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Human beings are social creatures. They have learnt and evolved with the help of each other. And they are seen to be their best selves when in the company of like-minded and supportive people. Since olden times, human beings have lived a life that would be impossible without the help of others. With time, the social setup becomes more distinct and well-defined. And somewhat inflexible.

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Meaning of Relationship

Relationships became categorised, and each has a set of behavioural signals attached to it. Generally, that's a helpful thing to deal with awkward social interactions. But sometimes, it may lead to confusion in an individual's mind, especially when mixed feelings are involved. In such cases, one needs some external point of view to sort out their thoughts and emotions. That is when astrology may be of help! We have for you some of the best relationship calculators that will help you understand your relationships better!

In the ideal sense, a relationship is a bond between two people based on mutual affection, respect, care and solidarity. The core idea of a relationship is attachment. However, a relationship can have many aspects to it. Any relationship is a complex interaction between two people, where their mental, psychological and emotional traits play a significant role in determining how the relationship will be. Apart from the core emotions, some other feelings also change from relationship to relationship, depending on their nature. Some of them are protectiveness, attraction, selflessness and so on.

Some of the key emotions in a relationship and the roles they play in maintaining the health of a good relationship are:

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Affection
  • Selflessness
  • Empathy
  • Kindness

Another thing that is essential in a relationship is communication. No one can know what the person on the other end of the association thinks. Hence, at such times, communication becomes the saving grace of the relationship. Talking and listening to the other person can give one a new perspective on the problems in the relationship. Acting upon the concerns of the other person is the next step. But to build this relationship-saving skill, people need to practise other essential emotional bonds like respect for other people's thoughts and opinions, patience to listen, calmness while expressing their concerns and so on. All these come from comfort in the relationship, where the person feels they can express themselves without offending the other person.

But in the present scenario, where interaction is part and parcel of life, and social skills can make or break your lifestyle, relationships have taken more of a practical approach. The idea of colleagues, associates and such took popularity with more and more people working at the same place, but with no need to communicate with each other. Instead, these relations are built on shared experiences regarding the same place, person or event. Sometimes, things develop beyond work, and people find others who share interests with them beyond their shared workload. But many times, that is different. As a result, many relationships, especially of this nature, are often quite impersonal.

Individualistic v/s Social Life: Why are Relationships Important

Human beings are designed to survive and excel while being interdependent. That is why human beings are called social animals. It isn't some concept in someone's head that humans need another human contact daily. There are proven health benefits of social interactions. These includes:

  • People with healthy relationships, on average, are less stressed. This is attributed to the production of hormones that helps to deal with negative feelings.
  • People with a great social life tend to fall less ill; even if sick, they recover quicker. Any patient recovers quickly when many people important to them keep visiting them.
  • A mentally healthy person also tends to be physically healthier. They also like to follow much healthier habits in life. It stems from the fact that, when in a group, a person tends to do what most people do. So if one's friends and peers are healthy people with good habits, the said person will also pick that up sometime.
  • Overall, more social people tend to live longer than their larger counterparts. It is suggested that heart health and other things remain better with less stress and healthier habits. Thus they don't develop any chronic problems related to stress or an unhealthy lifestyle, leading to the social people being unaffected by any health problems even in their old age,

Types of Relationships

  • Family/Blood relationships : These are the first and foremost relationships that one makes in their life. These are inherited relationships. They are the first people that a child interacts with while growing up. But there is a not ideal side to that too. They are not the people one can choose to have in their life. So, even if one doesn't share a good bond with their relatives, they also have to interact with them on certain occasions. Also, cutting them away is very hard because of how deep-seated they are in their social circle, especially their familial one. One may dump these bonds on one since many feel that they didn't choose to have their blood relatives in their life. These may often lead to complex behavioural and interaction patterns between many related people.
  • Friendships/Brotherhood/Sisterhood : Friendship is the most common personal relationship one builds throughout life. It takes significantly less time to become friends. Still, even amongst the relationships under this category, different comfort levels exist with diverse individuals and groups. One can be friends with another person just for their shared interest in some sport and because they have known each other for a long time.But beyond that, they might have nothing much to talk about. On the other hand, some people are so close as one's friends that the said individual consults them before taking any significant decisions in life. There are also group dynamics in many such interactions, as people often tend to form a group which may or may not withstand the tides of time.
  • Peers : This term is used for people one sees daily but has never interacted much with. It is like they know about the other person, including their basic details. Still, there is no touch of personal familiarity in that. A more common occurrence in the educational and professional sphere of life, these relationships may or may not serve a purpose in a person's life. But these are many times a starting step for many other relationships.
  • Romantic relationship : Finally, the most discussed type of relationship. Nowadays, world relationships have become a synonym for romantic endeavours. In a general sense, romantic relations are part and parcel, not the whole of the idea. That being said, love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. For all the things written about it, only a few people get to the core of the idea of a romantic relationship. Just like any other relationship, it is based on love, affection, protectiveness, and the caring nature of two people. Only the additions are lust and attraction for each other. Unlike many different relationship types, a romantic relationship heavily involves the physical expression of love. This is where it majorly differs from the different kinds of relationships. It is not to say that other forms of love don't involve physicality in it. Still, in romantic relationships, there are some exclusive things.

Relationship from the Astrological Viewpoint

Astrology can determine many things in life. One of them is the type of relationships a person will form in their lifetime. This is more about friendships, partnerships and romantic relations rather than familial ones. However, things related to parents are influenced by the planets too. Hence, all possible factors must be considered while getting married, which is considered a lifetime decision. This includes astrological compatibility of the birth charts too. This is so because a person's emotions, temperament and personality, to a great extent, depend on their planetary arrangement. So by looking into their Kundali, a good astrologer can have some idea about that person. In the same way, matching Kundalis gives the idea that the couple could complement each other's weaknesses and strengths.

Also, a person's good or bad phase in life extends the cosmic alignment. Hence, even the most auspicious works undertaken at the wrong time will have negative results only. So the Kundalis are studied to infer the best time, astrology, for a successful marital life.

Some commonly checked aspects of the Kundli and what they represent for determining marital compatibility are:

  • Varna- Work
  • Tara- Destiny
  • Gan- Temperament
  • Nadi- Health
  • Vashya- Dominance
  • Yoni- Mentality
  • Maitri- Compatibility
  • Bhakut- Love

Along with this, an individual’s friends and family relations can also be looked upon using Kundli. Kundli is made of planets. The effects of different planets on an individual’s life also tend to be represented by the position of planets in an individual’s Kundli. The position of certain planets tells us the type of friends and we will have in the future. Moreover, it also tends to tell the relationship an individual will have with their family members and siblings.

Planets influencing relationships

All the planets, directly or indirectly, have some influence on a person's relationships in their life. The direct ones include the planets, which govern how a person interacts and how some planets influence the quality of marriage and spouse one may get. The more indirect factors the planet influences include a person's emotions, personality, physical features etc., which add to or take away from a relationship. The effect of each planet on a person's social life is as follows:

  • Sun: It doesn't have much of a role in developing personal relationships, but a good position of Sun is often associated with positive relations with fatherly figures. Moreover, Sun tends to represent more about an individual’s self-perception. This is also a playing factor in an individual’s relations with others.
  • Moon: Moon is a vital planet regarding relationships, specifically romantic ones. Moon signs directly reflect a person's emotional state and thought process. Hence, a large part influences how well a person expresses emotions to the other person in a relationship. It is also a factor of what a person seeks from a relationship, which is a significant factor to consider when it comes to compatibility.
  • Mercury: Speaking about indirect effects, Mercury comes first on the list. It controls the most crucial part of how relationships are built and sustained is through communication. People with better communication skills are comparatively better. Hence, they can avail many beneficial opportunities for themselves. Mercury is in charge of how a person communicates without any limitation of the medium. Therefore, the planet indirectly decides how many friends and acquaintances a person will get for themselves and what kind of partner they will have.
  • Venus: This planet is the most important one to consider when it comes to heart matters. It has a direct influence on emotions like love and romance. Things like beauty and passion, which are critical for any good romantic relationship, are also influenced by Venus. Hence, A good Venus can make almost any relationship in a person's life work.
  • Mars: Mars is a planet often seen critically regarding marital relationships. This planet predominantly represents aggression, passion and drive, which are great qualities to have from a career point of view. But these often tend to make people stubborn, amongst other things, which has the exact opposite effect in relationships.
  • Jupiter: Jupiter is given more importance when understanding a couple's marital life. Jupiter and other planets can highlight different aspects of the marriage. A beneficial Jupiter is a sign of successful marriage. Both partners will support each other and pass the more challenging times.
  • Saturn: Saturn is related to an essential relationship aspect, which is commitment. A relationship only works when the two people involved are giving their all to make it work and trying their best for the connection. Saturn determines the length of time the relationship lasts before one stops giving effort.
  • Rahu and Ketu: Usually associated with each other, these two planets are not the best for any relationship, more so for romantic ones. While Rahu is considered to drive emotions like lust and greed, Ketu brings a more detached attitude towards life. Either way, the native has problems sustaining healthy relationships. In romantic relationships, either of the two planets, when they are in malefic positions, usually causes the partner of the native to feel neglected or outright ignored. There will also be anger issues in the relationships. Most minor things may lead to arguments and so on.

Houses related to relationships

Apart from planets, their position in one's Kundali is also essential to understand the different aspects of one's life. The concept of houses can explain the roles of different planets and their interrelation. Each house denotes one part of a person's life. Some houses are related to different types of bonds that a person forms. The planetary alignment in each of them has different effects. The houses which influence a person's interpersonal relationships are:

  • First House: This is also known as the Lagna. It mainly determines an individual's personality. This is the first thing that creates an impression in the other person's mind, which is an essential aspect of relationships. This house is also known as The House of Identity.
  • Second House: The Kutumba Sthana is responsible for family life. With the support of benefic planets and planets compatible with the lord of this house, one can have good relations with everyone in their extended family. This house is also known as the House of Stability.
  • Fifth House: The most crucial house regarding marriage and romance, the fifth house will indicate whether a person will get a compatible partner. One can use it to understand the general compatibility between any two people. A sufficient number of planets in this house indicates that a person will get good friends and romantic partners.
  • Seventh House: Again related to relationships, the seventh house focuses more on the partnership side of things, be it in any case. A critical house for the marriage gives an idea about what kind of people from the opposite gender a person will attract. It hence has a chance of getting married.
  • Eighth House: This house highlights the aspect of intimacy in a romantic relationship. If only one person's eighth house is substantial, they tend to dominate their partners. Whereas if both partners have a whole eighth house, then it leads to a very passionate intimacy between the two of them.
  • Eleventh House: The relationship's longevity is understood from observing planets in that house. The commitment aspect of a relationship is vital, and the eleventh house can tell how loyal one's wife or husband would be. Moreover, this house is also known as the House of Wealth.

How to know more about my relationship with others?

Human behaviour is complex and can often be misinterpreted or misunderstood by others. This happens the most in the case of communication in relationships. So how to know if your relationship is working fine or not? There are many ways to check that. One is to use the online tools of InstaAstro, explicitly designed to solve marriage and other relationship-related problems. These include couple calculators, marriage calculators, matchmaking tools, friendship calculators etc., that calculate your love percentage and compatibility. In addition, there are tools to understand what other feelings you and that person share for others. So it gives you a more holistic understanding of your relationship, which helps you pinpoint the part where you are having problems. And If you are still having a bad time with any of your loved ones, it may be due to the influence of some unaccounted cosmic factor. In such cases, consulting an astrologer is the best way out.

At InstaAstro, there are astrologers specialised in different kinds of relationships who know which things influence what aspects of relationships. So it takes them significantly less time to work out what is bothering them and the other person involved in the relationship.

The website is not responsible for the results of the calculator. The calculators are present for entertainment purposes and should not be considered factual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can. A learned astrologer can decipher a lot about a relationship if the person involved knows their birth details correctly. Also, in tarot and numerology, a person who goes by instinct will get the most clarity in answering their relationship questions.
Zodiac compatibility is a thing. Each zodiac's characteristics are either very compatible, adjustable or totally incompatible with other zodiac signs. In addition, combining sun and moon symptoms develop a person's personality and thought process. So, it is always better to look for someone with a compatible zodiac sign.
The simplest way is to follow the compatibility pattern based on astrology. Then, one can check it at any reliable love meter, where the love match score reveals whether you and your partner are made for each other. When it comes to reliable tools, InstaAstro's couple calculator is one of the best tools out there. This online tool carries out the love prediction by name, which is again based on numerology. A person's numerology numbers can tell a lot about their life purpose and heart desires, which are essential to know in a healthy relationship. Hence, this love checker is your solution to test your compatibility with the person you love.
The two essential planets in terms of marital bliss are Jupiter and Venus. Venus primarily affects the romance side of things. In contrast, Jupiter takes care of the practical things and compatibility that needs to be therein in a good relationship. Hence, a person with these planets in a strong= position will have a very fulfilling relationship with their spouse.
Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the most apparent planets whose malefic alignment can harm one's marital life. Even one in the marriage and relationship house signifies marital disharmony. If three of them are together, it is a sure indication of divorce and other problems.
It is a bit tough to give the title of 'best' to any such calculator, but it can be better measured, which is one of the most accurate. InstaAtsro's couple calculator is amongst them. This love test can be taken online and is observed to give accurate love results repeatedly. The love calculator is based on algorithms that consider factors like zodiacs and stars that tell a lot about a couple's compatibility and hence, the accurate results. One can also use this crush meter to check whether one's crush likes them back. This is the best way to take love test online.

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