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Lord Mahavir 

Lord Mahavir was born Vardhamans Mahavir, who later became to be known as Bhagwan Mahaveer. He was born in 599 B.C.He was married to Yashoda and was blessed with a daughter named Priyadarshana. According to the Jain philosophy, Lord Mahavir was the twenty-fourth and last Jain Tirthankara.

You might be wondering what Tirthankara is.

Tirthankara was a wise and refined soul who took birth as a human being to achieve perfection through meditation. Lord Mahavir is no less than a God for the Jain people; his teachings are like a Bible to them. When Mahavir was the age of 30, he left his home to pursue spiritual awakening. For the other twelve and a half years, he practised intense meditation, after which he became omniscient (a person who knows everything). After he achieved Kevala Jnana, he started traveling throughout the Indian landmasses to educate Jain values and ideology for the next 30 years.

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Why did Lord Mahavir choose to live a life as a Monk?

When Vardhamana was 28, his parents passed away, and his elder brother Nandivardhana took over everything and took his father’s place. His brother tried to advise him to take back his royal life, but Vardhamana had made up his mind and started practising fast and meditation.

Finally, at 30, he left his home, embraced his life as a monk, and gave up on everything. He gave up on all his imperial life, put on a single piece of cloth, uttered the word ‘Namo Siddhanam’ (I bow down to a free soul), and left all the love and worldly attachments behind. 

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Mahavir’s Spiritual Journey 

As Mahavir left his home, he decided to spread his teachings to many people, so Mahavir held Samavasarana (a preaching pavilion). Sadly, his first teaching didn’t get much response, and it wasn’t successful, so he decided to have a second teaching session at the city of Pava in the garden of Mahasena. His wisdom and teaching touched many people in his second session. Among all the people, the eleven Brahmins accepted and embraced his teachings and converted to Jainism. These eleven Brahmins, namely, Achalbhadra, Agnibhuti, Akampita, Indrabhuti, Mandikata, Mauryaputra, Metarya, Prabhasa, Sudharma, Vayubhuti, and Vyakta, became his leading disciples or Gandhars. Lord Mahavira passed on the Tripadi Knowledge (Three Pronouncements) to his chief disciples, who were Upaneiva (Emergence), Vigameiva (Destruction) and Dhuveiva (Permanence).   

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lord Mahavir is known to be the 24th and last Tirthankara of Jainism.
A wallpaper of Lord Mahavir, with his quotes, tends to provide an individual with peace and calm. Moreover, it also tends to bring positivity to the natives.
One of the most famous sayings of Lord Mahavir is, “Anger begets more anger, and forgiveness and love lead to more forgiveness and love.”
Mahavir and Buddha are known as different people. Though they both are great preachers, they share a difference. Lord Mahavir is a Jain preacher, and Buddha is a Buddhist preacher.
The picture of Lord Mahavir in a sitting position is considered to be most auspicious to be put as wallpaper. Moreover, the picture of Lord Mahavir in a meditating position is also said to bring positivity.
Vardhaman is the name given to Lord Mahavir.
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