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Many things build character. One of them is suitable companionship. And one can only get that when their partner is thoroughly compatible with you.

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With the proper girlfriend by your side, you can achieve great heights. See? So much depends on selecting the correct person for you. So you have to be sure of your decision. But how to know if this is the right choice or not/ Using this online FREE girlfriend calculator might be the solution. Find out more about how you and your girlfriend complement each other with this unique online love tool!


Girlfriend, that word may create a variety of emotions in you. Some use it to describe their female friends and associates. But the most common meaning attached to it is a girl you are in love with and committed to. The word 'girlfriend' now inherently comes with a romantic context, as popularised by the mainstream media and culture.

With the increased sources of interaction and contact with friends and new people, finding and falling in love has become more accessible. But the one you are in love with, the one you plan to date and introduce to your family, is she the one for you? The girl with whom you share your deepest secrets, and spend so much of your time, may not be a permanent person in your life. And by the time you realise that you may get too involved. The subsequent heartbreak can be very painful and hard to deal with. What if there was a way to avoid this at the very beginning?

That's where a girlfriend's calculator comes in. This love calculator is specially designed to check if your girl will be the best one for you in the long run or not. Just by putting in both your name and date of birth, this calculator will tell you how long you will last together in a relationship. A great predictive tool, this will help you figure out which person is the best for you to invest in emotionally.


Based on the date of birth of you and your girlfriend, this calculator will calculate the following parameters:

  • Their personality
  • Their loyalty
  • The chances of a long-term relationship between you two
  • Your love percentage
  • Your compatibility in different aspects of life

Knowing all these factors will help you make better decisions about your future.


Each zodiac sign has a set of characteristic traits. One such subset is about their behaviour in a romantic relationship. Each zodiac sign girlfriend will surprise you differently. Some common characteristics traits of each of them are:

Aries: Aries people enjoy excitement and adventure, which shows in their relationships. As a strong woman would, an Aries girlfriend will face challenges in a relationship and rapidly overcome them. They are also lively, exciting, and eccentric while incredibly focused and determined. Relationships with Aries are serious business. They weigh all of their options before attempting love. In general, Aries girlfriends are bold, imaginative, and active. They are constantly open to new experiences. Aries women have ambitious goals and demand the same qualities from their partners. It's a huge red flag for them if her boyfriend isn't as ambitious as she is. They also organise the best weekend getaways. Aries' woman is, in fact, half of the driving force of a power couple. They provide a whole new level of intensity to battles. Because the Aries do not hold back with their ferocity, their partners typically take every precaution to avoid getting into a fight with them. When someone annoys them, nothing is off-limits.

Taurus: A Taurus doesn't even want to be in a relationship and deal with another person's problems. Although they struggle to get in with others, once they do, they may be quite the clingers. To put it another way, their dating practices demonstrate that they are real people. They wouldn't have to worry about that when everyone else is out dating strange guys and getting into unhealthy relationships. They don't take risks, but that doesn't mean they are uninteresting. These women have the potential to be the sweetest of the bunch. They always appear to comprehend challenging circumstances and behave logically and justifiably to prevent pointless arguments with their partners. They are very devoted to and considerate of their partner. Yet, they also can be firm when necessary.

Gemini: Like the social butterfly, Geminis are pretty sociable and like interacting with others. Because of their contagious and endearing personality, these females are instantly attracted to love partners. However, they dislike being forcibly bound in a partnership. Girls like Gemini can make a guy fall madly in love with them on their first date. They exude an air that makes you want to be near them. Their lover never seems to spend enough time with them. They are a passionate lover who rarely tolerates dull moments. Gemini had to be adaptable and flexible to meet its partner's expectations. They constantly seek out the positive in others and work to strengthen their bond. They appear lovely because they are both wise and optimistic simultaneously. Their suitors adore them for their unique personalities.

Cancer: A Cancer girl is loving and supportive in relationships. The two things they appreciate most in life are family and love. They are their SO's strongest supporters, constantly inspiring them to attain their objectives. They lavish their man with love and care, making it difficult for him to move on to another relationship. It's difficult for any other lady their ex-partners may meet to match the warm, fuzzy sensation. Cancer's emotional swings can lead to rifts with their partner. They ought to make an effort to reason rather than emotionally in such circumstances. They are aware of the fact that they may also be rather petty. Most of their issues stem from their refusal to receive affection from others. Due to their pessimistic outlook on life in general, they do best as a partner with individuals who share their views but are not exact replicas of them. In the long run, this could emotionally drain both couples.

Leo: A fire sign is never better depicted by a Leo. Anyone born under the astrological sign of Leo will be a star. They could appear scary because they desire to stand out and be recognised when entering a room. Their partner will feel privileged to be in a relationship with them because everything about Leo-born people is otherworldly. Their connection is characterised by smouldering intensity. Everyone quickly falls in love with them thanks to their magnetic personality. They are eager to engage in games with anyone. Leos are prone to quickly losing interest in others. Therefore if someone shows interest in them, they need to express it verbally. Despite their self-assurance, they require encouragement to maintain faith in their partnership. They desire their partners to treat them as though they are the most significant person in the world.

Virgo: The Virgo girls are typically the most dependable and steady girlfriends. They are there for their lover at all times. Their finances, careers, and relationships are all well thought out. They put their love first, but they also value their jobs. Virgos must therefore achieve a perfect balance between the two. Additionally, they are the gal who joins their partner in all of their mischief. Only their close friends and family members realise how outgoing Virgos can be, especially when they fall in love, as the Virgos can generally appear reserved. Their companion was drawn to them because of their practical and systematic character. The Virgos may think they are uninteresting, yet their lover adores them. Virgos are very significant to their partners since they are excellent at responsibility and think things through before acting. Because of their composure, Virgos become their partner's support in even the most challenging circumstances.

Libra: These girls are incredibly friendly and warm. They are more likely to become well-known and well-liked in the group since they can readily mingle with their partners' acquaintances. They fervently love their spouses and would instead start as best friends than start a relationship as total strangers. Libra is all about their connections and prefers to act as though they live in a world of romantic comedies. They are all about romance, giving their lover adorable gifts and organising enticing date evenings. Like two pieces of a whole, they enjoy doing everything and sharing everything in detail with their partners.

Scorpio: Nobody is more sensual than a Scorpio. They love ferociously, and when they are wounded, they bleed terribly. They have a charming demeanour that exudes confidence. However, when in a relationship, Scorpio girls ensure their partner knows how much they love him. Even if they end up breaking up, they are memorable because of their passion. They are passionate partners who love ferociously, yet they also sting terribly when harmed. They are incredibly alluring because of their self-assured personality. To those around them, they can seem to be quite the contradiction. Because so few people can comprehend them, Scorpios want an extremely perceptive boyfriend. He is sensitive to their mood swings and emotional outbursts.

Sagittarius: The most outgoing girls one could hope for are Sagittarians. Fights are kept to a minimum because they are all for good moments. Their outgoing nature is misconstrued as a lack of seriousness. But the truth is that they usually ponder and understand a lot before deciding to settle down with a guy. They despise restrictions and enjoy travelling and exploring exciting new locations. The relationship may end because of a man who is the antithesis of a Sagittarius. In addition, Sagittarian women never let their negative ideas rule them and constantly express their love for their partners. The Sagittarian girls' free spirit is the most attractive thing to their partners.

Capricorn: Capricorns are prone to be dated. They are responsible and take dating seriously. These girls are mature and accountable because that is what makes sense to them. However, sometimes they can be asked to lie a bit more freely. Some individuals find the conventional, classic side too much, yet the appropriate man may appreciate that side of them. They are the ones in the partnership who take responsibility and initiative. That offers the Capricorn's companions plenty of time to relax and enjoy themselves. When they discover someone on their level, things become easy for them. However, they can occasionally be snobbish and pessimistic, irritating their partners.

Aquarius: Aquarians are like a breath of fresh air, and everyone is captivated by their charismatic personality. They have a creative spirit and are fundamentally romantic. However, these kinds of girls won't hesitate to break up with their partners because they cherish their privacy and personal space too much. Aquarians, the prototypical 'cool chick,' are too preoccupied with their friends and careers to give their full attention to a relationship. They never let a man forget that they are free women with other priorities and that being a girlfriend is only a minor part of who they are. Aquarians will become bored out of love if he isn't intellectually challenging enough for them.

Pisces: The type of woman a Pisces is like is one out of a movie. They are delicate and giving. They put love ahead of all else in life. Additionally, they value the classics, which leads them to embrace vintage fashion. The partner of Pisces notices their need for approval. They also give off the impression of a damsel in distress, encouraging a man to display his manly side. Any minor disagreement can easily have an impact on them, which brings out their more sensitive side. However, Pisces are incredibly thorough in its search for love. They can attract someone with their tenderness and compassion until they become so enamoured of them that they are powerless to resist the bad characteristics of Pisces.


Absolutely! This tool is specially designed for that very purpose. InstaAtsro's idea behind this calculator is to help people find their most compatible partners with minimum emotional damage. So, this calculator may lead you to that one person who has always been around, but you didn't know as your best match.

To know in more detail why and how your girlfriend is 'the one for you, you can consult InstaAtsro's astrologers and tarot card readers. They are here to help you visualise how your and your girlfriend's life together in future would look like. They can also tell about how well you would support each other through the ups and downs of life. So, to know what the future has in its fold for you, do consult InstaAstro.

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The easiest way to know that is to take a compatibility test. InstaAstro's online girlfriend calculator is an excellent way to check your compatibility. With some straightforward steps, you will know if you and your partner are right for each other or not.
InstaAstro's online girlfriend calculator is one of the most trustworthy. You can use this tool to get the most accurate results about your relationship status with your partner or someone you plan to start a relationship with.
There are many criteria to judge compatibility. However, it varies from person to person what they desire the most in their partner; accordingly, the compatibility criteria change.
A good way is to sit and talk with them and see if your views regarding different areas of life match or not. But if you still have doubts after that, then there is a solution for that too. You can use InstaAstro's love calculator to understand how well-suited you are for each other.
Pisces girls make great girlfriends as they are the perfect believer in romances. They do their best to make sure their partners are comfortable and feel loved.
You can check InstaAstro's girlfriend calculator tool, which tells you a lot about your and your partner's love percentage. It can also mean a lot about her personality, likes and dislikes and other internal aspects, which will help you better understand her.
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