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sn't that smile on your loved one's face one of the most precious things you cherish? So how about you be the reason for that? The easiest way to do that is to surprise them with your thoughtfulness.

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A well-planned gift, something their heart craves, can do this effortlessly. But no idea what they may like? Then also, don't worry. This FREE online Valentine's Day Gift calculator is here to help you. In just a few seconds, you will get to know what gift of yours will delight your partner to no end.

Valentine’s Day: Evolving Traditions

Valentine's Day is celebrated far and wide as the day of love. More specifically, a day of romantic love. On this day, people confess their affection and adoration to their crushes, hoping that the love-laden atmosphere will also work magic in their life. Many people proclaim this day as the ultimate day of love. Couples often make grand gestures to make this day a memorable event. Even though love isn't bound by dates and should be expressed at every possible moment, this festive day is an excellent way to remember one's journey with their partner.

The energy during the festivities is so enjoyable and contagious that many people can work up their courage to make a significant and decisive move in their love life. It can be asking someone out on a date or proposing to their partner for marriage. The meaning of Valentine's Day is now synonymous with making one's partner feel special on this day of love. Every year on February 14, Valentine's Day, also known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is observed.

It evolved from its origins as a Christian feast day honouring one or two early Christian martyrs by the name of Saint Valentine. And ended up becoming a prominent cultural and commercial festival of romance and love in many parts of the world. This festival originated in Europe and later spread into different countries, thus primarily termed a 'European culture' festival. There are still some ties between St. Valentine's Day and the arrival of spring, even though the European folk rituals associated with the holiday have been pushed to the side by modern traditions linking the day to romantic love.

Valentine's Day is still associated with several regional practices in England, even though the tradition of sending cards, flowers, chocolates, and other presents started in the UK. Saint Valentine was revered as a springtime saint, a protector of health, and a guide for travellers and beekeepers in Slovenia. On this day, plants and flowers begin to grow. It has been seen as the beginning of the first season of work in the fields and vineyards. On that day, it is stated that birds either become engaged or get married.

How Does the Valentine’s Gift Calculator Work?

This online tool is specially designed for those who have no idea what to get their partners or don't have much time or budget to plan something elaborate. A gift should be thoughtful rather than expensive. Still, at the same time, it shouldn't be random, which gives the partner an impression that the giver isn't genuinely bothered about their likes and dislikes. That, in turn, may lead to some misunderstandings. So it is better to give someone something that they will appreciate. The calculator will present you with unique valentines Day ideas for your significant other.

  • The InstaAstro Valentine's gift calculator is based on an algorithm that considers a person's and their partner's zodiac signs.
  • In turn, it gives a thorough assessment of their internal thought process, a part of which is what they think makes good gifts.
  • As a result, this calculator by date of birth can reveal perfectly romantic Valentine's Day gifts in just a few seconds.
  • In addition, the calculator recommends some most popular valentines Day gifts that are easy to procure—a win-win for the giver as well as their partner.

Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the greatest days dedicated to love. Many people still remain confused about the best valentine gift for boyfriend or girlfriend, or significant other. However, let us help you find an answer to this. Over time, some objects have become the symbol of love. Hence, they are the traditional gift for Valentine's Day. These include red roses, considered the 'flower of love and chocolates, many of which are shaped like hearts. In addition, people exchange or gift Valentine's cards on this day, where they write about their feelings for the gift receiver. So, these are good options if you are lost on what your partner will like. Also, unique sets of things, such as showpieces or watches, are an excellent alternative for couples.

It makes your partner happy when they think about you trying to match items up with them. Other than all these, people often give what they have seen their loved ones enjoying. So, one can say there are many options for what to give to their partners. Ideally, love should not just be celebrated one day. Instead, one should express it at every possible moment. Still, Valentine's Day is an excellent opportunity to make your partner feel special. And for that, they must think that you have put some thought behind your gift instead of going with the first standard idea you saw.

But knowing what gift or gesture will truly floor them is tough. An excellent way to find out is by using this online gift calculator. It considers you as well as your partner's compatibility as well as the zodiac signs under the underlying chemistry. Then it suggests charming Valentine's gifts based on what your partner will like and what you think is a good gift. Because you aren't giving it out with a happy heart, then you are setting up the day to be an unfulfilling one.

This Valentine's gift calculator for a boyfriend can quickly tell the ladies what thing has hooked their boyfriend's interest in recent times. If you give your boyfriend a gift about his interest, be assured you will flaunt it in style and tell everyone what a great partner you are. Similarly, it can also work the other way. This Valentine's Gift calculator for one's girlfriend can tell what she has been looking for days and will excite her the most.

Gifts Based on Zodiac Signs?

Confused about the best Valentine's day gift ideas? Let us help you find the one. A large part of what your partner likes as their gift depends on their nature. For example, if they are romantic at heart, they may enjoy the flower bouquet you got. But a more practical person will think that to be a waste. So, here is a guide for ideas about Valentine's gifts for one's love according to their zodiac signs. These Valentines Day gift for zodiac sign are as follows:


Aries, with their inborn tendency to seek thrill, will love their adventurous side acknowledged. Hence, an adventure trek is a good plan for starters. Or one can get them equipment for whatever adventure activity or sports they are a part of. Also, given their practical and hyper-focused attitude towards careers, An Aries would greatly appreciate an excellent addition to their office wardrobe. Lastly, if someone is planning to gift jewellery, they better look for something unique and something with rubies. Jewellery will be the best valentine gift for girlfriend of an individual.


They are easily pleased with luxurious and pretty things. They seek things with aesthetic value and prefer looks over functionality as they are classic valentines gifts. So, for them, one needs to find something pleasing to their eyes. A safe choice is a dress matching their fashion sense or some luxury perfumes. Plus points if the clothing is of some comfortable and expensive material. Or depending upon their tastes, one can buy out the premium versions of things they like.


They are the brainy crowd. So an excellent way to hold their attention is to give them things that make them scratch their brains. They appreciate anyone who can make them think of many things for a long time. Hence, puzzles, DIY sets and other trinkets are good options. Books are also Gemini's favourite. As for technology, one can get the latest cut edge gadgets, and they will happily spend their time figuring it out. These will come around to be some of the best valentine day gift for wife of an individual.


Cancers are hardcore nurturers by nature. They like their space cosy and filled with people they are comfortable with. Also, given an option, they prefer to say in. So a good addition to their living or personal space is a great way to get them to appreciate someone. Home decors are a good option for that. Also, they like their share of romantic moments too. So a gift to signify the relationship is a good way.


Leo likes themselves being unique and eye-catching. Also, they want when the other person is showing them extra attention and care while listening to them. They like their fashion game to be on point. So any statement piece of fashion is an excellent gift for the Leos. Getting them a unique and stylish dress, not seen in the market, or pieces of jewellery of some unique stones is a good start. One can also venture into watches and perfumes if they are of some limited edition. All and all, anything adding something extra to their looks will impress them to no end. This will be a perfect Valentines day gift for a new relationship.


They like to have long, self-sustaining items. So the best gift for them are items that hold some purpose in their daily lives, making their life easier. Also, they are usually really into fitness and living healthily. So considering all factors, anything that helps them to lie healthy is a great gift. Yoga mats, planners, some gym equipment or even a plant with known medicinal properties will earn the giver instant appreciation.


Libras do love the old-school way of things. So for their romantic hearts, the whole perfect Valentine's Day gifts are better if it is the vintage way. A beautiful date planned at an even more attractive location is sure to surprise them. One can pair it up with some music of sentimental value and a bouquet of their favourite flowers. Suppose it is too much of an effort. In that case, one can always give Libra their favourite valentine chocolate or some jewellery that holds personal importance.


Scorpio like their mysterious ways and anyone who can look beyond it. They like to keep people guessing, even if it is their partner. So, a gift interesting enough to hold their interest must be something out of the box. One can start with some showpieces and jewellery that add to the Scorpios' mysterious aura. Silver and black-themed art pieces are especially to their taste. Surprising them is a tough job, but the satisfaction once one cracks the code is worth it.


They are free souls who draw their energy from nature and new places. For such travellers and explorers, there would be no more fabulous gift than to be able to explore a new place. So the best thing to do is to plan a short vacation for them, even if it is somewhere nearby. But sometimes, such things can only work out on short notice. Then also, many suitable gifts will make a Sagittarius ha[y from their heart. They like to hold onto memories, and what can be a better way to store these memories than a Polaroid camera? A meaningful gift is more valuable to keep back memories, which means a lot.


They enjoy having a sense of importance, and rightfully so. They are go-getters and don't wait for things to fall into place. They would instead do it themselves. With such an ambition, they are always on their toes. In such cases, gifting a planner to them will serve a purpose, and one can also show their caring side through customised ones. Also, office accessories like leather bag watches etc., make the Capricorns feel loved and respected as they think their partner genuinely supports their drive and career.


An excellent way to get into Aquarius's good books is to acknowledge their quirks. They like people who accept them as themselves. So maybe taking an interest in what they may give a person about what to gift to their Aquarius partner. A simple, sure-shot good gift is a book on something that the Aquarius is currently obsessing over. A unique piece of fashion item that enhances their quirks is also another way to make an Aquarius feel loved.


Pisces are the typical dreamers, the artistic souls. They are emotionally very invested in things. Hence it doesn't take much effort to impress them. For the day of love, a good outing where they can enjoy their favourite food and music is a great way to make their day memorable. As for gifts, one can always go for customised items or things that add to the aesthetic value of the personal space of a Pisces, like candles or delicate decors and artworks.


So, if you are confused about the best and most ideal gift for your partner, then do use InstaAstro’s Valentine’s Gift Calculator. This calculator will present you with the best ideas to give your partner. Moreover, if you are facing issues in your relationship, then it might be time to get some astrological help. To do so, you can visit InstaAstro’s site, where you can talk to India’s Best Astrologers, who will provide you with solutions and answers to all your problems and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best is a relative term. What the person you are gifting may or may not be something you think they will like. Hence, you can go with the standard gifts, which is the traditional way. But if you want to put in the effort and get what they want, then use InstaAstro's gift calculator to find out what they have been thinking about getting for a long time.
Some good gifts for Valentine's Day are red roses, chocolates, soft toys etc. Also, one can plan dates and other such experiences to share with their partners.
It depends on your girlfriend's preferences. If she is into looking up new things, get her an exciting book. On the other hand, if she likes to look her best self, dresses, bags, or watches are a good deal. Similarly, a good pair of trekking shoes and other kits are a thoughtful gift if she likes to go out on adventures.
To know that, you must first know your boyfriend's interests. Is he into sports? Then get him a jersey or tickets to his favourite team's match. If he likes the latest technology, get him something new in the market to show it off. It depends on your partner.
Initially, it was a day to honour some Christian martyrs, most notably Saint Valentine. But with time, it has changed into a day to celebrate love and companionship worldwide.
Sometimes, you have no one to ask about what to get your partner for Valentine's Day. For any such day, InstaAstro's Gift calculator has been designed. With considerations for your partners as well as your needs and constraints, it helps you select the best possible gift for your partner.
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