Dasha - Period of a Dominant Planet

Humans like being prepared for anything and everything that is happening or going to happen in their life. This is why we humans want to know about the upcoming events in our life. A child is a very special gift for any and every parent and parents also go to extreme lengths in order to get the best for their children and also to protect them from any evil eye and prevent them from encountering any unfortunate event in their life. Thus, as soon as a baby is born the parents get their child's kundali made, in order to see what the future holds in store for their child. As mentioned above the most suitable reason for this is that the parents want to have a glimpse of their child's future and another reason is that if there is a possibility of any unfortunate event, then they can prevent it from happening by following some remedies.

A kundali has many parts which combine to tell us about the future of an individual. It also helps us to know the personality traits and behavioural characteristics than an individual has. One such part happens to be Dasha. Dasha meaning is that it is typically known as a period of time where one planet has the power in an individual's life. The time period of different Dashas of planets differ from planet to planet. As we have all heard 'Shani ki Sadesaati' well this is because the Dasha of Shani or planet Saturn goes on for a period of seven and a half years. Well, depending on the planet and also its type of influence an individual can either get the best of everything that life has to offer or might go deep down to the doom of darkness. However, there are always remedies to help that an individual can use in order to prevent these negative and unfortunate outcomes in their life.

If you want to know more about the type of Dasa in astrology, its significance and importance and also how each planet's Dasha affects an individual's life, then read the entire article and extinguish your curiosity. Moreover, if you want to know about the Dasha that you are currently experiencing or the current Dasha going on in your life through a kundali Dasha analysis, then check InstaAstro's website or download the app to get a free kundali Dasha analysis done. You can also talk to certified and best astrologers in order to get help for your problems and also to get answers to your questions.

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Dasha Astrology - Its Significance and Importance

As we know, Dasha meaning can be briefly described as a time period. This period is known to be ruled by a specific planet that goes on for a specific period of time. In an individual's life there is no time where he or she is not going through any Dasha as soon as one Dasha ends the other starts or commences. Moreover, the balance of Dasha meaning tends to relate to an individual’s previous life: as it tends to represent the Dasha in which an individual died in their previous life.

The word 'Dasha' has its basis in the Sanskrit language. In astrology, however, the meaning of this word implies a planetary period. In order to know which Dasha is going on in which period of your time you would need to go to a pandit or you can also visit InstaAstro's website or download the app and get this information for free.

The effects of the planet in their Dasha depends on certain factors. These are as follows:

  • Stithi
  • House
  • Conjunction
  • View or Drishti

These aspects are known to influence the positive or negative effects of a planet during the time frame of a specific Dasha in an individual’s life. Moreover, the effect of these aspects are also based on the location of the planet in an individual’s birth chart. Moreover, the placement of a planet in an individual’s birth chart is known to be highly important. This is because the position of a planet in its own house is known to bring beneficial and positive outcomes in an individual’s life and similar results are seen when a planet is positioned in its friendly planet’s house. However, on the other hand, if a planet is placed in its enemy’s house then the results are not so favourable and this can also cause some ill effects in an individual’s life. Thus, the effects of a Dasha in an individual’s life depends on a ton of factors.

There are known to be many forms or types of Dashas according to Dasha astrology. The Parashara shares that there are a total of forty two kinds of Dashas. For example, 'Poorna Dasha' is known to occur when a planet is in its full and maximum power in an individual's life. However, on the other hand, when a planet has no power in its specific Dasha it is termed to be called 'Rikta Dasha'. As we know that Dasha is a planetary period, we must know that there are nine planets that rule these Dashas. Let us now have a closer look at the types of Dasha and how do they differ from one another.

Dasha - Types of Dasha

The topic of Dasha is not something easy to understand. With it having somewhere around forty two types, the topic does get a little confusing. However, let us now talk about the types of Dasha there are. As we know, there are forty two types of Dasha which are based on certain conditions. These are generally called as the Dasha system which was given by Maharishi Parashara. These Dashas are as follows:

Vimshottari DasaShodashottari DasaDvadashottariAshtottari
ShattrimshatNavamsa NavadasaRashyansha DasaKala
ChakraKalachakraSudarshana ChakraChara Paryaya
Navamsa sthiraSthiraChaturvidha UttaraBrahma Grahaashrita
KendraKarakendraKaraka GrahaManduka

However, on the other hand, one must know that even after having forty two forms or types of Dasa in astrology, there are only two in use which includes Vimshottari and Ashtottari. For a Dasha to work and for us to analyse its effects there are certain conditions that an individual has to pose importance to. These conditions are known as - Mahadasha, and Antardasha. These two are different Dasa periods that somehow have some overlapping on them. Let us now have a closer look at the meaning and significance of these conditions.

  • Mahadasha

A Mahadasha is known to be a period that brings favourable and beneficial outcomes in an individual’s life. As the name suggests, Mahadasha meaning lies in its name, it is a period that brings fruitful results for an individual. Moreover, the time period of Mahadasha for various planets varies depending on the specific planet. When we add the years of each planet’s Mahadasha the total we get adds up to 120 years. Moreover, a Mahadasha meaning is not always to bring luck and favourable outcomes to an individual but can also be a bit on the unstable side.

  • Antardasha

Antardasha is another Dasa periods which comes around to be related to a period where the ruling planet is affected by other planets. It can simply be called a subdivision of Mahadasha. Moreover, the planetary influence during a period of Antardasha can cause either favourable outcomes for an individual or can even make their life a living hell. Antardasha is also referred to as an extended period of Mahadasha. It is further divided into small little time fragments that have a specific controlling or ruling planet.

Dasha - Vimshottari Dasha and Ashtottari Dasha

  • Vimshottari Dasha

Vimshottari Dasha according to Vedic astrology is a system that analyses the time period of a Dasha of a specific planet different from others. Moreover, the Vimshottri Dasha is a system based on the position of the Moon in respect to Nakshatras. According to this system the Dasha period of different planets vary from one another. In accordance with the Vimshottari system, the following is the time period of a Dasha of a specific planet, these are as follows:

Planet Sun - 6 YearsPlanet Moon - 10 YearsPlanet Mars - 7 Years
Planet Jupiter - 16 YearsPlanet Saturn - 19 YearsPlanet Mercury - 17 Years
Planet Venus - 20 YearsPlanet Rahu - 18 YearsPlanet Ketu - 7 Years

The meaning of the term Vimshottari has its meaning in its name. The term is taken from Sanskrit language and in English it further means one hundred and twenty. This further has significance as when we add up the time frame of all the Dasa periods of all planets, then the sum total we get is one hundred and twenty. It is believed that one person would have lived up to one hundred and twenty years. However, today the life expectancy of an individual has reduced to almost half of what it originally was, because of this it is not possible for an individual to experience all the Mahadasha in a single lifetime.

  • Ashtottari Dasha

The Ashtottari Dasha is a system based on the principle of Nakshatras. It is one of the very famous and important Dasha system but on the other hand it is also a conditional system. This is because there are certain terms and conditions that come with this system. Moreover, this system cannot be applicable to any or every situation and needs to have a certain specific condition approved environment for its application. The following is the time frame for various planets according to the Ashtottari Dasha system, these are as follows:

Planet Sun - 6 YearsPlanet Moon - 15 YearsPlanet Mars - 8 Years
Planet Jupiter - 16 YearsPlanet Saturn - 10 YearsPlanet Mercury - 8 Years
Planet Venus - 21 YearsPlanet Rahu - 12 Years

One thing an individual needs to keep in mind while analysing the Ashtottari Dasha system is that, in this system only eight planets are given the privilege and position to have a Dasha period. Planet Ketu does not have a Dasha period of its own in this system.

Planets and Their Mahadasha

Are you also wondering about which Mahadasha is good and which Mahadasha is worst? Well, the answer is right here. Mentioned below is a brief about the Mahadasha of all planets and its effects on an individual. Read below to know more.

  • Planet Sun

Sun is referred to as the most important source of light, heat and energy. In astrology the planet Sun is associated with self centrism, power, ego and also confidence. When we talk about Mahadasha, planet Sun has its Mahadasha going on for a period of at least 6 years. When the Mahadasha of this planet is going on, an individual will experience their life like an emperor or king. Life will become sweet and will give them anything and everything their heart desires. Moreover, when this Mahadasha is going on in an individual's life, the native will also experience an inflow of wealth in their life from unexpected sources.

  • Planet Jupiter

Planet Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. In astrology, planet Jupiter is known to be the guru or leader planet. It is a planet that has the most beneficial and favourable effects in an individual's life. It is said to bring luck and fortune. When we talk about Mahadasha, then the Mahadasha of planet Jupiter is seen to bring wealth, and happiness in an individual's life. Moreover, it will also bring luck and favourable outcomes in the life of the native. Along with this, the Jupiter Mahadasha is known to bring luck and fortune in an individual's married life as well. The Mahadasha is known to make an individual spiritually inclined as well.

  • Planet Moon

Planet Moon has great significance in astrology. It is a planet that is associated with beauty, ego, confidence and also wisdom. When we talk about Mahadasha, the Mahadasha of planet Moon goes on for a period of 10 years. When an individual is experiencing the Mahadasha of planet Moon then the individual will experience great cognitive capabilities. The individual will feel highly artistic and also creative during this time. Moreover, the individual may also experience physical ailments during this time frame. Also, the Mahadasha of planet Moon makes an individual knowledgeable. The native will have a deep desire to learn more about things of their interest during this time period.

  • Planet Saturn

Planet Saturn is known to be a planet that is righteous in nature. Planet Saturn is a planet that makes an individual justice loving and also makes an individual choose right over wrong even if it means that the individual must discard their loved ones. When the Mahadasha of planet Saturn is going on, the individual will experience a ton of monetary gains. The individual will experience money inflow from sources that the native would not even be able to imagine. Also this Mahadasha helps an individual to build their character and personality.

  • Planet Ketu

Planet Ketu is generally known as a malefic planet. It is a planet that most people fear as it is known to bring not-so-positive outcomes in an individual’s life. If the current Dasha of planet Ketu is going on in an individual’s life then they are sure to experience some positive and some ill effects as well. The good effects include an individual earning good income, and having and living a luxurious life. Moreover, the ill effects include an individual experiencing body related issues and also it is advised that an individual must be very cautious while choosing the people they want in their life as these people can also become a cause for the native’s downfall.

  • Planet Rahu

Planet Rahu comes around to be a malefic planet in astrology. Moreover, if an individual is experiencing the Dasha of Rahu, the individual tends to experience having ruling powers in their life. Moreover, the individual can also have a well oriented career in government services. Also, the native might also suffer from losses in their life. These losses can either be financial or personal like losing someone they dearly love and care for.

  • Planet Venus

As we all know, planet Venus is known to be the planet of Love. Moreover, when an individual is experiencing the Dasha of Planet Venus they might experience a pleasurable life with deep interest in subjects of ast and culture. Moreover, an individual may also experience disharmony at their home with constant fights with their spouse or parents.

  • Planet Mars

Planet Mars in astrology tends to represent passion and power. When an individual has their current Dasha of planet Mars going on then the effects that it will have on an individual includes the individual having good health and wealth in their life. Moreover, the individual may also experience ill effects like body related issues and also a sudden downfall or loss in their career aspect.

  • Planet Mercury

The Mahadasha of planet Mercury is known to affect an individual in ways that include the native having a strong and deep interest in subjects related to politics. Moreover, the individual will do extremely well if they tend to pursue being a diplomat in terms of their career. Moreover, the individual might also experience dishonouring episodes in their life and can also suffer from diseases that might affect their gut and abdominal area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dasha in astrology means a time period. Each Dasha is ruled by a specific planet. Moreover, the planet’s effect rules the outcomes and results that an individual will experience.
To know which Dasha you are currently experiencing you can go to a pandit or can also check InstaAstro’s website in order to get a free kundli Dasha analysis done.
Dasa in human life is a period ruled by a specific planet. The effect of these planets is seen directly on an individual’s life.
The Dasha that is considered to be the best is known to be Jupiter Mahadasha.
The Dasha which people refer to as the worst includes the Dasha of planet Rahu or planet Ketu.
A weak Mahadasha is experienced by an individual when the planet has a malefic effect on the life of an individual. Moreover, it is also seen that a weak Mahadasha may be when a planet is situated in a house that belongs to its enemy planet.
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