unveil various hidden aspects of your life.

dream come true reading image
Dream Come True Reading

The meaning or aim behind Dream Come True Tarot Reading is to highlight the answers you seek.

fortune cookie image
Fortune Cookie Reading

A fortune cookie online reading will give you unique messages per your energy, frequency, and vibe.

dream come true reading image
Which Aniaml Are You Reading

a Spirit Animal Tarot Reading will tell you which animal represents you and how you can discover your animal.

Two Cards Reading

heartbreak reading image
Heartbreak Reading

A heartbreak tarot reading is an essential category of love tarot reading which spiritually studies.

wisdom reading image
Wisdom Reading

Wisdom reading is a part of tarot reading, where two cards come together to give you in-depth guidance.

divine magic reading image
Divine Magic Reading

the Divine Magic Reading will help you get your life back on track. This particular area of reading.

Three Cards Reading

love triangle reading image
Love Triangle reading

The love triangle technique in a tarot reading is choosing three cards and help you choose between two potential love interests.

past present future reading image
Past-Present-Future Reading

A past, present future tarot session can help you determine how to overcome overwhelming, stressful situations.

coffee cup image
Coffee Cup Reading

coffee cup reading is also known as Cafeomancy, and the messages will help you understand what you should do.

three card tarot image
Love Compatibility Tarot Reading

Love compatibility in a tarot reading is nothing but a test of the dynamic shared between you and your partner.

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Types of Tarot Cards

FREE Tarot card reading online sessions help an individual understand their lives and make them better. There are 78 Tarot cards in total. To offer guidance with more clarity, these Tarot cards are divided into two categories.

They are - The Major Arcana (22 cards) and The Minor Arcana (56 cards). Let us understand them briefly.

Free Tarot Reading

major arcana image
Major Arcana

These are the classic cards that represent life lessons and karmic influences in your life readings.

minor arcana image
Minor Arcana

It represents moving energy; that means it answers to the daily affairs and practical aspects of life.

taro card fg image
One Card tarot Reading

One card reading, also known as one-card pull, is a way of tarot reading in which a single card predictions.

three card tarot image
Three Card tarot Reading

The Three Card Tarot Reading investigates and illuminates factors that improve your luck of your future.

The Major Arcana Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana Tarot Card are a special deck of 22 cards that relate to the zodiac signs and planets in astrology. It tells about the universal signals towards self-awareness. These cards basically indicate the lessons learned in life or the karmic influences.

This offers life-changing guidance for constant positivity in love, health, career, finance and spiritual growth. When a Tarot card reader draws a Major Arcana card in a free Tarot card reading, it suggests messages from the universe or the divine for long-term positive effects.

The Major Arcana Tarot card follows a certain order in Roman numerals from 1 (I) to 21 (XXI), except the Fool, which is not given any number in the sequence. It begins with the Fool card and ends with the World.

The Major Arcana Tarot Cards
0. Fool11. The Justice
1. The Magician12. The Hanged Man
2. The High Priestess13. The Death
3. The Emperor14. The Temperance
4. The Empress15. The Devil
5. The Hierophant16. The Tower
6. The Lovers17. The Star
7. The Chariot18. The Moon
8. The Strength19. The Sun
9. The Permit20. The Judgement
10. The Wheel of Fortune21. The World

The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards

The Minor Arcana Tarot Card deals with situations of daily life. These are 56 in total and are divided into 4 categories - Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups. Each of these categories contains 14 cards each and is further named differently. Here, 10 cards are numbered, and the rest 4 are called Court cards.

In a free online Tarot card reading, a Tarot card reader spreads the Minor Arcana cards and gives you insights based on the progression of the Sun in a day. Moreover, each of the four categories of cards belongs to a certain astrology element.

Then, the Tarot card reader reveals how your current life situation is affecting your health, career, love life and finances. They suggest steps you can take to improve your condition. Let us have a quick look into the element that each Minor Arcana Tarot card relates to.

The Minor Arcana CardsRelated Astrology Element
The Suit of WandsFire
The Suit of PentaclesEarth
The Suit of SwordsAir
The Suit of CupsWater

Difference Between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana

People who look for guidance through Tarot card reading often confuse between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Tarot cards. To get proper benefits of Tarot card reading astrology, one must have a clear understanding of the purpose these two divisions of the Tarot card serve.

Have a quick look at the difference between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards in Tarot prediction.

Sno.Major ArcanaMinor Arcana
1.It contains a deck of 22 Tarot cards.It contains a deck of 56 Tarot cards divided into 4 categories.
2.It offers guidance for long-term situations.It offers guidance for daily happenings.
3.It is based on life lessons for future.It is based on current situations.
4.Zodiac signs and planets are involved.Sun’s position in a day and astrology elements are involved.

How To Do A Tarot Reading?

In our free Tarot cards online sessions, the psychic readers make sure that the individual seeking solutions gets offered guidance with accurate insights. Therefore, the procedure to do a Tarot reading is properly followed.

Get your accurate Tarot reading today in the following way:

  1. Understanding the general astrology cards meaning is the first step. Then, you choose one deck of cards out of Major and Minor.
  2. Next, a psychic reader prepares a set of questions related to life.
  3. Now, the cards are shuffled, and you are asked to pull a card or a spread of cards.
  4. Once you choose a card or cards, it is kept with its face down.
  5. Lastly, the image and symbols in the card or cards are shown to you for tarot card reading.
  6. The reader then offers tarot prediction while looking at those cards. The cards indicate the universal signals that surround you.

The Different Tarot Card Spreads

The Tarot meaning and guidance in solving people's life problems and confusion gets better through the Tarot Card spread. Instead of just choosing one card, selecting a set of cards together offers deep insights about an individual.

The Popular Tarot Card Spreads in a Tarot cards free reading are:

  • One Card Reading: It contains just a single message to focus on your day.
  • Two Card Reading: In a Free Tarot session, it reveals the reason behind the current situation and a solution to resolve it.
  • Three Card Reading: It decodes the mysteries of the future and indicates factors to improve your luck.
  • Five Card Reading: It refers to your condition right now and what steps you can take to improve yourself.
  • Seven Card Reading: It symbolises past events and how it is influencing your current karma.
  • Yes or No Card Reading: It is used for quick guidance.

History Behind Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading has been with us since ancient times, dating back to the 1400s. It started in Italy and was later refined and published in France in the 18th century. Looking at its benefits on people’s lives, it slowly started getting popular in other parts of the world.

People highly involved in the idea of Tarot meaning call it a “Theory of Ageless wisdom”. It means that it can never grow old and will keep helping people for generations to come.

Something that started as an experiment to predict energies later found its connection with the zodiac signs as astrologers further studied Tarot reading. Since then, Tarot cards prediction has been instrumental in guiding us and providing clarity during moments of doubt and fear.

Significance of Tarot Card Reading

The Tarot card reading astrology basically involves the spreading of a special deck of cards that tries to sense the energy of the universe for the natives of different zodiac signs. During the process, it also considers the info drawn from the planets and astrology elements.

Tarot cards prediction involves looking deep into your soul and gaining insights into the blessings and challenges the universe has to offer. It is the best way to hear what your body is trying to tell you and to gain a better awareness of your own thoughts and feelings.

You have now learnt what is Tarot card reading. Now, try our online Tarot card reading and experience its benefits yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tarot card reading meaning indicates the use of special imagery to predict your present, past and future. This is based on the universal signals received when a Tarot card reader asks you to pull a card or cards.
In an accurate Tarot reading, a psychic reader asks you a question or a set of questions about life. After you have thought about it, they ask you to pull a card out of the cards they have shuffled. Based on the card, they reveal deep insights about love, career, health, past and future.
Yes. In our free online Tarot card reading, an expert psychic or Tarot card reader easily shows cards based on your energy or mood. They then relate your concern with the cards to provide answers.
Yes. a Tarot can offer insights about your future. Based on the cards you select, you will know factors that affect your life and what steps you can take for positive long-term effects. This is usually revealed using Major Arcana tarot cards. Try our Tarot cards free reading today!
Yes. There are Tarot cards that talk about love life. These cards reveal deep insights about your love matters. Through a Tarot card reading online, an expert can reveal feelings, energies, hidden messages and patterns between two people.
The ancient system of understanding astrology cards meaning has been shifted online to let people gain a good understanding of their life in the comfort of their homes. By drawing cards from a deck of Tarot, readers can sense the energy of a situation and guide people looking for insight.
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