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Sometimes, relations sour over time. And sometimes, they don't even start at a good point. For all those times when we felt an intense dislike for someone, we term that as hate. Even though hate is a strong word, sometimes we can't help but feel it for someone who gets to our wrong side.

Free Hate Calculator

Hate calculator helps you discover the possibilities of hate between two people. This calculator is for measuring how much you hate a person.

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Also, it is impossible to tell who thinks what about you. If you want to know which relationships around you are worth an effort and who are the people you can trust, then calculate your hate percentage with that person now!! Just enter your name, gender and date of birth into this FREE Hate Calculator and learn how to avoid toxic people and how is your relationship with them.

There are days when you feel everyone is against you. Friends and strangers alike. You fight over silly things and feel like never seeing their face again. But is this hate? Or frustration?

You should know your feelings well before saying something to someone, in case you say something that permanently damages your relations with them. At such times, our Hate Calculator helps you to put things into perspective about toxic personality and healthy relationships. This hate meter calculator helps you to stay away from toxic people, tells you how to know you are in a toxic relationship, and how a toxic relationship changes you. The InstaAstro, a specially programmed hate percentage calculator, is perfect for determining the level of hatred in your life and relationship. The hate calculator test helps you discover when a relationship becomes toxic and when you should let go.

Sometimes, when your relations hit a rough patch, you wonder, is this worth all the effort? What do you feel for the other person? Is there a red flag or lack of trust? All these questions and no answers will cause you grief and frustration.

But unfortunately, these are easy to miss, early signs of a toxic relationship in friends and family members when the relationship becomes toxic. So, why not seek out answers instead of second-guessing yourself? And the Hate Calculator helps you with that exact problem. It will help you to decide if this relationship will give you happiness or if it will cause even more grief and suffering with time, according to the birth chart or natal chart.

This online hate calculator is designed following Vedic astrology. It compares the interaction between different Rashis to calculate the compatibility between two people. All these factors have an intimate influence on our life, even more profound than we think. So, in most cases, it is predictable how a relationship will progress if their Rashis are compared. The concept of compatible and incompatible couples according to their zodiac signs is the same as in this Hate Calculator.

Hate Percentage

The Hate percentage gives you an idea about how intolerable you find that person and when your relationship becomes toxic with them. And if you should invest in making it work with them or move over and set boundaries.

It measures how bad your relationship is with the said person. Seeing it in numbers helps us make better decisions when things are in numbers. It hence can be easily analysed and compared with a love calculator. All and all, this hate Calculator is there for you to make quicker decisions about the people you hate and if you want to be around them or not.

If, after getting the results, you aren't sure how to leave a toxic relationship, don't hesitate to seek help from your near and dear ones. Ask them how the toxic relationship changed you and work on yourself to rectify the damages it has done.

For all those times, we wondered if there was an easy way to know what people feel about you, this might be the solution you are looking for. This online Hate calculator is based on a legitimate algorithm. It considers your and the other person's behaviour. This hate calculator gives you an idea about how damaged your relationship with the said person is, or if they act true to their feelings around you or not.

How Does the Hate Calculator Work?

If you are confused about how the hate calculator work, then worry not. Below are some steps you can follow to use the hate calculator. These are as follows:

  • You want to know the hate percentage with some, then enter some details in the calculator. These details include your and the other person’s name, date of birth, gender and also the time since you have known each other.
  • After entering the details, you need to click submit and then wait.
  • The calculator will present you with the results.

The results of this calculator are based on the zodiac compatibility of the individuals. Thus, it tends to provide an individual with accurate results.

Zodiac/ Rashi Compatibility

The zodiac signs are an excellent place to start and check if two people have compatible personalities or not. If not, that might lead to frequent clashes and fights, ultimately leading to hatred. So, it is always better to be wary rather than sorry. So knowing how different zodiac signs relationships work, individuals can take care of the fact the relationship doesn't end up getting toxic.

Different zodiac signs and the signs that they are incompatible with are given below:

  • Aries

They are bold decision-makers, the type to think later and do things first. Always strung up and ready for a challenge, Aries are the kind who don't know when to back down.

They are incompatible with Cancer because they are the exact opposite. The Cancer's considerate and practical nature clashes negatively with Aries's reckless traits. Also, Aries can be very controlling, making the Cancers feel suffocated. Also, the brutal honest policy of Aries comes across as rude to the Cancers.

  • Taurus

A very laid-back type of person, Taurus are a practical lot. They tend to analyse things rather than feel them. They are also very dependable people and expect the same from others.

They are incompatible with Leo because they thrive on attention, while Taurus are the type to chill and indulge more in themselves, liking the concept of space. Also, both of these signs have certain similarities, which often causes them to be loggerheads. This often leads to friction between them.

  • Gemini

The thing that works for Gemini is its adaptable nature. Put them anywhere, and they will thrive. This works well in most cases but may also cause Gemini to be shy and nervous about speaking up about what they want.

They are incompatible with Scorpio, as they are diametrically opposite personalities. Scorpios are demanding and prefer people with strong opinions and a passion for things. Gemini tends to be more of a people pleaser and hence are very flexible with their views.

Scorpios find this indecisiveness irritating. Also, Gemini isn't an intense feeler by Nature, whereas Scorpio seeks deep emotional connections. This often leads to a difference in the partners' wants and, finally, a reason to part ways.

  • Cancer

Cancer is the type of person who greatly values their relationships. So much so that they can go to any extent to save it, or better say, keep the other person involved. Even though it comes from a sense of deep emotional bond, often it can be suffocating for the other parties.

They are incompatible with Libra because of their practical Nature. Cancers are very emotional people who need constant support. But Libras often abandon their passionate side and focus on all aspects of life. Rather than giving high importance to a single sphere, which in this case happens to be their love life. This gap in emotional connection usually becomes the point of mismatch between these two zodiac signs.

  • Leo:

Often the life of the party, Leos are easy to approach and friendly. On the surface, they seem like the funniest and kind people. Still, after a particular time, their arrogance becomes glaringly visible. Their self-confidence is borderline inflexible, hence making them very hostile towards criticism.

They are incompatible with Capricorn because they are thorough planners, whereas Leos are lazy in a plain sense. Los are more prone to make rash decisions, while Capricorns stick to the rules. Even though they sound good in theory, these warm and cool combinations usually douse each other soon enough.

  • Virgo

Virgos are another bunch of strict, monotonous and practical people. They are what people tend to term as dull. Even though, in the long run, their analytical approach to life helps them be better prepared for the adversities they may face.

They are incompatible with Sagittarius! Even though they may start as a good match, given their mutual love for creativity. But soon, the Sagittarius tend to rely on the Virgo, leaving them to pick up the mess Sagittarius creates.

Sagittarius' pushover attitude and disinterest in maintaining good qualities tend to tick off the rule-abiding Virgos. The relationship between these two zodiacs tends to burn up with time.

  • Libra

The classic social butterfly, Libra, tends to be exemplary people due to their political correctness while also being accommodating to others. But one would still watch what they speak around a Libra, as they neither forgive nor forget.

They are incompatible with Virgo because of their no-nonsense Nature. Libras are more surficial and often don't take things seriously, which irritates the Virgos because they invest their full attention to whatever they are involved in. So again, the reason for clashing between these two zodiacs is how differently they tend to look at things and how differently paced they are in life.

  • Scorpio

Passionate and stubborn, Scorpios are the kind to stick by your side through tough times. They aren't scared to go against the tide. All these characteristics make them ideal true friends. But the Scorpios can hold grudges for very long and generally have major trust issues.

They are incompatible with Libra because of Scorpio's jealousy. Libras are social by Nature and hence like to be out and about on most days. On the other hand, Scorpios prefer their privacy and love to remain a mystery.

That's why it isn't first to decipher what we are thinking. Also, Scorpios hate seeing their friends or partners being with someone else.

Therefore, they feel threatened by their and Libra's relationship. And Libras finds this attitude very controlling. Hence, these Scorpios and Libra turn out to be incompatible when it comes to their idea of space and how they deal with their passion.

  • Sagittarius

They are the classic no-filter friends. They believe in what is right and often view everything with a black-and-white lens. That being said, they are also some of the most genuine and helpful friends you will find. Their habit of saying everything without tactfully thinking through it can get to some people's nerves over time.

They are incompatible with Capricorn, as Capricorns like to stay grounded, as opposed to the constant adventure-seeking Sagittarius. Capricorns tend to finish conversations and things once and for all, not very inclined to revisit them over time. The Sagittarius are the masters of leaving things open-ended. This creates a communication gap between them, as the Capricorns tend to keep their feelings to themselves, giving a closed-off vibe to the Sagittarius.

  • Capricorn

They seek discipline and order to the core. A responsible lot, Capricorns like to manage their life in such a way that everything is under their control. This habit of always being in power, coupled with their expecting the worst thought process, makes them very paranoid and hence, brutal to connect with.

They are incompatible with Gemini, given their inconsistent personality. Gemini's ever-changing interests and habits make them less desirable to the Capricorns. The latter is very committed to whatever they do. Capricorns often think of Geminis as inconsistent and hence can't trust them about big decisions.

Also, Capricorn sometimes has the 'I know the best attitude, which annoys the Geminis. This ever-going tug at the power play causes the ultimate downfall in the relationship between Capricorn and Gemini.

  • Aquarius

The ideal example of how a person should be about their views of society. Aquarius is a dream come true for every person who wants to see the world as a better place. They will tell you how whatever you do impacts the world around you and encourage you to make bold choices. In short, they are the best allies one can ask for. But in hindsight, you don't want to go against them, for they are the most stubborn people in holding onto their beliefs. This often causes them to lash out during disagreements, earning them a temperamental badge.

They are incompatible with Scorpio, given both of them are headstrong signs. Initially, both of them sacrifice a bit for each other's happiness but always feel bitter about doing so. As time passes, neither of them is ready to make more compromises, resulting in a constant blame game.

Also, Capricorn's jealous Nature and Aquarius's social standing don't match well. They can't hold conversations about serious topics, as one disagreement can degenerate into a full-fledged argument. All these traits make these two signs clash like no other.

  • Pisces

The sweet, artistic Pisces are some of the most soft-hearted people you will meet. They feel for others and have great intuition, which helps them greatly with their emotional quotient. But this also makes them very vulnerable in front of people who are rude for the sake of it, and they often tend to get easily hurt emotionally. The natives of the Pisces zodiac sign have little regard for their well-being and will be there for others, even at the cost of their own needs.

They are incompatible with Libra, as they tend to be very shallow emotionally, which is precisely the opposite of what an emotionally charged Pisces seeks. Libras like to go around, in general, in a literal sense, and it hurts the Pisces as they give loyalty utmost importance. Also, Libras lack the emotional support they expect when a Pisces needs comfort. The gap in their emotional maturity is one of the reasons that will lead to the fall of the relationship.

Benefits Of Knowing Hate Percentage

Suppose you are wondering how to know you are in a toxic relationship. In that case, you should compare your hate percentage with the other individual. In that case, you will see if you both are even compatible or just going to cause each other distress and waste time in a toxic relationship.

This is hurtful in the long run, so why not reign in these problems before they start cropping up? Also, suppose you experience such dislike for any of your family. In that case, you can plan on how to stay away from these toxic people without appearing rude. That is how to deal with toxic people.


So, we can say that you should use this Free Hate Calculator of InstaAstro to know which people are causing distress and toxicity in your life. It would help if you used it once signs of a toxic relationship start popping up in your life. This will help you to avoid toxic people and lead a happy and stress-free life.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hate calculator will give an unbiased opinion about your feelings for this particular individual. This calculator provides tangible results with accuracy and can help you to decide if you are just angry or if you dislike them. Essentially, it allows you to choose whether you are in a toxic relationship or not.
Hate is an intense feeling and can prompt you to say things, even if you sometimes don't mean them. Hence, it would help if you analysed whether you actually feel hateful or not. And if you think that the other person is worth another chance, then you should try to communicate the things you dislike about them and see if they try to work on that.

You should speak about your expectations and listen to the other person if they think it's justified or not. And if you believe what they did is not easy to forgive, then it's better to walk away for your well-being.
InstaAstro's online Hate Calculator is one of the best because they employ reliable algorithms. They also consider factors from Vedic astrology to predict accurate results about the percentage of hatred between the two of you.
Sometimes people say things they don't mean due to nervousness or frustration. So it is natural your crush might have said it by mistake. But if you still feel like they told it, you can cross-check your doubts using the InstaAstros hate calculator.
Often friends get involved in arguments during a conversation, and things get heated. You should not worry about trivial stuff if your bond is deep and robust. HE most probably didn't mean any of that. But if you have felt changes in his behaviour over the past few days and think this is the reason for the difference, here is a sure-shot way to know.

Using InstaAstro's Free Hate calculator, you can see the hate percentage between you and your best friend. This will give you an idea about how a toxic relationship changes you and what you can do to avoid it.
Maybe they are just jealous. Or perhaps you have angered them without knowing. Whatever the case, you can quickly see if they mean those hateful things or not.

Just go to InstaAstro's Hate Calculator, and with simple details like your name, date of birth, gender etc., you can know if they hate you or not. And if they do, then it is strong.
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