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Are you looking for Astrological remedies? InstaAstro can guide you in solving your astrological issues. To begin with, you can explore our InstaAstro website to reach up to your solutions with all the requirements and astrological issues you've been searching for online.

Humans have longed for a life without problems and suffering, but there isn't any person on this planet who has a perfect life. InstaAstro can guide you through your journey and suggest remedies to live a faultless life. Our store can provide all solutions blocking you from getting ahead in life.

Moving ahead, let's look into what InstaAstro online shop has to offer. So that you can finally get the outright solution you've been looking for every day.

Get in touch with an Astrologer through Call or Chat, and get accurate predictions.

Online Puja:

We live in the 21st century, where everything can be done online at home. You don't have to travel anywhere to perform the online pooja. You can contact our team to get all the information online and our astrologers to obtain all the detailed Reports of your Natal Charts. According to that, the pandits or astrologers will suggest the puja to be performed. You just need to make an online pooja booking, and all the puja samagri will be placed at your doorstep. You can tell all your queries, and according to that, you'll be suggested the puja to be performed. It's upto you if you want to stay in a video call, or you can get in touch on a normal call to perform the ritual correctly.


Have you heard about toasting a spell on something or someone? If you've blown birthday candles and asked for a wish or written your beloved's name on a piece of paper, you might have already cast a spell.

Spell is usually done to see a positive effect in a person. It is performed based on the relationship where there are problems and chaos between the two people. Our Vedic astrologers perform the positive love spell to bring back the consciousness and understanding between the two people, but you can only expect the result after some time because some things depend upon the universe. What if the universe has great plans for you? You can reach up to our top astrologer and find a solution for a better and smooth relationship.


You might wonder how a gemstone that comes from underground can change your life. Gemstone has been used for ages to fade away the problems that have been thrust upon us by the planet. We have seen celebrities who have experienced the power of gemstones and can be seen flaunting them in various parts of the body.

You need to understand that only wearing an expensive and precious gem won't be able to bring out beneficial effects but you need to consult experienced astrologers to get accurate information and solutions to your problems.

Hearing all this, you must be wanting to get one for yourself.

You can buy gemstones online after consulting with our InstaAstro famous Vedic Astrologers and get the proper horoscope study done before deciding which gemstones suit you best.

Reiki Healing:

Reiki has been derived from the Japanese words 'rei', meaning universal, and 'ki', meaning life energy. Therefore, Reiki Healing is a form of energy healing. People believe that improving the flow of energy around the body can allow calming oneself, ease pain, speed healing, and decrease other illness symptoms.

Now that you know about Reiki Healing and have been looking for Reiki healing near me, InstaAstro can be the best solution to all your problems. If you are going through all these problems, you can get in touch with our Reiki practitioner to put an end to all the unnecessary issues.


Rudraksha is a beautiful set of strings available to the grace of Lord Shiva for you to soak in the tears and blessings of Shiva. Rudraksha is a symbol of spirituality and a source of power. Our lives have become so fast-paced that everyone has become victims of various problems such as diabetes, insomnia, hypertension, depression, and psychological issues. The only origin of all these diseases is the mind's and body's unreliability.

So this is the reason one should wear Rukraksha because it protects the wearer from negative energy and adds liveliness to your system. You can feel the benefit of wearing Rudraksha throughout your body.

Theta Healing:

Theta Healing is a beautiful spiritual mode that's been around for about 15 years and is a life-changing technique. It is a healing technique that allows you to work with the subconscious mind and your negative emotions to shift any problem, challenge, disorder or limitation in your life. The process involves the healer being trained to slow down their brainwaves into a theta state.

Theta state is a sleep state. So often, we dream in that state of mind, and it's an intense meditational theory to calm down your mind and soul.

Cord Cutting:

Cord cutting is not always related to getting rid of a toxic relationship but can also be associated with a family or toxic friends. Cord cutting is getting detached from toxicity and letting your consciousness put forward your growth and goals in life. It is a healing technique to help you discard and drain away all unhealthy emotions. Cord cutting helps you drain out negative energies and move on in life. Some people haven't been able to move on and are stuck in their life, so cord-cutting can be a very thoughtful experience for you.

If you or any of your friends have been looking for energy healing near me, you can choose Instaastro Vedic healers to eliminate all this negativity.

Birth time rectification:

Birth Time Rectification is to find the accurate birth time, and many people need to know their exact birth time recorded. In the scope of Krishnamurti Padathi, even one minute can change the entire birth chart and your destiny.

You might be wondering what time you should consider as a birth time rectification, so let me tell you, it's when the baby comes out of a mother's womb. Birth time rectification is done by matching the personality of the native with their birth chart in terms of the face or the look.

If you are also unaware of your birth time, and as I've already told you about the importance of Birth Time Rectification, you can consult with the best Hindu Astrology Experts to get your birth time rectification online.

Past Life Regression:

Past Life Regression is a form of hypnotherapy where you go back to recall your past life experiences that have been hidden deep in your subconscious mind. The therapy of past life regression is done in a very silent place so that you can peacefully lie down and recall all your past regressions. During the session, your subconscious mind will take you back to your past life experiences and help you understand the deep connection with certain people and places.

If you’ve been searching for healers near me, you can get past life regression sessions online through InstaAstro's personal astrologer consultation.

Personalised Reports :

Personalised Reports are prepared after the detailed study of your planets, zodiacs, nakshatras, charts, ongoing dasha periods in your life and transit position. In addition, people can get personalised reports on various things such as career, finance, love, marriage, health & well-being and life reading.

Suppose you've wanted to make a personalised report of your kundali. In that case, you can chat or get on a call with our experienced Vedic astrologers and let me tell you, you can have a conversation without hesitations as it's safe and secure.

Ancestral Healing:

Ancestral Healing is meant to cover your bloodline as you are the extensions of your parents. So let's talk about how ancestors bring our DNA, which means they get along an energetic connection with them, and the DNA connects you to not just your bloodline but also to humanity.

Our parents have different fields, vibrations and experiences.

Ancestral trauma or ancestral Healing is when you stop passing on the issues and problems to your future generations. Here ancestral Healing doesn't mean you blame your parents or grandparents for their past deeds, as ancestral trauma is not in their control. Instead, by ancestral Healing, you are taking the step to accept the trauma and change things for future generations.

InstaAstro's best Online Astrology Services include Ancestral Astrology reading, which will help you explore what your Ancestors are healing through you and what their emotional experience of this world consisted of.

Self-Love and Healing ritual:

Self-love is one of the essential factors in an individual because it’s the ability to appreciate and accept oneself. It's taking care of your own needs and accepting your flaws. Knowing your worth is very important, so stop comparing yourself with others and don't let people's opinions affect you in any way or the other. There might be many things going on in an individual's life, which is why they might not be able to love themselves. This healing ritual is to help you come out from trauma and love yourself. So if you've been looking for energy healing near me or any other astrological Remedies Online, InstaAstro is just a call away to help you with your healing journey.

InstaAstro's online Astrology shop is one of the exclusive stores you've been looking for to get all the remedies and astrology-related rituals. We have it all for you. You can consult and talk to our Astrologers for kundali making, gemstones or Rudraksha. If you are looking for something else that we have not mentioned here, then you can download our InstaAstro app to get access to all your necessities.

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