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Have you ever questioned yourself, 'when will I die?'' InstaAstro perfect Death tithi Calculator is a life expectancy calculator. Establishing your death clock countdown will accurately* predict your death date.

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To predict your death date, input your date of birth and your gender, and the death prediction by date of birth astrology calculator will let you know your date of death. Please check out the Death Date Calculator below if you want to live longer and not die in pain.

Free Death Calculator

Life expectancy has been growing for years thanks to increasing awareness of personal health maintenance and medical care that keeps on enhancing. In addition, women have outlived men. Your questions of 'when my death day is?', 'how to know the death date by kundali?' or 'how many years will I live?' is answered using the death tithi calculation formula.

If you are also wondering, 'can astrology predict death?' or 'how to calculate the date of death?” then our When will I die calculator tool, which predicts the time of death according to astrology or the my death clock, is the best lifespan prediction by date of birth tool to answer your questions about death. It gives your FREE death prediction by date of birth and time, so you live life before life leaves you.

InstaAstro FREE Death Calculator app is a Vedic astrology death prediction astrology free calculator that will give you your minutes to live life to the fullest by giving you your death date info. Check this page to know more about the death clock. According to astrology, the death date or the death prediction can be made by the date of birth.

What is a Death Calculator?

Have you ever wondered “when will you die' or 'how many years will I live' or 'am I gonna die soon'. Let us look at some reasons to use the death date calculator. These are as follows:

  • It gives an “end date” to either fear or look forward to.

Whichever way you look, it at least gives you an “end date” to better plan your living time.

  • It allows us to plan out the different phases of our life better.

Being realistic about dying but at least realising that your life will likely follow the normal distribution of a human life span.

  • You can wrap everything up nicely.

Saying goodbye to friends, acquaintances, and family can be done in a good way.

  • By using the death time dosha calculator, you can correctly predict how much money you will need to live your life.

If you don’t know your death date, you could live for one year or thirty more years. But unfortunately, those two options require a massive sum of money and planning.

  • Equate the cognitive thinking of “knowing my expiration date” to preparing for a test:

If you have a geography test in 10 months, you will probably not care too much at this moment and will waste time. However, if you had the same difficulty in three hours, you would probably buckle down and study like crazy! So knowing the expiration date helps me do more things while alive.

  • Death calculator astrology or death calculator by date of birth can “relieve the pressure” of believing life goes on forever for some people.

If someone’s life sucks, knowing that there’s an end in sight could help some people.

  • It helps to understand what’s essential by knowing it will end.

Seeing family often, bumming around with friends, and playing with puppies and kids are essential compared to other stuff.

The mystery of When will I die?

One of the most challenging things is predicting death astrology since planets keep changing houses every minute. If planets realign themselves, the Lagna that is inauspicious for you and unexpected death yog will change completely. So while you can't predict death certainly, there are things that increase and decrease the chances of violent and sudden death. Read more to know what it is about: sudden death, prediction and death astrology.

1. If your partner suffers from KUJA DOSHA, but you do not, you will risk your life. Planet Mars is responsible for violent death according to my death check in astrology if it is placed in the wrong houses. So it is advisable not to marry someone who has Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha before they turn 28.

2. Another death prediction by astrologers is based on past life's karma. If an astrologer goes through your natal chart or birth chart, they can see warning signs about your death and see how your past life has affected your current one. Astrologers or Jyotish can also give you prayers to help your death be peaceful.

Predicting death astrology is about the nature of different planets and houses that conspire about the death date. Not all planets are responsible for violent and sudden death. But some placements affect your life. So read more to find out how to predict a person's future death.

Which Planets predict the death of a person?

There are astrologers and Jyotish that believe astrology can predict the death of a person precisely and it is doable by taking a look at a person's birth chart. It is based on the positions of planets, sub-dashas and Dashas. The planets held responsible for the death of a person are referred to as Marakas and are Mars, Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and the Sun.

While skimming through the birth chart or natal chart you should focus on the 8th house. It is called the house of death. It is the house where planet placement determines if a person will die due to unnatural or natural causes. Through the condition of this House, one can predict the death year of an inidvidual.

All the astrologers when asked about the death date will look into the 8th house. However, all jyotish agree on the fact that it is difficult to predict when a person will die exactly or impossible in some cases as placements of planets change throughout a person's life.

All of us have different natal charts or birth charts that have different combinations with different conclusions. Though there are some common sightings found by astrologers. Astrologers believe that the cause of death can be predicted if one knows the planet placed in the 8th house.

Sun: Death reason by fire

Moon: Death induced by water

Mars: Death provoked by weapons

Mercury: Death caused by fever

Jupiter: Death reason by chronic diseases

Venus: Death driven by theft

Saturn: Death rendered by starvation

Determining the time of death

Maraka Dasha is typically used in astrology to determine the time of death or seconds left to live. The person's lifespan, or Ayusthan, is represented by the Eighth House as from Lagna. According to the Bhavat Bhavam concept, the third house from the Lagna, eighth from the ninth, also represents longevity.

Usually, the native dies due to the effects of the Antardasha and Dasha of the Pratyantar Dasha cycle of Maraka planets. Whether a planet is naturally benign or malefic is irrelevant.

The twelfth house represents the loss of the home from any house. The second house is the twelfth house from the eighth and the third. As a result, the second and seventh houses are known as Maraka houses and their Lords as Maraka planets.

Mrityu Yog in Kundli

According to Hindu astrology, Mrityu Yog is regarded as an unlucky yoga. The union of the date and day creates Mrityu Yoga which tells us about the death countdown or the time of death. Nobody can dispute the fact that the ultimate reality of life is death.

It is thought that a person's actions decide when they will pass away. Nobody wants to pass away because of the Akaal Mrityu Yog, which might cause one to pass away too soon.

In a Kundali, the date, reason, and location of death are predetermined by life calculation. However, astrology sheds some information on the sort of death a local may experience. Specific yogas indicate the death an individual will experience in their Kundli. InstaAstro aims to bring you an insight to calculate life expectancy or the lifespan astrology calculator with free death prediction by date of birth.

Reasons for death according to the House in Kundli

A person’s death can also be caused because of the positioning of a malefic planet that has negative effects in certain houses of an individual’s kundli. Let us have a look at these houses and how likely are they to affect an individual’s death. These are as follows:

Reasons for death according to the Eighth House.

  • Death is caused by the eighth house ruler as well as the planets that are in this house. When the eighth dwelling is occupied,
  • Death will then occur as a result of burning or fire.
  • Death will occur because of the Moon by water.
  • Death will occur as a result of a wound or weapon.
  • Mercury means death because of a fatal fever.
  • Diseases will then cause death, as per Jupiter.
  • Venus will lead to starvation.
  • Saturn indicates passing away from thirst.

Reasons for death according to the Third House.

  • Death by law or government penalty results from an intense Sun located within the third house from the ascendant.
  • The third house moon placement will result in death from consumption.
  • Fever will be the cause of death if Mercury is in the third house.
  • Mars will bring on ulcers, burns, and injuries from weapons in the house.
  • Dying due to poisoning falls from great heights, or fire will result from a conjunction between Saturn and Rahu or an aspect of the third house.
  • Tumours or swelling will have the death clock ticking if Jupiter is in the third house.
  • Death from urinary issues will result from Venus in the third house.
  • If there are several planets in the third house, several ailments will cause death.
  • If death is fortunate in the third house, it occurs in a sacred location, such as a temple. On the other hand, if it is malefic in the third house, it occurs in a sinful location.
  • Death will occur at home, and the native will be aware at the moment of passing, according to Jupiter and Venus in the third house.

Saturn and its adverse effects

Saturn becomes Maraka itself, transcending all other planets when connected to the Maraka planet. Saturn, in the eighth house, represents longevity of lifespan if positioned positively. However, when it is poorly positioned, impacted, or ill-disposed due to his Lordship of an unfavourable house, it will significantly weaken Saturn's inherent capacity to grant the native lifespan clock more time.

Rahu-Ketu and Mrityu Yog

Rahu's Dasha is marked by suffering and agony. It transforms into Maraka for ascendants in Capricorn and Scorpio. Rahu and Ketu turn into their own Markesha and produce effects in their Dasha or Antardasha when they are situated in the Lagna, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house from the Markesha or in combination with it.

Moon and the Mrityu Yog

The Moon governs the mind. Hence changes in the Moon's phase will affect how the native thinks according to astrology charts. Suicide scenarios are more likely to arise under an afflicted moon, particularly on Amavasya, during the full Moon, or on Ekadashi.

Therefore, to escape Alpa Mrityu, one must worship Lord Shiva, regarded as the God of life. You can conduct the Akaal Mrityu recovery Yagya to counteract its effects and the Yagya to have a healthy and long life.

Injury as a leading factor in Mrityu Yog death

  • Death will occur in a car accident if the Sun, Saturn, Moon, and Mars are in the eighth from the ascendant or in a trine.
  • In Kundli, Mars is in the tenth house, the Moon in seventh house, and Saturn in the fourth house.
  • Malefics due to Virgo, Sun, and Moon.
  • Sun and Moon are in the ascendant, that is a dual sign.
  • Moon in Scorpio or Aries during Paap Kartari Yoga.
  • Malefics occupy the fifth and ninth houses, and there are no aspects of benefits.
  • Saturn is positioned in the tenth house, and the Sun or Mars is positioned in the fourth.
  • The weak Moon presence means death by falling from height due to the ascendant sign, Mars in the fifth house, the Sun in ascendant and Saturn in the eighth house.

How is the Mrityu Yog in Kundli created?

  • It is considered unlucky if Nanda Tithi or Pratipada, or the sixth or eleventh, falls on a Sunday or a Tuesday.
  • Bhadra Tithis are the second, seventh, and twelfth; if any of these fall on a Monday or a Friday, Mrityu Yoga is established.
  • When coupled with Wednesday, the Jaya Tithi, or the third, eighth, and thirteenth, produces the Mrityu Yoga or death rate.
  • Fourteenth, ninth, and fourth are known as Rikta Tithis in astrology, and any of these days that fall on a Thursday constitute unlucky Mrityu Yoga.
  • The unlucky Mrityu Yoga is generated if the Fifth, tenth, Full Moon (Poornima), or no moon(Amavasya).dates fall on a Saturday.

How will the people of Each Zodiac Likely To Die?

  • How will Taurus people die - It's primarily diabetes and kidney health problems that kill Taureans.
  • How will Aries people die- It is due to infections, so kidney failure may be general if you're a kid or an older person.
  • How will Leo people die- Comorbidities in the mix with diabetes.
  • How will Cancer people die - Gastrointestinal disorders and possibilities like slipping from a height.
  • How will Virgo people die- People with Virgo as their zodiac sign are inclined to demise by falling, fire, and weapons like a gun.
  • How will Gemini people die- It is likely through Cancer.
  • How will Libra people die- Drugs, alcohol, and neck or throat infection? Suicide or murder is also one of the reasons.
  • How will Scorpio people die- Poison or drug overdose?
  • How will Sagittarius people die- Prone to death by drowning
  • How will Aquarius people die- Drugs and medicines overdose.
  • How will Pisces people die- Alcohol poisoning and death by STDs
  • How will Capricorn people die- Fever, stomach injection, and ulcers.

Five Tips on How to Live Longer

  • Practise an active lifestyle so exercise, pick up new hobbies, and have a positive attitude towards life.
  • Laughter helps you live longer than average. So keep your moods up.
  • Relax and slow down. Enjoy your work and take time off too.
  • Eat nutritious food with lots of greens.
  • Sleep for at least 7 hrs daily.


Death is something that scares even the toughest individual. However, if you want to know about the time or year of your death, do use our Death Calculator for the same. Moreover, if you are facing any issues in your life, then visit InstaAstro’s site and seek some astrological advice from India’s Best Astrologers. The astrologers there will help you find solutions and answers to all your problems and questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A thorough study of the kundali can determine when a person is about to die. In astrology, your kundli or birth chart is key to answering all essential life questions. Although some people choose to ask questions to astrologers regarding death and time of passing, astrologers may refrain from answering them due to fear of inviting bad luck.
In Vedic astrology, Saturn is responsible for long life. In a kundali, the 8th house stands for longevity or an extended life expectancy. Therefore, an individual is bound to live a long life if the 8th house of their kundali has a promising combination of Saturn as the Ascendant.
The union of the date and day creates Mrityu Yoga which tells us about the time of death.
Death will occur in a car accident if the Sun, Saturn, Moon, and Mars are in the eighth from the ascendant or in a trine.
Suicide scenarios are more likely to arise under an afflicted moon, particularly on Amavasya, during the full Moon, or on Ekadashi.
Rahu's Dasha is marked by suffering and agony.
The unlucky Mrityu Yoga is generated if the Fifth, tenth, Full Moon (Poornima), or no moon(Amavasya).dates fall on a Saturday.
You can adopt a healthy lifestyle by taking small steps at a time. Start by sticking to a proper schedule for the day. Then, try to have a nutritious and balanced diet, get adequate sleep, keep yourself hydrated, exercise more often, and keep yourself happy by doing the things you love!