We have heard about Lord Buddha but do we know about him?

Buddhism started with Lord Buddha. The word Buddha means ‘a person who is awake’ in the sense it means to wake up to enlightenment. He was born in Nepal around 2,500 years ago as Siddhartha Gautam. He never claimed himself to be a God or a prophet. In fact, he was born as a human being who enlightened people with his teachings and understood life in the most profound way possible.

Lord Buddha was born into a royal family in a small Indo-Nepal border kingdom. According to research and some traditional stories, he had a very fortunate and wealthy upbringing. He gave up on all this comfort and wanted to live an ordinary life because he realised that life is a harsh reality with old age, sickness and death. This evoked him to find the meaning of life. He compelled himself to leave the house and live an ordinary life. He became very accomplished at meditation under various teachers. This made him believe that one should free their soul and spirits by denying oneself.

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What are some of the practices of Buddha?

  • Meditation 

Many things in life are not in our control, but we can take responsibility for changing them. Likewise, to the teachings of Buddha, it’s believed that meditation is the remedy for anxiety, sleeplessness and confusion. It transforms and calms your mind. Meditation cures a lot of emotional negativity and helps you to see the true nature of things. These are some of the experiences that transform your mind and lead you to understand life. Remind yourself to meditate daily with our meditation buddha wallpaper hd 1080x1920 and buddha wallpaper hd 1920x1080 free download.

  • Reflect 

To learn to reflect on your life positively, you need to understand and practice the teachings of Buddha. From the perspective of Dharma and Buddhist teachings, It’s essential to do three things in life to enlighten yourselves to listen, reflect and meditate. 

  • Rituals and Devotion

Buddhism follows the path of transformation. If you are following the Buddhist path, you must understand that you must captivate your emotions and imagination. Faith, devotion and ritual is the way to engage your emotions. Offering God flowers, candles, and incense can penetrate the environment around you like your life has touched the world of enlightenment. 

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Four noble Truths of Buddha 

As per the teachings of Buddha, he had said the four noble truths of life when he got enlightened and understood life. By this noble truth, he meant to say not to suppress your suffering but to understand it.

  • The Truth of suffering
  • The Truth of the cause of suffering 
  • The truth of the end of suffering
  • The truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering. 

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