2nd House In Astrology - The House of Stability

Do you know that every House in astrology affects a person's present, past and future? Each House has its importance and shows a deeper understanding of your life. Whenever you are in a particular house in your kundali, you also encounter a specific planet or planet doing rounds in the same box. That means that events in your life are positive or negative based on the malefic or benefic properties of the planet in your current House in astrology. You will come across detailed information about the 2nd House in astrology, like the influence of planets in the 2nd House and their association with zodiac signs in the House.

The 2 house in astrology, spelt as the Second House, is one of the most influential career houses among the twelve that exist. That is why the second House is also called 'Dhana Bhava', where 'Dhana' means money. This House is the House of possessions and highlights valuable entities of an individual's life, which vary from person to person.

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Significance of the Second House

The activities performed in the first House are responsible for the outcomes generated in the Second House. Cool right! The money and luxury that the natives own are hard-earned either by themselves or their ancestors. Apart from money, we also count food, vehicles, family, gifts and self-love as things that the native values here.

Furthermore, the presence and governance of planet Venus are strongly felt in the second House, as the second House includes material wealth and luxury as well. Moreover, the native's personalities and highly creative minds keep them in professions like writing, painting, pottery, design, acting and film direction. Venus brings communication skills, wealth, talents and innovation to the natives in the second House. Here, natives earn more and spend more.

In summary, the 2nd house astrology highlights the value of material and emotions. It's not just about money and luxury but also about reforming family connections.
That's pretty much what the second House signifies, but let us also read ahead to get an in-depth understanding of the 2nd house astrology with respect to planets and zodiac signs.

Planets in 2nd House

Your kundali or birth chart is primarily influenced by the nine planets or Navagrahas that exist in Vedic Astrology. These planets visit different houses and influence the life of natives in different ways. Let us see what impact they have created in the second House.

Sun in 2nd House:

With Sun in the second House, the natives are gifted with emotional and financial stability. The more money you own, the more your self-esteem. Moreover, you pull a lot of confidence out of it. Your self-value is also dependent on your monetary possessions.

Whenever the Sun is in your second House, make sure that you don't put too much emphasis on the things that you own. Otherwise, you may end up feeling low if you come across a point when a situation would let an expensive object go out of your hands. Still, in the second House, the natives have a lot of pride as they are self-made individuals.

Moon in 2nd House:

In the second House, Moon offers the natives with aesthetics and beauty. Also, when they have a lot, they wish to provide stability to the people they care about. They have a helpful nature and wish to serve the needy through their accumulated wealth.

However, the Moon also brings fluctuations in the second House. There can be uncertainties in the quantity of wealth that can make you restless and choose unfair means to earn money. Hence, they do not realise when they have actually fallen into the trap of greed.

Mercury in 2nd House:

With Mercury in the Second House, people are slow, practical thinkers who know how to make money. Hence, they do not prefer to take action without putting much thought. They are also very careful about what to say and what not to say.

People of this House are involved in professions that force one to use their minds to make money for themselves, like bankers, sales managers etc. They go deep into details and are methodical in making money-related decisions. They take time to make financial decisions and, thus, do not act on impulse.

Venus in 2nd House:

Venus in the second House demonstrates business gains. With profits in business, the natives are loaded with money and experience huge comforts. Venus illuminates love in the second House. It is a planet of love and beauty.

People want to surround themselves with anything that looks good, smells good and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Richness reflects in the people in the second House, as you usually see them wearing expensive clothes and shoes every now and then.

Mars in 2nd House:

People are hard workers in the second House under the influence of Mars. They are warriors and take every task as a challenge. As Mars is a planet of war, action, movement and going straight to the point, the possessions the natives own and their huge bank balance have come from the blood and sweat they have put into their work day and night.

At the same time, people in this House have impulsive masculine energy, due to which they often tend to spend a lot without thinking much.

Jupiter in 2nd House:

Jupiter is a big planet. Hence, it offers abundance in the second House. People are very lucky and receive a lot of monetary gains wherever they go. They get recognition easily in this House and hence, do not have to work hard as much. This often tends to make them lazy.

As these people get into the habit of achieving success with fewer efforts, they start to develop a thought for themselves that no matter how lazy they get, money will find its way towards them. Hence, it is advisable for the natives not to get too comfortable in receiving things easily.

Saturn in 2nd House:

Saturn is a Godfather who slows things down and makes things difficult in the beginning. So, with Saturn in the second House, these people are very careful when it comes to spending money. They can't take risks with money matters as they have always been self-dependent.

They are the ones who have probably not bothered their parents in their childhood with their unusual demands. They have grown up seeing their parents working really hard for finances; therefore, they know the value of money and the importance of full-blown efforts. They just wish to fulfil their basic needs and do not have any lavish dreams and interests as such.

Rahu in 2nd House:

Rahu is considered a bad influence, but surprisingly, it is friendly in the Second House. It is believed to provide the natives with a lot of money-related benefits. Its auspiciousness in this House gives a lavish and luxurious lifestyle to the natives.

They do not have to ever think about money, especially when other planets are also aligned perfectly with Rahu. However, the richness can be short-lived; therefore, the natives need to be mindful of where they are investing their money.

Ketu in 2nd House:

Ketu causes some unfavourable situations in the Second House. It is not complacent when placed in the Dhana Bhava. It brings problems in money matters like debts, stealing, business losses etc. People, therefore, grow anxious and tend to implicate stress in their personal lives as well.

Individuals in this House start falling into the trap of misunderstanding and overthinking. No matter how hard they work, they do not get sufficient outcomes. As a result, frustration starts sinking into the natives' mindsets. They encounter existential crises and begin to lose patience with all the obstacles they face.

Zodiac Signs In 2nd House

With the constant travel of the planets, zodiac signs associated with them also get to visit different houses. So, let us have a look at how different rashis or zodiac signs behave in your Kundali houses.

  • Aries in the second House: It's a no-brainer that Aries are super-competitive when they have Mars as their lord. In the second House, they are fighters who work immensely hard to reach project targets on time, and they do not stop there but take up a new task as soon as they complete one. But their possessions often make them feel superior instead of being kind.
  • Taurus in the second House: Taurus has Venus as its ruling lord. With this, they have a practical approach towards life, but they also love possessing luxuries and experiencing rich life. They love spending on clothes but however, but they have a business mindset and can really save their energy for work matters.
  • Gemini in the second House: With Lord Mercury ruling Gemini, you have a good heart and a sensible mindset, but still, you don't understand where your expenses go. You love shopping, and hence, you stop thinking after a certain point while spending money. Also, you tend to lose interest in things, especially career choices, easily.
  • Cancer in the Second House: Cancerians are emotional, and they love their family. Hence with their ruling lord, the Moon, they tend to act mindful when they need to deal with money. They earn and spend money only to fulfil their domestic needs and duties. However, they must be careful not to spend their savings on the unstoppable demands of their younger siblings.
  • Leo in the Second House: In the second House, Leo borns enjoy luxuries offered to them in the presence of the ruling lord, the Sun. They have possessions of expensive items, and they have the habit of boasting about them. You may not feel like you sound superior, but it does. So, keep in mind to display kindness. Also, talk less about the things that you own.
  • Virgo in the Second House: With Mercury as the ruling lord, Virgo is mature and practical in the second House. They have a disciplined life and are aware of where their money goes. They take calculated risks in life and invest, keeping in mind their long-term goals. However, they remain stressed about money instead of relaxing a bit.
  • Libra In the Second House: With Venus as the ruling lord, Libra people are smart in matters related to money. They know how much to invest and where to invest. They are also good with savings. Hence, they are able to afford things they need and also save an extra pocket for future expenses.
  • Scorpio in the second House: With Mars as the ruling lord, Scorpio-borns never fear taking up challenges. Instead, they love trying new things. They believe in their talent and know that they can handle their finances. They believe that they will never run out of money as they are constantly active. So, if taking up a new job offers a lesser salary, it does not concern them.
  • Sagittarius in the second House: Sagittarius borns behave similarly to the Scorpions in financial matters. In the second House, with Jupiter as the ruling lord, they are not much bothered about finances and rather prioritise interest over money. They do not mind their lesser salary slip on a new job joining and are rather excited to start off the new experience.
  • Capricorn in the second House: With Saturn in the second House, Capricorns are fixated on making money. Maintaining finances is a very important part of their lives. They earn well, but they live better on their savings. They prepare themselves in advance if they are planning to invest a huge sum of money. Students who pursue higher studies in foreign universities are able to afford their high cost of living as they successfully save their bank balance.
  • Aquarius in the second House: Under the influence of their ruling lord, Saturn, Aquarius-borns are free-spirited souls. They usually pursue the jobs they love and never put much thought into making money. Still, they are never out of money. They always find sufficient money in their bank balance which is enough to handle their expenses. But if they decide to save, they save big, so much so that they can even buy a house.
  • Pisces in the second House: Pisces have sharp minds; however, under the influence of their ruling planet, Jupiter, they are more concerned about enhancing personal relationships. Until and unless they are working and some amount is being credited to their account every month, they are most relaxed when it comes to controlling finances. Their mind mostly revolves around matters of the family or loved ones.

Remedies for 2nd House's Bad Effects

It is important to make sure that alongside your zodiac sign, the planet or planets that exist in the Second House at a particular moment are rightly placed. If not, you are likely to face its ill effects in your life in professional or personal space. But worry not. In case of the wrong placement of planets in the 2nd House, we have certain remedies to ease the impacts. They are listed below.

  • Remedy for Sun: Offer coconut, almonds and mustard oil in holy waters and temples. Give immense respect to females. Avoid fights over property and money.
  • Remedy for Moon: Avoid adding salt to the morning and afternoon meals. Keep fast on Mondays.
  • Remedy for Mercury: Avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol. Do not keep pets at home.
  • Remedy for Venus: Refrain from adultery. Offer cooked potato-turmeric dishes to cows. Donate cow ghee to God's idol.
  • Remedy for Mars: On Tuesdays, offer clothes, sandalwood, red coral, jaggery and other pooja samagri or items to the temples' priests.
  • Remedy for Jupiter: Respect women. Participate in charitable activities. Serve food to the needy and to pandits daily. Offer bananas to temples on Thursday and also water the Banana plants every day.
  • Remedy for Saturn: Donate black clothes to the needy, especially on Saturdays. Donate lentils to temples and to the poor. Put curd-tilak on the forehead and walk barefoot to a Shani temple if possible.
  • Remedy for Rahu: Keep a silver coin with you every time. Drink water from a silver glass. Wear a silver or a gold locket and bracelet if possible. Add saffron-coloured clothes to your wardrobe.
  • Remedy for Ketu: Look after your unmarried sister or female friends. Apply a tilak made of saffron, turmeric and sandalwood. Donate imli or tamarind and sesame seeds to worshipping places and to the poor.


The Second House is dedicated to the money and wealth that you possess and that you are likely to gather in future. It mainly involves insights about valuable things in life. It talks about your prized possessions which can either be family or material wealth. That is why it is called the 'House of Possessions' or the 'Dhana Bhava'. We have seen how different planets and zodiacs behave in the Second House. Hence, we can now say that we have a fair idea about the Second House.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The second House checks your capacity to handle money while dealing with issues in the family. It indicates how different zodiac signs behave when their natives are exposed to issues related to money. It demonstrates how natives of different zodiac signs either become rich or remain satisfied with a mediocre lifestyle.
Under the guidance of an expert astrologer on our InstaAstro website and app, observe your kundali carefully. Start from the middle box, i.e. the lagna or ascendant or the first House and then move in the anti-clockwise direction. The second box sitting next to it is the second House - the House of Possessions.
The neck and the whole face, inside and out, are the areas of the body that the second house astrology represents. Under the bad placement of planets, natives are likely to face skin diseases or problems with their teeth. They must be aware of the issues beforehand.
The 2nd House represents astrology, the things that we value the most. These things can be bought with money. But some also value family, friends or personal bonds over money in the second House. So, it is basically built on materialistic and emotional values.
The 2nd House is about the possessions or the things that you own based on your success. Hence, the second House indicates success as it highlights the value of money. And good money comes with great success. So, if you are hard-working, then there are huge chances of success in the Second House.
Saturn is considered a not-so-good planet for the 2nd House as it creates a lot of obstacles in people's paths. It brings harsh lessons for the natives who are not on the right track, and with people already working hard, it slows down their progress. Overall, Saturn brings challenging situations in the Second House.
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