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Have you ever discovered yourself in someone else’s personality? Such connections are spiritual and are more than just a romantic union. Such people are almost twins. Want to know how similar you are to your special someone? Use our FREE Twin Flame calculator today!

Twin Flame Calculator

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Twin Flame - When Souls Connect Spiritually

What is a Twin Flame? An individual is called your twin flame if their soul exactly matches yours. In the spiritual context, we also call Twin Flames - the two mirrored halves of a soul. That means when a person is your twin flame, they may think and behave just like you. Find yours using our twin flame calculator.

Having a partner who can understand where you are coming from is a true spiritual connection. Astrology, with the help of numerology, has made it possible for us to find our twin connection using the Twin Flame test by date of birth. This is one of the ideal ways of finding a love partner.

How Does Twin Flame Calculator Work?

The Twin Flame test by date of birth calculator enables you to determine the twin flame percentage between two individuals. Using this twin flame soul number calculator is pretty simple. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Twin Flame birth chart calculator FREE.
  2. Enter your and your partner's birth details in the blank boxes provided. A life path number is derived from these details.
  3. Next, click on “Calculate”.
  4. The Twin Flame birth chart calculator will then present you with a score or percentage based on those life path numbers.

How Does Twin Flame Calculator Help?

A Twin Flame Soul number calculator is the ultimate test to find if someone you like is your Twin Flame or not. This calculator can help you immensely. Here are its top benefits:

  • The free Twin Flame calculator score can be used to judge the love situation between two people.
  • Using the Twin Flame calculator score, you can also analyse situations in which your and your partners’ thoughts and interests align well.
  • If two people are thinking of marriage, they can test how similar and spiritually connected they are.
  • The percentage obtained in the Twin Flame birth chart calculator can be further used to get in-depth insights from an astrologer.

How is A Twin Flame Different from Other Connections?

There are three basic types of love connections as per astrology - Twin Flame, Soulmate and Karmic. Let us see through the table how the other two are different from a Twin Flame. Also, use our FREE Twin Flame calculator today!

Sno.Twin Flame ConnectionSoulmate ConnectionKarmic Connection
1.Mirror souls to each otherDeep compatibility between each otherHealers of each other’s past karma
2.Same behaviour and thoughtsGreat acceptance of each otherOffer difficult situations to each other
3.A Long-term associationA constant connectionOnly lasts until all debts of past karma are cleared
4.Marriage is spiritualMarriage is compatibleMarriage is not possible


The Twin Flame test by date of birth calculator serves as a guiding tool to determine deep connections between two individuals. It is the ultimate Twin Flame finder based on a percentage score. If you wish to know your twin soul or how similar you and your partner are, use our Twin Flame birth chart calculator free.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Twin Flame test by date of birth calculator calculates your spiritual other half. It generates a score or percentage to check if two people perfectly mirror each other’s souls.
Calculating or determining your Twin Flame is quite simple with our Twin Flame birth chart calculator free. Just enter your and your connection’s birth details in our tool and click on calculate. The score that comes can help you judge your love equation.
Yes. Marrying your twin flame is a possibility. Someone who is your twin flame can be an ideal partner as you both would have common likes, dislikes and behaviours. However, you must decide to marry only after spending a brief amount of time with each other.
Yes. If you are interested in someone you have recently interacted with, then you can use their birth details along with yours to know how similar you are. Through the score obtained in the Twin Flame Soul number calculator, you can judge your spiritual connection with your love interest.
The zodiac signs that are twin flames are - Aries and Libra, Taurus and Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, Cancer and Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius, Virgo and Pisces. However, to be more sure, use our free Twin Flame calculator.
When two twin flames meet, they feel that they can relate to each other. Their souls connect on a spiritual level, and they are instantly attracted. However, to know if someone you are interested in is your twin flame, you must check through the Twin Flame test by date of birth calculator.
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