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If you wish to know how well your marriage will turn out or if you will thrive in a happy marriage, then enter your details in our FREE Marriage Calculator. This tool will help you identify the course of your wedding and will brace you if any turbulence is coming your way.

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Feed all the necessary details in the Numerology Marriage date Calculator and know your chances of living a happy married life.

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Marriage Calculator

You will also discover the potential of your relationship with your spouse and become aware of the kind of equation you share with them. So, what are you waiting for? Do not waste more time; try InstaAstro's Marriage Numerology Compatibility Calculator to know how your marriage will turn out.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but are they as peaceful as the heavens? A marriage is a union of two people who come together to have a family. Also known as matrimony, marriage is a legal and social contract that binds two people together for a lifetime.

As a result, they can rely, trust, and depend on each other. Marriage involves both emotional and physical availability required for two people to live with one another. It is a step you take towards building a future for yourself and is crucial as it can be pivotal for you and those around you.

Some wish to have an arranged marriage, while others feel more comfortable in a love marriage. Whatever the type of marriage, the most important thing is for couples to be compatible and have a happy and prosperous married life.

While everyone wishes for a peaceful and beautiful marriage, fights and misunderstandings are common. Most people only see the good part of a wedding, but only some can see the rough sea ahead of the deceptive waters of the honeymoon phase. Thus, it is a territory where you can't let go of things and should fight with all your might and save your marriage. But, sometimes, despite all your efforts, the course of your marriage takes an adverse turn and ruins your happiness. Thus, try our precise marriage prediction calculator, also known as the marriage calculator by date of birth, to prevent any of that and get more perspective on your marital life.

What is a Happy Marriage?

Marriage is part of an individual’s life which comes around to be very crucial for them. An individual’s marriage is a bond that they have to stay for almost 2/3rd of their life. Thus, a bond in which an individual has to spend most of their life should be happy. However, at times this is not the case. Thus, marriages break. However, there is a solution to this. The solution is to get your marriage date numerology number calculated. This will let you have a lot of insight into your married life. Moreover, if there is something that bothers you, you can always use some remedies to solve them.

To start by breaking everyone's bubble, there is no such thing as a permanently happy marriage. Of course, there are moments when you feel like the luckiest in your wedding, but there are also moments where you regret every decision regarding your marriage and married life. Thus, there is always unpredictability associated with marriage. However, with the FREE Marriage Calculator, which is a marriage prediction of couples by InstaAstro, you can find out if you'll have a happy marriage or not.

There is no particular recipe for a happy or successful marriage, but there sure are a few elements without which a marriage cannot sustain. They are:

  • Love and Commitment: These two are the foundation of a marriage or any relationship. They go hand in hand and are crucial if you want a solid marriage. So, it is also a love marriage astrology calculator.
  • Patience and Forgiveness: It always takes a great human being to have the virtue of patience and forgiveness first in a relationship. Thus, these are essential traits to have for a prosperous marriage.
  • Trust and Honesty: Trust takes time to develop, but once you put your trust into your relationship and partner, it is evident that you're sincere and honest in the marriage. Thus, this helps in having a pure bond with each other.
  • Selflessness: There cannot be an 'I' when it comes to marriage, and it has to be a mutual relationship where one person is willing to choose the other in several instances.

How does the Marriage Calculator work?

The marriage calculator is very simple to use. Let us have a look at some steps that help in using the marriage calculator.

  • All you need is your wedding date. After you have it, all you need to do is fill in the details in the required fields.
  • After that, click submit and then relax. The calculator will present you with your results based on the age-old method of marriage predictions by the wedding date.

The calculator does not work on the principle of assumptions and calculates the movement and position of stars and planets on the day of your wedding to check if it was an auspicious time or not. After this analysis, the calculator presents you with your results. As the calculator uses scientific and research-based methods, the results tend to be highly accurate.

The Relation Between Gunas and Compatibility

While emotional and physical compatibility is a must, vedic astrology and numerology play a massive role in deciding the outcome of marriage through kundli milan during the time of marriage. The Gunas are referred to as qualities or attributes. While discussing marriage between a couple, proper analysis and study of the birth chart are indispensable.

By carefully analysing the birth chart and matching Gunas, one can confirm compatibility in a couple. An individual's natal chart has eight aspects known as Koota, which have specific points. Moreover, there are 36 Gunas in total, from which 18 points are required to match between a couple to proceed with the marriage. The eight Kootas are:

  • Varna or Jaati: This determines the predisposition of two individuals who wish to marry. In total, there are four varnas: Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. They show how compatible the boy and girl are on a spiritual level and control their ego in the relationship. Therefore, one point is allotted to this category.
  • Vashya: This is responsible for mutual attraction and determines the dominating person in a relationship. It assesses the ability of one of the individuals to influence the other in the marriage. Moreover, it looks after the magnetic control the two people have over each other in a relationship. And two points are allotted to this category.
  • Tara: The birth star Tara Koota analyses the compatibility or relationship of the birth stars of the native. This assessment is essential for Kundali Milan. In Vedic Astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras which start from Ashwini and end at Revathi. Three points are allotted to this category.
  • Yoni: The Yoni Koot reads the level of intimacy between two people. A fun aspect of this category is that there are 14 classifications which include animals such as Dog, Cat, Horse, Cow, Rat, Sheep, Lion, Snake, Buffalo, Tiger, Elephant, Mongoose, Deer, and Monkey. If the woman represents one animal, and the man represents another, and if the both animals are of opposite natures, then there will be compatibility issues between the couple. Lastly, four points are allotted to this category.
  • Graha Maitri: The fifth Koota analyses compatibility between families and assesses the familial bonds between partners and their families. It also tests the mental compatibility between two individuals and represents communication in a relationship. There are five points allotted to this category.
  • Gana: This Koota represents temperament and different behaviours in couples. The three types of Ganas are Dev Gana which means divine power, Rakshasa Gana, which indicates demonic energy and Manushya Gana, which represents human energy. The Moon controls these Ganas, and there can be a maximum of six points for this category.
  • Rashi: This is calculated by analysing the planets in different houses for the boy with respect to the girl's natal chart. There are twelve zodiac signs, and they are crucial for compatibility. This is a sign and indication of affection and love in a relationship. There can be a maximum of six points for this category.
  • Nadi: This Koota is associated with mental and physical well-being. It is also related to reproduction in a couple. According to astrology, those with the same nadi should not get married as their children might face physical or mental troubles.

There are three Nadis in total, and they are Aadi Nadi (Vata), Madhya Nadi (Pitta), and Anthya Nadi (Kapha). There are eight points allotted to this category.

Thus, the knowledge and information about these gunas can lead to a happier and more content married life.

How to have a Successful Marriage?

Here are some effective and efficient factors that can help you in having a successful marriage:

  • A good angle between the Chandra or Moon of a girl and the Shani or Saturn of a boy can help in having a blissful marriage with no internal disputes. Moreover, this can also promote prosperity among the families involved.
  • Comparing the horoscopes at the right time when Solar Lunar planets (Moon and Saturn) are primal for a long-lasting and happy marriage.
  • Considering the feelings of the family as marriage is known as the celebration of a union, and the planets Shani and Chandra in the jatakam indicate a girl's relationship with her mother-in-law. And Ravi and Shani indicate father-in-law. Worshipping these planets at the right time will help overcome all solutions.
  • Lastly, having the right kind of attraction, Shukra, which is Venus and Kuja, meaning Mars, are responsible for bringing closeness and attraction to a couple.


If you are also searching for when will i get married astrology calculator? Then, use our marriage calculator to know. The marriage calculator tends to be a beneficial tool for individual who wants to have a deeper insight into their married life. The tool tells an individual about some of the things and aspects of their marriage that will be very crucial for them to know. The calculator takes under consideration the date of marriage of an individual and further tends to calculate the result for each individual through the ancient method of numerology.

Moreover, if you are facing issues in your marriage, then you can consult, InstaAstro’s astrologers. InstaAstro readily provides astrological and spiritual guidance. Thus, to know more about Kundali Milan, Gunas and Horoscopes, consult our expert astrologers and seek the best advice!

Frequently Asked Questions

The marriage calculator takes into consideration the date of marriage of an individual. It further tends to calculate the numerology number for the individuals based on their date of marriage. The number thus further signifies some critical aspects of an individual’s life and marriage. Thus, the calculator is accurate as it does not work on assumptions.
Astrology helps all compatible couples close the knot and find their potential partners effectively. It carefully studies all the planetary positions and activities that would cause unrest in a couple's marital life.
The adept astrologers who know planet deactivation and other such techniques suggest ways to improve unrest and promote harmony in a marriage. Moreover, marriage counselling works best for troubled relationships. If married couples take tarot readings often and visit an astrologer for tips to live their life, this can help save their marriage.
Our date of birth helps us reveal the probabilities and other aspects of our behaviour through systematic charts. In addition, age-old practices like Gun-Milan ensure compatibility between two individuals who are about to get married. There are other ways to match charts or perform Kundali Matching for the best results.
The birth chart, horoscope, natal chart or Kundali is significant for determining the course of a marriage. This is because Kundali governs every aspect of our life, from our behaviour to our future. And thus, it can also help in deciding the right time for getting married to avoid any disturbances in the marriage.
Arranged marriage or love marriage calculators might help you in deciding the kind of future married life. You can also try them for fun to know the type of marriage you will commit to. However, if you're genuinely curious, then such calculators will guide you and give you more perspective about the kind of wedding you shall have. All the things like your Kundali, Kaal, which is timing, Desh meaning location, will be analysed in finding so. Moreover, because of this some people also refer to it as the when will i get married astrology calculator, as it gives accurate predictions.
After consulting an astrologer, you can also try the numerology marriage calculator and love marriage calculator by date of birth for more results. But, InstaAstro's FREE Marriage Calculator will guide you the best in determining the outcome of your marriage.
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