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Want to know the chances of your compatibility with your significant other? Enter the details of you and your lover and see for yourself your love match game score. Our Love Match Calculator analyses the zodiac compatibility of two people to produce the most accurate results. If you have a good score, congratulations you might already be with your soulmate. However, don’t lose hope by a weak score because with some effort you might also have a future together.

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In today’s fast-growing world, everything has changed for people. From their thoughts to their lifestyle, everything seems completely different from what it used to be. But one thing that still hasn’t changed is the desire in people to find their ideal partner. Everyone needs and wants to be loved and cared for. Moreover, the desire to be with someone is now far greater than ever before. After a whole day of tiring work and being in stressful situations, a person does want to come home or be with someone that can make them forget the stresses of life and can comfort them. Therefore, dating has become a very important aspect of people’s lives now. But still, finding the right one for you can come around to be quite a task. Being with the wrong person can add to the stress in life and, moreover, can also cause mental trauma to some people. However, on the other hand, if you are with someone who is compatible with you and also matches your vibe, then it is a blessing. Relationships work on the principle of compromise and effort. In this, both the individuals have to put in equal amounts of sacrifices if they want it to work and are committed to having a future together. Some relationships are natural and go with ease; however, some require constant efforts, forgiveness and also sacrifices. By using our Love Match Calculator, you too can find out if he or she is the one for you.

As an old saying goes, matches are made in heaven. This has its base in the old ways of using the methods of love match by date of birth, zodiac matches, astrology compatibility, horoscope compatibility, star sign compatibility and also Rashi compatibility. These methods were the most accurate when one wants to know their compatibility according to relationship astrology and the zodiac compatibility test. In India, the concept of arranged marriage has been there since ages. But before the match is confirmed and blessed by the parents, a priest is called to check the horoscope love match of the two individuals. As our ancestors believed marriage to be a lifelong institution and relationship, this was an essential step for them to gain an insight into the future life of the couple and to know if they will face any problems or not. So let us first understand what the actual and true meaning of the term love is and how our Love Match Calculator works and gives the most accurate results.

What Is Love ?

The interpretation of the word love is based on subjective interpretation. Different cultures and even regions define the word ‘Love’ differently. In a very basic sense, love means having deep emotional affection for someone. It can either be for something living or, in some cases, even non-living things. It is also categorised into two forms. These include impersonal and interpersonal attributes.

An impersonal form of love means having love for something non-living. Human beings are known for being complex creatures, and sometimes it is also difficult for fellow humans to find meaning in someone’s life choices. People attributing or expressing love towards things like work or materialistic objects are some examples of an impersonal form of love. Sometimes love is the product of a significant meaning attached to the object, but in many instances, it can just be attraction towards the object’s features and looks. In most cases, an impersonal form of love is in a non-sexual way, but sometimes it can also be sexual. When someone has sexual desires towards a non-living or an asexual object, it is termed as Paraphilia feelings. These feelings are not that commonly seen in our day-to-day life, but they indeed do exist in some people’s lives. As we said earlier, human beings are complex, and thus their life choices are difficult to interpret or understand.

An interpersonal form of love means having feelings of love for another human. It is the most common form that almost every human exhibits in their life. The love we have for our parents, siblings, relatives, friends and spouses are some examples of an interpersonal form of love. It further varies and is categorised into two forms. These include having sexual desires and the other having the feelings of care and concern. A person exhibits an interpersonal form of love in his everyday interpersonal relationships. It might seem simple, but it is for sure much more complicated. As we know, love varies from person to person, and it becomes difficult to assess it on a numerological scale. Moreover, it is not always the case when the feeling of love is reciprocated from both sides. Sometimes love can be one-sided too, and we call this feeling Unrequited love.

How Does The Love Match Calculator Work ?

Our calculators works on the principle of zodiac signs compatibility test. Firstly you'll need to fill in your and your partner’s details. These will include your names, date of birth and zodiac signs. Then the zodiac compatibility calculator will check for the common and uncommon personality traits and behavioural characteristics of the two individuals. It then presents you with your compatibility score. Thus, It will not be wrong to call it the zodiac sign compatibility calculator as well.

The Love match calculator is very accurate as it does not make assumptions but does a fully detailed and complete analysis of the compatibility of the two individuals based on their zodiac sign. Thus, there are no assumptions, only facts stated by the calculator. Therefore, it will provide you with the answer that you have been looking for without leaving any space for doubts.

Love Match By Zodiac Sign

There is an old Hindi saying which goes as, ‘Har kisi ke liye koi na koi bana hota hai’. Well, it sure is true. Moreso, the zodiac signs play a vital role in knowing the attributes of your perfect significant other. Also, the love match by zodiac sign is known to be highly accurate according to some surveys done by google itself. So let us now see who will be your ideal partner based on your zodiac sign.

Aries love match

Aries come around to be very competitive in nature. They are also quite bold and ambitious in nature. Moreover, Aries would require a partner who will not be overshadowed by their boldness and will be able to take the competitive nature of Aries in a very positive manner. Thus, the perfect love match for Aries is Aquarius. This is because Aquarius is known to be very innovative, creative and also intellectual in nature. They will efficiently balance the boldness of Aries sign as they hold their own persona and are not overshadowed by Aries personality. Moreover, when in competition, Aquarius will always have a positive approach and will not take it personally.

Taurus love match

Taurus zodiac natives come around to be very fun and happy-go-lucky. People will love Taurus’ company and will never be able to get enough of it. However, on the contrary, they will also be very stubborn in nature and will always want things going their way. These qualities of Taurus make them demand a partner who will be very flexible with them. They would want their partner to understand their perspective and thus surrender to their demands. Thus, this makes Cancer as their perfect and most ideal partner. Cancer natives will always be scared of letting people go. This makes the Cancer natives go to extreme lengths for the happiness of the ones they love. Therefore, these two zodiacs will be the perfect match for each other as both will have a sense of respect and also will understand the needs and wants of their partner.

Gemini love match

Geminis come around to be very adaptable, outgoing and intelligent in nature. However, they also are very indecisive, impulsive and moody. This makes it hard for people to trust Gemini. Gemini natives will need someone who will not feel ashamed by having them. They just want to be loved openly and want their partners to love them out and proud. This makes Libra the perfect love match for Gemini natives. Libras are very charming and well-balanced. They know how to handle sensitive situations very well. Moreover, libras are one of the most sensitive zodiacs as well. If they love someone, they would love to flaunt their partner to the world. Thus making them ideal for Gemini.

Cancer love match

Cancer zodiac natives come around to be very sensitive, security-seeking and also very loving in nature. However, they also possess qualities that include overthinking, obsession and also self-destruction by picking the wrong options. This makes Cancer natives to be with someone who understands them and their needs. This makes Pisces to be the most suitable love match for cancer natives. As we all know, Pisces are the most sensitive zodiac sign. They will possess compassion and consideration of the Cancer native’s feelings and will never intend to hurt them. Moreover, Pisces will help Cancer in overcoming its demons of overthinking and also obsession.

Leo love match

The natives of Leo zodiac will be very confident and generous in nature. However, they will also possess qualities like being childish, self-centred, argumentative and materialistic. These qualities will make the Leos prefer their partner to be someone who could understand them and not always be mad at them because of their behaviour. This makes Sagittarius the perfect love match for Leo natives. Sagittarius is known for being highly supportive in nature, and they will not be mad at the childish personality of Leo but, on the contrary, will find it cute. Sagittarius natives will know how to calm down the Leo natives and thus prove to be their ideal match.

Virgo love match

The natives of Virgo zodiac will be very humble, industrial and practical in nature. Moreover, the native will also possess qualities like being an extreme overthinker. They will build up scenarios in their own head and then blow them out of proportion. Thus, the native will need someone who would help them overcome this fear of overthinking and worrying about the smallest details and also would love them unconditionally. Therefore, the Taurus will be the perfect love match for Virgo natives. Furthermore, Taurus are known to be very soothing and happy-go-lucky in nature. Thus they will be able to soothe out the problems and concerns of Virgo natives. This makes them the ideal match for Virgo.

Libra love match

The natives of Libra zodiac will be very charming, beautiful and well-balanced. Moreover, they will also possess qualities like being obsessed with being the centre of attention. This makes the native compatible with people who will be understanding in nature and will not be overshadowed by the shine of Libras. This makes Scorpios the most ideal love match for Libra. Furthermore, Scorpios are known to be very honest, loyal and also considerate. Therefore, they will carry their own light and will never feel threatened by their partner’s attention-seeking nature. This is what makes Scorpios the best and most ideal match for Virgos.

Scorpio love match

The natives of Scorpio zodiac will come around to be very honest, loyal and also considerate. Moreover, the native will also possess qualities like being jealous, aggressive and also a little insensitive. These qualities possessed by the Scorpio zodiac native make them desire a partner who will be able to handle them at their worst. Moreover, they will also want their partner to understand them and love them unconditionally. Thus, Leo becomes the most ideal love match for Scorpio. Furthermore, Leos are known to be very confident, generous and also very protective and possessive of their loved ones. This makes the native able to take care of the Scorpions as they will be able to handle them in their worst situations by calming and soothing them.

Sagittarius love match

The native of Sagittarius zodiac comes around to be very passionate, smart and also very lively in nature. Moreover, they will also possess qualities like being unapologetic and unfiltered in nature. These qualities of Sagittarius natives make them desire a partner that can be considerate of their feelings and also love them passionately. This is what makes Aries the most ideal love match for Sagittarius. Furthermore, Aries are known to be very sensitive and also very generous, forgiving and passionate. They will truly give Sagittarius what they desire in a partner. By being forgiving and also quite passionate in nature, they will be the perfect and most suitable match for Sagittarius.

Capricorn love match

The natives of Capricorn zodiac come around to be very hard-working and also extremely work-oriented. Moreover, they will also possess qualities like being self-centred and also would prioritise their work over anything. This makes the partner for Capricorns to be understanding in nature and also would need them to have great desire for passionate lovemaking. This is what makes Virgos to be the perfect and most ideal love match for Capricorn. Virgos are known to be very humble, industrial and practical in nature. They will understand the priority that Capricorns give to their work and also will possess deep passion for lovemaking. This is what makes Virgos the perfect match for Capricorn.

Aquarius love match

The native of Aquarius zodiac comes around to be very highly intellectual and creative. Moreover, the native also possesses qualities like being authoritative, impulsive, indecisive and also analytical. Thus, they will need a partner who would be very flexible with them. They would want their partner’s support in anything and everything they do. So, the most ideal love match for Aquarius is Gemini. Gemini natives are known for being adaptable and outgoing. They have a happy-go-lucky approach to life. These qualities possessed by Gemini natives will help them deal with the authoritative nature of Aquarius and, thus, make them the ideal match for them.

Pisces love match

The native of Pisces zodiac sign is best known for being highly sensitive and possessive in nature. Moreover, they will also possess qualities like being a procrastinator and indecisive. This makes them need a partner who would take some stress off Pisces and calm them. Thus, Capricorn natives are the ideal love match for Pisces. Furthermore, Capricorns are extremely hard-working and also very considerate. If they love someone=, they will go to extreme lengths to make their loved person happy, and these qualities possessed by Capricorns make them perfect for Pisces in this Love game match synopsis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zodiac signs tell us a lot about our lives. They help us by giving insights about our future in various aspects. One of them includes the aspect of love. Thus, they do matter if one wants to check the compatibility between them and their partner.
Yes, the zodiac love compatibility is very accurate as it is not based on any assumptions but it analyses facts to get the score.
In a very general perspective, the best matches are of the same element in zodiac signs.
Aquarius and gemini are known to be the best known match between two zodiacs.
One of the very first and the most early sign to look for if you are checking compatibility is to see whether you two enjoy each other’s company or not.
Yes, your kundli does matter to determine the aspects and outcomes of your marriage. This is one of the reason for kundli matching done before every marriage.