Importance of Heartbreak Tarot Reading

Love can be powerful, love can be wholesome, and sometimes love can hurt. But nothing can hurt more than heartbreak. In life, love is a potent emotion which fuels us toward a bright future. However, heartbreak can derail us from this sweet tomorrow, ruin our plans, and destroy our dreams. Most people come together and try to build a beautiful future through collective efforts, faith, love, and support. It is clear that people who share similar interests, have the same likes and dislikes, and are very similar to each other, tend to be in a romantic relationship and are usually the ones to keep working over and over again on their love life.

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However, there may be various reasons why people breakup with each other, suffer emotionally, feel distraught, and find it difficult to cope with their emotions. In such cases, a heartbreak tarot reading or a tarot reading for relationship problems can help you unravel the reasons for your breakup. Moreover, this special type of tarot reading is also useful before a breakup happens. It can help you prevent a potential heartbreak, save you from a lot of misery, and help you to alleviate the adverse aspects of your love life. For example, if you and your partner have been going through constant heated arguments, escalated fights, and unnecessary conflict, this true tarot reading of heartbreak and arguments will enable you to understand where, how, and why your relationship is not experiencing happy times.

The primary purpose of tarot reading is to provideo guidance and insight and help answer questions which are seemingly tricky to address. If you are one of those people who worries about most things in life, including your career, academics, fortune, wealth, and relationship or love life, then tarot cards can help you lessen your worries. Moreover, since tarot cards are based on energies and vibrations, the messages you will receive will be sent to you by your angel guides.

A heartbreak tarot reading is an essential category of love tarot reading which spiritually studies the reasons for a breakup and how you can move past it. In addition, you can also know how to get back with your lover post-breakup.

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Why do people go through heartbreaks? There are various reasons why people go through heartbreaks. In the present time, it can be due to a number of reasons starting from different schedules, lack of communication, physical and emotional distance from each other, arguments, and much more.

Here are some aspects which might make way for an untimely breakup or heartbreak:

  • You and your partner don't get enough time to spend with each other.
  • You and your partner are very different from each other.
  • Both of you feel neglected by each other.
  • Your efforts are not being recognised.
  • You feel ignored, lonely, and disregarded.
  • You have been disrespected.
  • You and your partner fell out of love with each other.
  • You both believe that there is no positive outcome to your relationship.
  • You both have moved away from each other due to education or profession.
  • You or your partner are unhappy.
  • You have been emotionally neglected or manipulated by your partner.
  • There may have been cases of infidelity or cheating.
  • You both may have grown apart from each other.
  • You both may have fallen in love with other people.
  • Your partner has physically and emotionally hurt you.

While these are only some instances that can lead to a breakup or heartbreak, every relationship differs from the other, you or your partner may have broken up due to a difference in opinions, and somebody else may have broken up due to violence of any form. Thus, it can be challenging to club all breakups into one category.You can unveil why you and your partner broke up through a heartbreak tarot reading.

What is Heartbreak Tarot Reading?

A special branch of love tarot reading, heartbreak tarot card reading relates to the analysis, study, and unravelling of heartbreak. People who have gone through terrible breakups or heartbreak can resort to this type of tarot reading to unveil the hidden reasons why there is heartbreak in their love life. For example, suppose you and your partner are going through constant arguments, negatively affecting your relationship. Eventually, you and your partner split up and are heartbroken, to say the least. In such cases, a heartbreak tarot reading can tell you why you both broke up and how you can move past this emotional tragedy to strengthen your mental stability and peace.

In life, different people cope in different ways. Some people like to change themselves completely, some like to bury their feelings and hurt, some try to feel and process their emotions, and others resort to astrology or spirituality. While many say there is no proof of the authenticity of tarot reading, at InstaAstro, we have numerous tarot readers willing to let you know how that's not the case. Tarot reading is a unique practice which makes people feel good by providing them with guidance, insight, and direction. More often than not, there is no downside to tarot reading. Various people find themselves turning toward this area of spirituality to build a connection with the Universe.

If you're one of those eager to walk on the path of spirituality, then a tarot reading is your go-to place. You can find answers to all your problems through tarot reading.

In a heartbreak tarot reading, your reader will first listen to your point of view and then do your reading. Every tarot reading is based on intuition; thus, whatever card comes up in your reading will be a direct message from your guardian angels, spirit guides, and the Universe. This type of tarot reading is popular amongst people of all age brackets and is a great way to determine what may have been lacking in your relationship. More often than not, the reasons for a breakup lie within a relationship. In addition, most minor relationship problems are solvable unless your relationship is truly beyond repair due to cheating or violence. In such cases, you should get serious professional help and avoid thinking of reconciling with your partner.

What is Two-Card Tarot Reading?

Two-card tarot reading is a part of tarot reading where two cards are drawn intuitively, and their meanings are analysed in relation to the problem at hand. For example, you have not been receiving a much-deserved promotion, or your relationship is slowly becoming toxic. A two-card tarot reading can provide insight into why these things are happening to you and how you can change these circumstances for personal benefit.

In a tarot reading, the two-card reading answers the "why" of the problem and the "how" of the solution. Similarly, a heartbreak tarot reading is part of a two-card tarot reading. By scrolling down a little, you can know how this type of tarot card reading comes under two-card tarot reading.

Usually, the first card of the two-card tarot reading answers the "why" of the problem. Through the first card, you can determine your situation's cause and how it affects your life.The second card of the two-card spread provides an answer to the "how" of the solution. What this means is that the second card will provide you with solutions, advice, and how you can change things according to yourself.

Suppose you have been unable to clear a difficult exam or bag a decent job of your choice, then the two-card tarot spread will answer some vital questions for you. The first card will tell you why you have been unsuccessful in your attempts, and the second card will tell you how you can become better in the future. Likewise, let us learn of the role of two-card reading in a heartbreak tarot reading session.

How is Heartbreak Reading a part of Two-Card Tarot Reading?

Heartbreak tarot reading deals with heartbreak or breakups, a subcategory of two-card broken heart tarot reading. In this unique type of reading, two cards are chosen on the basis of intuition and feeling, and then messages are analysed.

In a tarot reading for broken heart, the first card is the card of cause, and the second card is the card of advice.

Here are the representations of the two cards in a heartbreak tarot reading:

Card 1: Cause, Reason, or "Why"

The first card of cause or reason, this card talks about why you went through a heartbreak. For example, if you have recently faced a breakup and are still pained by it, this card will provide you with the closure you crave.

If your partner didn't give you any solid reason why they were leaving you, then the first card of the two-card broken heart tarot spread can give you the answers you are searching for.In addition, this card also highlights your role in the breakup or heartbreak.

Card 2: Advice, Solutions, or "How"

The second card of the breakup spread is meant to give you solutions and advice as to how you can relieve yourself of pain, hurt, and disappointments. For example, suppose you and your partner broke up due to disagreements. Then, this card will help you overcome those disputes and strengthen your relationship. Likewise, if you have been planning to get back with your partner, then the second card of the post breakup tarot spread can give you solutions as to how to reconcile with your lover.

How to do Heartbreak Tarot Reading?

As we already know, tarot card readings are performed on the basis of vibration, energies, frequencies, and vibes. In a tarot reading, energies are the main component, and it is advisable only to do a reading in the right environment.

Most tarot card readers believe that specific rules and regulations need to be followed while engaging in a tarot card reading. In addition, these rules are primarily Universal in that they are similar across all types of tarot reading practices. However, there may be some changes according to particular tarot readings.

Since a heartbreak tarot reading deals with strong emotions of hurt, pain, or betrayal, it is highly significant to follow some mandatory rules.Here's how you can do a heartbreak reading even if you're an absolute beginner:

  • First, sit in a quiet place away from disturbance and chaos. As you will be engaging with powerful emotions of grief or heartbreak, pushing out other external negativities would be best.
  • Then, protect yourself emotionally. While this step is essential across all types of tarot reading, it is all the more significant in a heartbreak tarot reading. While working with negative emotions can get highly exhausting for the reader. So, it would be beneficial to remember to protect your energy, even if you are doing this reading yourself.
  • The next step would be to cleanse the energy of the environment and the cards. You can perform this step by praying to your angel guides, invoking their blessings, or using crystals. You can buy crystals through the InstaAstro website; however, if you're a beginner, then crystals would not be the best choice of cleansing for you. In addition, you can refer to our tarot readers for their expert guidance and opinions regarding the use of crystals by beginners.
  • Next, shuffle your deck, lay it out in front of you, and choose two cards based on your feelings. After shuffling your tarot deck, you can lay the cards in a fan-like manner. Also, remember not to question your choice of cards, and allow your spirit guides to work through you.
  • The last step would be to unveil your cards and understand their meanings in relation to your present situation.
  • Lastly, before ending your heartbreak tarot reading session, thank the Universe and your angel guides for spiritually motivating you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Three of Swords is known as the tarot card of heartbreak in a love tarot reading
The two-card heartbreak reading spread helps analyse the reasons for a breakup or heartbreak.
Yes, heartbreak tarot reading is a branch of love tarot card reading.
Through the InstaAstro website, you can get in touch with tarot readers who will be able to give you your accurate heartbreak tarot reading.
Reconciliation tarot readings help to understand why a breakup happened and how you can get back with your partner.
Since most tarot readings are based on energies and frequencies, you cannot say they are 100% accurate. However, they are close to perfection due to being subjective.
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