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We all know about evil eyes for which we have tied some black thread or anything that can protect us. Kavach is a shield that protects us from all directions; it has some Mantras infused in them by a yogi/Pandit. 

It works best for people with complete faith in the lord’s protection; this kavach protects one from negative energies, misfortunes, and crises. 

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Function of Kavacham 

1. It protects all spheres of life, like marriage, business, profession, and spiritual life.

2. It also has some healing properties, which make the vibrations around positive and makes one feel good 

3. It also makes our health fine by reducing the impact on the planet. 

When Should One Wear Kavacham?

It is advised to wear a kavach when an astrologer tells you to wear it; he suggests remedies based on the problems they are facing by analysing strengths and weaknesses in their Kundli. Believe it or not, they prevent the chances of falling into the trap of misfortune or disease. 

If they are used as a preventive therapy, they can benefit studies in any failure or loss in business and help to build strength. 

Types Of Kavach

1. Ganesh Yantra - It provides wisdom and power from Ganesh ji to fight all the obstacles in life

2. Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra - It is worn to give power and not be afraid of death, and it helps one to get a good afterlife.

3. Ashta Lakshmi Yantra - As we all know that Lakshmi ji is an aid when one goes through financial problems, this yantra protects one from loss and provides the blessing of Lakshmi ji by bringing prosperity into the life of people. 

4. Surya Kavach- Surya, as we know, is a symbol of light; if this kavach is worn, it will help one bring brightness into the life of people and will help get rid of negativity and darkness 

5. Saraswati Kavach - We all worship Goddess Saraswati as they give us concentration in any field that will help us pursue anything without difficulty. It will positively impact the ability to think and help one make good decisions after analysing. 

6. Panchmukhi Hanuman Yantra - This Yantra will remove bad vibes from the mind. Hanuman ji is the one who helps to protect one from the bad vibes zone; if any person wears this, then they are going to feel free from within and will feel calm. 

7. Mahakal kavach - This yantra will help one escape the lousy period and fight for freedom with courage.   

8. Kamakhya Kavach- This yantra removes all the stress from life, and this yantra is quite beneficial. You can download kamakhya kavach pdf easily through the InstaAstro website.

Moreover, you can get the Rahu kavach pdf download from InstaAstro, besides other Aartis, Shlokas, Stutis, and much more.


There are different kavach, but it’s advised to wear them after consultation with Astrologer. These are useful and can help settle your negatively afflicted planets, and they will protect you from evil eyes and diseases. Kavacham is only helpful if you surrender yourself to god, and  after wearing them you are supposed to worship your particular god or Isht Dev as much as you can to balance your navgrah. If you want to know which kavach suits you the best, you can chat with an Astrologer from InstaAstro. In addition, you can also know about your Isht Devta by consulting expert astrologers. 

Get in touch with an Astrologer through Call or Chat, and get accurate predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A kavacham is known to be a form of protector for an individual. It can be made of phrases or mantras and can even contain physical items.
The most auspicious time to wear Durga Kavacham is during the times of Durga Puja and Navratri. These include the months of March, April, September and October.
There are a lot of benefits to wearing Devi Kavach. Some of these are - It protects the individual from negative and evil energies in their life. Moreover, it also protects the individual from health-related issues.
In total, there are many types of Kavacham. Some of the most powerful Kavacham include Ganesh Yantra, Maha Mrityunjaya Yantra, Ashta Lakshmi Yantra, Surya Kavach, and Saraswati Kavach.
The most powerful Kavach tends to be Narasimha Kavach. This Kavach is known to protect an individual from all sorts of negativity in their life.
Hanuman Kavach is known to protect an individual from negativity in their life. Moreover, it also removes hurdles and obstacles from the life of an individual.
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