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InstaAstro Gets India’s Most Trusted Astrology Platform Award

By October 28, 2023February 5th, 2024No Comments

Do you know the importance of “Quality Over Quantity”? We guess InstaAstro knows it quite better. You have probably heard – they are India’s most trusted online astrology platform. Well, now it’s officially stated.

At the prestigious Indo-Global Entrepreneurial Conclave hosted by Business Connect, InstaAstro was honoured with the “India’s Most Trusted Astrology Platform Award.” And who better to present the award than beloved Bollywood star Ameesha Patel? She is a highly-regarded figure in the entertainment industry and enjoys a massive fan following. Every home knows Ameesha Patel movies.

During the event, InstaAstro’s founder, Nitin Verma, spoke on a panel about launching and growing the platform, especially during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. InstaAstro’s swift progress proves that even in difficult times, people continue turning to the stars for guidance, and they feel grateful to have helped so many people.

InstaAstro Awarded At Indo-Global Entrepreneurial Conclave 2023: A Prestigious Honor 

When InstaAstro was launched, the founder, Nitin Verma, had just one goal in mind: to provide authentic astrology guidance to those seeking it. Looks like that dedication paid off. The Award received at Business Connect’s Indo-Global Entrepreneurial Conclave recognises InstaAstro’s commitment to providing top-class astrological guidance. To be recognised at such a distinguished event and receive the award from acclaimed Ameesha Patel made the experience all the sweeter.

Who hasn’t seen Ameesha Patel movies? To have received such an honour from a major Bollywood star, and that too in front of great business leaders from around the globe, was no less of an astounding feat.

The award highlights InstaAstro’s dedication to excellence and trustworthiness over the past two years. The platform properly screens astrologers, ensuring they are well-versed in Vedic astrology to provide the best experience. InstaAstro also guarantees privacy, security and satisfaction. It’s no wonder they have over 5 million visitors (50 lakh customers) transforming their lives through their skilled team of 1,500 astrologers.

Indo Global Entrepreneur Conclave 2023

Indo-Global Entrepreneurial Conclave 2023 Hosted by Popular Magazine Business Connect

Business Connect is a popular publication house that discusses all things business and tries to bring entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas to the eyes of the global audience. Indo-Global Entrepreneurial Conclave 2023, organised by Business Connect, held in Delhi recently, united great entrepreneurs from around the world. They all shared their problem-solving approach while they were distributed in teams of panellists to talk on different agendas.

And InstaAstro’s founder was a part of such a reputable stage. This has only been possible due to his and his team’s efforts to introduce the best problem-solving solutions to people using astrology and making a difference.

Nitin Verma, the founder and CEO of InstaAstro, was on a panel discussing the agenda – “Global Perspectives On Skilling and Entrepreneurship”. Besides him, the panel had great global leaders, namely – Mr Roger R Latchman (Consul-General of Georgia, Vice-Chairman: Africa-WITSA, Gauteng, South Africa), Dr Sunil K Joshi (Joshi Foundation, Virginia, USA – Online) and Mr Pradeep Dubey (CEO of Australian Tea Company, Perth, Western Australia, Australia). 

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InstaAstro’s Founder, Nitin Verma In The Indo-Global Conclave 2023 

InstaAstro’s CEO and founder, Nitin Verma, attended the Conclave and discussed InstaAstro’s impressive growth, especially launching during the COVID-19 pandemic. Verma believes InstaAstro’s success comes from a focus on quality over quantity.

Rather than chasing business figures, InstaAstro focused on building a team of highly qualified astrologers. He shared they have a rigorous interview process to find experts who provide thoughtful, caring advice. Thanks to their astrologers’ genuine insights and motivation, InstaAstro has seen repeat customers and major growth. For CEO Nitin Verma, InstaAstro was destined to be launched to help people escape uncertainty.

Sharing his personal entrepreneurial story, he recalled the time of his first start-up project. He remembered that he hit a low stage once and came across an astrologer whose motivating words and prediction of his future to run many companies successfully did strike a note in his heart.

Back then, he did not pay much attention to it. But now, when he looks back at the 18 years of his entrepreneurial career, he realises that InstaAstro was meant to be launched to help people through astrology. The astrologer’s foretelling that day had to finally settle to InstaAstro, standing tall with foolproof future insights and rightly setting foot when people needed it the most, in the middle of Covid-19 uncertainties.

He went on to share that just like tech problem-solvers (engineers and others), astrologers deserve to get a window to the world through their knowledge of astrological science and, ultimately, guide people in leading a healthy and proper life.

Astrology is a science that started over 5000 years ago and is relevant even in the modern day. Its utilisations are immense, and InstaAstro is making sure that people all across the globe get the help they didn’t know they needed.


With consultations starting at just 1 rupee, InstaAstro makes astrological exploring accessible to all. In addition to quick chats and calls, they provide virtual poojas, healing services, vastu tips, tarot readings, and more. Their mission is simple: to spread the light of astrology and help create positive change. Looks like InstaAstro is well on its way to becoming India’s most trusted source for astrological insights and motivation. Their award is well-deserved.

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