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In Sanskrit, the word 'Aarti' - transcribed as 'aarati' - is composed of the prefix 'aa', meaning complete, and 'rati', meaning love. Download complete Aarti Sangrah for all Hindu Gods and Goddesses for FREE. No more hassle of buying Aarti books and online buffering. All Chalisa in Hindi (चालीसा संग्रह) is available. Download all mantras and Aartis in English and Hindi. Use OFFLINE for FREE.

The 'ceremony of light', the aarti involves waving lighted wicks before the sacred images to infuse the flames with the Deities` love, energy and blessings.

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Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki
Aarti Lalita Mata Ki
Aarti Shri Narmada ji ki
Ahoi Ashtami Aarti
Ambe Durga Gouri Aarti
Baba Gangaram Ji Ki Aarti
Balkrishna Aarti
Bhairav Aarti