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They are forms of devotional verses which are offered to deities by the devotee. They are written to praise gods and describe how they won. We all are aware of the most famous Hanuman Chalisa, which gives us insight into how it is chanted to get away from all the bad energies and also to feel calm. 

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Benefits Of Reading Chalisa

  • Provides us with information about the deity 
  • Forms a deeper connect with god 
  • Keeps our connection relaxed
  • Helps us to gain more spirituality  

Why Is Hanuman Chalisa So Powerful?

Hanuman Chalisa is believed to be the most potent composition of phrase, every pandit to recommend to the devotee to chant every day as it hanuman ji acts as a shield to the devotee, reciting it regularly helps one to feel free from evil eyes

Why Do We Recite Hanuman Chalisa 7 Times?

This helps devotees to make a strong connection with the devotee and also helps to feel balanced. it keeps devotees' meditative state and makes them free from all the traumas and bad experiences in their life. Whereas today’s generation is suffering from depression and anxiety, this Chalisa acts as an aid to all types of problems

Different Types Of Chalisa

  • Ganesh Chalisa

As we all are very well aware that Ganesh ji is worshipped first and is known as Vighnaharta and Sukhkarta, he is known as deva who helps their devotees to get rid of any difficulties, they pour the light of positivity into the life of devotees.

य जय जय गणपति गणराजू ।

मंगल भरण करण शुभः काजू

  • Durga Chalisa

निराकार है ज्योति तुम्हारी ।

तिहूं लोक फैली उजियारी ॥ 

This is just a phrase from the Chalisa which gives us deep insight about the mother figure goddess who fills light and helps her devotees to get rid of the zone of darkness, Every year during Navratri there is a specific day for all the goddesses and it said that if one worships more during that time then there are chances of getting their wishes fulfilled. 

  • Shiv Chalisa

Shiv ji is said to be the supreme god with the king of snakes around his neck, he is the creator and can destroy the world if his third eye got opened, he blesses his devotees with whatever they pray for.

निराकार है ज्योति तुम्हारी ।

तिहूं लोक फैली उजियारी ॥

Can Shiv Chalisa Be Read Daily?

Devotees are asked to read anytime they want there is no compulsion to it but one thing is that devotees should take bath first and then start reading it. Bathing isn’t just for purity but it also cleanses the thoughts of the mind and then one feels fresh after that. 


Chalisa is read to move towards the zone of positivity where one can be away from bad vibes , there are no such rules to it. Devotees can worship them any time they feel like it. Now, there is no need to feel low when we have all these chalisas to feel connected with god and our higher self too 

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