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About Cord Cutting

Have you ever felt stuck in an unhealthy relationship? Maybe you are trying to get out of it, but you feel something is holding you back. In fact, there is. You are connected to this person, but it isn't through a physical connection.This A cord connects you. In fact, you may have several cords connected to you. Cord cutting is a self-healing technique that can help you clear out the emotional debris that can clutter your life, leading to anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and feelings of hopelessness.

Frequently Asked Questions

An energy cord is a stream of energy that connects you to another person, place, animal, or object. It is a conduit of energy that allows you to pull energy from another source and the other person to pull it from you. If you establish a cord at one end and do not have one at the other, you are vulnerable to being drained by that person, place, animal, or object.
Some rituals that can help you cut toxic cords and heal yourself include meditation, affirmations, cognitive reframing, salt baths, visualisation, journaling, etc.
A few common signs include becoming more aggressive and judgemental towards people. You may also experience waves of unexplainable sadness or depression. Your energy level always seems depleted, and you become lazy and antisocial. On top of this, you tend to overthink a lot and become indecisive.
ergy cords are not physical objects, so they are invisible to the naked human eye. But you can feel your cords psychically; for example, they may feel like a rope or a metal chain.
Cord cutting can help you let go of toxic bindings that do not serve your greater good anymore.
You can say: "I hereby declare that I sever all the energy cords which hold me back, and I release all myself from all the binds for my greater good."
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