Finding the right Karnavedha Muhurat in 2024

Celebrated as the ear piercing ceremony, the Karnavedha ceremony is observed when the child is between 1 and 5 years of age. Finding the right Karnavedha Muhurat in 2024 or any Muhurat for 2024 is essential.

The following list is built with the help of expert Pandits and astrology experts, and this list will surely provide you with what you seek. If you've been searching through magazines and websites for the best Karnavedha dates in 2024 or Karnavedha Muhurat 2024 timings, this list is meant for you. Read more to find the right Karnavedha 2024 Muhurat for your child!

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in January 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
04 January, Thursday07:46 AM to 10:14 AM
11:41 AM to 04:37 PM
08 January, Monday08:16 AM to 12:50 PM
02:25 PM to 06:36 PM
13 January, Saturday07:46 AM to 09:38 AM
11:06 AM to 04:01 PM
14 January, Sunday07:46 AM to 09:34 AM
17 January, Wednesday07:46 AM to 12:15 PM
01:50 PM to 08:21 PM
18 January, Thursday10:46 AM to 01:46 PM
03:42 PM to 08:17 PM
22 January, Monday07:45 AM to 09:03 AM
10:30 AM to 03:26 PM
25 January, Thursday01:19 PM to 07:49 PM
26 January, Friday07:43 AM to 11:39 AM
31 January, Wednesday07:41 AM to 08:27 AM
09:55 AM to 02:51 PM
05:05 PM to 07:25 PM

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Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in February 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 February, Thursday07:41 AM to 08:23 AM
09:51 AM to 02:47 PM
10 February, Saturday07:35 AM to 07:48 AM
09:16 AM to 04:26 PM
14 February, Wednesday07:32 AM to 10:25 AM
01:55 PM to 06:30 PM
15 February, Thursday07:31 AM to 10:21 AM
18 February, Sunday10:09 AM to 01:40 PM
03:54 PM to 06:15 PM
19 February, Monday07:28 AM to 08:40 AM
10:05 AM to 11:40 AM
21 February, Wednesday07:26 AM to 09:57 AM
11:32 AM to 06:03 PM
22 February, Thursday07:25 AM to 09:53 AM
11:28 AM to 03:39 PM
29 February, Thursday07:18 AM to 08:01 AM
09:26 AM to 11:01 AM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in March 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 March, Sunday07:15 AM to 09:14 AM
10:49 AM to 05:20 PM
07 March, Thursday02:44 PM to 07:21 PM
08 March, Friday07:29 AM to 12:25 PM
02:40 PM to 07:17 PM
25 March, Monday01:33 PM to 06:10 PM
27 March, Wednesday07:40 AM to 01:25 PM
03:45 PM to 06:03 PM
30 March, Saturday09:03 AM to 03:34 PM
05:51 PM to 08:07 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in April 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
04 April, Thursday05:31 PM to 07:47 PM
05 April, Friday07:42 AM to 12:50 PM
03:10 PM to 06:36 PM
13 April, Saturday06:33 AM to 10:04 AM
12:18 PM to 07:12 PM
15 April, Monday06:26 AM to 12:10 PM
26 April, Friday07:17 AM to 01:47 PM
04:05 PM to 06:21 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in May 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 May, Wednesday06:57 AM to 08:53 AM
11:07 AM to 06:01 PM
06 May, Monday06:38 AM to 01:08 PM
10 May, Friday12:52 PM to 05:26 PM
12 May, Sunday12:44 PM to 07:38 PM
13 May, Monday06:10 AM to 12:41 PM
02:58 PM to 07:34 PM
19 May, Sunday02:34 PM to 04:51 PM
20 May, Monday09:53 AM to 04:47 PM
23 May, Thursday02:19 PM to 06:54 PM
24 May, Friday07:22 AM to 11:57 AM
29 May, Wednesday09:17 AM to 04:11 PM
30 May, Thursday06:59 AM to 09:13 AM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in June 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
02 June, Sunday06:47 AM to 11:22 AM
01:39 PM to 06:15 PM
03 June, Monday07:30 AM to 01:35 PM
03:52 PM to 06:11 PM
07 June, Friday11:02 AM to 05:55 PM
09 June, Sunday06:19 AM to 08:34 AM
10:54 AM to 05:48 PM
10 June, Monday05:44 PM to 08:02 PM
16 June, Sunday08:07 AM to 03:00 PM
05:20 PM to 07:39 PM
17 June, Monday05:54 AM to 08:03 AM
10:23 AM to 02:57 PM
20 June, Thursday05:55 AM to 10:11 AM
26 June, Wednesday09:48 AM to 02:21 PM
29 June, Saturday11:53 AM to 04:29 PM
30 June, Sunday02:05 PM to 06:44 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in July 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
06 July, Saturday09:08 AM to 04:01 PM
07 July, Sunday06:44 AM to 09:04 AM
11:22 AM to 06:16 PM
12 July, Friday05:56 PM to 07:28 PM
13 July, Saturday06:20 AM to 01:14 PM
03:34 PM to 05:52 PM
14 July, Sunday06:44 AM to 03:30 PM
05:48 PM to 07:52 PM
17 July, Wednesday07:33 AM to 08:25 AM
22 July, Monday06:08 AM to 12:39 PM
02:58 PM to 06:27 PM
27 July, Saturday12:19 PM to 07:01 PM
28 July, Sunday07:42 AM to 09:59 AM
12:15 PM to 02:35 PM
31 July, Wednesday02:23 PM to 06:46 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in August 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 August, Thursday07:26 AM to 12:00 PM
02 August, Friday11:56 AM to 02:15 PM
09 August, Friday06:55 AM to 11:28 AM
01:48 PM to 06:10 PM
10 August, Saturday06:51 AM to 11:24 AM
01:44 PM to 06:06 PM
14 August, Wednesday11:09 AM to 01:28 PM
19 August, Monday03:27 PM to 07:13 PM
23 August, Friday12:53 PM to 03:11 PM
05:15 PM to 06:57 PM
24 August, Saturday06:38 AM to 08:13 AM
10:29 AM to 05:11 PM
28 August, Wednesday06:28 AM to 12:33 PM
30 August, Friday06:29 AM to 02:44 PM
04:48 PM to 06:16 PM
31 August, Saturday07:45 AM to 02:40 PM
04:44 PM to 06:07 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in September 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
05 September, Thursday07:26 AM to 09:42 AM
12:02 PM to 06:06 PM
06 September, Friday07:22 AM to 09:38 AM
11:58 AM to 04:20 PM
15 September, Sunday06:46 AM to 09:03 AM
11:22 AM to 05:27 PM
16 September, Monday06:42 AM to 11:18 AM
01:37 PM to 03:41 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in October 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 October, Thursday06:46 AM to 07:52 AM
10:11 AM to 04:16 PM
05:44 PM to 07:09 PM
04 October, Friday06:47 AM to 10:08 AM
12:26 PM to 05:40 PM
07 October, Monday02:18 PM to 06:53 PM
12 October, Saturday11:55 AM to 03:41 PM
05:08 PM to 06:33 PM
13 October, Sunday09:32 AM to 03:37 PM
17 October, Thursday07:18 AM to 11:35 AM
01:39 PM to 06:14 PM
18 October, Friday06:55 AM to 01:35 PM
21 October, Monday09:01 AM to 03:05 PM
04:33 PM to 06:44 PM
23 October, Wednesday02:58 PM to 04:25 PM
05:50 PM to 07:25 PM
24 October, Thursday06:59 AM to 11:07 AM
01:11 PM to 05:46 PM
30 October, Wednesday08:25 AM to 02:30 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in November 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 November, Sunday07:06 AM to 10:28 AM
12:32 PM to 05:07 PM
04 November, Monday07:07 AM to 10:24 AM
08 November, Friday03:22 PM to 06:22 PM
09 November, Saturday12:09 PM to 01:51 PM
03:18 PM to 06:18 PM
13 November, Wednesday07:30 AM to 09:49 AM
11:53 AM to 04:27 PM
06:03 PM to 07:58 PM
14 November, Thursday07:26 AM to 11:49 AM
20 November, Wednesday11:25 AM to 04:00 PM
05:35 PM to 07:31 PM
21 November, Thursday07:20 AM to 09:17 AM
11:21 AM to 03:56 PM
27 November, Wednesday07:25 AM to 12:40 PM
02:07 PM to 06:37 PM

Karnavedha Ceremony Muhurat in December 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
01 December, Sunday12:24 PM to 03:17 PM
06 December, Friday07:32 AM to 12:05 PM
01:32 PM to 06:28 PM
07 December, Saturday08:14 AM to 01:28 PM
02:53 PM to 06:24 PM
11 December, Wednesday07:35 AM to 07:59 AM
10:03 AM to 04:13 PM
12 December, Thursday07:36 AM to 09:59 AM
15 December, Sunday07:43 AM to 11:29 AM
12:57 PM to 08:07 PM
23 December, Monday12:25 PM to 05:21 PM
25 December, Wednesday07:43 AM to 10:50 AM
28 December, Saturday08:56 AM to 01:31 PM
03:06 PM to 07:16 PM

Shubh Muhurat for Karnavedha 2024

One of the first and major events in a child’s life is Karnavedha Sanskar. This event is unique not just for the parents of the baby but also for the family members. In addition, it is celebrated with much excitement and show, where people gather to celebrate the baby's existence and the letting go of past sins and karmic debts.

Every parent desires the best for their child and wishes for not just happiness but also good health and success. Thus, as per ancient Hindu texts and scriptures, the Karnavedha ear boring ceremony is auspicious because of the effects it has on the child. Observing this ear piercing function is believed to keep mental illnesses such as madness and mental illnesses, such as madness, away, regulate the girl's reproductive system, and allow men to become physically stronger. When it comes to spirituality, the ear piercing astrology states that the Karnavedha Sanskar ceremony is ideal for connecting with the Divine.

If you’ve been looking for an auspicious day for ear piercing in 2024, then the following list is just for you. By scrolling down, you can read about ear piercing astrology, Karnavedha Muhurat meaning, the significance of this festivity, and the significance of ear piercing in Hinduism. The information will also help you make an informed and transparent decision on a promising day for the earring ceremony.

Meaning and Significance of Karnavedha Muhurat 2024

When we focus on Karnavedha Muhurat 2024, we also have to pay attention to the meaning of Muhurats. Muhurat is special timing dedicated to particular tasks, events, or occasions. It is widely accepted and believed that engaging in any work, celebration, or festivity during a specific Muhurat will ensure happiness, abundance, success, and the divine grace of the Gods and Goddesses.

In other words, Muhurats are the foundation of any joyous function and should be given importance and value. For example, if you wish to get engaged, getting engaged in the right Muhurat is vital as that will ensure happiness and positivity during the celebrations and protect your union from harm. In Hindu traditions and culture, Muhurats are essential. People often consult professionals for their expert guidance in finding the right Muhurat, choosing the best timing, and following rituals as per the Muhurat.

Now, if we're talking about Karnavedha Muhurat meaning, then the answer is simple- this Muhurat is the timing meant for celebrating Karnavedha Sanskar ceremony or Kathukuthu. Kathukuthu in English is known as the ear piercing ceremony or ear piercing function.

Searching for the right Muhurat can often become tiring and may push people beyond their limits. For example, one may not be able to get in touch with good astrologers or may not receive the information they seek. In such instances, it becomes difficult to get what one is seeking. So, with that in mind, the list has been made to help you know which is an auspicious day for ear piercing in 2024, make suitable decisions as per your and your child's wishes, and celebrate the best way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, Thursday, and Saturday are ideal for the Karnavedha Sanskar ceremony. However, people can also get in touch with Pandits and astrologers for personalised information regarding the Karnavedha Sanskar ceremony.
Karnavedha Muhurat meaning relates to the auspicious timing meant for Karnavedha or ear piercing function. This special occasion is celebrated across several Hindu cultures and is believed to have several benefits.
According to this Indian ear piercing tradition known as the Karnavedha ceremony, the best age for ear piercing is 1 to 5 years. The child’s parents can observe this ceremony anytime between the ages of 1 to 5 years.
The day begins early in the morning, when every attendee takes a bath, wears their best clothes, and engages in Puja with the child at the centre of their prayers. Then, a special ointment is applied to the child’s earlobes, and then it is pierced. Usually, it is the Pandit who performs this act of piercing.
In Hinduism, the ear piercing ceremony or Karnavedha Sanskar is held in high regard. This ear boring ceremony is not just rooted in ancient beliefs and traditions but also ear piercing astrology. Per this traditional practice, piercing a child’s earlobes cleanses the soul and spirit, relieves sins, and prevents mental illnesses.
Individuals who wish to gift something during the earring ceremony can gift earrings, clothes, or other items that the child may like. In some parts of India where this festival is observed with much joy and excitement, people also gift food items such as fruits and sweets.
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