Finding the right Annaprashan Muhurat in 2024

If you're a new parent or the family member of a newborn, then you know how tough it is to get accurate information regarding celebrations surrounding the baby in your life. In that case, you may have been looking for Annaprashan Muhurat 2024 dates or searching for the right time to conduct the baby rice ceremony. The following list consists of all the baby Annaprashan dates, and you can zero down on the day that best suits you and your family's choice!

Muhurats are pure, accurate, and important and based on the critical placements of Nakshatras and other celestial bodies. Doing any task under Muhurats will lead to happiness, joy, and the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses. Scroll down to know the Annaprashan Muhurat 2024 dates!

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in January 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 January, Wednesday07:14 AM to 10:17 AM
11:45 AM to 04:41 PM
06:55 PM to 09:16 PM
12 January, Friday06:20 PM to 10:57 PM
15 January, Monday07:46 AM to 09:30 AM
17 January, Wednesday07:46 AM to 12:15 PM
01:50 PM to 08:21 PM
25 January, Thursday01:19 AM to 07:49 PM
31st January, Wednesday07:41 AM to 08:27 AM
09:55 AM to 12:55 PM

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Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in February 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
02 February, Wednesday07:40 AM to 09:47 AM
11:12 AM to 04:57 PM
08 February, Thursday07:56 AM to 12 24 PM
12th February, Monday04:18 PM to 06:38 PM
14 February, Tuesday07:32 AM to 10:25 AM
19 February, Monday07:28 AM to 08:40 AM
21 February, Wednesday01:28 PM to 06:03 PM
08:20 PM to 10:37 PM
22 February, Thursday07:25 AM to 09:53 AM
11:28 PM to 03:39 PM
26 February, Monday07:21 AM to 01:28 PM
03:23 PM to 10:17 PM
29 February, Thursday07:18 AM to 08:01 AM
09:26 AM to 03:11 PM
05:31 PM to 10:05 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in March 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
08 March, Friday07:29 AM to 12:25 PM
02:40 PM to 09:34 PM
11 March, Monday12:13 PM to 04:48 PM
07:06 PM to 11:32 PM
27 March, Wednesday07:40 AM to 01:25 PM
03:45 PM to 10:38 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in April 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
12 April, Friday02:42 PM to 07:16 PM
09:36 PM to 11:54 PM
15 April, Monday06:26 AM to 12:10 PM
26 April, Friday07:17 AM to 01:47 PM
04:05 PM to 08:40 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in May 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 May, Friday06:49 AM to 11:00 AM
06 May, Monday06:38 AM to 01:08 PM
09 May, Thursday12:56 PM to 05:30 PM
07:49 PM to 10:08 PM
10 May, Friday06:22 AM to 08:17 AM
10:32 AM to 05:26 PM
07:45 PM to 10:04 PM
20 May, Monday09:25 PM to 11:29 PM
23 May, Thursday02:19 PM to 09:13 PM
27 May, Monday06:39 PM to 11:01 PM
30 May, Thursday06:59 AM to 09:13 AM
11:34 AM to 01:51 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in June 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
10 June, Monday05:44 PM to 08:02 PM
19 June, Wednesday09:31 PM to 09:13 PM
20 June, Thursday05:55 AM to 10:11 AM
24 June, Monday07:35 AM to 02:29 PM
26 June, Wednesday09:48 AM to 04:41 PM
06:59 PM to 10:45 PM
28 June, Friday06:59 PM to 10:45 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in July 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
03 July, Wednesday07:40 AM to 01:54 PM
04:13 PM to 10:18 PM
12 July, Friday03:38 PM to 09:43 PM
15 July, Monday09:31 PM to 10:58 PM
22 July, Monday02:58 PM to 09:03 PM
25 July, Thursday07:09 PM to 10:19 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in August 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
02 August, Friday11:56 AM to 02:15 PM
07 August, Wednesday09:28 PM to 10:36 PM
09 August, Friday06:55 AM to 11:28 AM
01:48 PM to 07:52 PM
09:20 PM to 10:45 PM
12 August, Monday06:43 AM to 09:00 AM
14 August, Wednesday11:09 AM to 01:28 PM
19 August, Monday03:27 PM to 07:13 PM
23 August, Friday12:53 PM to 03:11 PM
05:15 PM to 11:25 PM
28 August, Wednesday06:28 AM to 12:33 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in September 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
04 September, Wednesday12:05 PM to 06:10 PM
07:38 PM to 10:38 PM
05 September, Thursday07:26 AM to 09:42 AM
12:02 PM to 06:06 PM
07:34 PM to 10:34 PM
05 September, Thursday07:22 AM to 09:38 AM.
11:58 AM to 04:20 PM
16 September, Monday06:42 AM to 11:18 AM
01:37 PM to 03:41 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in October 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
04 October, Friday06:47 AM to 10:08 AM
12:26 PM to 17:40 PM
07:05 PM to 10:35 PM
07 October, Monday02:18 PM to 06:53 PM
08:28 PM to 10:24 PM
17 October, Thursday07:18 AM to 11:35 AM
01:39 PM to 06:14 PM
21 October, Monday09:01 AM to 03:05 PM
04:33 PM to 11:43 PM
21 October, Monday02:58 PM to 04:25 PM
05:50 PM to 11:35 PM
30 October, Wednesday08:25 AM to 02:30 PM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in November 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
04 November, Monday07:07 AM to 10:24 AM
08 November, Friday07:50 AM to 01:55 PM
03:22 PM to 08:18 PM
11 November, Monday09:57 AM to 12:01 AM
13 November, Wednesday01:35 PM to 04:27 PM
06:03 PM to 10:13 PM
14 November, Thursday07:26 AM to 11:49 AM
20 November, Wednesday11:25 AM to 04:00 PM
25 November, Monday07:23 AM to 12:48 PM
28 November, Thursday08:50 AM to 02:04 PM
03:28 PM to 09:14 PM
29 November, Friday08:46 AM to 10:50 AM

Annaprashan Ceremony Muhurat in December 2024

Date and DayAuspicious Timings
05 December, Thursday01:36 PM to 06:32 PM
08:46 PM to 11:07 PM
06 December, Friday07:32 AM to 12:05 PM
25 December, Wednesday07:43 AM to 10:50 AM

Shubh Muhurat for Annaprashan 2024

The birth of a child is a major event in the lives of families and friends. Eventually, the baby experiences new things such as their first laugh, first word, first step, and much more. All of these events are special for the baby and its parents. Similarly, certain rituals and traditions celebrate some of the baby's firsts. One such celebration is the baby Annaprashan. The Annaprasa for baby is done a few weeks or months after the birth of the baby and is one of the most important celebrations. The baby is fed with its first mouthful of solid food on this day.

Usually, this food is Kheer or Payasam since this preparation of rice, sugar, and milk is considered auspicious and primary during religious events and tasks. Moreover, it is essential for the baby Annaprashan to happen during the most appropriate Muhurat since that will ensure the blessings of the deities and the protection of the baby.

If you're someone who has been looking for Subha Annaprashan Muhurat, Annaprashan Muhurat 2024, or Annaprashan dates in 2024, then we have just what you're seeking. The following list starts from Annaprashan dates in January 2024 and ends at Annaprashan dates in December 2024. Moreover, read more about the Anparasan Ceremony, the importance of Annaprasana for baby girl and boy, and the meaning of Annaprasana for baby boy and girl. So, read more about Annaprashan Sanskar and make the right decision while choosing the appropriate date for your child’s Muh Juthi Ceremony!

Meaning and Significance of Annaprashan Muhurat 2024

The meaning and significance of Annaprashan Muhurat 2024 is that Annaprashan Muhurat 2024 is the auspicious timing dedicated to Annaprashan Ceremony in 2024. A Muhurat is a promising timing that ensures the successful completion of tasks and the grace and blessings of the deities. Most Indian families celebrate the Subho Annaprashan Ceremony a few months or weeks after the birth of the baby, and it is observed in a detailed manner. This event is unique in a child’s life and is the foundation of a long, healthy, and successful life.

Thus, holding the Annaprashan Ceremony under the appropriate Muhurat is believed to be special and vital. Expecting parents or new parents who wish to hold their child's Annaprashan Ceremony in 2024 should refer to the following list, as it will allow them to choose the right day and moment for this special occasion. Muhurats are a way to please the lords, receive blessings, and protect the event and the people involved.

According to most ancient religious texts and manuscripts, Muhurats hold major significance in Hindu traditions and cultural practices. The significance of baby Annaprashan Muhurat is that the Muhurat will ensure that the baby's new journey starts on a good and positive note, that the baby is protected from the negative energies of the Universe, and that nothing bad happens during the entirety of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

In most regions of India, the maternal uncle or Mama of the baby feeds them first during Subho Annaprashan. It is customary for the Mama to begin the ceremony by feeding the baby, and then the family blesses the child.
The Annaprashan Sankar or Muh Juthi Ceremony is one of the first of many essential events of the child’s life and is considered special. On this day, the family of the baby gather together, offer their prayers and worship to the deities, and feed the baby with its first solid food.
The importance of Annaprashan Sanskar is to introduce the baby to its first mouthful of solid food and determine the baby’s health and future. It is believed that on this day, not only a new journey of life starts for the baby, but also the importance of Anna or food is remembered.
Annaprasana for baby can be performed at home or in a temple. During this auspicious celebration, the baby's family gathers to celebrate the new beginning of the baby's life.
The Anparasan Ceremony Muhurat or Shubh Annaprashan Muhurat is a special time dedicated to the auspicious celebration of Annaprashan or grain introduction. Subha Annaprashan Muhurat helps people celebrate Annaprashan Sanskar on the right day and time.
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are considered auspicious days for the baby rice ceremony or Anparasan Ceremony. Sundays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays are avoided for this occasion.
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