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The flames calculator percentage tool is the ultimate test that checks the energies or flames between two names. This flames generator calculator is here to help you figure out the exact feelings you have for a person you are curious about. The best part of this love calculator flames tool is that it takes all kinds of love situations into consideration. So, though there is no sure-shot way of peeking into your heart, this Flames game online calculator will come closest to your genuine desire.

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This flames calculator assesses and predicts the outcome of a relationship based on an algorithm of two given names.

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What Is The FLAMES Test?

First of all, let's understand what the FLAMES game is. It is an acronym, i.e. FLAMES in a short form. Here, each letter of the acronym signifies a type of relation. The full form of FLAMES is Friendship, Love, Affection, Marriage, Enemy and Siblings. These are the six types of relations that are tested through the FLAMES online calculator.

FLAMES is said to have originated in the 90s. It started as a popular game among kids and teens but slowly increased in popularity across all age groups. The Real Love Calculator FLAMES test is a type of compatibility test inspired by the same game. But there’s a twist.

The concepts of numerology mildly come into play when taking this test. The number and each letter in both of your names are significant in this game. It tells you how you will bond with the said person and how deep your relationship with them will be.

What does a FLAMES Calculator Tell About my Relationship?

FLAMES Calculator online tells you what relationship you will share with the person in the long run. It is a good thing to know, as that way, you won't have any unnecessary expectations. FLAMES love game is a great way to know if you and your crush have the same feelings or whether your best friend feels the same about you. There are six types of bonding considered in the FLAMES game, as stated by each letter. Those are:

  • Friendship

F stands for ‘Friendship’ in FLAMES. You share different levels of friendship with different kinds of people. It doesn't necessarily have to be a deep relationship. Some friendships are short-term, but some last the tides of time. It is the share of good energies between two souls.

The FLAMES test is also an excellent test to take if you ever feel that you don't have the same importance in your friend's life as they do in your life. Friendship is a two-way street, and if you are not getting the same consideration you give to them, you may reconsider this relationship.

  • Love

In FLAMES full form, the L stands for Love. Love here generally means the romantic kind of love. Love can give rise to passion and other intimate types of emotions. It is an exciting feeling, for it can cause you extreme joy, happiness, and satisfaction. On the other hand, a rejection of your emotions can trigger intense sadness or even anger.

Love is even necessary for sustaining a happy marital life. One can use the FLAMES love calculator to check love compatibility between two individuals. This FLAMES love test gives you the understanding of whether the feelings you are experiencing are just a passing attraction or a deeper level of emotions.

  • Affection

Next is the ‘A’ in FLAMES full form, which stands for ‘Affection’. Affection is a more fine term for love here. This can be either romantic or spiritual. One can say this is the transition stage between friendship and love. It is also sometimes used to describe a brief case of attraction or the feeling of having a crush.

Moreover, Affection can also express your love for animals. You can say affection is a general term that contains all the feelings of fondness you feel for anything or anyone. Thus, affection in the love calculator flames does not always tend to denote the lover-desired-affection but can be in the way of care and concern as well.

  • Marriage

M stands for ‘Marriage’ in FLAMES full form. This is the next stage of life after love. But not always. Sometimes, one can even get married to someone to whom they have no romantic attachment. That being said, when marriage pops up as the result of FLAMES, one can always assume it is a love marriage.

This result guarantees a lifelong commitment. After this result, you can get to know their family and friends better, as even they might see this as a sign to be with you in the long run. All in all, this is a very positive result to get.

  • Enmity

Next comes ‘E’ in FLAMES, which indicates ‘Enmity’. This ranges from childish quarrels to complete inability to stand each other's presence. The hatred can start due to various reasons. As shown in the FLAMES test, the enmity may not last forever if the person changes and has emotional growth over time.

They may or may not become mature enough to sit down calmly and talk out their feelings, which is the ideal way to work through an enmity. Suppose they find their differences to stay forever. In that case, the next best thing is to keep minimum communication so as not to bother each other.

  • Siblings

The last letter in FLAMES full form is ‘S’, which signifies Siblings. FLAMES also account for the homely relationships you may develop with people you get to know later in life. Family can be beyond blood, and many people have repeatedly proved it. To know if the person giving you good vibes will have such a relationship with you or not, you can do the most accurate test out there: the FLAMES test.

The said person will have a kind of love-hate relationship with you. They are also perfect for giving you advice as they know you inside out and will tell you the harsh truth you must know, even if it is unpleasant. It is one of the most precious and pure-hearted relations to have in today's world.

What is the FLAMES Calculator based on?

If you are also wondering about how to do flames love calculator or how to calculate flames, then here is your answer. The FLAMES Calculator uses a mathematical algorithm that is backed by numerology. This gives a more accurate answer, as it is not a random permutation and combination.

The features of the Flames calculator are pretty simple. Here it goes -

  • Flames calculator online requires you to enter your name and the name of the person with whom you want to understand your relationship.
  • The calculator then compares the two names. Then, following the numerological aspect of calculating the compatibility of the names, it gives out the relationship status between you two. That is how to play FLAMES.
  • FLAMES calculator also calculates the percentage of interaction in the given relationship, which provides you with an idea of how much time you will spend with this person.
  • This FLAMES calculator is very effective for your love life and can give you newfound clarity on how the other person will affect your life. It is also helpful to figure out what kind of relationship you share with your family members.


The free online FLAMES Calculator tends to tell individuals their flame calculator percentage or score. Thus, it lets you play FLAMES online. It can be used as a fun game between peers. Moreover, one thing to note is that the calculator works on the traditional method of FLAMES calculator love and, thus, provides an individual with accurate results. Moreover, if you want to use many more fun and exciting compatibility tools, visit InstaAstro’s website. There you will be able to use many more such fun calculators.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is more of a probability-based game. Hence, there might be a chance that the result will be accurate. Another thing to consider is that human relations may change over time. So the result may hold but for a certain period.
The full meaning of FLAMES is here. FLAMES stands for: F= Friendship, L= Love, A= Affection, M= Marriage, E= Enmity and S=Siblings.
Go to our online FLAMES calculator. Fill in the asked details, which are basically the names of two people whose compatibility one wishes to check. Finally, click on calculate, and the results are displayed.
Using the love calculator by name is pretty simple. First, collect the names of the two people whose compatibility needs to be checked. Then, match the letters of both the names and simultaneously keep cutting letters in the acronym FLAMES. The last letter which is left is the result, which is further analysed by our numerologists.
The FLAMES love test helps two individuals to judge the relationship between them. It is a fun and interactive way to know how compatible two people are and what category of bond they fall into - Friends, Love, Affection, Marriage, Enmity and Sibling.
The Flames calculator takes into consideration the names of both individuals. It then follows the traditional game method of flames along with their significant numerological meaning and, thus, tends to be highly accurate.
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