How Can Shubh Muhurat Bring You Success?

Muhurat plays an important part in all good and beginnings. Are you looking for the perfect day and time to start a new business? The Shubh Muhurat 2024 is here to make your fresh start successful. Why is Shubh Muhuart important before starting any new task? Can the chances of failure and downfall be minimised by following the Shubh Muhurat? If such questions have been considered in your head, keep calm! All your questions will be answered below. There is a believe that a new year means a new beginning.

So, as you step into the new year 2024, you might have planned many things with the hope of getting success. Your effortless hard work and determination will pay off. Still, you need to remember that following the Shubh Muhurat, or an auspicious time, is important before starting any new task. Doing this can enhance the chances of success and minimise the risk of failure. Therefore, it is considered wise to begin a new journey during this period.

Meaning of Auspicious Muhurat 2024

The word “Muhu” means “moment”, and “Rat” means “Order”, which means that the missions you’ve planned should be aligned in proper order so that they can bear good fruits. The practice of viewing Shubh Muhurat before starting any new journey has its roots in ancient tradition. In earlier times, even the kings used to consult their personal astrologers before signing any important treaties or ruling over a new territory. That’s how the practice of Shubh Muhurat came into its origin and is still being practised in the 21st Century.

People consult their trusted astrologers to know about the auspicious timing for all the important ventures such as Vivaah Muhurat, Griha Pravesh Muhurat, Business Muhurat and many more. Doing this can help individuals know the best time to start their journey to protect them from the ill effects of malefic planet conjunctions.

Moreover, it’s undeniable that people start a new journey with the hope of becoming successful and flourishing. So why not take the opportunity to begin your new journey at the auspicious time and not worry about being failed? Stay in touch with us while we cover more information about the importance of Shubh Muhurat in Astrology.

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Significance of Shubh Muhurat

Did you know during the older times, Shubh Muhurat was taken into consideration before performing Yajnas, which are the sacrifices offered to God? Well, with time, people started to value the importance of Shubh Muhurat, and that’s how it has still been actively practised. So, according to Astrology, many combinations and shifts in planets can affect individuals' lives and their overall success.

Shubh Muhurat was designed by vedic astrologers who can look into your birth chart and predict the placements of planets. Therefore, according to the vedic, astrologers recommend auspicious dates and times so that none of the doshas or malefic planets can interrupt your success path.

Furthermore, especially in Hindu Culture, people consult with astrologers before starting any new ventures, be it a wedding, housewarming, purchasing a car, beginning a new business, etc. Also, many people look into the Shubh Muhurat before travelling so that they do not come across any major accidents or barriers in their journey.

Also, Shubh Muhurat can help individuals to have a successful marriage due to Shubh Vivaah Muhurat, Business Muhurat can help individuals flourish their business, and the Griha Pravesh Muhurat can ward off evil energies from the home. So, this is how different Muhurats have different outcomes that can benefit individuals.

Aspects Determining Shubh Muhurat

While determining the auspicious Shubh Muhurat, there are certain aspects that are taken into consideration. In astrology, a lot of things play a major role in assisting individuals know about the most auspicious timing and date. However, astrologers will view individuals' birth charts to see if the important astrological aspects are well placed. So, head down below to know the aspects that help in determining Shubh Muhurat 2024.

Panchang Tithi

Panchang is a traditional Hindu Calander used to determine important aspects such as planetary positions and lunar phases while determining the auspicious Muhurat. This is an essential tool when choosing the Shubh Muhurat because it helps the individuals align their actions with the cosmic energies.


In astrology, the yog is formed in an individual's birth chart due to the conjunction of planets. This combination of planets can bring negative or positive influences. However, if yoga is auspicious, then the individuals might gain good results, or it can be vice versa. So, while determining, astrologers look at the presence of auspicious or inauspicious yog in kundali so that they can suggest shubh muhurat.


Vaar in vedic astrology is referred to as an auspicious day of the week. Each day has a strong influence on particular planets that can impact the outcome of your most promising venture. However, some days can have a strong effect on planets that might not be aligned well with the horoscope. So, Vaar is also another essential aspect to keep in mind while determining the Shubh Muhurat.


Nakshatra is also known as a lunar mansion, one of the most important aspects of selecting Shubh Muhurat. The Nakshatras represent the position of the Moon in the kundali, which can impact a particular time or event. However, by considering the nakshatra during the selection of a Muhurat, astrologers can favourably align the celestial energies. This can increase the chances of success and positive outcomes. Moreover, the specific nakshatra can provide insights into the auspiciousness of a particular time for various activities.


In vedic astrology, Karan is used as a specific way to determine the auspicious time for any special events. The Karan is associated with the hindu lunar calendar and allows the astrologers to predict the auspicious time for performing important and special ceremonies. However, there are 11 karans in vedic astrology, which represent the position of the Sun and Moon. However, among the 11 Karans, the first 7 Karans are known as 'Char', which means variable and the last 4 Karnas are called 'Sthir', which means constant.

Types of Muhurat In Astrology

In vedic Astrology, there are various types of Muhurat that indicate its auspiciousness. While consulting an astrologer, they will ask you about the event and according to that, they will suggest some auspicious timing, date and nakshatra. Moreover, for every event, there are certain ways to determine the Shubh Muhurat. So, read below to know about the types of Muhurat:

Abhijeet Muhurat

Abhijeet Muhurat is considered very auspicious, and this is the best time of the entire day. This is the muhurat that falls in the last half of the morning and the first half of the evening. This muhurat is considered an auspicious time that can help the natives to conduct their events successfully with the hurdles of negative energies.

Annaprashan Muhurat

In many other states in India, the Annaprashan is known by different names, such as choroonu in Kerala and Mukhe Bhaat in Bengal. This is the auspicious ceremony where the astrologers find the best Annaprashan Muhurat for the baby to feed their first meal. The word Annaprashan is a Sanskrit word which means food feeding. However, for a baby boy, the food is fed in the even months, such as the 6th, 8th, or 10th month, whereas for a baby girl, the food is fed during the odd months.

Griha Pravesh Muhura

The Griha Pravesh Muhurat is considered to be very auspicious and sacred in Hindu cultures. They believe you cannot enter a new home without performing the Griha Pravesh rituals. Therefore, people consult astrologers to find the most suitable time and day to perform a Griha Pravesh Puja. So, for this, a special Griha Pravesh Muhurat is suggested by the astrologer so that they enter into their new home with positive energy and blessings of God.

Karnavedha Muhurat

The Karnavedha Muhurat is an auspicious Muhurat that is designed for an ear-piercing ceremony. In hindu tradition, it’s believed there is a certain age for a female and a male child to get their ear piercing. However, it’s believed that by performing this ceremony with the proper Karnavedha Muhurat, you can remove the ill effects of Rahu and Ketu. Also, the children continue to be fit and healthy and will not be affected by any illnesses or problems.

Marriage Muhurat

Marriage Muhurat is another important Muhurat which is designed for people before their wedding so that all the wedding rituals are performed without any problems. Also, looking at the birth chart of the bride and groom, the astrologers pick the auspicious date and time for marriage so that the couple have a blissful marriage. Moreover, Marriage Muhurat is considered important so that the negative conjunction of planets does not bring any barrier in the marriage.

Mundan Muhurat

In the Hindu religion, a special ceremony or ritual is performed, known as the Mundan Sanskar, which is one of the sixteen sacred rites. It is a special ceremony where the child’s head is shaved for the first time, and they are almost two years old. This ceremony is performed so the child receives a blissful life filled with success, prosperity and goodwill. Moreover, in vedic astrology, this ceremony is known as Shodasha Samskara, where the child is protected from all the negative energy from their past life.

Namkaran Muhurat

Namkaran Muhurat is significant, where the child is given an identity after they are born. During the Namkaran ceremony, all the family members get together to give a child a name by which the child is recognised. Also, by analysing a child’s birth chart and Nakshatra, astrologers give a specific date and time, and thus, the Namkaran Ceremony should be performed within the given Muhurat.

Business Muhurat

In vedic astrology, it is believed that the placement of some nakshatras in the birth chart of individuals provides success and profitability for the business. However, astrologers predict the best business, Muhurat, where they can start their new business so that the influence of planets and Nakshatras do not interrupt their path of success. However, some of the nakshatras that are considered auspicious are Pushya, Ashwini, Chitra, Anuradha, and Revati.

Property Purchase Muhurat

When someone purchases or books a property, it’s very important for them to know about the right date and time, which is known as the property Purchase Muhurat. If you purchase the property during the right Muhurat, you can be saved from the negative astrological factors that can block your way of building a perfect home for your family. However, in Vedic Astrology, Panchang Shuddhi or Panchangam Shuddhi allows astrologers to know about the best time to book or purchase land.

Ring Ceremony Muhurat

You might have heard what starts well ends well! This phrase applies here because, in every tradition, the engagement or ring ceremony is the first ritual that marks the beginning of a new life for couples. However, Ring Ceremony Muhurat allows individuals to step into their first path of a new life without any hurdles and barriers that can bring inauspiciousness to their wedding.

Upanayana Muhurat

Upanayana Muhurat is considered a sacred time for the thread ceremony, also known as the Upanayana ceremony. It is an important ritual in Hinduism where a young boy dedicates his life to studying Vedas and receiving Vedic knowledge. Moreover, the Upanayana Muhurat is determined based on astrological considerations, such as the positions of the planets and the lunar calendar. Also, it is believed that performing the Upanayana ceremony during a favourable Muhurat brings blessings, wisdom, and spiritual growth to the child.

Vehicle Buying Muhurat

As we already said, in Hindu culture, each and every new beginning is started only after performing a religious ritual. However, buying a new car is also like an achievement, so a Vehicle Buying Muhurat is prepared with an auspicious date, day and time so that the vehicle is purchased during the auspicious time. Also, this is done so that the individuals' vehicle is always protected and doesn’t lead to any misfortunes.

Vidyarambh Muhurat

Vidyarambh Muhurat is a special time that the astrologer selects to perform the rituals for a child where they write their first word as a beginning of education and learning. However, this muhurat is equally important as any other muhurat because the beginning of learning starts and gives the child the ability to grasp things and gain intelligence and development. Moreover, in earlier times, this ceremony used to be performed when the child reached the age of five, but now parents start the education of a child at three or four.


In conclusion, that was all about the subha muhurtham 2024. We hope you understand the importance of Shubh Muhurat. However, if you are looking for an easy way to know about the Muhurat, you can now read Shubh Muhurat 2024 in english. Make sure to make use of the Shubh Muhurat so that you can attract positive energies and save yourself from astrological factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shubh Muhurat is an auspicious date and time that is considered auspicious to perform important rituals. However, Shubh Muhurat is selected by expert astrologers, keeping in mind the astrological factors such as planets. Nakshatra and Tithi.
Considering a Shubh Muhurat 2024 before performing any auspicious ritual is very important so that you gain the desired results. Also, some of the negative shifts in planets and Nakshatra can also affect your new beginning, so keeping an eye on the auspicious date and time is crucial.
To know about the auspicious Nakshatra in 2024 for you, the astrologers need to look into your birth chart. Therefore, according to that, they can suggest good Nakshatras depending on your birth chart and the event for which you are an auspicious Muhurat.
The auspiciousness of the Marriage Muhurat in 2024 differs from person to person depending on their personal birth charts. Moreover, the individual birth chart gives astrologers insights into the placements of planets and Nakshatras that can help them predict the best time for marriage.
Rashi, Panchang, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana are the most important elements that are taken into consideration while determining an auspicious Muhurat.
Yes, every ritual and ceremony has its particular Shubh Muhurat. Like, for marriage, a special marriage muhurat is designed, while for housewarming, Griha Pravesh Muhurat is prepared. So, remember to consult an astrologer before performing any special events.
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