Overview of Muhurats in Astrology

All of us desire various things in life, but success and happiness are the two things we all aspire to, and astrology may help us get there. Multiple moments in life are auspicious due to the motions of the planets and their ruling stars, which impact our lives.

What is Muhurat in astrology?

Because everything in the universe operates at specific times, you must make sure that you are in the correct location at the right time if you want to be successful, accomplish your goals, and lead a whole life. In astrology, auspicious times are also referred to as karmic times. These are the finest times to start a new chapter since they are in harmony with the planet's energy. The topic of auspicious times and their significance in our lives will be covered in this article.

Muhurtha is a concept in Hindu astrology that refers to the best time for a particular activity. It's a time when the planets and stars are aligned, which, according to Hindu astrology, brings about auspiciousness for a specific task. These auspicious times are also known as good times or Kala, as times of power, or simply as times. The importance of the time of day or event can be understood by reading the natal chart of the concerned person. As per Hindu mythology, there are nine planets, each of which is assigned a deity. In the same way, each of the planets is assigned a particular time.

Muhurat, also known as star time, is the time to begin or accomplish a task. For example, muhurat is the most auspicious time to start a new activity, like opening a business, buying a new home, starting a new job, marriage, etc. The auspiciousness of the Muhurat is based on the position of the stars, planets and the moon. This is when you can begin or accomplish a task or activity.

Knowing “aaj ka shubh muhurat”, or shubh muhurat today can help people plan important events or celebrations. For example, if you’re someone who has been planning to celebrate your child’s birth, a Haldi ceremony, or buy a car in 2023, then InstaAstro can give you the list of Hindu Muhurat 2023 which will include the Hindu muhurat today, and Hindu muhurat tomorrow or the shubh muhurat tomorrow.

What is Abhijit Muhurat in Hindu astrology?

In Hindu astrology, Abhijit Muhurat is a significant time for important events. The results are considered to be more effective at the time of Abhijit Muhurat. Therefore, the results of the activity initiated during this time will be very positive. Abhijit Muhurat is the most auspicious time to start any new venture. It is the time when the planets are in the most favourable position. This auspicious period can be used to perform any auspicious task that you have planned for your life. Abhijit Muhurat occurs every day and can be used to start any job, but it is best to start tasks relating to communication and relations. The Abhijit Muhurat is the best time to perform any critical task, from marriage to buying a new home or starting a new business. If you perform any important task during this auspicious period, then it is believed that the efforts will be fruitful.

Importance of auspicious muhurat in astrology:

Time is the most significant part of life over which we have no control. We are unable to alter the passage of time. But it's also one of the most crucial things we should be aware of to plan our daily activities. We can benefit in many areas of our lives by realizing the value of time and the significance of reasonable time. The time that we need to focus on and that is necessary for us to start work is the auspicious hour. It is believed that performing a task during a shubh muhurat will increase its chances of success. Some times are lucky to establish a new job or business, for instance, and times when people should wait to get married. Shubh muhurat can help you decide the auspicious day for property registration or your griha Pravesh.

The movement of the universe's planets is the foundation of Murat. The planets that impact a person's muhrat are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Based on a person's birth star and time of birth, their muhrat is determined. The Hindu calendar is made up of a long list of both fortunate and unlucky dates and seasons. It also includes the constellations and stars seen in the sky at a particular time. As a result, you should seek the advice of an astrologer or pandit before beginning anything so that they can assist you in determining your muhrat and advise you on the most favourable time to get things going.

Significance of Auspicious Muhurats in puja:

Regarding religious practices and rituals, Hindu culture is highly diverse and rich. Great significance is attached to practically every ceremony since the tradition has been passed down through the generations. Hindus believe rituals and traditions should be carried out within a particularly auspicious time. Therefore, the benefits and results of the puja will be more significant if it is conducted at the correct time. People can maximize the benefits of a puja if it is undertaken during a lucky moment. Furthermore, during the auspicious muhurats, one can escape the impacts of evil spirits and negative energies that might interfere with rituals and puja.

Relationship between your kundli and auspicious timings:

The Janma Kundali plays a crucial part in deciding the auspicious muhurat. It plays the same role in figuring out your personality as Janma Kundali. Hindu astrology's fundamental and most significant component is the kundali. An astrologer can determine whether you have doshas in your kundli by looking at your birth chart. These doshas are in charge of making you live more slowly, which prevents you from achieving the level of success you want. Therefore, it's crucial to determine the auspicious timings for such activities based on your kundli if you're going to start something promising, such as a new business venture or if you want to get married. If you begin your excellent work during the shubh muhurat, you can significantly increase your success and counteract any dosha's adverse effects.

What are the advantages of an auspicious muhurat?

There are countless advantages to choosing a good Muhurat for the auspicious occasion. One of the most significant advantages is that it reduces all the obstacles and hurdles that might come the way in the future. Some people might find this a stretch, but it is pretty accurate. All the challenges and limitations mentioned in an individual's birth chart are reduced and nullified by following an auspicious muhurat. It is believed that any work started in an auspicious muhurat will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity. If you start your business in an auspicious muhurat, you will have a successful business. In addition, some muhurats can help you remove the adverse effects of doshas, such as a muhurat for gaining good health or a muhurat to remove the impact of a bad horoscope.

Muhurat for marriage

Marriage muhurat is when one should get married as per the Hindu horoscope. It is considered reasonable to get married in this period. There are different muhurats for different people depending on the birth time and time of marriage. Shadi muhurat is decided by looking at the astrological chart, and it is when the moon, the sun and the planets are in favourable positions. The vivah muhurats are determined based on the position of the moon and the sun on the date of birth of the bride and the groom. Listed below are the suitable engagement dates for the year 2023.


  • Sunday, January 15 2023. Muhurta: 7:12 PM to 7:15 AM, January 16
  • Wednesday, January 18 2023, Muhurta: 7:15 AM to 5:23 PM
  • Wednesday, January 25 2023, Muhurta: 08:05 PM to 07:12 AM, January 26
  • Thursday, January 26 2023, Muhurta: 07:12 AM to 07:12 AM, January 27
  • Friday, January 27 2023, Muhurta: 07:12 AM to 12:42 PM
  • Monday, January 30 2023, Muhurta: 10:15 PM to 07:10 AM, January 31


  • Monday, February 06 2023, Muhurat: 09:44 PM to 07:06 AM, February 07
  • Tuesday 7th february 2023, Muhurat: 07:06 AM 04:03 PM
  • Thursday, February 09 2023, Muhurat: 07:05 AM to 07:04 AM, February 10
  • Friday February 10 2023, Muhurat: 07:04 AM to 04:45 PM
  • Sunday, February 12 2023, Muhurat: 09:50 PM to 02:27 AM, February 13
  • Monday 13th february 2023, Muhurat: 02:36 AM to 07:01 AM, February 14
  • Tuesday February 14 2023, Muhurat: 07:01 AM to 12:26 PM
  • Thursday, February 16 2023, Muhurat: 06:59 AM to 10: 53 PM
  • Wednesday, February 22 2023, Muhurat: 06:54 AM to 06:53 AM, February 23
  • Thursday, February 23 2023, Muhurat: 06:53 AM to 02:23 PM
  • Monday, February 27 2023, Muhurat: 04:12 PM to 06:48 AM, February 28
  • Tuesday, February 28 2023, Muhurat: 06:48 AM to 06:47 AM, March 01


  • Monday March 06 2023, Muhurat: 06:41 AM to 04:17 PM
  • Thursday, March 09 2023, Muhurat: 09:08 PM to 05:57 AM, March 10
  • Saturday March 11 2023, Muhurat: 07:11 AM to 07:52 PM
  • Monday March 13 2023, Muhurat: 08: 21 AM to 09:27 PM


According to astrologers, there is no shubh muhurat time for marriage in April 2023.


  • Wednesday 3rd May 2023, Muhurat: 05:39 AM to 08:56 PM
  • Saturday, May 06 2023, Muhurat: 09:13 PM to 05:36 AM, May 07
  • Monday 8th may 2023, Muhurat: 12:49 AM to 05:35 AM, May 09
  • Tuesday May 09 2023, Muhurat: 05:35 AM to 05:45 PM
  • Wednesday, May 10, 2023 Muhurat: 04:12 PM to 05:33 AM, May 11
  • Thursday, May 11 2023, Muhurat: 05:33 AM to 11:27 AM
  • Monday 15th may 2023, Muhurat: 09:08 AM to 05:30 AM , May 16
  • Tuesday 16th May 2023, Muhurat: 05:30 AM to 01:48 AM, May 17
  • Saturday, May 20 2023, Muhurat: 05:18 PM to 05:27 AM, May 21
  • Sunday 21st May 2023, Muhurat: 05:27 AM to 05: 27 AM, May 22
  • Monday 22nd May 2023, Muhurat: 05:27 AM to 10:37 AM
  • Monday 29th may 2023, Muhurat: 05 :24 AM to 05:24 AM, May 30
  • Tuesday May 30 2023, Muhurat: 05:24 AM to 08:55 PM


  • Thursday, June 01 2023, Muhurat: 06:48 AM to 07:00 PM
  • Saturday, June 03 2023, Muhurat: 10:17 PM to 05:03 AM, June 04
  • Monday 5th June 2023, Muhurat: 08:53 AM to 01:23 AM, June 06
  • Tuesday 6th june 2023, Muhurat: 12:50 AM to 05:23 AM, June 07
  • Wednesday, June 07 2023, Muhurat: 05:23 AM to 09:02 PM
  • Sunday, June 11 2023, Muhurat: 02:32 PM to 05:23 AM, June 12
  • Monday June 12 2023, Muhurat: 05:23 AM to 09:58 PM
  • Friday 23rd june 2023, Muhurat: 11:03 AM From 05:24 AM, June 24
  • Monday, June 26 2023, Muhurat: 01:19 PM to 05:25 AM, June 27


There is no auspicious time for marriage in July.


There is no auspicious time for marriage in August.


There is no auspicious time for marriage in September.


There is no auspicious time for marriage in October.


  • Thursday, November 23 2023, Muhurat: 09:01 PM to 06:51 AM, November 24
  • Monday, November 27 2023, Muhurat: 01:35 PM to 06: 54 AM, November 28
  • Tuesday 28th november 2023, Muhurat: 06:54 AM to 06:54 AM, November 29
  • Wednesday 23th November 2323, Muhurat: 06:54 AM to 01:59 PM


  • Wednesday, December 06 2023, Muhurat: 07:00 AM to 07:01 AM, December 07
  • Thursday, December 07 2023, Muhurat: 07:01 AM 04:09 PM
  • Saturday December 09 2023, Muhurat: 10:43 AM to 11:37 PM
  • Friday 15th december 2023, Muhurat: 08:10 AM to 06:24 AM, December 16


So this was all about muhurats in Hindu astrology. We hope you learned about all the promising hours in Hindu culture and how they can help you. If you enjoyed this article and would like to read more about Hindu culture and astrology, please follow us on our website InstaAstro and share this with your friends who are also interested in astrology and horoscopes. Thank you for reading this blog; we are always excited to share our knowledge and expertise on astrology, horoscopes and many other topics. Thank you again for reading, and have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Vaidhriti yoga is considered very inauspicious for marriage.
The nature of those born under the Kaulava Karana is highly outgoing and friendly. They enjoy interacting with others and are friendly. Moreover, they have a highly caring disposition and are very giving and sympathetic. Overall, it's a great Karana.
According to astrologers, the best day for griha Pravesh is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Griha Pravesh, or house inauguration or housewarming ceremony, is performed when someone moves into a new home.
Annaprasana means rice feeding ceremony.
Muhurat means time or moment. So there are both auspicious and inauspicious muhurats in a day.

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