Marriage Muhurat 2022

Marriages, one of the most beautiful things in this world, are exceptional and unique. Couples engage in holy matrimony, participate in various fun activities and ceremonies, exchange garlands, share their vows, and take turns around an auspicious fire while promising to stand by the seven vows, which talk of loving and cherishing the spouse. A wedding is one of the most exciting events where two people begin their new life together and vow to stay with each other through thick and thin. It is believed that matches are made in heaven, and it is the almighty who decides on your ideal partner. If you're looking for an auspicious moment to get married to the true love of your life, then our Shubh Muhurat for Marriage and Wedding 2022 can help you know the dates which will be promising in terms of your marriage and marital life.

At InstaAstro, we aim to provide you with authentic information to help you decide what you want to do and how to do it. This is why our Marriage Shubh Muhurat 2022 page consists of accurate details regarding marriage dates in all the months, their duration, and the ruling sign and Nakshatra of that particular day. So all you have to do is scroll down and know which date will be perfect for you to start your happily ever after with your beloved partner.

How is Shubh Muhurat for Marriages calculated?

Shubh Muhurat for marriages is calculated after a thorough and thorough study of the position of planets and Nakshatras and how they will affect the House of marriage in a person's Kundli. What's more, just deciding on a date is not enough. You need to get your and your partner's Kundli or birth chart analysed by an experienced astrologer to know if the Muhurat you've chosen is right for you and your partner in terms of your wedding and marital life.

The dates regarding marriage are calculated by professional astrologers who, first, perform the Panchang Shuddhi. This particular ritual is a way to bless the couple and their union. Moreover, Karana, Nakshatra, and Yoga Shuddhi rituals are performed for the entire year after a calculative study of the lunar and solar months according to Vedic Astrology.

What is vital for matchmaking?

The most important thing for matchmaking or guna matching is the Kundli. Without the Kundli, it can become almost impossible to know if two people are compatible with each other or not. Furthermore, a Janam kundli also talks about the prospect of a marriage being successful and happy. You can read more about the Kundli, its types, and its purposes on our informative Kundli webpage.

To know if your and your partner's Kundli matches or not, you have to get in touch with an astrologer. Lucky for you, InstaAstro is here with just what you need! Our list of certified astrologers are experts in all areas of study and will be able to provide you with the answers you seek. So whether it be questions regarding matchmaking, marital life, your wedding or Vivah, InstaAstro has the answers for you.

What are the lucky Nakshatras for Marriage Muhurat in 2022?

When it comes to wedding dates in 2022, eleven Nakshatras are essential. These Nakshatras are known for their healing properties, calming qualities, and the impact they have on two individuals as couples. Favourable conjunction of these Nakshatras will bless the union with bliss, compassion, romance, happiness, fortune, and prosperity. Now, before we get to know what those Nakshatras are, let's understand what a Nakshatra is:

A Nakshatra is a constellation that holds prominence in a person's life. The birth star, or Nakshatra, is calculated at the time of birth and is known to influence the native differently.

Get in touch with an Astrologer through Call or Chat, and get accurate predictions.

Here are the twenty-seven Nakshatras that exist:

  • Ashwini Nakshatra
  • Bharani Nakshatra
  • Krittika Nakshatra
  • Rohini Nakshatra
  • Mrigashira Nakshatra
  • Ardra Nakshatra
  • Punarvasu Nakshatra
  • Pushya Nakshatra
  • Ashlesha Nakshatra
  • Purva Phalguni Nakshatra
  • Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra
  • Hasta Nakshatra
  • Chitra Nakshatra
  • Swati Nakshatra
  • Vishakha Nakshatra
  • Anuradha Nakshatra
  • Jyeshta Nakshatra
  • Moola Nakshatra
  • Purva Ashada Nakshatra
  • UttarAshada Nakshatra
  • Shravana Nakshatra
  • Dhanishta Nakshatra
  • Shatabisha Nakshatra
  • Uttar Bhadrapada Nakshatra
  • Revati Nakshatra
  • Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra
  • Magha Nakshatra

And out of these, the Rohini Nakshatra, Mrigashira Nakshatra, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra, Hasta Nakshatra, Swati Nakshatra, Anuradha Nakshatra, Moola Nakshatra, UttarAshada Nakshatra, Uttar Bhadrapada Nakshatra, and the Revati Nakshatra are important in terms of marriage.

What is the significance of a Shubh Muhurat?

A Shubh Muhurat is essential before engaging in any new beginning, opportunity, or task. It is believed that functions and activities undertaken on auspicious moments and dates are bound to achieve success and prosperity.

As per Vedic Astrology, the marriage knot houses karmic connections that are considered eternal. Therefore, choosing a Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2022 is crucial for the couple's happiness, safety, prosperity, and fortune. Thus, by deciding on a Shubh Muhurat 2022 in Marriages, one can get married at an auspicious moment that will help them live the best life possible with their spouse.

Here are some of the aspects to keep in mind while searching for the right Muhurat for your marriage:

  • Tithis play a pivotal role, and you should decide on an auspicious Tithi before planning your marriage ceremony.
  • An auspicious timing ensures a good karmic bond between the two individuals.
  • Shubh Marriage Muhurat in 2022 will help you plan the perfect wedding and marital life.

Marriage Muhurat Dates 2022

Here are the auspicious dates for your ideal marriage:

Marriage Dates 2022 in January
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Paush -Chaturthi 22 January Sat Leo Uttara Phalguni 10:38-14:06 | 16:30-31:14
Paush -Panchami 23 January Sun Virgo Uttara Phalguni 07:14-11:09
Paush - Shasthi 24 January Mon Virgo Hasta 15:57-16:07 | 27:47-31:07
Marriage Dates 2022 in February
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Magh-Chaturthi 4 February Fri Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 15:57-16:07 | 27:47-31:07
Magh-Panchami 5 February Sat Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 07:07-16:08
Pisces Revati 16:08-31:07
Magh-Shasthi 6 February Sun Pisces Revati 07:07-16:22
Aries Ashwini 17:58-31:06
Magh-Saptami 7 February Mon Aries Ashwini 07:06-18:58
Magh-Ashtami 9 February Wed Taurus Rohini 24:23-31:04
Magh-Navami 10 February Thurs Taurus Rohini 07:04-18:48
Magh-Dwitiya 18 February Fri Leo/Virgo Uttara Phalguni 16:42-30:56
Magh-Tritiya 19 February Sat Virgo Uttara Phalguni 06:56-10:16
Marriage Dates 2022 in April
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Chaitra-Chaturdashi 15 April Fri Virgo Uttara Phalguni 05:56-07:55
Chaitra-Purnima 16 April Sat Virgo Chitra 14:21-26:44
Libra 27:56-29:54
Chaitra-Pratipada 17 April Sun Libra Chitra 05:54-07:16
Chaitra-Tritiya 19 April Tues Scorpio Anuradha 17:01-25:39
Chaitra-Chaturthi 20 April Wed Sagittarius Moola 24:29-29:50
Chaitra-Panchami 21 April Thurs Sagittarius Moola 05:50-21:51
Chaitra-Shasthi 22 April Fri Sagittarius/Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 20:14-29:48
Chaitra-Saptami 23 April Sat Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 05:48-18:53
Capricorn Shravan 18:53-29:47
Chaitra-Navami 24 April Sun Capricorn Shravan 05:47-14:22
Chaitra-Dwadashi 27 April Wed Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 17:05-17:36
Marriage Dates 2022 in May
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Vaishakha-Dwitiya 2 May Mon Taurus Rohini 24:33-29:39
Vaishakha-Tritiya 3 May Tues Taurus Rohini 05:39-16:14 | 18:38-20:31
Vaishakha-Ashtami 9 May Mon Leo Magha 17:56-19:53 | 25:01-29:34
Vaishakha-Navami 10 May Tues Leo Magha 05:34-18:40
Vaishakha-Dashami 11 May Wed Leo/Virgo Uttara Phalguni 19:28-29:33
Vaishakha-Ekadashi 12 May Thurs Virgo Uttara Phalguni 05:33-07:18
Virgo Hasta 19:30-27:44
Vaishakha-Chaturdashi 15 May Sun Libra Swati 09:48-12:46
Vaishakha-Pratipada 17 May Tues Scorpio Anuradha 07:17-10:46
Vaishakha-Tritiya 18 May Wed Sagittarius Moola 08:57-13:18
Vaishakha-Chaturthi 19 May Thurs Sagittarius Moola 05:28-05:37
Vaishakha-Panchami 20 May Fri Sagittarius/ Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 05:28-25:18
Capricorn Shravan 25:18-28:11
Vaishakha-Shasthi 21 May Sat Capricorn Shravan 05:28-14:59
Vaishakha-Ekadashi 26 May Thurs Pisces Revati 15:50-23:50
Vaishakha-Dwadashi 27 May Fri Aries Ashwini 05:25-11:48
Jyeshta-Pratipada 31 May Tues Taurus Mrigashira 19:19-24:33
Marriage Dates 2022 in June
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Jyeshta-Dwitiya 1 June Wed Gemini Mrigashira 05:24-13:00
Jyeshta-Shasthi 5 June Sun Leo Magha 2:13-28:47
Jyeshta-Shasthi 6 June Mon Leo Magha 05:23-26:25
Jyeshta-Saptami 7 June Tues Leo Uttara Phalguni 27:49-28:26
Jyeshta-Ashtami 8 June Wed Leo/Virgo Uttara Phalguni 05:23-20:00
Jyeshta-Navami 9 June Thurs Virgo Hasta 25:49-28:26
Jyeshta-Dashami 10 June Fri Virgo/Libra Chitra 05:23-18:42
Jyeshta-Ekadashi 11 June Sat Libra Swati 10:10-26:05
Jyeshta-Chaturdashi 13 June Mon Scorpio Anuradha 05:23-09:48
Jyeshta-Tritiya 17 June Fri Capricorn Shravan 14:21-17:17
Jyeshta-Dashami 23 June Thurs Aries Ashwini 07:20-09:09 | 21:42-28:52
Jyeshta- 24 June Fri Aries Ashwini 05:25-08:04
Marriage Dates 2022 in July
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Ashadha-Panchami 4 July Mon Leo Magha 05:28-08:43
Ashadha-Saptami 6 July Wed Virgo Uttara Phalguni 11:11-11:42
Ashadha-Ashtami 7 July Thurs Virgo Hasta 07:44-12:19
Ashadha-Navami 8 July Fri Libra Chitra 05:30-12:13
Ashadha-Dashami 9 July Sat Libra Swati 05:30-11:25
Muhurat dates from 14 July till 26 September 2022 come under the Devshayan period. Hence, It won’t be applicable In Northern India.
Ashadha-Pratipada 14 July Thurs Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 09:47-20:36
Ashadha-Panchami 18 July Mon Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 25:16-29:35
Ashadha-Shasthi 19 July Tues Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 05:37-07:50
Ashadha-Saptami 20 July Wed Pisces Revati 05:36-12:02
Aries Ashwini 13:38-29:36
Ashadha-Ashtami 21 July Thurs Aries Ashwini 05:36-12:19
Ashadha-Dashami 23 July Sat Taurus Rohini 19:03-29:38
Ashadha-Ekadashi 24 July Sun Taurus Rohini 05:38-22:00
Taurus Mrigashira 22:00-29:38
Ashadha-Dwadashi 25 July Mon Taurus/Gemini Mrigashira 05:38-15:03
Shravan-Dwitiya 30 July Sat Leo Magha 19:00-29:42
Shravan-Tritiya 31 July Sun Leo Magha 05:42-14:20
Marriage Dates 2022 in August
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Shravan-Chaturthi 1 August Mon Leo Uttara Phalguni 16:06-16:49 | 29:13-29:43
Shravan-Panchami 2 August Tues Virgo Uttara Phalguni 05:43-17:29
Shravan-Shasthi 3 August Wed Virgo Hasta 05:44-18:24
Virgo Chitra 18:24-29:44
Shravan-Saptami 4 August Thurs Virgo/Libra Chitra 05:44-18:47
Libra Swati 18:47-29:07
Shravan-Ashtami 5 August Fri Libra Swati 16:36-18:37
Shravan-Ekadashi 8 August Mon Sagittarius Moola 28:36-29:47
Shravan-Dwadashi 9 August Tues Sagittarius Moola 05:47-12:18
Shravan-Trayodashi 10 August Wed Sagittarius/ Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 09:39-29:48
Shravan-Chaturdashi 11 August Thurs Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 05:48-06-553
Capricorn Shravan 06:53-10:39 | 20:51-28:07
Shravan-Tritiya 14 August Sun Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 22:36-29:25
Shravan-Ashtami 19 August Fri Taurus Rohini 25:43-29:53
Shravan-Navami 20 August Sat Taurus Rohini 05:53-28:39
Taurus Mrigashira 28:39-29:53
Shravan-Dashami 21 August Sun Taurus Mrigashira 05:53-14:21 | 27:36-29:54
Shravan-Ekadashi 22 August Mon Gemini Mrigashira 05:54-07:41
Bhadrapada-Pratipada 28 August Sun Leo/Virgo Uttara Phalguni 21:56-29:58
Bhadrapada-Dwitiya 29 August Mon Virgo Uttara Phalguni 05:58-23:04
Bhadrapada-Tritiya 30 August Tues Virgo Hasta 15:33-24:04
Virgo Chitra 24:04-27:31
Bhadrapada-Chaturthi 31 August Wed Libra Chitra 17:49-24:12
Libra Swati 24:12-29:59
Marriage Dates 2022 in September
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Bhadrapada-Panchami 1 September Thurs Libra Swati 05:59-24:12
Bhadrapada-Ashtami 4 September Sun Sagittarius Moola 22:31-30:01
Bhadrapada-Navami 5 September Mon Sagittarius Moola 06:01-20:05
Bhadrapada-Ekadashi 6 September Tues Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 27:05-30:02
Bhadrapada-Dwadashi 7 September Wed Capricorn Uttara Ashadha 06:02-16:00
Capricorn Shravan 16:00-21:27 | 27:39:30:03
Bhadrapada-Trayodashi 8 September Thurs Capricorn Shravan 06:03-13:46
Ashwin-Pratipada 26 September Mon Virgo Hasta 27:09-30:12

Devshayani Ekadashi Ends

Marriage Dates 2022 in November
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Margshirsha-Dwitiya 25 November Fri Sagittarius Moola 18:09-28:58
Margshirsha-Tritiya 26 November Sat Sagittarius Moola 06:8-14:58
Margshirsha-Panchami 28 November Mon Capricorn Shravan 10:29-30:55
Margshirsha-Shasthi 29 November Tues Capricorn Shravan 06:55-08:38
Marriage Dates 2022 in December
Month-Date Date Day Zodiac Sign Nakshatra Duration
Margshirsha-Ashtami 1 December Thurs Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 29:43-30:57
Margshirsha-Dashami 2 December Fri Pisces Uttara Bhadrapada 06:57-29:50
Margshirsha-Dwadashi 4 December Sun Aries Ashwini 07:04-27:40
Margshirsha-Chaturdashi 7 December Wed Taurus Rohini 20:47-31:02
Margshirsha-Purnima 8 December Thurs Taurus Rohini 07:02-12:33
Taurus/Gemini Mrigashira 12:33-31:02
Margashirsha-Pratipada 9 December Fri Gemini Mrigashira 07:02-14:59
Margashirsha-Shasti 14 December Wed Leo Magha 08:06-10:46

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