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The world's creator isn't known only as God they have several names attached to them, which play a significant role in the life of people. The people of India have understood the one God in distinct ways. Through this Hindu gods list free pdf online copies you can choose the best name for your child. In addition, by knowing what are the 100 names of Hindu God or Gods, you can know which is the right fit for you and your baby. 

Why is it advised to Jaap 108 times? 

In Hindu Dharam, chanting Om 108 times will help one connect with their higher self. Jaap of all these names, again and again, will leave a positive impact on us as we will be more spiritually attached. Through the Hindu god names list in Hindi free download pdf you can know more about Hindu gods and which name is more powerful. 

In addition, pdfs of all the gods are listed on our website. You can download them from InstaAstro. 

Lord Ganesha 

Lord Ganesha helps eliminate all the negativity and make the energy around positive by providing us strength to fight all the problems; Ganesha is known by his 12 names. One of the famous names is Gajanan, and he is one of the gods who is worshipped in the beginning. 


The most renowned Mahavir started these religions; we have teachers who guide us about their code of conduct, and there are 24 Tirthankara (teachers of Dharma). A list of 24 Tirthankara is listed in the pdf. 

Hanuman ji 

We have a separate day to worship lord hanuman, who is known to protect one from evil spirits and make one’s find positive; he is now by 12 names used as mantras which can make one feel calm.

Lord Shiva 

Lord Shiva is one of those deities with a king snake as garland and who protects and can destroy the universe after opening his third eye. He is one of the most powerful and supreme gods. He is known by 108 names and is relatively pure, and he always protects his devotees from the wrong powers. His popular names are Shiva Shambho, bhole nath. It’s always advised by pandits to do his Abhishek, which can wash away our sins. All the names have different meanings attached, like shrikanth- known for his beautiful throat. 

Lord Surya Names 

 Lord Surya is a symbol of light and power to his devotee and provides one intellectual ability. He is known by his 12 names, like Aditya, Pushan, Mitra, etc. 

Maa Durga names 

She is known as a mother who fulfils the wishes of her devotees, and it’s advised to light up Diya with lots of ghee to create an environment positive and spiritual. She is known by her 32 names like om Durga and Durgamvidha. 

Shree Krishna Names 

He is known by his 108 names like Bal Gopal, Kanhaiya, and Adidev.

Shri Kaal bhairav Names 

Kaal Bhairav is worshipped to eliminate wrong time and poverty, known by 108 names and can be beneficial if glorified every day as all the wishes of the devotees will be fulfilled. Words like bhutnatay namah, etc.


Every name of god has a different meaning attached, and it will benefit us if we worship them daily. Although god or power is one in the universe, for everyone’s satisfaction, we have many names which bring in a lot of joy and hope to the devotee; doing Jaap of these mantras instils positivity inside the devotee and makes them more religious. People can use mantras in meditation to bring peace to their souls. These mantras with meanings have different teachings attached and are essential to know by every devotee. After taking inspiration from these names, parents keep their children's words with the name of Hindu god's name; a pdf is available, and you can download it from InstaAstro. This Hindu god names for baby pdf will help you name your child, or allow you to take your worship to a next level. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shree krishna is also known by the following names - Gopal, Hari, Madhav, Darsh, Murari, Radha nath, Kanha, Jagannath, Keshav, Mohan, Madhusudan, Radhesh, Anish, Keshava, Balarama, Hrishikesh, Devesh, Brijesh, Dayanidhi, Brij, Govind, Parthasarathi, Madhava, and Balgopal.
Lord Hanuman is known to have 12 different names, which are mentioned in mantras associated with the Lord.
Lord Shiva is also known as Bhairav, Shambhu, Bholenath, Nataraja, Pashupati, Ayyappan, Achintya, Aja, Sadashiva, Shankara, Bhalanetra, Akshayaguna, Anagha, Gangadhara, Hara, Jatin, Aniket, Ishaan, Kedar, Bhavesh, Devesh, Bhudeva, Augadh, and Durjaya.
The five heads of Lord Shiva tend to represent the 5 aspects of Lord Shiva, which include Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha and Ishana.
During Navratri, Goddess Durga is worshipped for 9 days in different avatars. These avatars include Shailputri on Pratipada, Brahmacharini on Dwitiya, Chandarghanta on Tritiya, Kushmanda on Chaturthi, Skand Mata on Panchami, Katyayani on Shashthi, Kaalratri on Saptami, Mahagauri on Ashtami and Siddhidatri on Navami.
The twelve powerful names of Lord Vishnu are Vishnu, Kesava, Narayana, Madhava, Govinda, Vishnu Madhusudana, Purushothama, Vamana, Sreedhara, Hrishikesa, Padmanabha and Damodhara.
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