Finding the right Namkaran Muhurat in 2024

Namkaran Ceremony, or Naming Ceremony, is one of the most important events in a child's life and is no less than a milestone. The following list is made with the help of professionals, with the aim of helping new parents and others know which dates are suitable for the Namkaran by date of birth ceremony of their child.

The list will not only give you the good dates for naming ceremony in every month of 2024 but will also help you decide how to choose the right date for baby Namkaran. Muhurats are based on the position and placement of Nakshatras and are also heavily influenced by other celestial bodies. So, read more to find out all about the Namkaran ceremony and the good dates for naming ceremony!

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in January 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 January, Wednesday07:14 AM to 07:14 AM, 04 January
04 January, Thursday07:14 AM to 10:07 PM
07 January, Sunday10:08 PM to 07:15 AM, 08 January
08 January, Monday07:15 AM to 10:03 PM
11 January, Thursday05:39 PM to 07:15 AM, 12 January
12 January, Friday07:15 AM to 07:14 AM, 13 January
17 January, Wednesday07:14 AM to 07:14 AM, 18 January
18 January, Thursday07:14 AM to 08:46 PM
21 January, Sunday07:14 AM to 07:14 AM, 22 January
22 January, Monday07:13 AM to 04:59 AM, 23 January
25 January, Thursday08:17 AM to 07:12, 26 January
31 January, Wednesday07:10 AM to 07:10, 1 February

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Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in February 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 February, Thursday07:09 AM to 07:09 PM, 02 February
02 February, Friday07:09 AM to 05:57 AM, 03 February
04 February, Sunday05:52 PM to 07:07 AM, 05 February
08 February, Thursday07:05 AM to 11:19 AM
11 February, Sunday07:03 AM to 05:14 PM
14 February, Wednesday07:00 AM to 07:00 AM, 15 February
18 February, Sunday08:17 AM to 06:57 AM, 19 February
21 February, Wednesday02:18 PM to 06:54 AM, 22 February
22 February, Thursday06:53 PM to 01:24 PM
25 February, Sunday01:25 AM to 06:50 AM, 26 February
26 February, Monday06:49 AM to 06:49 AM, 27 February
29 February, Thursday06:46 AM to 06:46 AM, 01 March

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in March 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 March, Friday06:45 AM to 12:49 PM
03 March, Sunday06:43 AM to 03:55 PM
06 March, Wednesday02:53 PM to 06:40 AM, 07 March
07 March, Thursday06:39 AM to 06:39 AM, 08 March
08 March, Friday06:38 AM to 10:41 AM
11 March, Monday06:34 AM to 06:34 AM, 12 March
15 March, Friday04:08 PM to 06:30 AM, 16 March
17 March, Sunday06:28 AM to 04:48 PM
20 March, Wednesday06:24 AM to 10:39 PM
24 March, Sunday09:57 AM to 06:20 AM, 25 March
25 March, Monday06:18 AM to 06:18 AM, 26 March
27 March, Wednesday06:16 AM to 06:16 AM, 28 March
28 March, Thursday06:15 AM to 06:38 PM
29 March, Friday08:36 PM to 06:14 AM, 30 March

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in April 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 April, Wednesday06:32 PM to 06:08 AM, 04 April
04 April, Thursday06:07 AM to 08:12 PM
05 April, Friday06:07 AM to 06:06 AM, 06 April
12 April, Friday01:13 PM to 05:58 AM, 13 April
21 April, Sunday05:49 AM to 01:13 AM, 22 April
24 April, Wednesday05:46 AM to 12:41 AM, 25 April
26 April, Friday05:44 AM to 03:40 AM, 27 April

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in May 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 May, Wednesday05:40 AM to 03:11 AM, 02 May
03 May, Friday05:38 AM to 12:07 AM, 04 May
05 May, Sunday05:36 AM to 05:36 AM, 06 May
06 May, Monday05:36 AM to 02:42 PM
09 May, Thursday11:56 AM to 05:33 AM, 10 May
10 May, Friday05:33 AM to 02:52 AM, 11 May
13 May, Monday11:24 AM to 05:31, 14 May
19 May, Sunday05:27 AM to 05:27 AM, 20 May
20 May, Monday05:27 AM to 05:27 AM, 21 May
23 May, Thursday09:14 AM to 05:26:08 AM, 24 May
24 May, Friday05:25 AM to 10:10 AM
27 May, Monday04:56 PM to 05:24 AM, 28 May
30 May, Thursday07:31 AM to 05:23 AM, 31 May

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in June 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
02 June, Sunday05:23 AM to 05:23 AM, 03 June
03 June, Monday05:23 AM to 12:05 AM, 04 June
06 June, Thursday06:09 PM to 05:22 AM, 07 June
07 June, Friday05:22 AM to 07:43 PM
10 June, Monday04:17 PM to 09:40 PM
14 June, Friday05:22 AM to 12:05 AM, 15 June
16 June, Sunday05:22 AM to 05:22 AM, 17 June
17 June, Monday05:23 AM to 05:23 AM, 18 June
19 June, Wednesday05:23 PM to 05:23 AM, 20 June
23 June, Sunday05:04 PM to 05:24 AM, 24 June
24 June, Monday05:24 AM to 01:25 AM, 25 June
26 June, Wednesday01:05 PM to 05:25 AM, 27 June
27 June, Thursday05:25 AM to 11:37 AM
28 June, Saturday10:11 AM to 05:25 AM, 29 June
30 June, Sunday12:21 PM to 05:26 AM, 01 July

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in July 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 July, Wednesday05:27 AM to 05:27 AM, 04 July
07 July, Sunday05:29 AM to 05:29 AM, 08 July
11 July, Thursday01:04 PM to 05:31 AM, 12 July
12 July, Friday05:31 AM to 05:31 AM, 13 July
14 July, Sunday05:32 AM to 05:28 PM
15 July, Monday07:21 PM to 12:30 AM, 16 July
17 July, Wednesday05:34 AM to 03:13 AM, 18 July
21 July, Sunday05:36 AM to 05:36 AM, 22 July
22 July, Monday05:37 AM to 10:21 PM
25 July, Thursday04:17 PM to 05:38 AM, 26 July
26 July, Friday05:39 AM to 05:39 AM, 27 July
28 July, Sunday05:40 AM to 02:48 PM
31 July, Wednesday05:42 AM to 05:42 AM, 01 August

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in August 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 August, Thursday05:42 AM to 10:24 AM
09 August, Friday05:47 AM to 05:47 AM, 10 August
11 August, Sunday05:48 AM to 05:48 AM, 12 August
21 August, Wednesday12:34 AM to 05:53 AM, 22 August
22 August, Thursday05:54 AM to 01:48 PM
23 August, Friday10:41 AM to 05:54 PM, 24 August
26 August, Monday05:55 PM to 02:22 AM, 27 August
28 August, Wednesday05:57 AM to 03:53 PM
30 August, Friday05:56 PM to 05:58 PM, 31 August

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in September 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
04 September, Wednesday06:00 AM to 06:00 AM, 05 September
05 September, Thursday06:01 AM to 06:01 AM, 06 September
06 September, Friday06:01 AM to 03:03 PM
08 September, Sunday06:02 AM to 03:31 PM
09 September, Monday06:04 PM to 06:03 AM, 10 September
13 September, Friday09:36 PM to 06:05 AM, 14 September
15 September, Sunday06:06 AM to 06:50 PM
18 September, Wednesday11:01 AM to 06:07 AM, 19 September
19 September, Thursday06:08 AM to 06:08 AM, 20 September
20 September, Friday06:08 AM to 09:17 PM
22 September, Sunday11:02 PM to 06:09 AM, 23 September
23 September, Monday06:10 AM to 06:10 AM, 24 September
27 September, Friday06:12 AM to 01:21 AM, 28 September

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in October 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 October, Thursday06:15 AM to 06:15 AM, 04 October
04 October, Friday06:15 AM to 06:15 AM, 05 October
07 October, Monday09:49 AM to 02:25 AM, 08 October
11 October, Friday06:19 AM to 12:08 PM
14 October, Monday06:21 AM to 12:43 AM, 15 October
16 October, Wednesday08:43 PM to 06:22 AM, 17 October
17 October, Thursday06:23 AM to 06:23 AM, 18 October
18 October, Friday06:24 AM to 01:27 PM
21 October, Monday06:25 AM to 06:25 AM, 22 October
24 October, Thursday06:27 AM to 02:01 AM, 25 October
28 October, Monday03:24 PM to 06:30 AM, 29 October
30 October, Wednesday06:31 AM to 01:17 PM

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in November 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 November, Friday06:18 PM to 03:31 AM, 02 November
03 November, Sunday06:34 AM to 06:34 AM, 04 November
07 November, Thursday11:47 AM to 06:37 AM, 08 November
08 November, Friday06:38 AM to 06:38 AM, 09 November
13 November, Wednesday06:42 AM to 06:42 AM, 14 November
17 November, Sunday06:45 AM to 06:45 AM, 18 November
18 November, Monday06:46 AM to 03:49 PM
20 November, Wednesday02:50 PM to 06:48 AM, 21 November
21 November, Thursday06:48 AM to 03:36 PM
25 November, Monday06:52 AM to 06:52, 26 November
27 November, Wednesday06:53 AM to 06:53 AM, 28 November
28 November, Thursday06:54:25 to 08:42 AM, 29 November

Namkaran Ceremony Muhurat in December 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
05 December, Thursday12:51 PM to 06:59 AM, 06 December
06 December, Friday07:00 AM to 05:19 PM
08 December, Sunday07:01 AM to 04:03 PM
11 December, Wednesday07:03 AM to 07:03 AM, 12 December
15 December, Sunday07:06 AM to 02:20 AM, 16 December
22 December, Sunday07:10 AM to 07:10 AM, 23 December
23 December, Monday07:10 AM to 05:10 PM
25 December, Wednesday07:11 AM to 07:11 AM, 26 December
26 December, Thursday07:12 AM to 06:10 PM
27 December, Friday08:29 PM to 07:12 AM, 28 December

Shubh Muhurat for Namkaran 2024

On Namkaran Muhurat day, the baby is given their name and identity. In addition, it is also an essential day for the parents and family of the baby. Blessing the child with a name not only decides their fate but also puts a beginning to their long and healthy life. Thus, baby Namkaran Shubh Muhurat is also essential. It is important to note that Muhurats are favourable timings people follow before undertaking any task.

People believe that doing things under special Muhurats can attract the blessings of the deities. Guiding Muhurats is nothing but an essential part of the process of planning for auspicious events and tasks. For example, while deciding on the naming ceremony dates, it is crucial to refer to Muhurats. Namkaran Shubh Muhurat 2023 and Shubh Muhurat for Namkaran 2024 are the auspicious dates dedicated to the Naamkaran ceremony.

The following is all about baby Namkaran meaning, Naming Ceremony Muhurat and its significance, and how these special Muhurats are essential for people. If you’re looking for the right day to name your child, this list is meant for you. The following list is created by experienced astrologers and Pandits and is as accurate as possible. Moreover, this Shubh Muhurat for Namkaran 2024 will help you choose the most suitable day for the first major event of your baby’s life.

Meaning and Significance of Namkaran Muhurat 2024

Namkaran, or Naming Ceremony, is the day when the baby gets their name and is a major affair for the parents and family of the child. In some regions of India, this event is celebrated in temples, and other areas mostly see it happen at home with the baby's immediate family. Naamkaran Shubh Muhurat 2024 are the auspicious timings and dates of 2024 dedicated to this important event. Since this is one of the first significant occasions in the baby’s life, it is essential that it is undertaken under the right Muhurat.

As we already know, Muhurats are special timings, and people believe that any work done under certain Muhurats or any events celebrated while focusing on Muhurats are meant to succeed and will have the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses. Thus, it is important to name the baby during the auspicious Muhurat so that the child receives the grace and love of the deities.

Getting in touch with astrologers and Pandits can often be long. For example, one may not be able to connect with a good professional or may not be able to receive the type of information they require. With this in mind, the following list has been created for all those who wish to receive accurate information regarding Naming Ceremony dates.

Furthermore, through this page, one will also realise the importance of Naamkaran Shubh Muhurat 2024 or the meaning and significance of Namkaran Muhurat 2024. Blessing the child with an appropriate name, under the right Muhurat and circumstances, ensures that the child is protected and blessed by the Gods and Goddesses and will live a happy and long life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aswhwini, Shatabisha, Swati, Chitra, and Hasta are some of the Nakshatras that are auspicious when it comes to Namkaran or naming ceremonies. These Nakshatras should be considered while deciding on good dates for naming ceremony.
The Namkaran ceremony, or naming ceremony, is a special occasion dedicated to naming the newborn baby. The family members and close friends of the baby get together and celebrate the life of the baby.
Naming Ceremony Muhurat or Namkaran Muhurat is the special timing dedicated to Naming Ceremony. The Namkaran by date of birth ceremony is often undertaken under certain auspicious Muhurat. It is believed that engaging in any task under Muhurat will see the blessings of the deities.
Namkaran Sanskar or baby Namkaran is performed on an auspicious day with the family of the baby present to celebrate not just the new name of the child but also the long and healthy life they will live. This festivity is a grand affair in certain parts of India, often celebrated at home or in temples.
In some areas of India, the Namkaran ceremony is held and honoured by the family of the baby, where the child’s father whispers the name of the baby into the baby’s ear and then announces it to everyone else. However, in other parts of India, such as West Bengal and Gujarat, the paternal aunt of the baby has the privilege of naming her brother’s child.
The Namkaran ceremony can be done anytime after a few weeks or months from the birth of the child. However, according to Hindu traditions and beliefs, in some parts of India, it is done on the twelfth day after the birth of the baby; in some other regions, it is held anytime before the child’s first birthday, and in some other areas it is done in the 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 9th month for girls and 2nd, 4th, 6th, or 8th month for boys.
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