Divinity refers to a spiritual essence, which often consists of entities such as angels. "Divinity" is the quality or state of being divine, holy, or sacred. All of these terms denote the ultimate source of all life and existence. The healing power of divinity is within ourselves. So let’s acknowledge divinity, its meaning, essence, and purpose to raise our consciousness and the world together. Meanwhile, you can follow the divine remedies below and understand divine love and prayer for God.

What is God’s divine love?

God's divine love is exceptionally different from ordinary love. Ordinary love comes from two people with many expectations and is rooted in desires, whereas divine love comes from the soul without any boundaries. It’s a pure form of love that is given without any expectations or obligations. A romantic love in which you are willing to take risks for your beloved. As humans, our souls believe God is one of our beloved. The love for God can be defined as divine love, as it gives immense happiness, enthusiasm, and joyfulness. Still, in this present scenario, because of many life uncertainties, we cannot fully dedicate our souls to God.

What is divine prayer?

Praying is essential to any religion because it expresses love and devotion to God. Everything starts with a prayer in most cultures and religions, which is believed to bring hope and keep us away from evil and negativity. Prayer has the power of hope and belief. Mostly, all religious people have a tradition of praying to God every day before beginning anything new.

For example, the Shanti Mantra and Gayatri Mantra are two of the most trusted and frequently repeated mantras in Hindu culture regarding seeking peace of mind, soul, and the well-being of family members.

What are the 7 divine prayers in Hinduism?

In Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to a different god. Hindus believe that the energy and power of divinity and spirituality are composed of three gods:

  • Brahma (The Creator)
  • Vishnu (The Preserver)
  • Shiva (The Destroyer)

Listed below are some of the divine prayers we turn toward, keeping God in our minds and hearts:

  • Prayer of Devotion [Lord Ganesha]
  • Prayer of Gratitude and Thankfulness [Goddess Laxmi]
  • Prayer of Belief and Optimism [Lord Shiva]
  • Prayer of Grace [Goddess Durga]
  • Prayer of Wisdom [Goddess Saraswati]
  • Prayer of Glorification and Dedication [Lord Hanuman]
  • Prayer for Good Life [Lord Vishnu]

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