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The Smart Wealth Builder Calculator not only lets you know about your wealth's current and future status but will also help you by accurately predicting the periods of profits and losses. This gives you a heads-up to plan your life accordingly not to be affected majorly by the negative time.

The meaning of wealth is to have financial stability, security, and balance. For most of us, wealth, in terms of money, is an essential commodity which brings us social standing and security. The cost of living is increasing daily, making it necessary to maintain steady wealth growth. These days, money is highly prioritised, and wealth astrology is one of the most sought-after branches of astrology. Can astrology predict wealth? Well, the answer is simple: Massive wealth in astrology, Will I be Rich astrology, or fortune astrology essential areas of astrology where people find answers to all their money-related questions and problems. Through the InstaAstro Vedic Astrology Wealth Calculator, you will know your chances of acquiring wealth and fortune, know which House represents wealth in astrology, and know the elements of this House in your Kundli. Our free wealth calculator astrology tool digs deep into your details and finds answers for you.

It is not unheard of to seek astrology remedies for money related problems. For developing their future wealth and assets, one should start planning for the favourable time according to their Kundali and by heeding astrology tips for wealth. Following the Janam Kundali, anyone can observe if the wealth-bearing houses in their Kundali at present are in their favour or not. And when it is in a more compatible position.

Relation Between Wealth and Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, Planets, Signs, and Houses play an essential role in making predictions about income or money. Each House in Kundali is associated with a specific aspect of the person's life. Also, the interconnectedness of the planets, signs and houses forms what is known as Yoga in astrology. To see if you will have an excellent financial future, you can check whether you have Dhan yog in Kundli or not.

The Second, Sixth and Tenth houses are responsible for wealth accumulation or loss through various sources. Other than that, the First and Twelfth House indicate a person's personality and emotions, which also indirectly influence their success and wealth growth. Therefore, the First, Second, Sixth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Houses in a Kundali or Janmapatri are analysed by money value calculators to give accurate predictions regarding money or wealth.

To know if your planets are aligned for wealth to flow in your life, you should enter your birth details, like date, time, and place of birth, in our online wealth astrology calculator. Then, you will get accurate results! So hurry and use this Dhana Yoga calculator before your lucky time passes without you even knowing.

How Does the Wealth Calculator Work?

The Future Wealth Calculator calculates an approximate value of your net worth based on your Rashi and Janam Kundali. The calculations are done about the planets dominating the houses and the planets present in that House at the time of your birth. To use the Will I be rich astrology calculator and get your wealth prediction by date of birth free, follow the mentioned-below steps for the same. These are as follows:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to add some details in the future wealth prediction by date of birth calculator. These details include your date of birth, month of birth and also your year of birth.
  • After adding these details, all you need to do is click submit.
  • The calculator will present you with your free wealth prediction by date of birth.

The reliability of the net worth calculator comes from the fact that it does not make any assumptions, as the planetary alignment during your time of birth is an actual occurrence. And the planets follow a fixed path. Hence, there are no factors where assumptions need to be made. In short, you can get the answer to your biggest question, 'Will I be rich' from astrology.

What is the Wealth in Astrology Chart?

A person’s wealth is can be calculated and also known from their janam kundli or astrology chart. The chart takes into consideration the date, time and place of birth of an individual and, thus, tends to tell them about different aspects of their life that also includes their wealth aspect. These are as follows:


According to astrology, the Houses in an individual's birth chart are vital in making predictions, analysing, and curating accurate information. For example, many capital appreciation calculators consider the different Houses to anticipate wealth or fortune. Here are the Houses responsible for the flow of wealth in a person's life:

  • This House accounts for the career of a native.
  • First House:
  • This House is responsible for the savings of the person.
  • Second House:
  • This House stands for debts.
  • Sixth House:
  • This House stands for status.
  • Tenth House:
  • This House is for the growth of income.
  • Eleventh House:
  • This House is in accordance with a person's expenses.
  • Twelfth House:

The Ninth and Tenth Houses are also significant in money. The Ninth House is for fortune and luck, and the Tenth House is for the wealth generated through hard work, employment or other sources.


Apart from the houses, the planets by themselves and, in combination, exert a powerful influence on wealth growth prospects. This includes inherited wealth, purchase of property, profit in career etc. All the planets can become wealth givers or wealth destroyers, according to their Kundali. But Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are the planets that are considered in wealth calculator astrology.

Along with the houses, the planetary alignment during birth also plays an important role. The wealth creation calculator considers the combination of planets and their position in different houses, along with their relationship with the House's ruling planet.

To know if the planets are in your favour or not, you can consult an astrologer to find a remedy to attract sudden wealth. You should know if the Dhana Yogas are in your favour or not, as these are the wealth yogas in astrology. For some backtracking, you can also use this Wealth Calculator to check most billionaires' Yoga according to Vedic astrology. As said in astrology, some yogas have the potential to accumulate massive wealth.

What are the Impacts of the Houses on a Person’s Wealth?

The different Houses and the combination of planets and signs are pivotal aspects in the areas of prosperity and wealth. So a person turns to a net worth growth calculator to know how astrology will affect your ability to become rich and to get your wealth prediction by date of birth.

The following are the roles and effects of the various Houses responsible for money:

  • First House: The First House or the Ascendant is responsible for the life and career of the native. Thus, this House should have beneficial planets that will welcome wealth in life. Malefic planets like Rahu and Ketu should not be positioned in this House, and the Ascendant Lord should not be at the Sixth, Eighth, Twelfth or malefic Houses.
  • Second House: Known as the place of money and its quantity, the Second House is the most crucial House according to money or wealth. If a Taurus or Pisces sign, alongside Venus, is situated in this House, then the individual will be wealthy through business in the cotton, textile, or silver industries.
  • Sixth House: While the Sixth House stands for debts and loans, astrologers following Parashara astrology believe that the existence of malefic planets in this House can cancel its effects and thus help a person repay their monetary borrowings. For example, when the Zodiac Sign of this House is Gemini, along with the presence of Rahu, and Saturn is in the Twelfth House through the Seventh Vision, then the Sixth House will lose its malefic powers.
  • Ninth House:When Venus is in Pisces, Jupiter is in Cancer, or Mercury is in Virgo in the Ninth House, natives may get funds from textiles or factories. These combinations are known to be the most auspicious for an individual.
  • Tenth House:The presence of Saturn in the Libra or Capricorn in the Tenth House welcomes prosperity through products like iron, stone, or oil. A business or career that includes metals like these tends to attract money for the natives.
  • Eleventh House: The Eleventh House shows income quality and its sources. If Saturn is situated in this House beside Libra or Aquarius, then the native may acquire money from stock markets. While the Moon is in Taurus, Mercury is in Virgo, or Saturn is in Libra, the individual will gain riches through machinery and factories.
  • Twelfth House: This is the House that is responsible for expenses, expenditures, and loss of income. Similar to the Sixth House, the Twelfth House loses its power with the presence of inauspicious planets.

What are the Impacts of Planets on a Person’s Wealth?

Planets tend to play a very vital role in an individual’s life. The time of birth of an individual is considered to be very special. This is because, during the time of birth of an individual, the position of the planets tends to decide the future the child holds. The placement and position of these planets during this time tend to be of great significance. It can tell about all the aspects of an individual’s life. This also takes into consideration the aspect of wealth and prosperity.

The Planets of Losses

  • Mars/Mangal: Mars is associated with business and debt. It is a strong indicator of money-related problems. Being situated in Malefic houses makes a person more prone to making foolish monetary decisions. People with weak Mars placement often get stuck in debt traps.
  • Saturn/Shani: Saturn is generally considered the planet that causes problems in most cases. Saturn negatively affects all aspects of life like health, wealth, academics, happiness etc. In the case of wealth, Saturn can cause it to decrease due to obstacles in earning, diseases and bad financial decisions.
  • Rahu: More than the planet itself, it is the planet's position that is more important to know if it will harm wealth growth. Rahu present in Malefic houses is a cause of concern. Also, Rahu is sometimes associated with greed, cheating and overindulgence, giving it a less favourable reputation.
  • Ketu: Ketu is considered to represent non-materialism, which is not favourable for the accumulation of wealth. Hence, Ketu can be an obstacle in the flow of wealth and luxuries.

The Planets of Gains

Some planets by themselves indicate good wealth. Hence, they may also be addressed as the planets for money. The houses they lord over are usually associated with various aspects of wealth and the source of obtaining it. Some of the dominant planets are:

Some planets by themselves indicate good wealth. Hence, they may also be addressed as the planets for money. The houses they lord over are usually associated with various aspects of wealth and the source of obtaining it. Some of the dominant planets are:

The planets of gains:
  • Jupiter:The influence of Jupiter is primarily based on its position. A strong Jupiter in a benefic house indicates fame, fortune, success and wealth growing by leaps and bounds. But Jupiter in a Malefic house has the exact opposite effect.
  • Venus:Venus is associated with the luxurious side of things. It also indicates the things one is passionate about, which might be the source through which one earns. Thus, the correct alignment of Venus suggests the buildup of substantial personal assets and tremendous financial growth.
  • Mars:Mars indicates one's business acumen and if it is profitable for one to earn through business or not. But Mars's position must be in a Benefic house for one to experience its positive effects.

Remedies to Attract Wealth

Astrology is one such subject that provides remedies for every aspect. Thus, if you wish to know some remedies for the lack of money, then here's what we have for you:

  • After consulting with a professional astrologer, wear the gemstone of the Ascendant Lord and the gemstone of the ruling planet of the Eleventh House if the planet is a promising one.
  • You should follow the rules of Vastu Shastra at your workplace and home.
  • To relieve yourself of loans, you should chant the Rin Mochak Mangal Strota every Tuesday.
  • Choose your career as per your First and Tenth House.
  • It would help best to recite the Laxmi Mantras, the Kanakdhara Strota, or the Vishnu Shastranaam Strota.
  • You should donate some money to the needy.
  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman Chalisa and eating vegetarian food on Tuesdays will provide you with internal strength to deal with the financial crisis. It will help to achieve prosperity over time.
  • You should worship Lord Kuber as he is the God of Wealth. An excellent way to attract the blessings of Lord Kuber is to place a Kuber Yantra, the symbol of Lord Kuber, in the North, East or Northeast direction of the House. The Kuber Yantra should be made of some precious metal and must have a few gemstones. All these are positive signs of wealth and hence attract more of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The concept of money vs wealth has been a long-debated one. People believe wealth is balanced in all aspects of life, including fortune, health, knowledge, and career. But on the other hand, money relates to monetary wealth.
As per the Hindu religion, Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth. You can refer to our Laxmi Mantra page to get the mantras dedicated to Maa Laxmi.
Gajkesari Yoga is considered to be very good for money and wealth. This Yoga occurs when Jupiter is placed with the Moon in the Fourth, Seventh, or Tenth House.
As per Vedic Astrology, Jupiter and Venus are responsible for wealth.
Although some wealth calculators in India may not give accurate results, the InstaAstro Free Wealth Calculator is highly accurate!
According to astrology, you can be wealthy if the Sun and Jupiter are well placed in your horoscope.
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