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A sloka is any type of rhythmic verse , it could be from any book , song story or hymn of gods and goddesses that matter .Basically, words or rhythm arranged in a particular matter are known as ‘’SLOKAS’’

A Sloka can be any ‘sutra’ based on how crisp it and message it conveys. Some examples of slokas can be from the book name’’ CHANAKYA NEETI, OR FROM POEMS LIKE MEGHADUTAM,They can also be on gods like Saraswati Namastubhyam , Goddess Saraswati and Vakratunda Mahakaya for Ganpati.

Benefits Of Reading Slokas  

Slokas are basically written in our religious textbooks which give us a lot of lessons about life by giving examples  , the most famous Bhagwat Gita , Ramayana , Shiv purana etc  . Reading slokas have some benefits as well they are as follow - 

Slokas are used for MEDITATION- Slokas helps us to keep our mind relaxed because regular chanting keeps us away from negative thoughts and keeps us more focused on our breathing pattern. It is therefore suggested by our ancestors to at least chant a few sloka in the morning which can help us to be more focused throughout the day . 

Slokas make us more emotionally balanced and spiritual  - Slokas have vibrations to make the environment positive , it states a lot of examples of the stories which makes us stronger and gives us lessons about how one should control their emotions and respond to the situation in a right manner, when we became emotionally balance we became more spiritual because of which we start to worship god more often. 

We develop eyes of knowledge and become stronger - We all always live in doubt of not being able to achieve goals in life because of lack of knowledge , slokas gives us knowledge that makes us decisive which increases our ability to make right decisions. 

Increases our ability to think and Understand - We sometimes get stuck in work , gets depressed or fear of not being successful haunts us which weakens our ability to think properly , slokas open our mind cells and gives us right direction about life

Why Is Om Used In Every Sloka? 

OM acts as a connector with the universe, it energises us with positive vibrations and builds relationships with nature and brings calmness to our mind. 

Popular Slokas 

कल्यतां मम कुरुष्व तावतीं कल्यते भवदुपासनं यया ।

स्पष्टमष्टविधयोगचर्यया पुष्टयाशु तव तुष्टिमाप्नुयाम् ॥१॥

This popular sloka is taken from Narayaneeyam By Melputhur Naryani Bhattapuri, which is a poetic version of Bhagavata Purana, this sloka asks god to grant them good health so that they can worship him and practise ashtanga yoga asana. 

न जायते म्रियते वा कदाचि

नायं भूत्वा भविता वा न भूय: |

अजो नित्य: शाश्वतोऽयं पुराणो

न हन्यते हन्यमाने शरीरे ||

The reality of life is death. This sloka has one of the most effective messages to convey to people after the death of their loved ones. Our soul never dies, it just transfers from one body to another. We should act boldly and pray for the departed soul to rest in peace. 


Our Religious books have a lot to tell us about harsh realities of life like death, and problems we face lifetimes, Today’s generation suffers a lot from depression and anxiety, slokas are the only way which can heal, people suffering from these types of problems are advised by the psychologist to do meditation, slokas in itself carry a benefit of calming the mind when we chant slokas. Death is also discussed in these texts. They tell us to act strong in any way possible and accept it because what is gone is not going to come back. Read slokas daily once a day to gain spirituality and calmness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Slokas are phrases which tend to have hidden meanings in them. They are also considered to be the chief verse form of the Sanskrit epics.
Chanting Slokas can help an individual reduce the negative effects of any malefic planet in their kundli. Moreover, it can also help the individual control their temper and be more calm.
Yes, the term is used in almost all Slokas. The term Om is known to enhance an individual by filling them with positive vibrations.
The first Sloka in Sanskrit goes as follows “मा निषाद प्रतिष्ठां त्वमगमः शाश्वतीः समाः। यत्क्रौञ्चमिथुनादेकमवधीः काममोहितम्॥” It si belived to come from Valmiki’s emotions of anger and grief spontaneously.
The first ever Sloka known to us is said to be written by Sage Valmiki. He is also known as Adi Kavi, as he wrote the first shloka and the first poem, Ramayana, which has 24,000 verses and 7 cantos.
The first Shloka of the Vedas is “ॐ अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम् । होतारं रत्नधातमम् ||”. The meaning of this sloka is ‘I glorify Agni who is the high priest of sacrifice, who is divine and the offeror and possessor of greatest wealth’.
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