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Cord Cutting 

‘Cord Cutting’ meaning getting distorted from an emotional attachment you might have with a person or place. It removes negativity and toxicity from your life so you can move ahead to grow and evolve as a better person. It is designed to break the energetic spiritual ties that link to people who don’t want to be connected. There are a lot of reasons why people may undertake cord-cutting. 

Everyone might have their personal reason for choosing to break their emotional, spiritual and energetic connections between two people, but often, it’s a way of letting go of the situation. It’s one of the many stages on your journey to being able to release them from your life, whether that’s because you were in a terrible situation or an unhappy relationship or maybe because someone isn’t in your life anymore. It’s just too painful for you to handle. 

Cord cutting is an excellent step to help release any remaining attachments so that you can move on freely without them. Cord cutting is done to break people up, it’s not typically done to make things difficult, but it’s just a healing method to help people move on from the grief. People perform curd cutting to make things easygoing and let go of the worst situation they have been handling for years.

What is an energy cord, and how does it get affected? 

As we move ahead with knowing how to cut down energy cords, many people may need to be made aware of what energy cords are. So, let’s discuss it a little bit about it.

Energy cords are essentially energetic, emotional and mental attachments we have with people, places, and objects. It is a line of energy that passes from one person to another, and it’s how you communicate with one another. So basically, when we communicate with one another, we tend to exchange our energies or maybe chords, but it’s not always the same. It’s very important to check our energies because slowly, it starts to block our positive energy and thus doesn’t let your positive energy flow freely. 

Sometimes we might have noticed a mysterious pain or aching in our body after communicating with someone or maybe after visiting somebody. Then you feel that your energy has been drained without any reason, so this may be because of the exchange of negative energy in your body. 

Sometimes the negative energy cords get attached, which depends on the effects it’ll have on you, and there are also different reasons why cords end up in different places.

Suppose someone is communicating with you on a heart level because the person might be in love with you or they might have a strong attraction for you, so there will be an energy cord that will go into your heart chakra right at your heart space in the middle of your chest. Hence, it depends on your communication with people and the type of communication you have, which will affect your chakra. 

What are the benefits of Cutting Cords in a relationship?

Cutting an energetic cord between two people may be past lovers, friends or even people still in your life. As humans, we tend to attach ourselves to people as well as things, and by letting them go and cutting the cord of attachment, you can truly begin your healing process. Cutting Cords can be very helpful for letting go of past relationships and the pain that you must be holding inside of you and projecting them onto your current relationship.

  • It works as a deep cleansing method that will centre you and release you from attachments that are draining you, which is relevant if you’re trying to move on from a relationship with a toxic or abusive person.
  • It works wonders for those trying to move on from an environment, place, or situation. 
  • It is very helpful if you want to remove beliefs and expectations that were never fulfilled. 
  • Cord Cutting will help you release those unhealthy attachments and restore your power. 
  • A person feels much lighter from all the feelings and emotions they might have stuffed within their heart. 
  • It helps an individual to move on faster from the person they have been wanting to detach from, but something or the other has always been stopping them from doing so.
  • It helps to lose attachments and forgive others, and forgiveness can be the fastest way to healing and love.

Tips for cutting negative vibes 

Sometimes you have ended a relationship and tried to move away from them, but still, they are in your energy, and you can’t get them out of your mind, sometimes they show up in your dreams, and you feel their presence around because of which you aren’t able to move on. So it’s very important for you to get rid of all these negative cords. Here we’ll give you some tips and tricks to get out of such negative cords. 

  • You need to recognise that it is a negative cord, and sometimes you happen to stay connected to the cord despite knowing that it’s a negative cord. You happen to read old messages and stalk them on social media, so you must first convince yourself that this isn’t good for you. So you need to let go and remind yourself about the better things you deserve. 
  • Sometimes you try to move away, but someone flows into your life and energy, and you feel them trying to grab you. Cord cutting is very effective when trying to move away from someone or let go of toxic things. There should be your willingness to do so. Unless you allow them to come into your life, no one can distract your inner peace and positive energy. 
  • Sometimes you feel that someone is just hunting or stalking you and can’t get out of your brain. You need to freeze that person because you are not hurting anyone, but then you are just freezing the connection.
  • If somebody flips into your mind and kind of pops on your mental state, now that it depends upon you if you want to let that person get into your life or you want to ignore and refuse them, but again you can sometimes feel that it reverberates back into your subconscious mind or your intentions. You must choose if you are willing to let them enter your life because you need to be honest with yourself. After all, it’s a process of healing and not a game.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

A person starts feeling fear, depression, and stress, and energy starts getting drained. That’s when you realise this is toxic for you, and it’s time to get a cord-cutting. You can consult astrologers or healers to get an online cord cutting session.
You need to download our InstaAstro app, and you can book directly through the app. You can find all the information regarding the session, duration and charges for the session in the app itself. If you are facing difficulty booking the session via an app, search online cord cutting from instaastro on google, or you can contact us at +91- 6366-937-227.
Some of the expected benefits are self-growth, being mentally relieved, uplifting spirituality and creating new spaces for yourselves. There are a lot of benefits of cord-cutting, so why delay when you are aware of the benefits of it? InstaAstro can help you get a cord-cutting session, but before that, you need to book cord cutting sessions from our app.
Make a habit of drinking more water, writing journals, exercising daily, visualising yourself as a better person, reading books, and keeping yourself distracted. These are some of the everyday things you can follow post-energy healing sessions so that you can keep yourself away from all the negativity and make your session worth it.
After knowing about cord cutting and its benefits, try it or suggest someone who has been going through this issue then InstaAstro has to be your first choice as you can get the benefit of taking the session online. We have all the services and products online that you might need in your healing journey.
The cord-cutting session depends upon the healer as to what kind of problem they have been facing, and the healer is taken into a deep meditative state of mind. To give you a fair idea about the session duration, it might take 45 minutes to an hour.
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