God is invisible, and we still believe he is present within us. Thus, we set God wallpaper to get a sense of his calm and presence. We believe in God because he knows what's going on within us and what's going to happen in the future. That is why we pray to God for good health, fortune, education and a good life.

We all worship different Gods according to our faith every day because that makes us feel calm and at peace with ourselves. Mostly, your mobile device or desktop is constantly in front of your eyes, so each time you scroll through it or use it, the very glimpse of God will remind you of his existence.This will bring in a gust of positivity and calm in you. Not only, all God wallpaper enhances your phone's background wall, it also gives you an essence of spirituality. Make every day of your life filled with positivity and goodness with free wallpaper god images installed on your phone and desktop. Starting your day with the blessing of  hindu god images free download which makes your whole day blissful. You can choose the best God DP for Whatsapp and  God wallpaper download free and also god wallpaper 4k quality.

Benefits of displaying God’s wallpaper 

Good or bad depends upon your belief in God. We somehow believe that there is an existence of God around us. We worship him every morning and keep him in our hearts and minds. Nowadays, it has become a habit of every individual that when we wake up, we first scroll through our phones. So basically, when you unlock your phone, you see God in your wallpaper early in the morning. Imagine how blissful that is, right? You get a pleasant feeling in the morning carried out throughout the day, which will make you feel blessed and filled with positivity, throughout the day. So that is one of the first benefits of placing a god's wallpaper in your phones.

Starting your day with the blessing of God and keeping them with you all the time makes you feel motivated all day at work and removes all the negativity from your mind and soul so that you can work peacefully. 

Being a student has never been easy for any of us, remember the night before the exam? When you have not completed the syllabus and you're panicking like anything. That's when you feel the need for calmness and peace of mind. At that point of time the image in the wallpaper of your phone of any God or Goddess might help you feel relaxed and motivate you to study and ace your examination.

Also, at some point in life, you get the feeling of giving up and not feeling the motivation to do anything in life. This can be a reason for anxiety. It's very obvious that not everyone excels in life easily, but you need to push yourself to do better in life.You close your eyes and feel the presence of God in front of you and relax your soul and move forward in life. 

Where can you display free wallpaper god images?

We'll let you know where to display your wallpaper free god and how to get a free wallpaper.

When you start your day by viewing God images on whatsapp dp,it brings peace and positivity. Likewise, the day of others who view it  will be filled with goodness, positive essence and tranquillity.

You can also place a God's wallpaper on your WhatsApp wall, WhatsApp display picture, and lock screen and also forward it to your friends and families via WhatsApp.

Are you someone who uses an iPhone and wondering if you can download it? Then yes, my friend, it's free god wallpaper for iphone users also. 

So what's holding you back from getting free hindu god wallpapers and best god dp for whatsapp?

There are also a lot of Hindu gods and goddesses images with high quality and god images for free.Check out and start downloading for free now. Let the blessings of god shower upon you always and forever.Make your day and life fruitful by always being joyous and blessed towards your goals and objectives in life. 

Blessings you'll get by displaying a God's wallpaper. 

Every person has different perspectives and goals in life, and we worship according to our wants and desires. But, like in the Hindu culture, every God signifies something or the other Lord shiva conveys goodness and serves as a protector, while goddess Laxmi represents prosperity, fortune and wealth. 

As a student, you can display the picture of goddess Saraswati by downloading free god wallpaper for mobile as she is the epitome of wisdom, knowledge, music, creativity and learning. She will help you overcome hardships and fill your life with light and wisdom.Let the light of all the gods fill you with good fortune with all god wallpaper. Many newly married couples can display the wallpaper of lord shiva and goddess Parvati from free download wallpapers hindu gods  as their love life will be filled with immense blessings and happiness.

They are the epitome of love and devotion. Let all the benefits of God fill your lives with prosperity, and fill yourself with the blessings of the great creators. 

If you are a sports person or believe in true sportsmanship, you must indeed worship and always keep a genuine belief in God Hanuman because he is the true personification of devotion and dedication who will always bless you with his true powers and give you the strength to play well in the field of sports.


This was the basic information about our religious wallpapers. Please do read out the advantages and the need to download the wallpaper of all the Gods and Goddess.Get free god wallpaper for free and stay updated on all the latest blogs. 

Keep checking out our upcoming blogs to know the benefit of all the wallpaper you download and can download it at your convenience. In addition, if you wish to get a puja done by any of our astrologers or pandits, visit the InstaAstro website to get access to talk to all the astrologers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Putting the image of God as wallpaper on an individual’s phone is considered extremely auspicious for the natives. It tends to attract good luck and prosperity for the natives.
There are no harmful or negative effects of putting God’s Wallpaper on one’s phone. However, one must remember to keep their phone away from inauspicious places like the restroom. Also, one must avoid being involved in activities considered inauspicious and disrespectful towards God while having God’s wallpaper.
According to Vastu Shastra, an individual must keep a picture of their Isht Devta as their wallpaper to attract the most luck and benefits.
Having a picture of Lord Ganesha as your phone or Laptop wallpaper is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the native.
In order to gain financial benefits, an individual can put up pictures of Goddess Lakshmi as their phone wallpaper to gain the blessings of the Goddess.
The picture of Lord Hanuman is known to be the best wallpaper for individuals who want to remove inauspiciousness and obstacles from their lives.
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