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Shani Vrat Ki Pouranik Katha


We all have very well-known religious texts namely, Ramayana, Bhagwat Purana, shiv Purana, etc. They all are just compilations of stories that are told to w

us by the priest or we read by ourselves. Many more katas such as Garud Katha, and Satya Narayan Katha are just answers to what we do ( karma ). 

Benefits of Reading Katha:

1. They make us more aware in the sense of spirituality 

2. It makes us more Emotionally Balanced

3. It builds confidence and makes us more strong 

4. It gives us lessons that can be used in any part of life. 

Different types of Katha - 

1. The Satya Narayan Katha -  It's a puja that keeps truth over evil and worships Vishnu God, who is the protector of the world from all the sufferings. Purnima is said to be the best time to do this Katha 

2. Free Amarchitra Katha pdf- one of the best of all times comics such as Jataka, and Panchtantra are included in this Katha, they feature immortal characters as their protagonists and they also celebrate kings such as shiva ji, Akbar, etc. It makes it easy for children to remember the stories taken from Hindu mythology in the form of comics 

3.Free Somvar Katha pdf - It is also another way of bringing prosperity in life by keeping fast for 16 Mondays to make Shiva happy and it's said that by doing this shiv ji fulfils the desire of people. It is told that Parvati Ji used to offer this Vrat to shiv hi 

4. Free Karwa Chauth Katha pdf-  It's a type of fast kept by women across the world for the long life of their husbands, they keep this fast from sunrise to moonrise.

5.Free Hartalika Teej Katha pdf-  This Vrat is observed by worshipping Shiva and Parvati remembering her former life. In this fast women dress up in an elegant traditional dress early in the morning 

6. Free Brihaspativar Katha pdf-  This fast is observed on Thursdays, it's believed that Brihaspati becomes happy and fulfils all the wishes like sons, wealth, etc 

7. Free Srimad Bhagwat Katha pdf-Shrimad Bhagwat Katha is a compilation of stories of lord Krishna and is one of the most popular books. It's said to chant and hear the holy name or slokas from them to relax the mind.

8.Free pradosh vrat katha pdf-Nandi is worshipped on this day and it's said to visit the temple and do shiv ji’s Abhishekh, it is therefore done to get rid of sinful practices and be away from negativity 

In addition, you can get tantra vamiro pdf from InstaAstro 

Upanishads pdf gives us a brief description of the nature of reality and the soul, it states how the soul is transferred.

There is much more free Katha pdf and free kathandra pdf available. 


Katha gives us many lessons about life which provide us with a track about how life should look like and how should we move away from obstacles. It's just how much time we give to take a backdrop about our religion

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Frequently Asked Questions

A katha is said to be a story or epic.
Some of the most auspicious katha in Hindu culture include Satyanarayan Katha, Karwachauth Katha, and Pardosh vrat Katha.
The katha that is known to be good for attracting wealth is Phra PajjekkaBodhi Prod Satwa.
Reading katha tends to calm an individual’s mind. Moreover, it also fills the mind of an individual with auspicious and positive thoughts.
Karwachauth katha is a story of a wife who fasts for an entire day in order to ensure a healthy and long life for her husband.
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