A Free Relationship Quiz For Clarity

If you are in a relationship, it is natural that you think about it every day. Well, we bring you a set of questions that analyse how well you know your lover or spouse. Get ready for the ultimate relationship quiz that tests your confidence in your partner.

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Do you know your partner well? Get, set, and go for the Couple Test below to find the answer.

(1/4) Basic Knowledge About Your Partner


Do you know your partner's favourite food?


Can you name your partner's best friend?


Do you know your partner's goal in life?


Do you know the people your partner doesn't like?


Do you know your partner's likes and dislikes?

(2/4) Your Understanding With Your Partner


Is your partner your best friend?


Can you and your partner talk for hours?


Is your partner happy to see you when you're home?


Does your partner listen carefully when you disagree?


Is your partner helpful and trustworthy?

(3/4) Your Romantic Bond


Does your partner take you out on dates?


Is your partner emotionally expressive?


Do you both miss each other when away?


Do you both talk about future plans?


Do you have a good sexual life?

(4/4) Your Partner's Thoughts and Values


Do you know your partner's life mantra?


Do you both have the same moral values?


Does your partner respect your opinion?


Does your partner appreciate your efforts?


Does your partner like your fashion sense?

Your Total Score


You understand your partner quite strongly. You have a clear idea of your partner's interests, dreams and fears. On most days, you know exactly what makes your partner happy. However, that does not mean that you and your partner should take your bond for granted. Instead, keep growing the communication and effort.

If your or your partner's count of yes answers falls here, it means that you know your partner moderately. It's time to be careful, as there are a few things that can influence your understanding of each other. First of all, you need to trust your partner, especially when you hear certain things from a third person. Open up with each other more.

Your relationship with your partner may be going well, but it needs improvement. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed. Just to be nice to each other, it's not necessary that you hide things from each other. Be honest about your feelings and have discussions about the future and the past. It will enhance bonding.

Maybe your relationship is losing out on love and fun day by day. Probably, you may not have taken a couple test like this earlier. It's time to open your eyes and spend more time knowing your partner. All this while, you liked your lover; now you need to learn particular things about him/her. It will help you realise where this relationship is going.

Will your relationship last long?

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How Does Couple Bond Test Tool Work?

Take the free relationship quiz about “how well do you know your partner” today and analyse where your relationship stands. Using our Couple Bond test tool is pretty easy.

  1. First of all, go to the tool where it’s written - “Take the free Couple Bond Test”.
  2. You will be directly introduced to a set of questions that ask for a “Yes/No” in different categories.
  3. The categories or sections that will test your bonding with your partner are - Basic Knowledge, Understanding, Romantic Bond and Thoughts & Values.
  4. In the end, your score for the “number of Yes answers” will be shown in total.
  5. In the end, your score for a number of yes answers will be shown in total and per section.
  6. Based on the score, advice for your relationship will be generated. Your results for the true relationship test are here!

How Does Couple Bond Test Quiz Help?

Couple bonding is not something that happens in a day. As a partner, you need to nurture understanding with each passing time. This couple test helps you in the following ways.

  • Taking the relationship test that your knowledge of your partner in various ways is one of the steps that help you gain clarity in your love relationship.
  • The Yes/No relationship quiz helps you realise how well do you know your partner, especially the basic interests.
  • The situational questions enable you to understand how you relate or don’t relate with your partner.
  • Moreover, the relationship test results give you an understanding of where your relationship stands and what more improvements need to be made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, you need more clarity in love, but you don't know what questions you need to ask yourself and your partner. You can use our “How well do you know your partner” quiz to do that.
Acceptance of each other's likes and dislikes is a good way for a couple to bond. At the same, appreciating efforts can further enhance the bonding.
A romantic bond is a connection between two lovers. In this bond, two people are deeply invested in each other's emotions and would do actions to make their partner feel special.
When two people are fully aware of their interests and, most importantly, can trust each other in the major situations of life, that's when you know you can go for marriage. Trusting your partner means you can depend on them. Taking our relationship quiz today can give you an idea.
Communication of any kind, especially future plans, is an indicator that you are serious about your relationship. So, it's a good way to understand where your relationship is heading.
The 'How well do you know your partner' quiz includes situational questions that test your bond in four sections - basic knowledge, understanding, romantic bond and values. Take a couple test today.
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