10th House in Astrology - The House of Profession

Do you know why our ancestors called our earth a “Karma Bhumi”? It is because everyone is born on Earth to serve a specific purpose. We take birth, grow up and then pursue a specific career for a living. In this Karma Bhumi, the concept of planetary bodies and associated zodiac signs are studied in a deeper sense by dividing life aspects into 12 different houses. And the house that talks about the matters of profession or Karma of the present life is the 10th house. That is why the 10th house astrology is also called the “House of Profession and Action” or “Karma Bhava”.

The 10th house in astrology represents career, accomplishments, success, recognition, reputation, social attention, teachings of your parents, and your work environment. Therefore, it talks about your professional world and the people associated with you at work and the people you received education from. You know your purpose for taking birth on Earth in the Tenth house. Hence, the Tenth house makes you realise that Earth is your Karma Bhumi.

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Significance Of The 10th House

The 10th house, or the 10th Bhava, mainly highlights your behaviour at work and the career choices you make. It also talks about the Dharma or the knowledge you have accumulated from your family. Hence, you also receive the honour, the manners and the reputation associated with them.

Moreover, the planet Saturn has high authority over the Tenth house. This means that the influence of Saturn is strongly sensed in this house. It brings discipline and ambition to the natives. In the Tenth house, Saturn rewards those who put in their best efforts day and night to achieve their goals while it gives harsh lessons to those who tend to be lazy and do not care about their responsibilities.

Overall, Saturn tends to slow down your journey of progress and success, but at the end of it, you are likely to be grateful for receiving immense fame and recognition. Hence, Saturn had to govern the Tenth house as it revolves around the hard work, struggles and goal-seeking journey of the individuals. It also denotes the kind of discipline received from parents or guardians.

Now that we have an overview of what is expected out of the 10th house let us go ahead and get in-depth information about the Tenth house astrology with respect to each of the nine planets and each of the 12 zodiac signs.

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Planets in 10th house

Like every other house, the planetary movements of the planets or the Navagrahas also impact the Karma Bhava or the Tenth House. It is going to be an interesting read to see how each planet has a contribution to natives’ professional life.

  1. Sun in the 10th house: Sun in the Tenth house means having your ego in the house of status, career and public persona. Here, people are concerned about being successful in his/her lifetime. For those who have their Sun in the Tenth house, egos correlate to how successful they are and what kind of legacy they are going to leave behind in their life span.

  2. They are only bothered about the recognition that they get out of their work and not of their monetary status. That is why the natives are advised to do things for themselves and not for the public eye. Otherwise, once you get habituated to getting people’s attention, you might get disturbed by the lack of it.

  3. Moon in the 10th house: With the Moon in the Tenth house, your emotions are trapped in what others might think of you. Here, natives put themselves into activities that involve nurturing and serving people. The life of people in nursing homes, people working for animals and NGOs can be taken as an example. Their emotional stability depends upon the kind of career they pursue.

  4. In the workplace, they are of a motherly kind, a co-worker who cares about their team. However, they prioritise getting their tasks completed first for public recognition and then think emotionally about personal things.

  5. Mercury in the 10th house: Having Mercury in the Tenth house is having intelligence and good communication skills in the house. People here have stable careers and an organised life. They display authority in the way they speak and present themselves. They don’t do it intentionally. It’s just that they have a strong voice that speaks with responsibility and always strikes the chords of other people’s hearts, i.e. utter words with impact.

  6. Moreover, they are very serious about life and progress. Hence, they lead their life in a systematic and well-planned manner. Their minds are always thinking of the avenue of building a legacy for themselves. Their primary goal is to be successful in the public eye, money-wise and in attaining discipline in their personal life.

  7. Venus in the 10th house: With Venus in the Tenth house, natives are attracted towards mature and intelligent people. They do not like to interact with people who don’t have stable careers and a clear vision of life. They like to learn from people who are successful and have attained a certain authority in society. They seem to attract people who are similar to them in terms of intellect.

  8. Their work environment and the kind of career path they can choose is going to be something to do with the Arts field and beauty. Hence, these people work really hard to buy luxurious things not to be flashy or to show off the expensive items they own but to showcase how hard they have worked to reach a certain point in life.

  9. Mars in the 10th house: Having Mars in the Tenth house, natives are very structured and disciplined in what they do. Mars is a planet of action and aggression where people invest their energy towards something, which in the Tenth house, is work. These are easily the people who could be workaholics and have their entire focus on working hard so that their public persona or status is set.

  10. They can take up jobs that include fighting to establish a structure or supporting a cause, such as police and military. Hence, under the influence of Mars, the natives come around to be involved in conflicts and fights as their whole priority is to get to the top.

  11. Jupiter in the 10th house: People with Jupiter in the Tenth house feel fortunate and self-sufficient in their careers. During this period, they tend to achieve a lot and receive recognition in abundance. If we are to think of the negative of this aspect, then it can be becoming too comfortable in having things happen just the way you want.

  12. As a result, when things go a little out of place, the natives may become lazy to sort it out and think that their luck will get it solved on its own. They need to keep in mind that even though Jupiter is being generous and showering his abundant blessings, they need to keep working constantly and be active in order to maintain their career status and public persona.

  13. Saturn in the 10th house: Saturn rules the Tenth house and hence is comfortable here. So what Saturn does in terms of career for the natives is that it gives a lot of experiences into what it is like to have the lack of something to the point that they realise the importance of hard work. Therefore, the natives may initially struggle in their work environment and money matters.

  14. Saturn slows down things and makes you focus on improving life aspects. These aspects are going to be your public image and your career. So, at first, you can be pessimistic seeing your peers getting great success and doing jobs at top-level positions, but Saturn will constantly force you to keep working hard, even harder than most, only to surpass your peers in the end.

  15. Rahu in the 10th house: With Rahu in the Tenth house, you are filled with a powerful fascination to achieve great things in life. To fulfil your goals and receive public admiration, you tend to work hard and put in immense effort until you reach your targets. And once you start getting fame and public status, you are likely to get habituated and obsessed. This is where the problem starts sinking in.

  16. Especially when Rahu is afflicted in the rashi existing in the Tenth house, its negative effects make natives restless of not being able to maintain their legacy and constantly underperforming. This often leads them to take drastic unfair steps to achieve their targets which ends them up in trouble as they easily get caught. But with time and the right placement of Rahu, they eventually achieve success.

  17. Ketu in the 10th house: The favours of Ketu depends upon its placement in the zodiac sign that exists along with it in the Tenth house at a particular moment. Furthermore, they are publicly recognised and work in senior-level positions. But when things are otherwise negatively placed, they get lost from their correct path and get tired easily. They tend to lose the hope and patience required to progress in life. They get surrounded by constant turmoil of not being good enough.

Zodiac Signs In 10th House

When you go through your kundali, you see rashis or zodiac signs along with the planets at a particular moment in time. It shows how all natives are going to behave in a particular house. Let us see what each zodiac sign shows in the Tenth house.

  1. Aries in the Tenth house: Aries are great leaders in the Tenth house. They are disciplined and usually have a well-structured plan to accomplish work tasks lined up for the day. They possess a strong passion towards work and want tasks completed on time at any cost. They display aggression while dealing with projects at hand and are often misunderstood as rude.
  2. Taurus in the Tenth house: Taurus in the Tenth house are fascinated towards earning money. Therefore, they choose their career based on the salary package and not on their interest. They love treating themselves and hence, save enough money to afford luxurious items. They also know how to carve out the most benefits of a particular situation. Financial security holds the utmost importance in their lives.
  3. Gemini in the Tenth house: Gemini, as its symbol suggests, describes the dual personality of its natives. They are seen showing this duality in the career aspect as well. You will see a Gemini doing a fixed job that serves as their primary income and a side job for a secondary income generation. In this way, they keep their pockets full enough to afford things they wishlist to purchase.
  4. Cancer in the Tenth house: Cancerians have always been very emotional and sensitive towards family. Hence, they are likely to build a career where they would have to live very far from the family or at a place from where they can frequently visit their home. But they tend to equally prioritise career and family and maybe even closer to a career if it is in their own interest.
  5. Leo in the Tenth house: In the tenth house, Leo-borns crave public attention. They are attracted towards professions that bring fast public recognition and appreciation. More than money, they give importance to the fame and reputation that they get out of the career they pursue. Some of them even become overnight stars, like some actors and singers. But they need to keep in mind not to take too much pride in the work they do.
  6. Virgo in the Tenth house: Virgo people in the Tenth house tend to be focused and determined to complete the tasks they have planned for the day. Moreover, they are more inclined towards working for a cause or being involved in projects that are made to help people. Next time you find a Virgo philanthropist doing very well in helping the needy, just know that they are in the Tenth house for that interval of time.
  7. Libra In the Tenth house: Libra-borns have great analytical minds in the Tenth house. They do most of their work with precision and accuracy. They like to go deep into details while working on a project. That is why they give fair treatment to everyone and make a judgement after weighing a case from all possible angles.
  8. Scorpio in the Tenth House: Scorpio people are fast-paced in the Tenth house. They seem to be in a state of constant running to reach the top. They are too focused on achieving their goals that people often call them obsessed with aims.
  9. Sagittarius in the Tenth house: Sagittarius in the Tenth house are great explorers in careers who love to take on new challenges in life. They do not seem to stop at one career choice and settle for it. Rather, they decide to look for different career opportunities to find their ultimate form of interest.
  10. Capricorn in the Tenth house: Capricorn governs the Tenth house; hence, the natives witness growth and success here. However, Capricorns seem to move ahead carefully with each step. They are at a point in their career where they wish to do everything properly without room for even a single point of mistake.
  11. Aquarius in the Tenth house: Creativity and innovations are filled in an Aquarius born in the Tenth house. They are unique in their thoughts and are inclined towards innovation and new ideas. Moreover, you will mostly find them in career domains that have created a revolution in the world, like AI and Machine Learning. But they usually like to work low-key and do not invite people’s attention.
  12. Pisces in the Tenth house: In the Tenth house, Pisces tend to be leaned on the emotional side rather than being practical. Therefore, they may pursue careers where they get an opportunity to connect emotionally with others. They are also very inventive, and some of them professionally explore their creative side as well.

Remedies for 10th House’s Bad Effects

We never know when planets turn malefic. Therefore we need to be vigilant even in the Tenth house. Your zodiac sign in the Tenth house brings good or bad scenarios for you depending on the position of a planet or planets sitting in the Tenth house’s box. To seek favours of the planets in the 10th house and bring it back to its rightful place, go for the following remedies.

  • Remedy for Sun: Be away from alcohol and non-veg food. Drop copper coins in holy water for 45 years. Avoid black and purple-coloured clothes.
  • Remedy for Moon: Avoid milk and its products. Wear a Pearl pendant or ring. Big clocks are strictly not allowed at home. A Peacock feather at your place can bring calming effects.
  • Remedy for Mercury: Feed cows with green leafy vegetables. Also, offer green seeds soaked in water to birds.
  • Remedy for Venus: On Friday mornings, donate food items to temples and to the poor after aarti. Maintain cleanliness.
  • Remedy for Mars: Help blind people. Do not send away familial items or items of the old. Also, avoid selling gold. Avoid spilling milk.
  • Remedy for Jupiter: Put Turmeric tilak on your forehead. Use copper vessels and donate almond seeds to a holy river.
  • Remedy for Saturn: Visit Shani temple and serve the poor and also buffaloes. Worship Lord Hanuman.
  • Remedy for Rahu: Avoid blue and black clothing. And try to keep your head covered. Flow 4 kg sugar in holy water.
  • Remedy for Ketu: Store honey in a silver vessel. Avoid extra-marital involvement.


The Tenth House is the “house of Karma or Profession” in astrology. It puts emphasis on the career front of the natives. The work selections and the professional people we connect with are all analysed in the 10th house. First of all, we get to know how the placement of planets impacts a native’s kundali, and then we see the attributes that different zodiac signs show being in the Tenth house. Lastly, there are suggestive remedies to cure the negative effects of the planets if one or more of them turn malefic in this house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In your kundali or natal chart, start counting from the middlebox in the anti-clockwise direction until you reach the number 10. The box that you see on the tenth count is the 10th house astrology. The tenth house in astrology is the 'house of Purpose'.
Planet Saturn and associated rashi, Capricorn, governs or rules over the 10th house in astrology. Capricorn natives are highly successful in their careers in the Tenth house, and there is no shortage of luxury and prosperity in their lives.
The Tenth house represents the lower portion of the human body. Moreover, the Tenth house’s main focus is hips and knees, as the major illnesses due to the wrong placement of planets happen in these two parts. Natives must be careful and keep a check on their health during the bad influence of the planets.
In a situation where the 10th house is empty or where there are no planets, the tenth house’s lord decides a native’s profession. Furthermore, the location of the 10th house’s lord in a native’s navamsa is also taken into consideration. It is also believed that an empty 10th house means that there are no hurdles or difficulties waiting for the people who fall under the 10th house during the duration.
There is no particular profession for the 10th house. A native can pursue anything based on the placement of a specific planet or planets when his/her zodiac sign visits the tenth house. For example, when Mercury is in the Tenth house, people can become politicians, public speakers, actors and journalists.
The 10th house is an Earth element. It reflects on the native’s public recognition, designation at work and place in society. When planets are in the Second house of your birth chart, they impact natives’ career front on many levels.
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