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Shubh Vehicle Purchase Muhurat

Buying a vehicle is a dream that most of us hold in our lives. Many of us wish to purchase our dream vehicles and see the world on it. But did you know that purchasing a vehicle on the right Muhurat is just as important as thinking about the aspects of the vehicle? A vehicle purchase Muhurat is a special Muhurat or auspicious timing which allows us to buy our favourite vehicle at the right moment so that it receives the blessings of the Gods and stays in the best possible condition.

If you often wonder, “Which day is good for vehicle purchase?”, “Which is the best day to buy a car as per astrology?” “Which is an auspicious day to buy car?” or “Which is the best bike purchase Muhurat?”, then this page will help you know about all the auspicious days of 2024 when you can purchase your ideal vehicle. A vehicle purchase Muhurat is an essential part of buying a vehicle, and people often consult astrologers or Pandits before making a decision.

Here are the essential things one should consider while purchasing a vehicle in terms of astrological Muhurats. In addition, people should also go through the Vehicle Purchase Muhurat 2024 list, which will give them an idea of all the auspicious dates of each month when they can buy a vehicle. These Muhurats are for people aiming to buy a vehicle in 2024. Scroll down to read more about Vehicle Purchase Muhurat, its significance, and how to find the best Muhurat for you!

Meaning and Significance of Vehicle Purchase Muhurat

While Muhurat are special timings which are ruled over by Nakshatras and are an essential part of any celebration, Vehicle Purchase Muhurat provides the best day to buy a car as per astrology or the right time to get your bike or two-wheeler. In short, Car Purchase Muhurat and Bike Purchase Muhurat are some of the branches of Vehicle Purchase Muhurat. However, this particular area of Muhurats is not just limited to cars or bikes. Individuals can buy any vehicle on the auspicious days under Vehicle Purchase Muhurat astrology. The meaning and significance of Vehicle Purchase Muhurat relates to the idea behind this branch of Muhurat and how it impacts people's lives.

Muhurats hold a special place and importance in our daily lives, and are an essential aspect of Hinduism. Individuals often find themselves in touch with several astrologers in search of the best Muhurat for certain events. Similarly, people also refer to Pandits and astrologers while buying a vehicle. An astrologer studies the planetary positions of a month and proposes with a right Muhurat, but this process can be long.

However, Muhurats are essential because of their power to make way for the blessings of Gods and Goddesses and remind people that tasks undertaken and completed under certain auspicious Muhurats are high chances for success and will always receive the grace and blessings of the deities. Also, Vehicle Purchase Muhurats, in particular, are important because they will ensure that your vehicle stays protected from harmful energies and is at its best.

Finding the Right Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in 2024

Suppose you’re someone who has looked through every possible newspaper, magazine, or website looking for the right Muhurat or the best day to buy a car, bike purchase Muhurat or car delivery Muhurat. In that case, you will understand that finding the right Vehicle Purchase Muhurat 2024 or any other year, is a tiring process. One has to devote several hours to finding the right Muhurat for oneself, and one may still not find it after serious research.

The following list of Vehicle Purchase Muhurat has been created to make things easier after thorough research and analysis by experienced astrologers and Pandits. It is also essential to note that this Vehicle Buying Muhurat 2024 list will allow people to understand the importance of Vehicle Purchase Muhurat and how Shubh Kaaj or auspicious work should be done on auspicious Muhurats.

As we are already aware, Muhurats are usually based on Nakshatras. They are highly promising because while they account for Nakshatras and their positions, they also pay attention to the other celestial bodies. This ensures more accuracy and positivity, and one can choose the right Muhurat for themselves after careful analysis of their desired days, dates, and timings. Read more to find out the auspicious dates of vehicle purchase in 2024!

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in January 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
03rd January 2024, Wednesday 07:47 PM to Next Day 06:50 AM Hasta Ashtami
04th January 2024, Thursday 06:50 AM to 10:04 PM Hasta, Chitra Ashtami
17th January 2024, Wednesday 11:06 PM to 03:33 AM, 19 January Revati Ashtami
21st January 2024, Sunday 06:53 AM to 07:26 PM Rohini Ekadashi
22nd January 2024, Monday 07:51 PM to Next Day 04:58 AM Mrigashirsha Trayodashi
24th January 2024, Wednesday 09:49 PM to Next Day 06:53 AM Punarvasu Purnima
25th January 2024, Thursday 06:53 AM to Next Day 06:53 AM Punarvasu, Pushya Purnima, Pratipada
31st January 2024, Wednesday 06:52 AM to Next Day 06:51 AM Hasta, Chitra Panchami, Shashthi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in February 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
01st February 2024, Thursday 06:51 AM to 02:03 PM Chitra Shashthi
02nd February 2024, Friday 04:02 PM to Next Day 05:56 AM Swati Ashtami
04th February 2024, Sunday 05:49 PM to Next Day06:50AM Anuradha Dashami
18th February 2024, Sunday 08:14 AM to Next Day 06:44 AM Rohini, Mrigashirsha Dashami
21st February 2024, Wednesday 11:26 AM to Next Day 06:42 AM Punarvasu, Pushya Trayodashi
22nd February 2024, Thursday 06:42 AM to 01:21 PM Pushya Trayodashi
29th February 2024, Thursday 06:38 AM to Next Day 06:37 AM Chitra, Swati Shashthi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in March 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
01st March 2024, Friday 06:37 AM to 12:48 PM Swati Shashthi
03rd March 2024, Sunday 08:44 AM to 03:54 PM Anuradha Ashtami
08th March 2024, Friday 06:32 AM to 09:57 PM Shravana, Dhanishta Trayodashi
15th March 2024, Friday 04:08 PM to 10:08 PM Rohini Shashthi
17th March 2024, Sunday 06:25 AM to 04:47 PM Mrigashirsha Ashtami
20th March 2024, Wednesday 06:23 AM to 10:38 PM Pushya Ekadashi
25th March 2024, Monday 10:37 AM to Next Day 06:18 AM Hasta Purnima, Pratipada
27th March 2024, Wednesday 05:05 PM to Next Day 06:17 AM Swati Tritiya
28th March 2024, Thursday 06:17 AM to 06:38 PM Swati Tritiya
29th March 2024, Friday 08:35 PM to Next Day 06:15 AM Anuradha Panchami

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in April 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
04th April 2024, Thursday 06:11 AM to Next Day 06:10 AM Shravana, Dhanishta Dashami, Ekadashi
05th April 2024, Friday 06:10 AM to 01:28 PM Dhanishta Ekadashi
12th April 2024, Friday 01:11 PM to Next Day 06:04 AM Rohini, Mrigashirsha Panchami
15th April 2024, Monday 12:10 PM to Next Day 06:02 AM Punarvasu, Pushya Ashtami
21st April 2024, Sunday 05:08 PM to Next Day 01:10 AM Hasta Trayodashi
24th April 2024, Wednesday 05:57 AM to Next Day 00:40 AM Swati Pratipada
26th April 2024, Friday 07:45 AM to Next Day 03:39 AM Anuradha Tritiya

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in May 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
01st May 2024, Wednesday 05:53 AM to Next Day 04:00 AM Shravana Ashtami
03rd May 2024, Friday 05:52 AM to Next Day 00:06 AM Shatabhisha Dashami
05th May 2024, Sunday 07:57 PM to Next Day 05:51 AM Revati Trayodashi
06th May 2024, Monday 05:51 AM to 02:39 PM Revati Trayodashi
10th May 2024, Friday 05:49 AM to Next Day 02:49 AM Rohini, Mrigashirsha Tritiya
12th May 2024, Sunday 10:26 AM to Next Day 05:48 AM Punarvasu Panchami, Shashthi
13th May 2024, Monday 05:48 AM to Next Day 02:49 AM Punarvasu, Pushya Shashthi
19th May 2024, Sunday 05:46 AM to 01:49 PM Hasta Ekadashi
20th May 2024, Monday 03:58 PM to Next Day 05:46 AM Chitra Trayodashi
23rd May 2024, Thursday 09:14 AM to Next Day 05:45 AM Anuradha Purnima, Pratipada
24th May 2024, Friday 05:45 AM to 10:10 PM Anuradha Pratipada
29th May 2024, Wednesday 05:45 AM to 01:39 PM Shravana, Dhanishta Shashthi
30th May 2024, Thursday 11:43 AM to Next Day 05:44 AM Shatabhisha Ashtami

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in June 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
02nd June 2024, Sunday 05:44 AM to Next Day 01:40 AM Revati Ekadashi
09th June 2024, Sunday 05:44 AM to 03:43 PM Punarvasu Tritiya
10th June 2024, Monday 04:14 PM to 09:39 PM Pushya Panchami
16th June 2024, Sunday 05:45 AM to Next Day 05:45 AM Hasta, Chitra Dashami, Ekadashi
17th June 2024, Monday 05:45 AM to Next Day 05:46 AM Chitra, Swati Ekadashi
19th June 2024, Wednesday 05:23 PM to Next Day 05:46 AM Anuradha Trayodashi
24th June 2024, Monday 03:53 PM to Next Day 01:22 AM Shravana Tritiya
26th June 2024, Wednesday 05:47 AM to Next Day 05:48 AM Dhanishta, Shatabhisha Panchami, Shashthi
27th June 2024, Thursday 05:48 AM to 11:36 AM Shatabhisha Shashthi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in July 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
03rd July 2024, Wednesday 07:09 AM to Next Day 05:50 AM Rohini, Mrigashirsha Trayodashi
14th July 2024, Sunday 05:53 AM to 05:25 PM Chitra Ashtami
15th July 2024, Monday 07:18 PM to Next Day 00:29 AM Swati Dashami
17th July 2024, Wednesday 05:54 AM to 09:02 PM Anuradha Anuradha Ekadashi
22nd July 2024, Monday 05:56 AM to 01:11 PM Shravana Pratipada
26th July 2024, Friday 02:29 PM to 11:29 PM Revati Shashthi
31st July 2024, Wednesday 05:58 AM to 03:54 PM Rohini, Mrigashirsha Ekadashi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in August 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
02nd August 2024, Friday 10:58 AM to 03:26 PM Punarvasu Trayodashi
09th August 2024, Friday 06:01 AM to Next Day 06:01 AM Hasta, Chitra Panchami, Shashthi
19th August 2024, Monday 06:03 AM to Next Day 05:45 AM Shravana, Dhanishta Purnima, Pratipada
23rd August 2024, Friday 10:38 AM to 07:53 PM Revati Panchami
26th August 2024, Monday 03:55 PM to Next Day 02:19 AM Rohini Ashtami
28th August 2024, Wednesday 06:05 AM to 03:52 PM Mrigashirsha Dashami
29th August 2024, Thursday 04:39 PM to Next Day 01:36 AM Punarvasu Ekadashi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in September 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
05th September 2024, Thursday 12:20 PM to Next Day 06:06 AM Hasta Tritiya
06th September 2024, Friday 06:06 AM to 03:00 PM Hasta, Chitra Tritiya
08th September 2024, Sunday 06:06 AM to 03:30 PM Swati Panchami
15th September 2024, Sunday 06:11 PM to Next Day 06:07 AM Dhanishta Trayodashi
16th September 2024, Monday 06:07 AM to 03:09 PM Dhanishta Trayodashi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in October 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
07th October 2024, Monday 09:46 AM to Next Day 02:24 AM Anuradha Panchami
13th October 2024, Sunday 06:12 AM to Next Day 06:12 AM Dhanishta, Shatabhisha Dashami, Ekadashi
16th October 2024, Wednesday 20:40 AM to Next Day 06:13 AM Revati Purnima
17th October 2024, Thursday 06:13 AM to 04:20 PM Revati Purnima
21st October 2024, Monday 06:14 AM to Next Day 05:50 AM Mrigashirsha Panchami, Shashthi
24th October 2024, Thursday 06:15 AM to Next Day 01:57 AM Pushya Ashtami
30th October 2024, Wednesday 06:17 AM to 01:14 PM Hasta Trayodashi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in November 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
10th November 2024, Sunday 09:00 PM to Next Day 06:22 AM Shatabhisha Dashami
13th November 2024, Wednesday 01:00 PM to Next Day 03:10 AM Revati Trayodashi
17th November 2024, Sunday 09:05 PM to Next Day 06:26 AM Mrigashirsha Tritiya
18th November 2024 Monday 06:26 AM to 03:48 PM Mrigashirsha Tritiya
20th November 2024, Wednesday 06:27 AM to Next Day 06:28 AM Punarvasu, Pushya Panchami, Shashthi
21st November 2024, Thursday 06:28 AM to 03:35 PM Pushya Shashthi
28th November 2024, Thursday 06:32 AM to Next Day 06:32 AM Chitra, Swati Trayodashi

Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in December 2024

Date and Day Auspicious Timings Nakshatra Tithi
05th December 2024, Thursday 05:26 PM to Next Day 06:37 AM Shravana Panchami
06th December 2024, Friday 06:37 AM to Next Day 06:37 AM Shravana, Dhanishta Panchami, Shashthi
08th December 2024, Sunday 09:43 AM to 04:02 PM Shatabhisha Ashtami
11th December 2024, Wednesday 06:40 AM to 11:47 AM Revati Ekadashi
15th December 2024, Sunday 06:42 AM to Next Day 02:19 AM Mrigashirsha Purnima, Pratipada
23rd December 2024, Monday 09:08 AM to 05:07 PM Hasta Ashtami
25th December 2024, Wednesday 06:47 AM to Next Day 06:47 AM Chitra, Swati Dashami, Ekadashi
26th December 2024, Thursday 06:47 AM to 06:09 PM Swati Ekadashi

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle astrology is a particular branch of astrology that deals with buying vehicles, choosing the right vehicle, and the timings of buying vehicles according to astrological calculations and predictions.
While one should always consider Vehicle Purchase Muhurat while buying their vehicles. When choosing the day for vehicle purchase, Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are considered lucky.
The planets Saturn and Venus are responsible for vehicle purchases. As we know, Saturn governs people’s efforts and hard work, and Venus rules over material comforts and dreams. Thus, Venus is responsible for acquiring a vehicle, and Saturn will help speed up the process of buying the vehicle.
The Nakshatras Swati, Punarvasu, Dhanishta, and Shatabisha are highly promising for buying a vehicle, and individuals should consider these Nakshatras while choosing a day for their bike or car delivery.
While there are Muhurats for every month when it comes to Vehicle Purchases, buying a vehicle in February and March is considered lucky. Moreover, one can also choose to buy their vehicle around Diwali.
There are several factors in play when considering when to buy a vehicle as per astrology. One should consider the Nakshatras, the days, the special timings, the Tithis, get in touch with astrologers, and then make an informed decision before buying the vehicle.
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