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Love, respect, and compatibility play significant roles in any relationship. These are the necessary components in building a strong, secure and long-lasting relationship. Suppose you feel disrespected, neglected or unloved and wish to know how to end your relationship or how to calculate the probability of a breakup with your partner.

Free Online Breakup Calculator

Enter your details in the FREE online breakup calculator to get your chances of putting an end to your love and relationship and how to get over a breakup fast.

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In that case, our FREE online breakup calculator by name will give you the necessary answers because it is indispensable to know if your relationship is on the right track. So, go over to the love or breakup test calculator and receive the probable chances of a breakup.

Overview of Breakup Calculator

Going through a bad breakup is a very emotionally traumatic experience. Individuals in love often tend to ignore various flaws of their partner, which later in life becomes one of the primary reasons for the relationship not to work. A relationship is somewhat like a vehicle; only if all the wheels move in sync the vehicle moves forward. Much like that, two people must be in sync and in coordination to make a relationship work.

If any person in the relationship stops putting effort, the equation starts to suffer. Moreover, if they lack compatibility, whether emotional or sexual, then this can also become a significant reason for a breakup. Differences in thought, poor communication skills, a gap in life goals and no physical intimacy are a few other reasons that lead to a broken relationship. Thus, knowing the chances for a make-or-break relationship is extremely important.

Our FREE online breakup calculator is a love or breakup test tool that calculates the chances of your and your partner's breakup based on your dates of birth. Put your and your partner's date of birth in the tool and determine the chances of your breakup and see how moving on after a breakup will last.

How Does the Breakup Calculator Work?

In order to use the breakup calculator, you’ll need to follow the steps mentioned below. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to have some details handy. These details will include you and your partner’s name, along with some questions that you’ll need to answer.
  • After you have filled in the details and answered the questions, you'll need to click submit.
  • The calculator will then present you with your results in a couple of seconds.
  • The calculator will check the compatibility between you and your partner based on the details you have entered and will, thus, present you with your results from the breakup chance calculator.

Factors That Affect a Breakup

  • Your partner is not emotionally or physically available for you. They do not tend to you when you are vulnerable and fragile. They become indifferent to your emotions and don't provide you with any emotional support.
  • You may feel unwanted or unloved on various occasions. These feelings make a person feel pathetic with no fault of their own. Thus, when such a situation occurs, then a fallout is bound to happen.
  • When you think that you cannot fall back or rely on your partner, that means that your relationship’s foundation isn't that strong.
  • You or your partner may not respect each other's emotional requirements. It will lead to anxiety after a breakup. Knowing the wants and needs of the other individual in the relationship is the topmost thing to do. Thus, if you or your partner fail to do that, then there is no relationship.
  • There is a lack of respect and compatibility. Both aspects are vital components in a relationship; without these, a connection is bound to end. This is because respect can convey a couple of things.
  • Another reason to have a fallout is if you or your partner may have hurt each other or did not meet each other's expectations intentionally. This is a clear indication that you might have been ignoring it. A relationship might survive the ravages of time, but it cannot withstand the indifference and neglect from the partners.
  • When you try to seek emotional support from other people and look at other relationships and long for love, trying to look for love in other people and seeking emotional support and comfort in people who are not your partner is highly problematic for your relationship.
  • Affairs or infidelity are also deal breakers in most relationships. These are a big no-no. Being unfaithful is never a justification for a breakup and should not be tolerated or given another chance.
  • There are serious trust issues, gaps in communication, or a lack of faith in each other. Thus, this means that it is evident that the relationship will falter, and the two people will break up.
  • When you feel that your partner is going back to their previous self and making the same mistakes over and over again, now, here your partner might be making those mistakes again, and you might get annoyed by them. Thus, this becomes a reason for more fights and stress in the relationship.
  • You feel like they are unforgivable, and even when they commit minor mistakes, you just can't wrap your head around them. Moreover, when every habit that they have pricks and annoys you, this is a clear signal that it's time for the two of you to rethink your relationship.
  • There is an emotional disconnect between you and your significant other. A connection can do wonders and increase intimacy twofold in a couple. So if the two of you do not relate or connect to each other emotionally or spiritually, then there is a major lack of love and affection between the two.
  • Toxicity, jealousy, or abusive behaviour, emotional or physical, are valid reasons to end a relationship. All of these evoke bitter feelings, and such feelings take you nowhere. Thus, when any of these are present in a relationship, then a relationship is likely to falter.
  • In the relationship, there is a recurring issue of insecurity and lack of trust. Your insecurities start rubbing off on your partner, and you feel more unsure about yourself and the relationship. Moreover, if there is no trust, then there is no space for love or a healthy relationship. Thus, that is crucial for a long-term relationship.
  • There are also control issues, where you or your partner feel the excessive need to control the other so much that there is a massive expectation of receiving explanations and answers from the other.
  • One or both may experience over-the-top possessive behaviour. In most situations, it always occurs that one person becomes overbearing and tries to dominate the other. This not only makes the other person feel inferior and unwanted but also stresses the relationship. Thus, becoming a reason for a breakup.
  • There exists hostility and unsafe environments. And if there is hostile or aggressive behaviour by any of the partners, then that is dangerous for both the individuals in a relationship.
  • The relationship is influenced by external factors like friends and family. So, if you get influenced by your friend telling you something about your partner, then that is a clear indication of you lacking trust and the sensibility to be in a relationship.

Why Check Our Online Breakup Calculator?

  • The InstaAstro FREE Online Breakup Calculator tool will help you know the chances of the end of your relationship.
  • The breakup test calculator is an impactful and powerful tool for determining the end of your relationship. This is important to know as you can be prepared and save yourself from a shock or massive heartbreak through tips for getting over a breakup.
  • The breakup percentage calculator helps you find your chances with love and separation in a relationship with your wife, lover, girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Knowing the chances will not just prepare you for the worst but also indicate when it might happen. This will not alarm you suddenly and give you time to process things. When you have the time to process things, then you can also think more effectively and take the right decisions for yourself.
  • If you are highly content in a relationship and are disheartened by the probability of the end of your love life, don't stress and take your result as a way to strengthen your dynamic relationship with your partner because the main motive is to find out the likelihood and not the indefinity. Therefore, remember to strengthen your bond if your gut says so and go with your intuition.
  • Our breakup calculator will help you analyse why your relationship is not working. It will give you accurate results and also help you trace as well as determine the course of your relationship.
  • If you wish to break up but are not emotionally strong enough to do it, this might sign you to take the necessary step towards your betterment. Moreover, it will give you a perspective and more clarity in life to take a decision and act on it.
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Breakup is one of the most hurting things that an individual can go through in their life. So, if you want to know about the probability of your breakup with your partner, then do use InstaAstro’s Breakup Calculator. This love or break-up calculator will give you highly accurate results. Moreover, if you are facing some issues in your relationship, then it might be time to take some astrological advice. You can talk to India’s Best Astrologers at instaAstro. The astrologers there will present you with accurate and b beneficial solutions and answers to all your problems and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know if your relationship is meant for you or not, talk to a professional astrologer. The astrologer will look, at your partner's and your birth chart, in-depth and then give his analysis. If both your charts are compatible under astrology, your relationship is good for you.
To not break up, you must work on your relationship. If there is potential for your relationship to change for the better, then you and your significant other must collectively put effort into your relationship. Start by active communication, enforcing and respecting healthy boundaries. Love each other a little bit more every day, and learn to apologise when either of you is wrong. There is never one person who is at fault in a relationship, and there's always collective effort and blame. If you start enforcing all these things, then your relationship can sustain and last beautifully.
If your partner does not respect you, love you, take care of you, pay attention to you, devote time to you, or respect your boundaries, you should end things with your significant other. There is no compulsion to continue things with them if you don't feel loved, valued or respected in the relationship. It would be best if you always prioritised yourself and your needs and know how to move on after a breakup If they are still not met even after talking about it, then a breakup is the best way. However, breaking up on a whim is also not the right thing to do, so do not indulge in that either.
While there are a couple of reasons that lead to a breakup in couples, the most common is the lack of compatibility between the two. This compatibility contains both emotional and sexual compatibility. The lack of any of the two can lead to the couple falling out of love or not staying together.
Taurus and Scorpio are the two zodiacs that are most likely to fall out of love. They fall prey to the situations and some unfortunate circumstances in their lives, and this impacts their relationship.
Amethyst helps deal with positive thoughts after a breakup. Moreover, it is the best stone to deal with heartbreak. This gemstone has vast healing properties and is the most suitable for dealing with a broken heart.
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