About Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification

Birth time rectification is the process of rectifying your accurate birth time for getting the horoscope made. It is very important to find precise birth time as many people don’t have their birth time recorded. You must know the exact timing because if you ever happen to visit an astrologer, the first thing they will ask before they prepare your birth chart or kundali is the timing of your birth. In that case, if you don’t know your exact timing it’s better to visit an astrologer to get an accurate birth time because even a difference of 2 minutes can change your destiny. 

Many people are still determining the accurate birth time because, up till the late 90’s, most hospitals had analog wall clocks and not digital, which is why many people don't know the correct birth time. 

The majority of people give birth timings which are different from the exact birth timings. These are just round-off figures. What if the timing of your birth is not 4 am but 4:02 am? This difference can change your birth chart, Krishnamurti paddhati, and ascendant. 

What is the importance of birth time rectification?

Every one of us wants to look into our future and want to know what opportunities or threats our future has to offer, right? Astrologers look into your birth chart or a kundli to get the exact predictions about your life, career, marriage, love life, and all the opportunities life brings for you. So for that reason, you need to find out the accurate birth time.

If you are confused about the process, you can definitely take the help of InstaAstro’s birth time rectification consultation and find your birth time.

Suppose you consult astrologers regarding any issues in your life, such as marriage, finances, and career issues. However, still, you are not getting the correct predictions or guidance for your life. You might misunderstand astrology at that point, and that’s okay but let me tell you, astrology is not wrong, but the correct birth time has to be identified before you move ahead with any predictions or suggestions from an astrologer because, as I’ve already mentioned that as per our Vedic astrologers, even a minor difference in the timing can change the sub lord, D60 (a process of predicting birth timing) or Shastiamsa chart. 

Now that you may be wondering what time of birth, consider the exact birth time.

Maybe it could be when the baby cries for the first time or when the umbilical cord of a baby is cut, but how can that be the exact time? The baby may cry after 5 minutes, or the umbilical cord is cut after 2 mins, so that can’t be counted as the exact birth time. The ideal birth time of a baby is recorded when the baby exactly comes out of the womb.

How to know my birth time?

Before analysing any horoscope, it is important to check Birth Time because if there’s any error in birth time, then your analysis will be incomplete. There are various tools in astrology for predicting birth time, but as discussed by our astrologers, KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati) is one of the most accessible tools which gives exact predictions. Through KP astrology, you can rectify a wrong time of birth very quickly.

Before you move on with predicting or checking the birth time, it is very important to make a list of the ruling planets.

  • Lagna sign lord
  • Lagna star lord 
  • Moon sign lord 
  • Moon star lord 
  • Day Lord

Moving ahead, you need to follow the four steps:

1. First House cuspal sub-Lord

Sign lord, Star-lord and sub-lord - All these three planets should be on the ruling planet.

2. Running Dasha: Mahadasha, Antardasha and Pratyantar Dasha 

Any one of the planets should be on the ruling planet 

3. First house cuspal sub-lord and ninth house cuspal sub-lord:

These two sub-lords should be connected or interlinked either directly or indirectly 

4. Important events should match.

These are some of the rules and methods to be followed while performing a birth time rectification. As I already said, Krishna Paddhati is one of the common and easy ways to rectify birth time. Other than that, there are various ways of birth time verification, such as Navamsha- Chandra paddyati, Mangal Paddyati, Surya paddyati, Chandra paddhati etc. 

How can the incorrect birth time affect you?

A wrong birth time can affect your birth chart, which can immensely distort your career, marriage and many more. So it’s very important to know the exact birth time even if you don’t know, you must visit a trusted and expert astrologer to rectify the birth time.

Let me give you a simple example: suppose you are a brilliant kid and have been an excellent student and doing good in your studies, but after some point in time, you realise that you are not able to excel in your studies due to an unknown reason. Despite putting in all your efforts and hard work, you feel you are unable to reach upto your potential. 

However, you decide to visit an astrologer to get some solution. So they will look into your birth chart where your birth time would be incorrect, because of which the prediction will be wrong. So the astrologer won’t be able to give you the expected solution, which is why it’s better to get a birth time rectification rather than putting up a round-off figure. For your convenience InstaAstro has a birth astrology service provided to you by our experts, who are proficient in the field of astrology. So you can get the expected results from them.

Again in Hindu Culture, before you tie the knot with someone, your parents send your birth chart or kundli to pandits to set a Muharat (holy day) for marriage and also send your kundli to the groom’s family or pandits to match the kundli of the two people but what if your birth timing is wrong. You might tie the knot with a person who is incompatible with you, which will lead to many problems in your marriage. So these were some of the examples to make you realise how important it is to get a birth chart rectification done. 

Also, if you have been asking your friends or searching for the best birth time rectification online, let us make you aware of the best service from InstaAstro’s professional astrologers to get the correct birth time so that you don’t have to hustle around

Get in touch with an Astrologer through Call or Chat, and get accurate predictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can book an appointment through our InstaAstro app. If you are unaware of our app, you can download it and book your service through it. Our team will connect you with our astrologers, and you can get your correct birth time by consultation with our astrologers.
Mostly it’s best to have face-to-face conservation and consultation, but if there are any constraints because of which you aren’t able to connect offline with the astrologers, you can definitely connect online through a video call so that our astrologers can look into your facial expression because the personality of a person can also predict the birth time. So, yes, you can expect a genuine birth time.
The cost of the Birth time rectification service online can be said by looking at your kundli as to how long it takes to predict and how complicated your birth chart looks. According to that we charge, but the service cost starts from 1500/-.
Once you book your service through our InstaAstro app, you will get to choose the expert in the birth time astrology field, and according to that, our team will schedule a session with the astrologer.
The process includes matching the personality of the native in terms of face and looks with their birth chart. For example, if it’s navamsa and d9, which speaks a lot about your personality, conscious and subconscious mind. So if that really matches your personality, then that is the right birth time.
InstaAstro has an easy procedure, and we also have the benefit of conducting the service online. We have astrologers with years of experience in the field of Astrology. Not only that, but we also have our InstaAstro store, where you can purchase products and other services according to your needs.
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